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The Elite Software V-Drop program allows you to quickly and accurately obtain the voltage drop at each node (bus) in a radial electric power distribution system. The voltage drop values are calculated on a "per segment" and "cumulative" basis and then printed as a percentage of the source voltage and as an absolute voltage drop in volts. In addition, the nominal and actual voltages occurring at each point in the network are printed. V-Drop can handle networks containing up to 2,000 components with their associated KVA loads and power factors. The resistance and reactance data for all types of electrical components are stored on disk and are automatically accessed by the program as needed. Specifically, "X" and "R" values are included for copper and aluminum cables, ACSR overhead cables, busway, switches, circuit breakers, and current transformers. Voltage transformers in the one-line diagram may be accounted for as correction devices with no voltage drops, or as simple loaded components. Generators can be entered to correct the voltage at any bus as well.

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