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Chvac Version 8 Recent Update History

Version Changes

4/20/2023 8.02.74

  1. Added inputs to let you export to EnergyPro version 9 to the EnergyPro Export dialog.

  2. Changed the name of the report entitled, "Zone Detailed Loads (At Zone Peak Times)" to a more accurate name of, "Room Detailed Loads (At Zone Peak Times)." The report is a room loads report that only shows the loads of one room at a time, so this new name is more appropriate.

  3. Added some text to the Chvac 8 Help window's Load Preview topic to explain that the Zone rows on that window are based on the (Z) calculations, where all rooms in a zone are treated like one big room, instead of the (R) calculations, where rooms are considered individually.

  4. Made some changes to the calculation of cooling CFM values on the 3 kinds of Air Handler Summary Loads reports, so that the calculation of those values is based on more appropriate peak times for those reports. For most projects these changes cause no change in any reported values, but for a small percentage of projects you may see some small differences in the cooling CFM values reported. The 3 summary loads reports are: "Air Handler Summary Loads," "Air Handler Summary Loads for Zones (Z)," and "Air Handler Summary Loads for Rooms (Z)."

8/26/2022 8.02.72

  1. Replaced all occurrences of a certain third party listbox control with another control, since on some computers the MhList32.ocx file was not able to be registered for use, and would cause the program to lock up. Also replaced all occurrences of the same control on the U-Factor Calculator program.

  2. Fixed a bug in Drawing Board where if you had a window with the Show Glass Dimensions property set to True, when you closed and reopened the the drawing, the position of the text would revert back to the default location.

5/26/2022 8.02.70

  1. On the gbXML import feature, fixed a bug where if you included a partition wall in your import, the partition's cooling and heating temperature differences would not get assigned to the values for partitions that you defined under the Chvac Defaults node on the "Set gbXML Import Options" page of the "New Project from gbXML File" dialog.

  2. On the EnergyPro Export dialog added inputs for exporting to EnergyPro version 8.

12/1/2021 8.02.67

  1. On the gbXML import feature, made it so if a Zone node in the XML file has both CFM per person and CFM per square foot values entered, the air handler will have the "CFM/Person AND CFM/sq.ft." option selected, and both values will be imported.

  2. On the gbXML export feature, fixed a bug where the program was writing, "Watts" instead of "Watt" for the load units.

  3. Fixed a bug on the Equipment Cooling Loads window, where if you entered a negative number for the nominal sensible or latent columns and the Item Name was not "Miscellaneous Equipment" then your value would not be saved properly, and a "Miscellaneous Equipment" item would be added to make the previous sensible and latent totals remain correct.

  4. Fixed a bug in the gbXML import feature, where if a wall in the gbXML file had one or more doors in it, that parent wall's length would be reduced to account for the area of the doors, and the door directions would be the same as the wall direction. This way of doing things used to be correct before we added the ability to designate a wall as a door by entering "D" followed by the parent wall number for the Direction input. Now when a gbXML wall has doors, the wall's original length is preserved, and its doors are each given a direction of "D" followed by the parent wall number, such as "D1".

1/8/2021 8.02.66

  1. Fixed a bug where if you had the Room Data window open and its Check Errors input was set to Yes and you started a new, blank project, an error message saying, "No such room record: 0" would show up, followed by another error message that gave an error number of zero.

  2. Fixed a bug where if you had the Check Errors input on the Room Data window set to Yes you could close the Room Data window even if there were errors in the current room.

  3. Added a "Too Many Files for Project Explorer" window, which is displayed if you have more than a certain number of projects in your current projects folder. This window explains that the multi-project Project Explorer window can only display a certain maximum number of projects. You can change the maximum number of projects allowed by clicking the new "Change Maximum Number of Projects" button in the Project Explorer window's toolbar.

  4. Changed the setup so that it does not overwrite the existing splash window image file except under certain circumstances.

12/8/2020 8.02.65

  1. In the gbXML export process, corrected the name of the program from "Chvac7" to "Chvac8".

11/23/2020 8.02.64

  1. In the gbXML import process, fixed a problem where if a wall or roof had a direction that was very close to but not equal to zero (north), once you evaluate the project the direction would be listed as invalid.

  2. In the gbXML import process, fixed a problem where if the gbXML file had more than 100 "zone" items rooms in those zones would have invalid air handler numbers. Now the zone numbers over 100 are ignored and not even added to the tree. And an error message is added to the "gbXML Import Errors" window that opens after selecting the gbXML file.

  3. Increased the number of characters allowed for the room name from 40 to 255 in order to accomodate very long room names in some files for the gbXML import.

  4. In the gbXML import process, made it so if a roof has a "tilt" of 180 in the gbXML file, a slope of zero is assigned instead of 180.

  5. On the Set gbXML Import Options page of the New Project from gbXML File dialog, changed the word "group" to "zone" in a couple of places to be consistent with the rest of the Chvac program.

  6. Added a new example gbXML file named, "Simple Building (Demo Level).xml" that has room and wall dimensions that are within the demonstration limits of Chvac, so you can import the file and check out the gbXML import feature with a demo level license.

