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October 27th, 2022

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The September 2022 issue of the Elite Software Newsletter introduced Psychart and a video on the basic use of Psychart. Psychart is most often used to analyze cooling processes, but with winter fast approaching, be aware that Psychart can also be used to analyze heating and humidification processes. To that point, a new video on using Psychart for heat and humidify processes can be seen here.

Psychrometric analysis of air is an integral part of HVAC design work. The properties of air and how air can be tempered to comfortable conditions requires a deep understanding of psychrometrics.

Traditionally, psychrometric analysis was done by locating points and drawing lines on a conventional paper psychrometric chart. But for years now, the most efficient way to do this is to use specialized software.

Psychart $199 is a Windows program that colorfully displays the psychrometric chart on the computer screen and allows the designer to carry out all operations and analysis normally done using a conventional psychrometric chart.

PsyChart is more than an electronic display of the standard psych chart. For example, it can quickly display numerical values of all properties for any selected point on the psych chart. Points on the psych chart can be labeled for future reference, and reports of their properties can be created whenever needed. Additionally, PsyChart allows psychrometric processes to be analyzed. The lines for all standard psychrometric processes, such as heating and humidification, cooling and dehumidification, mixing, collecting, etc., are displayed on the chart with simple user commands.

A major bonus for Elite Software Rhvac and Chvac users is that Psychart can import data from those programs. Using the Air Handler import feature, Psychart can import at once all the necessary data to construct a complete cooling process chart for a given system.

Click here to see more details on Psychart and download a trial version. Be sure to check our web site at www.elitesoft.com for even more info. Many programs have received free downloadable updates. Go here to see if there are updates relevant to your software.

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Bill Smith
President, Elite Software

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