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It Takes Tools

What are two things you've got to have to build something? Answer: know-how and tools. Know-how doesn't do you much good if you don't have the tools for the job. The same goes for designing things in the world of HVAC. What's in your HVAC toolbox? Add HVAC Tools to it today and get the job done right.



The Elite Software HVAC Tools program allows the quick calculation of 13 common HVAC design tasks. These tasks include duct sizing, wire sizing, three way coil interpolation, mixed air and state point psychrometrics, fan curve and cost analysis, U-Factor calculations, natural gas pipe sizing, refrigeration line sizing, general pipe sizing, hot/chilled water pipe analysis and the quick look-up of common HVAC formulas and conversion factors. HVAC Tools is designed to be used as a quick utility for calculating these common tasks. Minimal input is required for each function and results are instantly displayed on the same screen as the input data. Some of the functions in HVAC Tools are also covered by other Elite programs. For example, duct sizing is done on a system wide basis for multiple duct sections at a time in Ductsize. The Tools program just sizes one duct at a time in order to minimize the data entry required. The same situation exists with psychrometrics, pipe sizing, and wire sizing. Elite has other programs you may want to consider that address those applications on a complete system basis. HVAC Tools is a simple and easy to use Windows programs designed for both engineers and contractors.

New Features in Version 4

Program Input

HVAC Tools is complete with toolbars and hyperlinked help. All input data is checked at the time of entry so that no improper data can be entered. Most functions of HVAC Tools require only one screen of input data. Most functions require only a few items of input data. Others, like the HVAC Formula look-up, require almost no input data.The Duct Size function, for example, requires the length of the duct, the CFM of air carried by the duct, the desired pressure loss per 100 feet of duct, and the material of the duct. There is also provision for entering height and width constraints along with minimum and maximum velocity constraints. The Refrigeration Line Sizing function requires refrigerant type, tonnage, temperatures, pipe lengths and type. Most common refrigerant types are built into the software, including R22, R-410a, R-134a, R-404a, R-407c, R-502, R-507, and Ammonia. The Psychrometric function requires only two conditions to determine all other properties of air for a given state. The Fan Curve Analysis only requires any two of the following inputs: fan RPM, CFM, static pressure, or brake horsepower. The Wire Sizing function requires the load in either amps, horsepower, or kVA. Given the voltage, wire length, material (aluminum or copper) and conduit type, HVAC Tools sizes the smallest wire that does not exceed NEC ampacity ratings or the user specified allowable % voltage drop.

Program Output

Output information from HVAC Tools can be seen on each input data window and printed whenever desired. There is also provision for printing a cover sheet for the output report of any function of HVAC Tools. Shown below are sample input windows with output data for several functions.

Calculation Method

All HVAC related items in the HVAC Tools program follow the methodology described in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. The wire sizing procedures are based on the National Electric Code. Virtually all results computed by the HVAC Tools program can be easily verified by hand.


Screen Shots


Duct Sizing:



Fan Curve Analysis:

Loan Calculator:

Mixed Air Psychrometrics:



State Point Psychrometrics:



Fan Cost:

HVAC Formulas:



Wire Sizing:



Refrigeration Line Sizing:



General Pipe Sizing:



Gas Pipe Sizing - High Pressure:



Gas Pipe Sizing - Low Pressure:



Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Sizing:

Coil Interpolation:



U-Factor Calculator:






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