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Program Updates  

To see if your Windows based program from Elite Software needs an update, open the program and then click the menu "Help | Check for Update." The Elite Software Update Manager will then show you whether or not you need an update.

If your program doesn't have a "Check for Update" menu, then click "Help | About [program name]" and read the version number on the program's About box. Then compare that number to the one in the table below. If you do need an update, click the download file link for your program in the right-hand column of the table below. When prompted whether to Run or Save the file, click Run.

Program Updates
Program Version Detailed Update Info Auto Notify Download File Alternate Link
HVAC Equipment Databases 1/3/2019 Update information Click here for list N/A
Update Manager 1.02.5 Install if your version of Update Manager is unable to download HVAC equipment files. N/A update_manager_setup.exe (3.7 MB) update_manager_setup.exe
Report Viewer 2.01.3 Click "Help | Readme" after installing N/A repviewsetup.exe (3.1 MB) repviewsetup.exe
Chvac 8.02.66 Update information ch8setup.exe (59.9 MB) ch8setup.exe
Chvac (JCI Logo) ch8setupjci.exe (JCI Logo) ch8setupjci.exe(JCI Logo)
D-Pipe 2.02.9 Update information  dpsetup.exe (12.3 MB)  dpsetup.exe
Drawing Board 6.01.218 All Drawing Board updates are included in latest updates for  Ductsize, Rhvac, and Chvac.  Updates for Drawing Board alone are not directly available. Select the notify button for Chvac, Ductsize, or Rhvac. Either rh9setup.exe (110 MB),  ch8setup.exe (59.9 MB), or ducsetup.exe (30.1 MB), depending on which you use. rh9setup.exe
Ductsize 6.01.299 Update information  ducsetup.exe (30.1 MB)  ducsetup.exe
ECA 4.02.5 Update information EcaSetup.exe (15.3 MB) EcaSetup.exe
E-Coord 3.02.8 Update information  ecdsetup.exe (11.3 MB)  ecdsetup.exe
Energy Audit 7.02.123 Update information audsetup.exe (58.6 MB) audsetup.exe
E-Tools 1.01.39 Update information  etlsetup.exe (15.7 MB)  etlsetup.exe
Fire 6.02.34 Update information  firedemo.exe (10.5 MB)  firedemo.exe
GasVent 2.09.34 Update information gasventw.exe (8.1 MB)  gasventw.exe
Heavent 7.95 Update information heavent.exe (1.9 MB)   heavent.exe
H-Sym 2.01.33 Update information  HsySetup.exe (12.6 MB)  HsySetup.exe
HVAC Tools (H-Tools) 4.01.17 Update information  ht4setup.exe (15.8 MB)  ht4setup.exe
Light 5.01.25 Update information  lgtsetup.exe (9.4 MB)  lgtsetup.exe
Panel 1.15 DOS Update information  panelpt.exe (251 KB)  panelpt.exe
PsyChart 2.01.64 Update information psysetup.exe (11.6 MB)  psysetup.exe
Quote 2.0.38 Update information  quotew.exe (10.1 MB)  quotew.exe
Refrig 3.02.27 Update information  refinst.exe (15.6 MB)  refinst.exe
Rhvac 9.01.415 Update information rh9setup.exe (110 MB) rh9setup.exe
Short 4.18 DOS Update information  shortpt.exe (260 KB)  shortpt.exe
S-Pipe 2.02.18 Update information  SPSetup.exe (13.9 MB)  SPSetup.exe
V-Drop 2.18 DOS Update information  vdroppt.exe (255 KB)  vdroppt.exe
  Update information notices provided courtesy of ChangeDetection - It's Private

Frequently Asked Questions about Updating

I installed an update and my program is now set to the demo level. How do I make it active again?
First insert the installation CD we sent you with your order into the CD drive (or if your order was prior to July 2005, insert the license floppy disk into the floppy drive). If the Elite Software Program Installer window opens, close it. Then open the program you updated and click the menu "Help | About [program name]." Then on the About box, click the Copy License File button. If your license is on the Elite CD, then on the Browse for Folder dialog select the "License" folder on the CD drive and click OK. If your license is on a floppy disk, then select the floppy disk drive on the Browse for Folder dialog and click OK.

After I click the download file in the table above, should I click Run or Save?
Either one will work, but clicking Run may make things a little easier. If you click Save, be sure to save the file in a folder where you can find it after it finishes downloading, and to avoid problems be sure to save it in a new folder that doesn't have any other files in it.

Is there any charge for the update?
Usually not, but there is a charge if your program is behind in the first part of its version number, or in the tenths place of the second part. For example, suppose the current version of a program is 7.22.123. If you have version 6.07.50, you would need to pay for the update because the first number is out of date. If you had 7.02.158 you would also need to pay for an update because the tenths place of the second number is out of date. But if your version is 7.20.6 the update to 7.22.123 would be free.

Why are update prices cumulative?
Because each update builds on each of the previous updates, plus it includes new features. Update prices are usually just a fraction of the full purchase price, so we believe you'll find that it always make sense to stay up to date with the latest version.

Will Elite Software give me technical support if my program is out of date?
Only if the first part of the version number is no more than one version behind the current version, and if it has not been more than a year since the new version was released.

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