PSYCHART - Update 1.4

PSYCHART 1.4 is now available. This is a small update but the changes are important. The update is only $29 for current customers and there is no new user manual. Listed here are all of the new features of PSYCHART 1.4.

1. Colors and Fonts: PSYCHART now allows you to select multiple colors for different line types on the chart. A slightly larger font size is also now used for the text. The color control and larger font make PSYCHART easier to use and more pleasing to the eye.

2. New Point Labels: PSYCHART now allows you to reposition point labels on the chart. This feature is handy for making complex charts with many points more clear and readable.

3. Directory and Path Support: PSYCHART now provides the ability to edit the current path to the directory where chart files are to be saved. Previously this could only be done during the initial installation of the program. In addition, PSYCHART can now even create new directories if desired.

4. Improved File Handling: Improvements have been made in the way PSYCHART loads, saves, and deletes chart files. Whenever you desire to perform one of these operations, a list of existing chart files is now displayed so that you can easily select the desired file from the list.

5. Variable Humidity Units: All previous versions of PSYCHART have expressed humidity ratio as mass of vapor per unit mass of dry air which is the ASHRAE standard or "fraction" expression for humidity ratio. Many engineers prefer the "grains" expression because it results in higher numerical values for humidity. Now PSYCHART offers both options for expressing the humidity ratio. You can choose either humidity fraction or grains in English units or humidity fraction or decigrams in SI units.

6. Air Flow Units Option: PSYCHART now allows air flow values to be entered on the basis of standard air pressure or at the pressure of a specified altitude.

7. Visual Status: PSYCHART now displays the name of the current chart file in the upper right hand corner of the screen and at the top of the screen, the units of the current chart are shown. The on-screen state point report now also shows the units being used.

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