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July 14th, 2020

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Elite Software offers over 30 programs for all kinds of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design applications. This monthly newsletter will announce new software, tradeshow events, and tips on using existing software. See previous newsletters here.

The summer heat hasn't seemed to reduce corona virus infections, but that's also understandable given the efforts towards reopening the country. The country needs to reopen, so some increase in the number of cases is expected and acceptable, especially since the death rate is decreasing as well.

In May, Elite Software introduced its new YouTube channel, with videos about Chvac for commercial HVAC load calculations. The continuous play videos proved to be very popular, so Elite decided to create some YouTube videos for Rhvac as well. There are presently six videos on YouTube for Rhvac, as seen here, and more are coming.

Rhvac is software for calculating peak heating and cooling loads, duct sizes, and equipment selections using the ACCA Manual J, D, and S procedures. Rhvac is ACCA approved, and available both as a web app for phones and tablets and as a program for windows based computers. More details and a trial version of Rhvac can be obtained here.

Rhvac is sometimes used for light commercial load calculations, but there are limitations and issues to consider when using an ACCA Manual J based software such as Rhvac for a commercial application. See this article about different load calculation procedures and how they can be used.

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Bill Smith
President, Elite Software

Rhvac Basics Videos

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