The Sci. Engr. Heat-Vent- AC
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Sci.engr.heat-vent-ac is a Usenet group which came on-line in May of 1995, for the purpose of providing a forum for people in HVAC/R related fields to discuss technology, ideas, questions, problems, theories, concepts, etc. Here are some of the discussions !

Any topic lines you see here that are not yet 'linked' are waiting for some kind soul to write an article, or start a good thread in the group ! Any topic lines you don't see listed are waiting for the same thing, so go ahead and start a discussion ! :~)

Controls, DDC, Pneumatics, etc.

      General issues
        Software - front end
        A very good thread on the subject
      PID loops
        A very good thread on the subject
      PLC's ( Programmable Logic Controllers )

Problems and case studies

      50 HP Copeland Discus died - experiences ? (motor failures, stator inductance)
      Condensation on the outer skin of a large cold-storage facility
      Destructive vibration in a large fan unit Inherent resonance of system
      An unusual load calc 100 % outdoor air

Refrigerant facts and discussions

      General issues - Montreal Protocol, EPA regs, etc.
      R-13, R-503, and other specialty
      Suva 95

Theory, heat transfer, fundamentals, etc.


      Basic concepts
      General practical wiring
      FTP a very large and well developed FAQ
      High Legs, Delta vs Wye Defined

    HVAC/R related
      Adiabatic Compression
      History of Air Conditioning
      Latent heat
      Superheat Defined and discussed
      TXV's ( TEV's ) Defined and discussed

    Fuel types and comparisons
    No entry here yet - what's your idea ?
    Solar & Passive
        Cooling a house with ice
        Ponds as thermal banks
        Ice as thermal bank
        Solar airship, solar heating

Workplace & Business issues

      Watcha got ?
      First Sci.Engr.Heat-Vent-AC survey

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