Subject: Group Status
On May 23, 1995, a vote was passed and the group `sci.engr.heat-vent-ac' was conceived. The new group was actually created on May 30, 1995, discussions began that day .

Subject: Charter
Authors: Doug Grittani , Lynnette Edrington

This unmoderated group is for discussion of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration issues. Discussion from the viewpoint of researchers, engineers and technicians involved in the research, design, specification, control, construction, operation and maintenance of HVAC topics is encouraged. The following topics are considered appropriate for technical discussion, but are not limited to the following :

- State-of-the-art research issues in relation to current practices
- Discussion of ASHRAE recommendations
- Psychrometrics
- Desiccant/adsorber technologies
- The design, construction, operation and management of HVAC and refrigeration systems for buildings and other environments
- New sensor technology (eg, silicon vs. nickel, RH sensors)
- All aspects of HVAC equipment: air side and water side, control systems, new technologies and management
- Special environments: eg. Cleanrooms, hazardous environments
- Comfort conditions: temperature/humidity/air quality
- Technical solutions to common problems
- Training and educational issues
- Safety and OSHA issues as relating to HVAC, government regulations
- Green issues (HCFC/CFC usage, Greenhouse effects)
- Relative merits of computer simulation strategies
- Energy & IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) audits
- Audit tools: ultrasound, thermography, tracer gas
- Building science issues

The HVAC discipline covers a very broad spectrum of topics, from the design of the humble domestic heating system, to sophisticated close control climates for industrial processes or medical facilities. Many of these topics are treated by out-dated approaches. This group encourages the cross-fertilization of ideas and concepts from all corners of the profession, from the academic researcher to the field engineer.

Discussion regarding merits of various manufacturer's products and services is discouraged, in the interest of avoiding sales pitches couched as discussion. Technical help questions regarding various products are encouraged, but should be answered via email.

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