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Elite Software

P. O. Drawer 1194
Bryan, TX 77806

Orders: 800-648-9523                     Technical Support 409-846-2340                             Fax: 409-846-4367

Email - New 979 Area Code

Elite Software wants to keep you better informed on program updates and pending new releases. Although we will continue to use all the traditional methods such as magazine press releases, printed newsletters and website announcements, nothing can accomplish this goal better than email. Email is fast and easy.  Plus, it is no problem handling any number of people at your company. To get all the people you want to receive email from Elite Software on our list, send an email to containing all the email addresses that you want listed as recipients.

Beginning in February of 2000, the area code for Elite Software will change from 409 to
979. As usual, the old area code will work for awhile, but around July 2000 the old area code will not work anymore. So to make sure faxes and technical support questions continue to make it through to us, please make note of this change.Even with email, Elite will still send regular newsletters.  Look for more soon.

grams you currently have from Elite Software against these version numbers. Even more current version numbers can be found on our website. If you are unable to determine your version numbers, just give us a call as we maintain complete records on all of our customers.

If your program version numbers match the ones to the right exactly or differ only in the last decimal place, then you have current versions.

However, it is always wise to have the very latest version of a program right down to the last decimal place. If you have any program with a version number differing ONLY in the hundredth's place or greater from the latest program version number, then you can order a CDROM update to that program for just $20. Alternately, you can download the update for free from our website. If your program version numbers differ in the ones or the tenths place, then you have missed one or more official update releases. Unlike the minor updates, official updates have more than a $20 cost and they are cumulative. In such cases, you need to contact Elite Software for the total amount required to update the software to the latest version.

Besides the benefits obtained by the powerful new features offered in updates, there is one other very important reason for purchasing updates: SUPPORT. Elite Software can only support one version behind the current version of any program. If your copy of a program is more than one official update behind the current version, then you cannot call Elite Software for help on using the old software. You will need to update versions to maintain support privileges. Program updates are priced very reasonably. You will always find it worthwhile to maintain your investment by keeping your programs current.

Program Names and Prices

AUDIT  (Standard)  6.07.35             $  495
(With appliances)  6.07.35                $   595
(With appliances & disaggregation)  $  795
CHVAC       2 Zone 6.03.13              $  295
CHVAC     10 Zone 6.03.13              $  395
CHVAC     50 Zone 6.03.13              $  595
CHVAC   100 Zone 6.03.13              $  995
CHVAC  Unlimited  6.03.13             $1495
DPIPE    1.12                                     $  295
DUCTSIZE Eq. Fric.  6.01.5             $  295
DUCTSIZE EF & SR 6.01.5             $  495
ECA   4.00                                         $  395
ECOORD  2.06                                  $  995
EZDOE   2.10                                    $1250
GASVENT    2.06                              $  195
FIRE     50 Sprinklers 6.00.32           $  495
FIRE   200 Sprinklers 6.00.32           $  795
FIRE 1000 Sprinklers 6.00.32           $1250
HEAVENT  7.380                             $  495
HSYM   2.00                                      $  995

HTOOLS    3.00                                $  249
HVAC CAD DETAILS N/A             $  350
IAQ TOOLS  1.00                             $  345
INDOOR HUM. TOOLS 1.00          $  495
INPOINT   5.10                                 $  695
LIFE   2.02                                        $  149
LIGHT   4.21                                     $  495
OUTPOINT  5.10                              $  595
PANEL   1.15                                    $  695
PSYCHART   2.01.16                       $  195
QUOTE   2.00.19                              $  395
REFRIG   3.00                                   $  395
RHVAC   6.07.68                              $  495
SHADOW  1.21                                $  195
SHORT   4.18                                    $  595
SPIPE    1.20                                      $  495
VENTILATION TOOLS 1.00          $  495
VDROP   2.18                                   $  295

Please note that version numbers can change quickly - some may have changed  by the time you read this newsletter.

Program Version Numbers

Elite Software continually develops new software and performs enhancements to existing software. Listed in the adjacent column are the current programs with version numbers that Elite Software sells and supports.

The retail price of each program is listed to the right of each version number. Several of the programs are available at different levels each with a different price. If you would like more information about any of these programs please call or visit our website for a free demo.
Ideally, you should check all the pro-

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