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ECA - Earth Coupled Analysis

ECA - Earth Coupled Analysis


Earth Coupled Analysis (ECA) quickly calculates the required pipe loop length necessary for heating and cooling a building with a given heat pump, soil, and weather conditions. ECA can analyze both vertical and horizontal pipe systems. In addition to computing pipe lengths, ECA can also generate a complete bill of materials with a cost estimate of the required labor and materials. Pressure losses through the equipment room, heat pump, header pipe, and the earth coil are computed along with the purge pressure and flow requirements. Heating and cooling runtime fractions are computed on a temperature bin basis. ECA is supplied with built-in data on many pipe types including polyethylene, polybutylene, copper, iron, and others. However, data on all pipe types can be revised and additional pipe types can be defined as well. Equivalent length data for fittings on all pipe types is also included. ECA comes with a heat pump data file containing performance data on models from several manufacturers. There is also provision for the user to add heat pump data from any other manufacturer. Data on all soil types listed in the ASHRAE manual are built-in to ECA, and the user can add more. Weather data for over 200 cities are built-in, and the weather data can be revised or added to as much as desired.

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