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Updates to Heavent

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This update is for anyone who is currently using a windows version of Heavent

Recent Updates:

11-Nov-2002: fixed problem associated with "Modeling with measured values." Under some conditions, if this was toggled on while you have inputed few measured problems, Heavent could attempt some impossible calculations, leading to an overflow error. It is still a good idea to toggle on modeling with measured values only after inputing all or nearly all of the measured values. Note, also, that this feature is useless without measured values to input, a point missed by many.

12-Oct-2002: fixed problem associated with maximizing some screens. Fixed problem associated with connecting the system while toggle set for "Modeling with measured values."

7-June-2002: fixed error in previous installation, which failed to include a specific file, sabotaging installation. Greatly improved fan system effects inputs.

30-May-2002: fixed errors in initial selection of diameters and erratic behavior of "fixing" ducts. Several cosmetic changes.

14-Feb-2002: added ability to Schematic view to add manual dampers and booster fans.
Improved screen inputs for miscellaneous (now 'Junctions')

4-Feb-2002: fixed bug causing loss of inputs if changed ID of air-cleaning device.
Changed splash screen to require confirmation (by clicking 'Yes' when queried)
that licensed user is using the program.

20-Jan-2002: improved input of data in Quick Inputs and in Psychrometrics

3-Jan-2002: fixed bug in airflow-psychrometrics that caused crash.

31-Dec-2001: fixed many annoying bugs inadvertently introduced in
previous version. None affected computation accuracy; all were related to
inputting or displaying data. Most involved inputting psychrometric values
and default values.

11-Dec-2001: fixed bug in printing that crashed the program when the
system schematic is very large in total length.

28-Nov-2001: fixed bug in air-cleaner screen that caused freeze-up under
some conditions
Improved error handling and reporting.

13-Sep-2001 to 1-Oct-2001: fixed problem with adding ducts downstream
of fan; fixed presentation of Fhood value on air-cleaner screen

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