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E-Coord Recent Update History

Version Changes

Version 3.02.8 [12/18/2018]

  1. Fixed a bug where if you clicked "Quick Print Reports" while the Print Preview window was open and maximized an error 384 would occur, saying, "A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized."

  2. Made it so the Update Manager window opens as a floating window as part of E-Coord instead of opening as a separate program. This change makes it so E-Coord does not have to be run as an administrator on some systems in order to launch Update Manager.

Version 3.02.7 [10/18/2012]

  1. Changed the "Save AutoRecover info" feature so that it actually does what it says. Formerly, it would save the project instead of just saving the auto recover info.

  2. Fixed a bug where customizations made to the toolbar were not being saved.

  3. Reformatted the E-Coord Readme.doc file to be easier to read, and removed some unnecessary information from it.

  4. Removed the "Number of Items on the Most Recently Selected Items of a drop-down box" option on the Options window, which did nothing.

  5. Removed the "Double-clicking on a project in the Project Explorer will" option from the Options window, which had no purpose.

  6. Fixed a bug on the Project Explorer window, where double clicking on a project opened the Open Project dialog instead of actually opening the project you double clicked.

  7. Fixed a bug on the Options window where changing the setting for the number of recent files option did not affect anything. Also changed the maximum from 20 to 10, since 10 is the actual maximum.

  8. Corrected the appearance of some of the program's windows, including General Project Data, Device Library - Add New Device, Select Device, Print Preview.

  9. Fixed a problem on the Edit Device Library window, where the toolbar's position was customizable but did not remember any user changes.

  10. Removed the menu item "Help | Search for Help On," since all it did was open the help window, and did not do anything specific about searching.

  11. Replaced the About E-Coord box with a better version of that window.

  12. Removed the "Show Title Scren at Startup" option from the Options window, since that option was not useful.

  13. Made it so if E-Coord is already open but minimized and you try to open it again the original instance will be restored to a normal windowstate.

  14. Corrected the appearance of several of the main window's toolbar buttons.

  15. Corrected the scrolling behavior on the Print Preview window.

  16. Added a "Help | Tip of the Day" menu item so you can open that dialog even if the option to show it at startup has been turned off. Also removed the "Show Tips at Startup" checkbox from the Options window, since there is no need for it now.

  17. Removed the "Show Toolbar Tips" option from the Options window, since turning the option off has no benefit.

  18. Updated the help file.

  19. Fixed a bug on the View Coordination Curves window, where if that window was maximized and you clicked a note and then clicked Move from the popup menu the starting position of both the dragging rectangle and the mousepointer would not be correct.

  20. Fixed a bug on the View Coordination Curves window, where when the device type is a motor and you set the Starter Type to Auto Transformer and then you set the Voltage Tap to 80% the Percent of Inrush would get set to 25% instead of 64%, and when Voltage Tap was set to 50% the Percent of Inrush was set to 64% instead of 25%.

  21. Made it so you can pan the Print Preview by pressing the mouse button down and moving the mouse. Changed the mouse icon to indicate that.

  22. Made it so when you scroll the Print Preview with the scrollbars it immediately scrolls. Formerly it would not scroll until you released the mousebutton.

Version 3.0.28 [5/27/2011]

  1. Changed several Square D devices from fuses to circuit breakers because they were incorrectly defined.

Version 3.0.27 [2/24/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash when saving a project under certain circumstances.

Version 3.0.26 [2/1/2011]

  1. Fixed an installation problem.

Version 3.0.25 [1/26/2011]

  1. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

  2. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

Version 3.0.24 [6/15/2009]

  1. Made it so double clicking this program's license file, no matter where it is located, will copy the license file to the correct folder.

Version 3.0.23 [7/21/2008]

  1. Added a Cummins relay to the device library.

Version 3.0.22 [8/15/2007]

  1. Made E-Coord compatible with Windows Vista.

  2. Made it so E-Coord will run properly on foreign versions of Windows that use the Double Byte Character Set, such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese versions.

Version 3.0.21 [4/17/2007]

  1. Proprietary changes.

Version 3.0.19 [9/1/2006]

  1. Updated the Siemens circuit breaker data.

  2. Added a Copy Device button and a Paste Device button to the Edit Device Library window.

  3. Added the following ground fault properties: Pickup Affects I^2T Multiplier and I^2T Delay Affects I^2T Multiplier.

  4. Added the following adjustable circuit breaker properties: Pickup Affects Maximum Instantaneous Current and Pickup Affects Instantaneous Section Excluding Maximum Current.

