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Proposal Maker is a fast and simple program for creating professional sales proposals and other sales related documents. Proposal Maker contains numerous word processing features such as found in Microsoft Word. But more than just a word processor, the main advantage of Proposal Maker is that it creates proposals automatically from equipment selection and cost comparison results obtained from Elite’s Energy Audit and Rhvac programs and soon from Elite’s Chvac program. As equipment is selected and compared, key results such as savings and payback amounts are automatically pasted in both text and graphic form into the proposal. Additionally, pictures of the equipment being proposed can be shown as well. There is also provision for inserting your own pictures into a proposal such as a picture of the old unit that will be replaced or a picture of who will install the unit.

Software Requirements: You must have an active license for either Energy Audit or Rhvac.

Proposal Maker Info Page | Download Energy Audit | Download Rhvac

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