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Bill Smith, President of Elite Software  

Bill Smith William W. Smith is President of Elite Software Development, Inc., one of the oldest and largest independent engineering software companies in the U.S.

Mr. Smith founded Elite Software in 1979 on a single software program for HVAC load calculations. He is a member of ASHRAE, and has worked exclusively in the HVAC industry since that time with consulting engineers, architects, and contractors.

Today, Elite is the industry's leader in innovation and offers over thirty computer programs for all aspects of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing system design. Our software is used by over 15,000 contractors and engineers around the world.

Bill Smith and his family are also avid supporters of Texas A&M University in his home town of Bryan/College Station, Texas. The university's graduates are given strong preference in hiring and many of Elite's employees are from Texas A&M.

Mr. Smith writes widely for the HVAC press on all matters relating to engineering computerization. He is fully available to the press for discussions about computerization, trends in the industry, etc. If you would like to interview him please contact Andrea Peters, Office Manager.

Mr. Smith welcomes your comments and suggestions by e-mail. Mail me

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