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What Our Customers Say  
  "Elite's HVAC software programs are very easy to use - ideal for the non-computer user. The calculations are very accurate and help us win new jobs. I don't know how we did our work before, but we couldn't live without them now."

Joe Spagnuola, Wesley G. Wood Inc.- Westchester, PA

"Ductsize is very useful in duct design and saves us a tremendous amount of time. It's excellent for optimizing duct sizes and allows us to produce much better systems."

Waleed Alwari - McClellan AFB, CA

"Elite's electrical programs are indispensable for checking our electrical design calculations and for improving our new design projects. We expect our productivity to continually improve as we implement more of Elite's software."

Clifton Qualls, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers - Memphis, TN

"Among all HVAC software, CHVAC is the Cadillac of commercial load calculation programs - highly capable, versatile with exceptionally professional reports. Elite's support is the best in the industry and makes all the difference."

Lee Grosser, Lee Grosser Associates - Milford, OH

"Elite's software is instrumental for increasing HVAC equipment dealer sales. Their HVAC software invariably proves to the customer, beyond a doubt, the need for higher end equipment and thus allows us to close sales on more profitable systems."

Steve Menhennett, Reliable Distributing Inc. - San Antonio, TX

"RHVAC does a load calculation in a fraction of the time it takes with Manual J. The HELP feature greatly shortens the learning curve and speeds operation of the software. I don't know how a contractor could afford to be without it. Elite's programs are top of the line."

Dan Schleig, York International Corp. - York, PA

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