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Graphic Manual D Ductsize - Residential HVAC Duct Sizing

The Easiest Duct Sizing Yet

You're not going to believe how easy duct sizing just got. With Graphic Manual D Ductsize, you simply drag and drop a few duct objects onto the Drawing Board drawing window, tell it to automatically create your runout ducts, and click the Resize menu. The program will then automatically assign the CFM values to each duct based on the load calculation results, calculate all the sizes, redraw all the ducts at their proper width or diameter, and calculate all the pressure losses. Watch the video demo to see this new program in action.



You must have active licenses for both Rhvac and Drawing Board.


Graphic Manual D Ductsize works as a component within Drawing Board and Rhvac to calculate optimum duct sizes. It automatically creates runout ducts in each room of your floor plan and assigns them the proper airflows as calculated by Rhvac. Reports show the static pressure loss of each individual duct as well as the cumulative loss at each point in the system.

Calculation Method

The Graphic Manual D Ductsize component is based on the design procedures given in ACCA's Manual D. The equal friction sizing method is used to determine optimum duct sizes to the nearest inch or centimeter. You can also select to size ducts based on a user-defined schedule of sizes, or exact (nearest tenth of an inch, or millimeter). Or you can select Presize for the sizing method and enter your own diameter or height and width for the duct. Static pressure losses resulting from fittings and dampers are based on Manual D's equivalent length definitions, with the several hundred fitting definitions from Manual D built in to the program, including pictures.

Program Input

Inputting data consists of drawing duct objects and setting their properties in the Object Properties window of Drawing Board, as well as with popup dialogs.

Program Output

The reports are integrated with those of Rhvac, so to see a report of the results just check the checbboxes in the "Graphic Manual D Ductsize" frame on Rhvac's Select Reports dialog. New reports will then be included in the Print Preview window's list of reports. One reports will show you detailed information for each duct followed by a duct system summary that lists key data about the duct system such as the runout with the highest pressure loss and the duct with the largest calculated diameter. The Pressure Changes Graph report will show you the static and total pressure available at each point along the route with the highest static pressure loss.


Overall view of Drawing Board window in Rhvac:



Right click popup menu for Supply Main Trunk object:


Catalog Browser showing High Velocity Supply Main Trunk object :


Auto Create/Refresh Runouts dialog:

Duct Sizing Defaults dialog:

Default Fittings dialog:

Set Multiple Duct Properties dialog:


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