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Email Newsletter Archive  
Title Applicable Program(s) Date Keywords
Manual D Videos Rhvac, Rhvac Online, Manual D Ductsize Online June 24, 2024 Manual D
Rhvac 10 with Rhvac Online Rhvac, Rhvac Online May 28, 2024 Manuals J, D, and S
Refrig Basics Refrig April 30, 2024 Refrigerated Box Load Calculations
Importing AHRI Equipment Data Rhvac March 11, 2024 HVAC Equipment Databases, AHRI Data Conversion
U-Factor Calculator Video Chvac, Rhvac, HVAC Tools November 28, 2023 Load Calculations
Refrigerant Line Sizing Video HVAC Tools October 3, 2023 Refrigerants
Ductsize Basics Video Ductsize August 29, 2023 Basics
HVAC Tools Basics HVAC Tools July 10, 2023 Basics
Manual S in Rhvac Rhvac June 5, 2023 Manual S, HVAC equipment
Editing Equipment Databases Rhvac May 5, 2023 HVAC equipment
Rhvac 10 Released Rhvac March 14, 2023 Major update
Manual D Videos Rhvac January 26, 2023 Manual D
Electrical Tools Videos E-Tools November 22, 2022 Electrical
Heating and Humidifying with PsyChart Video PsyChart October 27, 2022 Psychrometrics
PsyChart Basics Video PsyChart September 29, 2022 Psychrometrics
Using Multiple Default Materials Rhvac August 29, 2022 Materials
Using Multiple Duct Schedules Rhvac July 28, 2022 Duct sizing
Manual D Videos Rhvac June 10, 2022 Manual D
Download the New Update Manager for Elite Programs all April 11, 2022 General
Create Custom Materials in Rhvac Videos Rhvac March 31, 2022 Materials
Bill of Materials Videos Bill of Materials January 12, 2022  
Graphic and Tabular Manual D Videos Rhvac October 29, 2021 Manual D
Importing PDF Drawings and Converting Manual Entry Projects Rhvac September 29, 2021 CAD
Rhvac Online Upload and Download Rhvac August 31, 2021 Cloud-based
Fire Pump Video Fire July 21, 2021 Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing
Fire Standpipe Video Fire June 4, 2021 Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing
New Fire Basics Video Fire February 12, 2021 Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing
Enhancements to Chvac's gbXML Import and Export Feature Chvac December 17, 2020 gbXML
New Manual S Video for Use with Rhvac Online - More Expanded Ratings Data Sources Rhvac October 22, 2020 Manual S
New Rhvac Online Videos Rhvac August 20, 2020 Cloud-based
New Rhvac for Windows Videos Rhvac July 14, 2020  
New YouTube Channel - Chvac Videos and HVAC Load Calc Methods Comparison Chvac May 27, 2020  
More on Converting Manual Entry Rhvac Projects to Drawing Projects Rhvac, Drawing Board January 14, 2020 CAD
Drawing Board Update with Curved Fittings,Triangle Boxes, Quad Boxes and more Drawing Board, Rhvac October 14, 2019 CAD
Converting Manual Entry Rhvac Projects to Drawing Projects Drawing Board, Rhvac July 9, 2019 CAD
Discount on Rhvac Windows for Rhvac Online Users Rhvac April 25, 2019 Cloud-based
Discount on Rhvac Online  for Rhvac Windows Users Rhvac February 12, 2019 Cloud-based
Best Selling Programs from Elite Software all December 19, 2018 General
More about Rhvac Online Rhvac December 11, 2018 Cloud-based
HVAC Tools Software for Refrigerant Line Sizing and 12 other Common Tasks H-Tools November 20, 2018 Refrigerant line sizing
GasVent Software for Sizing Vents and Connectors of Gas Fired Appliances GasVent October 30, 2018 Gas venting, chimneys
Rhvac Updated with New Energy Star Report Feature Rhvac September 14, 2018 Energy Star
Using Expanded Ratings Data for Manual S - Sources of Expanded Ratings Data Rhvac August 10, 2018 Manual S
Manual D Ductsize Calculator and Manual S Calculator, Both Web Based Rhvac December 12, 2017 Manual D, Manual S, Cloud-based
Rhvac Online - First Web Based ACCA Manual J, D, and S Software Rhvac November 20, 2017 Manual J, Manual D, Manual S, Cloud-based
EnergyPro for HVAC Operating Costs and Rhvac v9.0 Update with Manual D Calculations Rhvac June 14, 2011 Manual D, EnergyPro
HVAC Solution and H-Sym Chilled and Hot Water Analysis Updates HVAC Solutions, H-Sym Nov 3, 2009 Chillers, boilers
New HVACR Training Videos by Jim Johnson Training May 5, 2009 Training DVDs, education
Bill of Materials Software to Calculate Material and Labor Costs in Rhvac Bill of Materials, Rhvac December 12, 2008  
Proposal Maker Software for Creating Custom Graphic Sales Proposals Proposal Maker August 2, 2005 Estimating, custom reports
Rhvac Updated with Manual J 8th Addition Addenda Rhvac October 1, 2004 Manual J
Chvac Version 7.0 Release Adds the New ASHRAE RTS Calculation Procedure Chvac March 22, 2004 Radiant Time Series calculations
Rhvac Version 8.0 Release to Comply with the New 8th Edition of ACCA Manual J Rhvac January 7, 2003 Manual J
Energy Audit Version 7.0 for Calculating Monthly and Annual HVAC Operating Costs Energy Audit April 12, 2002 Energy analysis
S-Pipe Software for Hot/Cold Water Service Supply and Plumbing CAD Details S-Pipe, CAD Details February 11, 2002 Plumbing, CAD


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