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Ductsize quickly calculates optimal duct sizes using either the static regain, equal friction, or constant velocity method. Data entry can be accomplished manually or taken graphically from either Drawing Board or Autodesk Building Systems 2006 or 2007, or AutoCAD MEP 2008 or 2009. Duct sizes can be calculated on a round, rectangular, and flat oval basis. Noise levels and required attenuation are printed for each runout duct. A library of fan data for noise calculations is built into the program. Ductsize allows an unlimited number of duct sections, and is suitable for both constant volume and VAV systems as diversity is accounted for. Ductsize also has an option for specifying duct height and width constraints to control sizes. This feature is also useful for analyzing problems in existing systems where the duct sizes are already specified. Ductsize is based on the design procedures given in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals and the SMACNA HVAC Systems Duct Design Manual. Important new features include a Project Explorer and corresponding report that provide a tree-style graphical representation of all trunks and runouts in the project. In addition, both supply and return duct systems can be entered in the same project.

Do you need to be able to calculate Static Regain? If you already have an Equal Friction level license for version 6 and want to upgrade to the Static Regain version you will need to purchase the Ductsize Level Upgrade product.

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