Version 3.0.18 [6/2/2006]

  1. Updated the Westinghouse circuit breaker data.

  2. Fixed a problem with plotting the I Squared T section of electronic circuit breaker curves.

Version 3.0.17 [6/1/2006]

  1. Added the following electronic circuit breaker properties: Instantaneous Override and Single Slope I Squared T.

Version 3.0.15 [5/4/2006]

  1. Made it so the required files that were not installed with the previous version of E-Coord are installed with the current version.

  2. Made it so you will not be asked to select the destination folder during installation if any Elite program has been installed before.

Version 3.0.14 [12/19/2005]

  1. Fixed a problem with displaying the cursor coordinates when the screen resolution is small.

  2. Added an Interrupting Rating property for electronic circuit breakers.

  3. Added curve data for several circuit breakers to the device library.

Version 3.0.13 [12/7/2005]

  1. Set the maximum limit on the ground fault pickup to 1200 amperes, as specified in NEC section 230.95(A).

  2. Fixed a problem that caused the wrong minimum and maximum time and current values to be displayed on the graph when printed.

  3. Made it so you can change the multiplier used to draw the Long Time Delay segment or the I Squared T Delay segment of an electronic circuit breaker curve or a ground fault curve.

  4. Made it so you can specify whether or not an electronic circuit breaker adjustment is a function of the Long Time Pickup.

Version 3.0.12 [10/24/2005]

  1. Made it so you can display a ground fault curve with a fixed delay or with a delay that has an I squared T slope.

  2. Fixed an error that caused the program to crash when the Options window was opened.

Version 3.0.11 [9/26/2005]

  1. Added a Time/Current Data report.

  2. Added a Delete Device button to the View Coordination Curves window.

  3. Made it so the cursor coordinates are shown in the status bar as you move the cursor over a drawing.

  4. Added an option to enable or disable short circuit flags on all drawings.

  5. Added an Off checkbox for the short time pickup of electronic circuit breakers.

  6. Added a Max checkbox for the instantaneous pickup of electronic circuit breakers.

  7. Fixed errors in plotting the short time delay section and I squared T delay section of the device curve for electronic circuit breakers.

  8. Added an I squared T delay slope for ground fault curves.

  9. Added a Check For Update feature and a Copy License File button.

Version 3.0.9 [2/27/2003]

  1. Prevented an overflow error from occurring if you enter a pickup setting higher than 32,767 for a circuit breaker, relay or ground fault curve.

  2. Fixed an error that caused notes on a copied drawing to be moved to a different drawing when the project was saved.

  3. Fixed an error that caused the shadow width of notes to be ignored when a project was saved.

  4. Prevented an error message from being displayed if you try to open a device library file that was created in an earlier version of E-Coord and then click Cancel.

  5. Prevented an error message from being displayed if you put a ground fault on a drawing, type a new delay setting, and press Enter.

Version 3.0.8 [9/4/2002]

  1. Fixed a problem with the installation file that prevented the program from working on some versions of Windows 2000.

Version 3.0.7 [7/17/2002]

  1. Fixed an error that would prevent the Detailed Drawing report from printing if there were a blank model number prior to the end of the device list on the View Coordination Curves window.

Version 3.0.6 [4/19/2001]

  1. Fixed an error that would cause E-Coord to malfunction if more than 100 projects were displayed simultaneously in the Project Explorer window.

Version 3.0.5 [4/13/2001]

  1. Added a new device type, Ground Fault, to the program. This device type allows you to plot the ground fault curves of a circuit breaker. Once you have plotted the ground fault curves on a drawing, you can adjust the pickup current setting and the delay setting.

  2. Added a sample ground fault device to the Demo.crv manufacturer file.

  3. Updated the help file.

  4. Fixed an error involving the View Coordination Curves window in which clicking on a certain help button twice in succession would disable some controls in the window.

Version 3.0.4 [3/30/2001]

  1. Added two items to the Drawing menu: Copy and Paste. Selecting Copy while the View Coordination Curves window is open will make a copy of the current drawing and selecting Paste will replace the current drawing with the last drawing that was copied.

  2. Updated the help file.

  3. Modified the installation file so that it will overwrite the ecwtool.tlb file if this file is found in the Ecoordw folder. The ecwtool.tlb file contains the custom settings for the main toolbar.

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