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PsyChart - Psychrometric Analysis and Design

Psychrometric Analysis - Geared Toward the HVAC Professional

Psychart gives you the power to create and examine complex processes involving moist air, and print out beautiful charts that illustrate those processes. Processes for cooling, sensible heating, mixing, humidification - you name it and PsyChart can handle it. The program even includes an Air Handler Model feature that lets you create chart processes for a complete air conditioning cycle by entering data in terms that are familiar to every HVAC designer.



Elite's PsyChart program colorfully displays the psychrometric chart on the computer screen and allows the designer to carry out all operations and analysis normally done using a conventional psychrometric chart. However, PsyChart is more than an electronic display of the standard psych chart. For example, it can quickly display numerical values of all properties for any selected point on the psych chart. Points on the psych chart can be labeled for future reference, and reports of their properties can be displayed on the screen or printer. Additionally, PsyChart allows psychrometric processes to be analyzed. The lines for all standard psychrometric processes, such as heating and humidification, cooling and dehumidification, mixing, collecting, etc., are displayed on the chart with simple user commands.

Although the initial display is the standard ASHRAE sea-level chart, this can be changed by the user to show a chart for any elevation or pressure, and for any range of dry bulb temperatures. The user can further customize the psych chart by specifying to show or omit any of the property lines which can be displayed with either English or SI metric units. In order to view sections of the psych chart in fine detail PsyChart allows the user to zoom in and create an expanded "window" around the selected region of the psych chart. Windows enhance the clarity of processes where state points tend to crowd together. PsyChart can print print high-quality color reports and charts.

Advanced Features

PsyChart includes many, many advanced features. Listed below are just some of its capabilities.

Calculation Method

The PsyChart program uses the psychrometric equations for moist air in Chapter 6 of the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. Rapidly converging iteration techniques have been employed to allow PsyChart to solve problems with virtually any combination of input parameters.

Program Input

The PsyChart program is completely interactive in that the chart is continuously displayed while menu selections are presented at the bottom of the screen. As selections are made and values entered, the results are immediately displayed on the screen. Menu selections are provided to define, label, and erase state points. A single state point can be defined with any two of the following inputs: dry bulb temp, relative humidity, enthalpy, wet bulb temp, humidity ratio, and dew point. Alternatively, a state point can be defined by using the cursor to locate the position. Seven processes are allowed including: general linear processes, heating, cooling and dehumidification, collection, mixing, and various processes for air as it passes through a zone.

Program Output

Besides the on-screen display of psych charts, there are three additional reports provided. They are the State Point Report, the Process Energy Report, and the Process Input/Output Report. The State Point Report lists all six psychrometric parameters for all defined state points. The Process Energy Report lists air volume, sensible, latent, and total loads, along with water addition/removal rates for all defined processes. The Process Input/Output Report lists the air volume rates, percentages for mixing and collecting processes, and the input and output state conditions for the processes. These reports provide complete data listings concerning state point conditions, sensible and latent loads encountered from state point to state point, and psychrometric conditions created by each process.




Air Handler Model

The Air Handler Model window lets you create several processes at once for an air conditioning system, using quantities that are familiar to every hvac designer.

Import Air Handler Data

The Import Air Handler Data window opens when you click the Import button on the Air Handler Model window. You can import system data from Chvac and Rhvac.

Define State Point or Process Dialog

The Define State Point or Process dialog lets you create individual state points or choose from many different kinds of processes.

Chart Properties Dialog

As you can see, the chart is completely customizable.

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