by Bud Finlayson

This website is about Bud Finlayson and the book he has written. His story is of his passionate pursuit of the game of football that ended in injury and paralysis. His entire book, vivid and beautifully written, is here for you to read.

Although Bud Finlayson is not a famous person, the facts and circumstances surrounding his life touch everyone who has ever been involved with high school football either as a player, coach, or parent.

Bud was raised in the Texas tradition of treating football as a religion. Everything in his life revolved around football and trying to become the best football player he could be. Like so many millions of other boys, Bud gave himself whole heartedly to this notion for better or worse. For Bud, it was definitely for the worse. He became paralyzed from the neck down in April of 1976.

More than just a story about the physical dangers of playing football, Bud's book unveils the real problems of high school football. Manipulation, deceit, callous regard of health, win at any cost attitudes, and overwhelming pressure are illustrated through Bud's playing experiences. While one might think such negative aspects are easily recognized and avoided, Bud shows how the football belief system deludes everyone involved into thinking nothing is ever wrong and that the more sacrifices and pain endured the better the person.

Bud's true story has all the ups and downs of dramatic fiction. His grandfather played football against the legendary Jim Thorpe. His father hurries to a football game just minutes after his birth. Divorce breaks his family. Warren, a black teammate and close friend dies a needless death in a junior varsity game. Drug experiments and romance enter his life. Football success is elusive, but finally arrives his senior year.

During a game, Bud receives a catastrophic kick to the back of his head. Against the coach's wishes, Bud persuades his teammates to wear black arm bands and dedicate a crucial game to Warren, a dead teammate. Bud is kicked off the team and shamed. His neck in constant agony and his psyche badly battered, Bud slips into drugs and drink. A car accident breaks his weakened neck and leaves him permanently paralyzed.

A number of years after his tragic accident, Bud married and began to reflect on his life. He has written numerous essays and short stories which have received regional publication. Though Bud must peck out each letter of every word using a mouth stick, his writing style is vivid and clear. His story is compelling and all the more chilling when you realize that what happened to Bud in the late seventies goes on just as much today with no end in sight.

Millions of people who love high school football can see themselves in new perspective through Bud's book. The book is thought provoking and highly interesting, even for those who have never witnessed high school football.

Bud Finlayson lives today in Forney, Texas. His book has never been published and his story has gone untold for over 20 years. He appreciates your interest and he very much welcomes your comments. For more information on Bud and how to contact him, please see "About the Author" below.

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Bud Finlayson and his wife live in Forney, Texas. They have 15 grandchildren.

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