Subject: Trouble Shooting Information


Having followed several threads dealing with trouble shooting HVACR problems, I have noticed that most lacked sufficient information to provide a full and accurate diagnosis. I have found that the following checklist can be used to trouble shoot the vast majority of problems.

System Information:

Temperature range (high, medium,low)
Metering device (cap tube, TXV, other)
Type of evaporator (air, water, plate, other)
Type of condenser (air, water, evaporative, other)
Condenser water supply (domestic, tower)
Capacity controlled? (Yes,No)

Heat Measurements:

High side:
Condensing temperature (high side pressure converted to temperature)
Condenser air/water in temperature
Condenser air/water out temperature
Liquid line surface temperature (near receiver or condenser)
Tower air-in temperature

Low side:

Evaporating temperature (low side pressure converted to temperature)
Evaporator air/water in temperature
Evaporator air/water out temperature
Suction line surface temperature (near compressor)

I submit this list as a starting point for others to add to (or disagree with). The finished product could be used by future posters to help clarify the problems they wish analyzed.

What do YOU think?

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