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Indoor Humidity Tools

Humidity Problems - And Solutions

Diagnosing a humidity problem is one thing; coming up with the best solution is another. Indoor Humidity Tools helps you do both. Download the demo version and give it a try.



Many problems are caused by high or low indoor humidity, such as mold growth, skin problems, static electricity, condensation, wood rot or warpage, paper deterioration, damage to audiovisual materials, and a variety of other ill health effects and material damage. Indoor Humidity Tools provides the diagnoses necessary to understand indoor humidity problems, and the solutions required to overcome them.

Indoor Humidity Tools is intended to be a practical program for everyday use by engineers, industrial hygienists and safety professionals, architects, building scientists, contractors, government air quality specialists, and other professionals in the indoor air quality field. Indoor Humidity Tools works on Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP.

Feature Descriptions

Here are some more in-depth descriptions of the features.

Demonstration Limits

The demo version of Indoor Humidity Tools is a fully functioning program, with the following exception: Outdoor temperature is limited to the range 32-41 F. This prevents diagnosing indoor humidity problems over a full range of conditions, because indoor humidity depends strongly on outdoor humidity, especially in mid-summer and mid-winter outdoor temperature extremes.

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