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Electrical CAD Details

Building a Stronger Foundation

The consistent quality of your details sheets, job after job, can speak volumes about who you are as an engineer. Our Electrical CAD Details package can help broaden the foundation from which you assemble your design drawings, and give you the edge that will set you apart from your competitors.




Electrical CAD Details are the most complete set of CAD electrical details available on the market today. Unlike other CAD packages which have only details, Electrical CAD Details includes standardized schedules, notes and symbols. Therefore, with this set of details, the electrical engineer has a strong foundation from which to assemble his design drawings. These ready-to-use electrical CAD details are an excellent addition to your CAD drawings libary and will save you many hours in drawing time.

Our Electrical CAD Detail files are .dwg files and are fully editable - they are also supported by most CAD programs on the market today.

Electrical CAD Details are not intended to be the sole source of information relied upon for the design of electrical systems, but an aid. In preparing design drawings, the engineer's judgment and experience should be the basis on which all decisions are made.

Drawing Titles


The following list shows the actual 230 CAD Detail Files included in the package.


Section 1.0 - Electrical Details

Single Phase Overhead Electrical Service Entrance Detail

Single Phase Underground Electrical Service Entrance Detail

Three Phase Overhead Electrical Service Entrance Detail

Three Phase Underground Electrical Service Entrance Detail

Installation of Underground Conduits

Installation of Concrete Encased Underground Conduits

Installation of Direct Burled Underground Cables

Installation of PVC Conduit Emerging From Concrete Slab

Trench for Joint Electric and Communication Facilities

Grounding System Detail

Grounding and Bonding Detail

Typical Heat Tracing Installation Detail

Duct Mounted Smoke Detector Detail – Rooftop HVAC Unit

Seismic Restraint for Fluorescent Troffer Light Fixture

Isolated Ground Receptacle Panel

Toilet Room Fan/Light Wiring Schematic

Single Stage Lighting Controller

Exterior Lighting Control Detail

Distribution Transformer Base Detail

Light Support Detail

Typical Exit & Emergency Lighting Connection Detail

Fire Alarm Riser Diagram (Zoned System)

Fire Alarm Riser Diagram (Addressable System)

Fire Alarm Riser Diagram

Typical Power Supply Arrangements from Source to Motor (Fire Pump)

Typical Fire Pump Controller and Transfer Switch Arrangements

Site Light Pole Installation Detail

Lighting Pole Installation Detail – Double Shoe-Box Type Fixture

Site Light Pole Installation Detail

Lighting Pole With 36” Foundation Installation Detail

Triple Arm Dead-End Pole Detail

Intersection Cross Arm Pole Detail

Double Arm Dead End Pole Detail

Well Tile Assembly (Inground Splice Box)

Vault Assembly for 200 AMP Sectionalizer and Single Phase Transformer

Vault Assembly for Three Phase Transformers

Fire Suppression for Electric Fryers – Kitchen Hood Wiring Detail

Fire Suppression for Gas Appliances – Kitchen Hood Wiring Diagram

Typical Emergency Dimmer Wiring Diagram

Emergency Transfer Relay

Fence Grounding Detail

Grounding Rod Inspection Box

Lighting Fixture Pole Base

Typical I.G. Receptacle Wiring Diagram

Lighting Contractor Wiring Diagram

Lighting Wiring Diagram

Detail – Fixed Camera Connection

Typical EMH Manholes

Pole Base Detail – Upper Level Parking

Temporary Electrical Service Entrance Installation

Remote Meter Location – Service Entrance Installation – Single Residence

Remote Meter Location – Service Entrance Installation – Two Residence

Remote Meter Location – Service Entrance Installation – Multiple Residence

Single Residence – 400 A. Service or Less – Secondary Pole with Clips

Single Residence – 400 A. Service or Less – Primary Pole with Offset

Temporary Service Entrance Installation – Single Residence

Overhead Service Installation – Service Mast – Single Residence

Overhead Service Entrance – Remote Meter on Pole – Single Residence

Three Phase Transformer Pole Mounted Metering

Double Pole – Double Throw Switch for Back-up Generator

Three Phase Transformer Metering On Stub Pole

Wiring Diagram for Lighting and Bodine Emergency Fixture Ballasts

Classroom Wall Mounted Devices

Three Wire Stop – Start Station Wiring Diagram

Two(2) – Three Wire Stop – Start Stations Wiring Diagram

Hand Off-Automatic Control Wiring Diagram

Jogging With Control Ready Wiring Diagram

Single-Phase Using Standard Three-Phase Starter Wiring Diagram

Two 3-Way Switches Wiring Diagram

Two 3-Way Switches – One 4-Way Switch Wiring Diagram

Bell Circuit Wiring Diagram

Remote Control Circuit – One Relay and One Switch Wiring Diagram

Freezer Wiring Diagram

Fire Suppression Contactor Box Detail

Shop Lighting & Fan Contactor Coil Detail

Contactor Control Diagram

Typical Empty Conduit for Telephone/Data Raceway

Ending Aerial Service Cable

Toilet Room Exhaust Fan/Light Wiring Detail

Cash Register Power Schematic

Typical Overhead Electrical Drop

Typical Conduit Stub-up

Raised Platform Convenience Outlet

House Lights Dimmer System Riser Diagram

Buzzer Circuit Diagram

Door Release Circuit Diagram

Exterior Signage Control Circuit

Electrical Safety Circuit Diagram

Grounding Electrode Conductor Detail

Grounding Detail

Switchgear Elevation Detail

Partition Conduit Detail

Projector Wiring Detail

Proper Grounding of Telephone Systems

Mounting Height Detail

Ansul Control Detail

Grounding Electrode System Detail

Grounding Electrode System Detail

Installation Detail for Rod & Pipe Electrodes

Concrete Encased Electrode Detail

Service Trench Detail (600 Volts or Less)

