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The Elite Software E-Coord Program aids in the selective coordination of fuses and circuit breakers by providing an instantaneous review of their time-current curves in a proposed electrical protection system. Besides revealing curve overlaps, E-Coord can also analyze the melting and clearing IT value of every fuse and determine if any time-current overlaps exist that cannot be seen on a plot. E-Coord is supplied with a library of over 2,000 protection devices from numerous manufacturers. Thousands of additional devices can be easily added. All types of fuses and breakers can be analyzed as well as motor starting, transformer, and cable damage curves. Many devices also have special switch settings that allow for curve adjustments. Curves can be quickly viewed in combination on the computer screen, or drawn on a printer. Up to 24 drawings, each with up to 12 curves and a one-line diagram can be plotted per project. Each curve can be assigned its own label, hatch pattern, and color.

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