February 11, 2002
Dear Elite Software Customer,
Elite Software is pleased to announce SPIPE for Windows and Plumbing CAD Details.  SPIPE is a program that computes optimal pipe sizes for hot and cold water domestic water supply systems in both residential and commercial buildings. SPIPE can handle systems with a virtually unlimited number of pipes.  Besides computing pipe sizes, SPIPE can also perform a system analysis complete with a bill of materials and labor estimate.
SPIPE reports list the GPM water flow, velocity, and pressure losses through all pipe sections, the maximum system demand pressure, and the total water GPM demanded by the system.  SPIPE is very easy to use as it contains built-in data concerning fitting equivalent lengths, pipe materials, internal pipe diameters and C-Values, fixture unit quantities and pressure requirements, equipment flow and pressure requirements, materials and labor costs, and demand GPM curves.  Any or all of the built-in data can be revised to meet your particular needs.  SPIPE sells for $495 and more information can be seen at http://www.elitesoft.com/web/plumbing/elite_spipe_info.html
Plumbing CAD Details are the most complete set of plumbing detail files available on the market today.  Unlike other plumbing packages which have only detail drawings, Plumbing CAD Details includes standardized schedules, notes and symbols along with details. With Plumbing CAD Details, the plumbing Engineer has a strong foundation from which to assemble his final plumbing design drawings. These ready-to-use Plumbing CAD Details are an excellent addition to your CAD drawings library and will save you many hours in drawing time.
Our Plumbing CAD Details package are provided as 170 .dwg files which are fully editable and useable in virtually all CAD programs on the market today.  Plumbing CAD Details sells for $350.  More information and samples can be seen at: http://www.elitesoft.com/web/hvacr/plumbcaddetails.htm
A similar HVAC CAD Details package with 227 files is also available for $350.  See http://www.elitesoft.com/web/hvacr/caddetails.htm for more information.

Lots of updates have been posted on Elite's web site since the last email announcement.  For existing windows users of these programs, these updates are all available as free downloads from Elite's web site www.elitesoft.com
Elite offers over 30 programs for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.  Download your free trial version today!
Bill Smith
President, Elite Software