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  • Quickly Automates HVAC Estimating and Proposals
  • Creates Professional Sales Proposals
  • Proposals Are Easily Customized by the Contractor 
  • Automatically Looks Up Feature and Pricing Data for HVAC Equipment, Materials, and Labor
  • Accurately Estimates All Material and Labor Costs
  • Built-in Library of A/C, Heat Pumps, Furnaces, and Boilers
  • Supplied with Model Data from ARI and GAMA  
  • Contractors Can Add and Delete Models to the Library
  • Quotes Can Show From One to Five Systems
  • Both Heating and Cooling Equipment Can be Included
  • Boilerplate Text for Standard Terms & Conditions
  • Graphic Company Logos Can be Printed on Proposals
  • Imports Data from AUDIT, RHVAC and CHVAC 
  • Customizable Material Check Lists 
  • Optionally Links to Microsoft Office/Word 97

The Elite Software Quick QUOTE program automates HVAC estimating and creates professional sales proposals. QUOTE makes proposal generation fast and easy by automatically looking up feature and pricing data for all types of HVAC equipment and materials. With QUOTE, a contractor can quickly and accurately determine the real cost of a job so that a competitive and profitable selling price can be established. QUOTE comes with a database of models containing air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and boilers. Model data can be supplied for many of the top manufacturers.  QUOTE is also supplied with a database containing miscellaneous material and accessory items such as ductwork, tubing, programmable thermostats, electronic air cleaners, power attic vent fans, and more. Both the model and material databases can be added to and revised by the contractor as desired. Labor costs area accounted for as well. Sales proposals can include up to five systems per quote. Each system can have both heating and cooling equipment. Any desired features such as efficiencies, capacities, warranty periods, etc., can be selectively printed for the proposed equipment. Energy savings of the proposed equipment can be shown as well. QUOTE can also print standard terms, conditions, exclusions, and special notes. Proposed formats are easily customized by the contractor and multiple formats can be maintained. QUOTE can print proposals on standard computer to print your company logo at the top of the sales proposal.


The QUOTE program is a true Windows program complete with toolbars and hyperlinked help. All input data is checked at the time of entry so that no improper data can be entered. Four types of data are requested: general customer data, proposed equipment models, material, and labor items. The general customer data includes the customer name, address, phone number, and other such data. The desired equipment models are selected and all the best selling features and costs of the proposed equipment are automatically looked up. If a particular model is not in the model library then the model can be entered manually. Models do not have to be selected if the job is just service or plumbing related. Materials are then specified and labor tasks are entered. Both materials and labor can be included as taxable or non-taxable items. After the model, material, and labor data have been specified, the contractorknows his actual costs and suggested retail prices of all items. QUOTE then calculates and displays the resulting profit margin, cost markup, and list discount of the total installed price.


The Quick QUOTE Program provides five basic reports. One report is a single page proposals that can list one heating and one cooling system. A second report can list from one to three cooling and heating units. Multiple units can be shown as alternatives or they can be quoted as an overall system such as for a two story house. A third report shows available options and accessories the home owner could consider purchasing for the proposed system. The fourth report is an installer's report that lists a bill of materials needed for a specific job. The fifth report is a detailed cost report that lists the actual cost of every item included in the quote.


Our Windows software applications are compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.(Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP)  The minimum hardware requirements to run our application are the same as the minimum hardware requirements to run the operating system which the application is installed on click here for details. Additionally, 25 MB of hard disk space is required to install and run QUOTE.

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