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New Programs and Updates

New Windows Versions

DUCTSIZE 6.0 for Windows - Super fast and easy calculation of optimal duct sizes using either the static regain, equal friction, or constant velocity method.

REFRIG 3.0 for Windows - Calculates the maximum refrigeration load in btu's per 24 hour period for all types of refrigeration applications.

ECA 4.0
for Windows - Fast calculation of the pipe loop length necessary for heating & cooling a building with a given heat pump, soil, and weather conditions.

FIRE 6.0 for Windows - Performs all necessary hydraulic calculations as required by the National Fire Protection Association   (NFPA 13).  Now Includes Pumps!

Pending Windows Versions

HSYM 2.0 for Windows - Analyzes centralized HVAC piping systems that use chilled and/or hot water.

HEAVENT 7.380 - For industrial exhaust ventilation design, redesign, & balancing.

ECOORD 3.0 for Windows - Aids in the selective coordination of fuses and circuit breakers.

New Programs

IAQ TOOLS 1.0 for Windows - Solves "sick building" problems concerning a wide variety of airborne contaminants, ventilation & filter design and more.

VENT TOOLS 1.0 for Windows -  Shows how proper ventilation can solve indoor  air quality problems.

INDOOR HUMIDITY TOOLS 1.0 for Windows - Helps solve & understand indoor humidity problems.

HVAC CAD DETAILS - A collection of 227 ready-to-use CAD detail files.