Service Trench Detail (Containing Primary Cables Greater Than 600 V)

Pole Riser Conduits Supported Away From the Pole Detail

Underground Service from Overhead Secondary Detail

Typical Door Holder Release Circuit

Typical AHU Shutdown Detail

Dual Level Switching Diagram – Conference Room

Disconnect Switch Mounting Detail

Typical Pump Wiring Detail

Typical AHU Wiring Detail

Typical Exhaust Fan Wiring Detail

Grid Light Fixture Mounting Detail

Flush Mounted Door Holder Detail

Fire Alarm Horn/Strobe Light Mounting Detail

Typical Smoke Detector Mounting Detail

Access Control Conduit Detail for Card Reader System

CCTV System Riser Diagram

Paging System Riser Diagram

Door Monitor System Riser Diagram

Television System Riser Diagram

Bollard Base Detail

Typical Cable Drop Ceiling Penetration Detail

Cable Drop Detail

Security CCTV System Riser Diagram

Typical Camera Wiring Diagram

Communication Conduit & Outlet Box Detail

Trapeze Support Detail

Fluorescent Light Cove Detail

Planter Light Detail

Planter Light Detail (Ballasted-Fixture Base)

Grade Mounted Fixture – Precast Base Detail

Bollard Light Detail

Loadcenter Pedestal Detail

Theatrical Light Mounting Detail

Utility Cord Reel Detail

Sign Light Detail – Flush Mounted At Grade

Ductbank Detail

Wiring Diagram for Temperature Alarm and Auto Dialer

Wiring Diagram for Emergency Shutoff of Data AC Unit

Typical Activation Kit with Duplex Receptacle(s)

Cell Connection to Outlets on Walls/Column Detail

Equipment Rack Mounted at Grade Detail

Ceiling Paddle Fan Mounting Detail

Automatic Flushometer Wiring Diagram

Preaction Sprinkler System Riser Diagram

Dry Type Transformer – Typical Connection Detail

Dual Switching for 3-Lamp Fluorescent Fixture

Dual Switching for 4-Lamp Fluorescent Fixture

Typical Electrical Panel Detail

Transformer Grounding Detail

Receptacle and Light in Elevator Pit Detail

In-Floor Junction/Outlet Box Detail

Isolation Transformer and Isolated Ground Equipment Standard Connection Detail

Lightning Protection Detail of Roof Parapet

Outside Lighting Control Wiring Diagram

Equipment Connection Stub-up Detail

Transformer Mounted from Wall Detail

Typical Device Mounted Height

Conduit Through Fire Rated Wall Detail

Outside Temperature and Light Sensor Detail

Pole Mounted Site Light Detail

Electrical Pullbox Detail

Section 2.0 - Schedules

Distribution Panel Schedule

Circuit Breaker Panel Schedule (3-Phase)

Circuit Breaker Panel Schedule (1-Phase)

Panel Schedule

Panel Schedule

Panel Schedule

Panel Schedule

Light Fixture Schedule

Light Fixture Schedule

Light Fixture Schedule

Meter Center Schedule

Schedule of Panels

Device Schedule

Cable & Conduit Size Schedule

Lighting Controller Schedule

Feeder Cable Sizing Schedule

Light Fixture Schedule

Fire Alarm Device Schedule

Fire Alarm Zone Schedule

Light Fixture Schedule

Three Phase Transformer Schedule

Section 3.0 - Symbols

Electrical & Lighting Symbols Legend

Electrical Symbols


Lighting Outlets

Switch Outlets


Receptacle Outlets

Fire Alarm System Symbols

Electrical Panels and Misc.

Electrical Symbols

Electrical Symbols

Electrical Symbols Legend

Electrical Symbols

Electrical Wiring Diagram Symbols

Electrical Wiring Diagram Symbols

Electrical Control Symbols

Electrical Abbreviations

Wiring Symbols

Lighting Symbols

Electrical Power Symbols

Fire Alarm Symbols

Security/Access Control Symbols

Intercom - Public Address - Misc. Symbols

Lightning Protection and Grounding Symbols

Security Alarm System Notes

Door Bell System Legend

Section 4.0 - Notes

Electrical Notes

General Electrical Notes

Site Electrical Notes

Switchgear Specifications

Fire Alarm System - Electrical Installation Instructions

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Notes

Elevator Notes

Fire Alarm System Installation Notes

Fire Stopping Notes

Electrical Notes

General Electrical Notes

Electrical System Grounding Notes

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Notes


Section 5.0 - Electrical Riser Diagrams

Electrical Riser Diagram - Metered Flex Space Distribution

Electrical Riser Diagram - 480V./3Ph. Office Building Fit-Out

Electrical Riser Diagram - 208V./3Ph. Office Building Fit-Out

Electrical Riser Diagram - Tenant Spaces

Electrical Riser Diagram - Apartment Building

Electrical Riser Diagram - Police and Fire Department

If you have questions about this CAD Details package feel free to call us for more information.

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