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October 3rd, 2023

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HVAC Tools is a Windows program that automates 13 design tasks all in one program, for just $299. Some of these tasks are wire, duct, pipe, and refrigerant line sizing, psychrometric and U-factor calculations, high and low pressure natural gas piping, and more.

Each of these calculation tasks can be performed with only one screen of input data, and results are instantly displayed on that same screen. The capabilities of HVAC Tools are far beyond what simple phone and web apps offer. As an example, consider the refrigerant line sizing application. Since it uses ASHRAE procedures, it can be used across all brands of equipment with all modern refrigerants in any situation you might encounter. Fine control of the line sizing is possible, since you control all the target losses and can thus bias the sizing up or down as best suits your situation.

This same approach is used with all the calculations in HVAC Tools. The duct sizing tool is like an electronic ductulator but with numerous options to factor in velocity, and height and width constraints. The U-factor calculator allows combinations of materials, air spaces, and framing percentages to factor in parallel heat paths. The natural gas pipe sizing tool will save you lots of money, because rather than using prescriptive sizing tables that are very conservative, you can use smaller calculated sizes that will work and pass inspection.

You can read more about HVAC Tools here. Elite Software has also created a new HVAC Tools Basics video as seen here, and a new video here specifically on refrigerant line sizing.  These and other videos are available on the on the Elite Software YouTube channel and the Elite Software Instructional Videos page here.

Existing HVAC Tools 3.0 users can upgrade to version 4.0 with a discount by ordering here.

Be sure to check our web site at www.elitesoft.com for even more info. Many programs have received free downloadable updates. Go here to see if there are updates relevant to your software. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 800-648-9523 or 979-690-9420, or send email to info@elitesoft.com.


Bill Smith
President, Elite Software

Some Tools in HVAC Tools


Refrigerant Line Sizing Video

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