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Chvac Version 8.

Chvac quickly and accurately calculates the maximum heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings. The cooling loads can be calculated with either the CLTD method or the new RTS (Radiant Time Series) method. The program allows an unlimited number of rooms which can be grouped into as many as 100 air handling systems. Chvac automatically looks up all cooling load and correction factors necessary for computing loads. In addition, it can look up outdoor design weather data for over 2000 cities located around the world. There is also provision for editing the weather data as well as adding data for other cities. Comprehensive reports list the general project data, detailed room loads, air handler summary loads, outside air loads, total building loads, building envelope analysis, tonnage requirements, CFM air quantities, chilled water flow rates (if applicable), and complete psychrometric data with entering and leaving coil conditions. Other outstanding features include ASHRAE Standard 62 analysis, automatic building rotation, 360 degree wall orientations, tilted glass, exterior shading, internal operating load profiles, variable indoor design temperatures, people diversity, pretreated outside air, seasonal infiltration and ventilation rates, reheat loads, duct gains and losses, and return air plenums.

Do you have CHVAC version 7? If you previously purchased CHVAC version 7, click here to upgrade to version 8 with a discount. We will check our records to confirm your previous purchase.

Do you need to increase your CHVAC version 8 room capacity? If you already have a license for version 8 and want to increase the number of rooms allowed you will need to purchase the Chvac 8 Rooms Upgrade product with the appropriate option.

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