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Replace Tedious Data Entry with Intuitive Drawing

Tired of entering room and duct data with the input text forms? Why not switch to VISUAL data entry by using Drawing Board? Try it today and see why some consider it to be the easiest program ever made for drawing floor plans and ductwork.




You must have an active license for either Rhvac, Chvac or Ductsize.


Drawing Board is a fast and simple program for drawing floor plans and ductwork. Drawings can be quickly created by dragging and dropping drawing objects from the built-in object catalogs onto the drawing window. The drawing objects in Drawing Board are pre-programmed shapes such as entire room shapes, walls, doors, windows, and ductwork. These are intelligent objects that contain data useful for the Chvac, Rhvac and Ductsize programs. Soon, several other Elite Software programs will also include a Drawing Board window, each one having its own new, custom catalog of intelligent objects.

Drawing Board can be used to draw for both residential and commercial projects. Drawing Board works as an integrated component within other Elite Software programs such as Rhvac, Chvac, and Ductsize.

A basic use of Drawing Board is to create floor plans so that hvac load calculations can be performed from the plans with Rhvac and Chvac. Duct work can be drawn and manually sized using Rhvac and Drawing Board, or automatically sized by using Ductsize.

How Drawing Board is Installed

A demonstration version of Drawing Board is included with each program that includes the Drawing Board window. As an example of the demonstration limits of the Drawing Board window, in Rhvac you can draw as large a floor plan as you like, but the load calculations will only be done for the first three rooms you draw, and the rooms will be limited to certain dimension restrictions. Once you purchase a license for Drawing Board, the drawing window will be 'unlocked' and load calculations can be done for all the rooms you draw on a drawing, no matter how large the rooms are.

Advanced Features

Drawing Board includes many advanced features. Here are a few of them:




Drawing Board within Rhvac Program

Floor Plan with Ductwork

Floor Plan with Ductwork and More Details

As you can see below, Drawing Board can be used for more than drawing basic floor plans and duct systems. The drawing below illustrates using Drawing Board to embellish a drawing complete with furniture, appliances, landscape items and even cars in the garage. All the objects in the drawing below were just dragged and dropped into place. It is very easy to win more clients by offering full architecturally correct drawings.

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