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Energy Audit

Energy Audit


The Energy Audit program calculates monthly and annual heating and cooling costs for residential and light commercial buildings. Virtually any type of cooling and heating system can be simulated by Energy Audit including standard DX, evaporative, air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, direct exchange heat pumps, and all types of fossil fueled furnaces and boilers including two stage and modulating boilers. An optional version of Energy Audit with appliance capabilities can calculate appliance and hot water energy use as well. Still another option available is for utility companies that want to show disaggregated past utility bills. Energy Audit uses heating degree days, weather bin data, and full load cooling hours in its calculations. Weather data for over 1500 cities throughout the world is built-in to Energy Audit and additional weather data can be easily added. Along with calculating energy costs, Energy Audit also performs an economic analysis that allows you to compare system types and costs over any given study period.

Do you want to increase the Energy Audit license level? If you already have a license for version 7 and want to upgrade your license level to add Appliances or Disaggregation, you will need to purchase the Energy Audit Level Upgrade product and select the appropriate option.

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