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About Service Roundtable  

The Service Roundtable is a revolutionary organization founded by a collaboration of leading contractors to share information and help other contractors improve their sales, marketing, operations and profitability. For a very low monthly subscription fee contractors are provided with a variety of business tools, such as direct mail letters, brochures, sales literature, training materials, pricing spreadsheets and more. New material is provided every week!

Besides all the items that help you gain leads and boost sales, Service Roundtable also provides an Idea Exchange where members can post questions and get answers on thousands of topics, like: what is your pay range for techs, what's a good vacation policy, what consumer financing do you like, should I encourage my techs to sell systems, and much more. Many contractors have told us at Elite Software that the sharing of ideas and information with other high performance contractors is their favorite benefit of Service Roundtable.

Another benefit of joining Service Roundtable is that members can earn a quarterly cash rebate on eligible products and services from Preferred Partners. Service Roundtable has evaluated thousands of vendors, and only the best have been included as Preferred Partners.  Service Roundtable has over 100 Preferred Partners, both manufacturers and distributors, providing numerous services and products from office supplies to vehicles, industry specific tools, and supplies and equipment in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industry.

Elite Software is proud to be a Preferred Partner of Service Roundtable. If you're a service contractor give strong consideration to becoming a Service Roundtable member. Want to learn more? Please go to: www.serviceroundtable.com/about/






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