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December 12th, 2017

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Elite Software offers over 30 programs for all kinds of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design applications. This new monthly email newsletter will announce new software and tips on using existing software in new ways to address various code related issues.

Upcoming topics will address how to use the Fire software for standpipe analysis, how to use Chvac for 100% fresh air projects, how to use Rhvac to complete Energy Star forms, and much more.

The main focus of the December 2017 newsletter is to introduce Elite Software's first web based product called Rhvac Online, for all smartphones, tablets, iPads, and computers with internet access. It performs ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual D duct sizing, and Manual S equipment selections.

Rhvac Online has everything you need to comply with the latest International Residential Code requirements. Projects are saved in the cloud, and can be imported and exported to Elite Software's Rhvac Desktop software. Other Manual J web products exist, but Rhvac Online is the only web based product on the market today able to do a complete Manual J, D, and S analysis. It is also the only web based Manual J, D, and S product that comes with unlimited telephone and email support.

For those who may only want a Manual D or Manual S calculator, there are two low cost web based options, called Manual D Ductsize Online and Manual S Calculator Online. Manual S Calculator Online is simply Rhvac Online with only the Manual S features activated, and Manual D Ductsize Online is Rhvac Online with only the Manual D features activated.

Be sure to check our web site at www.elitesoft.com for even more info. Many programs have received free downloadable updates. Go here to see if there are updates relevant to your software.
If you have questions on any topic, please feel free to call 800-648-9523 or 979-690-9420 or send email to info@elitesoft.com

Should you be attending the AHR Expo in Chicago next January, please drop by booth #3522 for a demo and a friendly visit.


Bill Smith
President, Elite Software


As we close out this year, we extend our warm thanks to you for another great year.

We will be closed December 25th and 26th, as well as January 1st, celebrating the holidays with our families and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Rhvac Online - Manual J Load Calculations, Manual D Duct Sizing, and Manual S Equipment Selection

Rhvac is Elite Software's best selling product. It is an ACCA approved program for Manual J load calculations, Manual D duct sizing, and Manual S equipment selections. Available for many years only as a desktop Windows program, Elite Software is proud to announce Rhvac Online for use on all web enabled devices.

Works on Everything: Rhvac Online is a web application able to run on all internet devices, including iPads, tablets, computers, and smart phones. Rhvac Online is the only web based application on the market today that can do all three code required ACCA Manual J, D, and S calculations. Rhvac Online has all the major features of the basic Rhvac9 Desktop software that many of you already have.

Rhvac Online and Rhvac Desktop Share Project Files: Rhvac Online gives you the ability to do projects completely from scratch or review and edit projects you have already done with Rhvac Desktop. Project files can be shared back and forth between the online and desktop version. Rhvac Online can even upload projects that were done graphically and let you review and edit all data that is non-graphic and download it back down as well. Rhvac Online gives you the ability to access all your projects anywhere and anytime you can get on a web connected computer or mobile device.

Unlimited Cloud Storage: With Rhvac Online, projects are stored in the "cloud," and are available to you from any internet connection. Projects can also be saved to your local computer and can be uploaded and downloaded from different computers as desired. Unlimited project file storage is allowed. You can even use the cloud project database of Rhvac Online to store backup copies of all your Rhvac Desktop projects.

Unlimited Free Phone and Email Support: Most online products are minimal applications with pared down features and no support. Not so with Rhvac Online, you get the same unlimited free phone and email support with Rhvac Online as you do with the Rhvac Desktop windows software.

Low Cost: Rhvac Desktop has a one time $499 fee and works on all Windows computers. Rhvac Online is subscription based, and is $239 per year if you don't have Rhvac9 Desktop, and only $199 per year if you do own Rhvac9 Desktop. See more details here.

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Tech Tips

Checking for Updates

Frequently users assume that their program is automatically checking for minor updates, but we have seen cases where their antivirus software prevents them from the actual comparison of versions. If you haven't seen an update appear in quite a while, you can do this check yourself.

  • First, find out what version your program is currently at. For example, Rhvac's version is shown when you go to the Help menu and select About Rhvac (last item on the Help menu). The popup window will tell you the version, level and who it is registered to.

  • Then compare that version number to the posted versions here: Program Updates.

  • If you find that you are behind (and we've seen customers that are dozens of minor updates behind), you can use this webpage to download and install the update for your program.

    Users of RHVAC Online never have to check for updates, as they are always running the latest version.

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    Manual D Ductsize Online

    Manual D is ACCA's procedure for sizing residential duct systems. The procedure matches duct system resistance (pressure drop) against the blower performance of the air handler or furnace. The total duct system pressure drop is dependent on the roughness of the duct material (galvanized, duct board, flex, etc.), the length of the ducts, the size of the ducts and the duct fitting losses. Manual D software factors in all of these variables when calculating total system pressure drop and optimal duct sizes.

    A Tabular Entry Manual D is built-in to both Rhvac Desktop and Rhvac Online, and a Graphic Manual D option is available for use in Rhvac Desktop. For those of you who might want a stand alone Manual D duct analysis capability using a phone, tablet, or computer, there is now a low cost way to have this by subscribing to Manual D Ductsize Online.

    Manual D Ductsize Online uses a tabular input procedure that shows how ducts are connected in an explorer tree format. This input procedure is shown below where you can either enter your entire duct system or just individual ducts for separate analysis. This unique tool includes a powerful Fitting Selector that makes it easy to select from hundreds of fittings from ACCA's Manual D.

    For those who don't need the complete Rhvac Desktop or Rhvac Online J, D, and S capabilities but still want a low cost online Manual D analysis tool, Manual D Ductsize Online is the product for you, with only an $89 per year subscription fee. Manual D Ductsize Online is simply Rhvac Online with only the tabular Manual D features activated. See more details here.

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    Manual S Calculator Online

    Manual S is ACCA's procedure for the optimal selection of HVAC equipment. It emphasizes the importance of using performance data sometimes called "expanded ratings data" that document the sensible, latent or heating capacity of a model for a wide variety of operating conditions. Manual S suggests sizing strategies that differ according to the type of equipment being used. And it provides steps for these different strategies that involve things such as considering whether the latent load is large or small compared to the sensible load, whether the cost of cooling or heating is of more concern, and whether cooling comfort, heating comfort or efficiency is the most important consideration.

    Both Rhvac Desktop and Rhvac Online provide the ability to interpolate from expanded ratings data of equipment and create a Manual S Report that certifies that all equipment has been selected per Manual S requirements.

    When evaluating Manual S software, it is important to review the flexibility of the software concerning how expanded ratings data are handled. HVAC equipment manufacturers provide their performance data in numerous different formats. The best Manual S software is designed to allow for all these variable formats.

    Not only should Manual S software handle all the different manufacturer data formats, it should also be flexible concerning what data items are analyzed. In the most complex Manual S case, performance adjustments are made for outdoor air dry bulb temperature, air flow CFM, entering dry bulb temperature, and entering wet bulb temperature. The Manual S Online Calculator allows for all of these variables or any combination desired.

    For those who don't need the complete Rhvac Desktop or Rhvac Online J, D, and S capabilities but still want a low cost online Manual S report tool, then Manual S Calculator Online is the product for you, with only a $49 per year subscription fee. Manual S Calculator Online is simply Rhvac Online with only the Manual S features activated. See more details here.

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