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Technical Articles  

Here are some of the many articles about Elite's products, activities and new developments that constantly appear in the HVAC and engineering magazines. Some include actual case histories of how our customers use our programs. Other articles about general computer use and important topics of interest are here as well.


The Benefits of Doing Computerized HVAC Load Calculations

HVAC Peak Load Calculation Methods – History and Comparisons

The Elephant in the Room - HVAC for High Performance Homes

FirstEnergy of Ohio and how they use Elite's AUDIT program to promote customer loyalty in the face of imminent utility deregulation

RHVAC IN THE NEWS! Read the article on solar powered air conditioning in Today's Air Conditioning.

The Dirty P Word!

Loads of HVAC Software on the 'net - from Contracting Business

Load Calculations and Log Cabins

Carrier Corp.Hvac Design Software Helps Contractor Sell More High End Equipment

Operating Cost Calculations

Duct Design


Contractor Gains Competitive Edge, And More Business, With Computerization

HVAC And Industrial Ventilation Duct Design

Computerized HVAC Load Calculations Makes For Fast HVAC System Design At McDonald's

Benefits Of Computerized HVAC Load Calculations

Software Tools Benefit, And Profit, Residential Contractor

Utility Uses Software Tools For Energy Conservation And Profit

Computer Software For The Plumbing Designer

Gas Vent Sizing

Fire Protection Firm Profits With Hydraulic Calculations Software

Computerizing Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations

Refrigeration Load Calculations

Refrigeration Contractor Increases Sales With Computerization

Computerized Plumbing Design Aids Contractor's Growth

Computer Training: Do You Need It?


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