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April 30th, 2024

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Refrig ($399) is a Windows program that calculates the maximum refrigeration load in btu's or watts per 24 hour period for all types of refrigeration applications. Refrig is based off the refrigeration load calculation method from the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.

Refrig has provision for all kinds of loads including: roofs, walls, partitions, floors, products, containers, infiltration, lights, equipment, people, defrost, compressor run-time, and more. There is even provision for a safety factor load. Design weather data is built-in, and is automatically looked up for hundreds of cities.

Product loads are unique to refrigeration, as they are not often encountered in HVAC applications. Refrig contains a built-in library of products (fruits, vegetables, meats, medical, etc.). All the designer has to do is enter the product name and quantity to get automatic product cooling, freezing, sub-cooling, and respiration loads. After all loads have been computed, the designer can specify the refrigerant and TD desired so that an appropriate evaporator coil and condensing unit can be selected from the built-in database of coils and condensing units. Refrig comes with over 400 coils and 400 condensing units from various manufacturers such as Carrier, Krack, Bohn, Witt, Russell, and others. Up to 1,000 coils and condensing units can be stored per manufacturer, and the user is able to add his own custom coil and condensing unit data.

You can read more about Refrig here. Elite Software has also created a new Refrig Basics video to help you learn how to use the software.  The video is available on the Elite Software YouTube channel and the Elite Software Instructional Videos page here.

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Bill Smith
President, Elite Software

Refrigeration Box Loads


Refrig Basics Video 1


Refrig Basics Video 2

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