April 12, 2002
Dear Elite Software Customer,
Elite Software is pleased to announce AUDIT 7.0.  AUDIT calculates monthly and annual hvac operating costs.  It is great for comparing different types of hvac systems and showing homeowners and commercial building owners the advantages of using high efficiency equipment compared to standard equipment.
AUDIT sells for $495 and the update cost for current AUDIT 6.0 users is only $99.  More information can be seen at http://www.elitesoft.com/web/hvacr/elite_auditw_info.html
Call 800-648-9523 or respond to this email to order your copy of AUDIT 7.0
AUDIT 7.01 New Feature Summary
Equipment Pictures - AUDIT can now display a picture for every heating and cooling unit entered at the system screen.  AUDIT now maintains an equipment picture database where a picture can be assigned to a model number.  The same picture can be specified to cover as many models as desired.  Pictures are already assigned for the entire PK Boiler line and Elite is also working on assigning pictures for all the York unitary products.  ECR is another manufacturer that will have pictures available soon.  Users can also easily assign pictures "on the fly" to models if they like.  More pictures for other manufacturers are being added everyday as well. 
Unlimited Number of Systems, Fuel Rates, and Appliance Sets - Instead of having a fixed number of 6 systems max, systems can now be created and deleted in the same way as done with rooms in RHVAC and CHVAC.  This allows for an unlimited number of systems.  This same unlimited approach is now also used for fuel rate sets, appliance sets and comparison cases.
Complex Group Comparisons - AUDIT now uses a "case" scenario that makes it very easy to compare any combination of systems against other system combination.  You no longer have to use a group assignment to compare multiple systems at once.
Direct Exchange Model Type - A new heating and cooling model type called direct exchange heat pump such as made by ECR has been added to AUDIT.
Boiler Options - Sophisticated two stage and fully modulating boilers can now be simulated along with traditional one stage on/off controlled boilers.
Arrow Key Navigation - In addition to the Enter key, you can now move from one input to another using the up, down, left and right arrow keys.
More Help - Drop down help has been added to all inputs and the regular windows hypertext help has been greatly expanded as well.
Improved Reports - Each of the reports has been redone to improve its appearance. The fonts and colors of the reports are now totally customizable.  You can set these for each individual part of the reports. All the reports are neater and more attractive.

Lots of updates have been posted on Elite's web site since the last email announcement.  For existing windows users of these programs, these updates are all available as free downloads from Elite's web site www.elitesoft.com
Elite offers over 30 programs for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.  Download your free trial version today!
Bill Smith
President, Elite Software