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January 26th, 2023

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Elite Software offers over 30 programs for all kinds of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design applications. This monthly newsletter will announce new software, tradeshow events, and tips on using existing software. See previous newsletters here.

Graphic Manual D (GMD) for $199 is a low cost software add-on for Elite's Windows based program, Rhvac. See more details on GMD here. Drawing Board (DB) for $299 is essentially a CAD (computer aided drafting) add-on for Rhvac that allows you to make professional drawings of floor plans and ductwork. See examples here.

With DB activated within Rhvac, load calculations can be automatically made from drawings. If both DB and GMD are activated within Rhvac, duct calculations can also be automatically done from a drawing. See more details on Rhvac here.

Duct calculations within Rhvac are performed according to the ACCA Manual D procedures. As an extra benefit, non-graphic duct calculations are included in the basic version of Rhvac for no additional charge. These built-in duct calculations are performed from a manual tabular data entry procedure and are called Tabular Manual D Ductsize (TMDD). See the video on TMDD here. See a playlist of graphic based duct videos here.

For those who might only need a stand alone Manual D analysis tool, Elite does offer a web based product called, " Manual D Ductsize Online," for just $89 per year. This online Manual D product uses a manual "fill in the blank" style of data entry very similar to the Tabular Manual D Ductsize feature built into Rhvac for Windows. See details about the Online Manual D product here and see video on it here.

Be sure to check our web site at www.elitesoft.com for even more info. Many programs have received free, downloadable updates. Go here to see if there are updates relevant to your software.

Visit our booth #B4639 at the AHR Expo in Atlanta from February 6-8, 2023.

If you have questions on any topic, please feel free to call 800-648-9523 or 979-690-9420, or send email to info@elitesoft.com.


Bill Smith
President, Elite Software

Graphic Manual D Video

Tabular Manual D Video

Visit our booth #B4639 at the AHR Expo in Atlanta from February 6-8, 2023.

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