11/19/2020 8.02.63

  1. Added an "Include..." button to the Set gbXML Import Options page of the New Project from gbXML File dialog. Clicking this new button displays a menu with "Include all Exterior Surfaces Under Current Node" and "Exclude all Exterior Surfaces Under Current Node" items. These menu items let you quickly set all external surfaces within a Space, a Zone, a Building or the whole Campus to either be included in the import process or not.

  2. Fixed a bug on the New Project from gbXML File dialog where if a Project Explorer window was open at the time you closed the dialog, it was possible for one of its popup menus to be shown before the dialog finished closing.

  3. Fixed a bug in the gbXML import process where, if you had the option turned on to show the General Project Data window upon opening a project, it was possible for that window to be blank instead of showing the imported data from the gbXML file.

8/5/2020 8.02.61

  1. Modified things for Drawing Board projects so if you open a Drawing Board project that used a separate DBP file for the drawing data, the program checks to see whether a DBP file of the same base name as the project exists in the same folder as the project, and uses that DBP file for the drawing. Formerly, the program would give preference to the exact folder and filename of the referenced DBP file that was saved in the project file. Now it gives preference to a DBP file of the correct name in the same folder as the project file, if one exists.

  2. Fixed a bug that could happen for Drawing Board projects where you chose to save the drawing data in a separate DBP file instead of within the project file. If you used the "Save Project As" feature with such a project, the new DBP file would be placed in the current user's temporary folder for Chvac files instead of saving it in the same folder as the CH8 project file.

  3. Made it so when you save a project as a different name while the Drawing Board window is open, that window no longer unnecessarily reloads the drawing, but instead does the save much more quickly without having to do that.

  4. In the gbXML import, made it so Chvac no longer checks for the existence of the "xmlns" attribute of the gbXML node, since it was apparently never officially required by the schema, and not all gbXML generating software writes that attribute.

2/21/2020 8.02.58

  1. On the Room Data window, made changes to the lighting, sensible equipment and latent equipment inputs and popup windows. If you have any items on the popup window that are based on Watts or Btuh per area, if you later change the length or width of the room the values in the lighting and equipment inputs are updated. Also made it so if you have anything entered in the popup window other than row 1 saying, "Miscellaneous Lighting" or "Miscellaneous Equipment" you cannot enter a number directly into the input on the Room Data window. Also made these same changes for the Room object in Drawing Board.

8/8/2019 8.02.54

  1. In Drawing Board, added a popup window named Image Conversion that appears when you paste or import an image into the drawing. This new window lets you convert an image into a monochrome bitmap before bringing it into the drawing, in order to greatly reduce your project file size, and significantly improve performance in Drawing Board.

  2. On the Equipment Cooling Loads window, added Move Row Up and Move Row Down buttons to the toolbar. Did the same for the Lighting Loads window. These buttons let you rearrange the order of your items if needed.

7/15/2019 8.02.53 (Test Version)

  1. Fixed a bug in the reports, where if the only report checkbox you checked on the Properties of Print Preview window was Load Preview, the Load Preview report could have zeroes for some of the building and system level values.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Lighting Loads window, where if you had ever opened that window for the current room, and you then typed in a new value on the lighting input on Room Data, if you reopened the Lighting Loads window your total load would revert to a value of 1.

7/14/2019 8.02.52 (Test Version)

  1. Added an LED category to the Typical Lighting Loads window.

12/20/2018 8.02.51

  1. Fixed a bug that developed in a recent update on the Room Data window, where if you evaluated the room or had the Check Errors input set to Yes, it was possible for the Evaluation of Room window to show an error saying, "License is demo, and one or more room dimensions exceeds the demo limits."

12/4/2018 8.02.50

  1. Fixed a bug that developed in the previous update, which would cause an error 9, Subscript out of range, if you opened the room data window before evaluating the project or generating reports, and you then clicked "Evaluate Current Room" or had the Check Errors input set to Yes.

11/29/2018 8.02.49

  1. Made it so if you are re-importing a gbXML file into the current project that you have already imported previously the program will be more likely to correctly edit an existing room instead of creating a new one, when applicable. In addition to looking for an existing room with the same "id" parameter from the gbXML file, the program also now checks the "CADObjectId" parameter. If either one matches an existing room that existing room will be edited rather than the program creating a new room.

  2. Fixed a bug where if you had an active plenum in a system with 100% outside air, or if you had entered any override values for indoor conditions at the room level, the gains and losses shown for the plenum on the reports could be wrong.

  3. Made it so entering indoor condition overrides at the room level is not permitted if the system has an active plenum. If you have entered such an override a warning will be added to the Evaluation of Project window.

  4. Change the way the Elite Software Program Manager window opens from within the program, so that it no longer requires the program to be run an administrator in order for that window to open.

5/29/2018 8.02.45

  1. Added the "Reset All Toolbars" toolbar button to the customize menu that opens when you right click one of the toolbars in the main window.

  2. Fixed a problem that could prevent Chvac from being able to run unless the current user is logged in as an administrator.

5/7/2018 8.02.43

  1. On the "Infil & Vent" tab of the Air Handler Data window, added inputs below the ventilation value inputs that each show a description of the CFM per person or CFM per square foot that you selected from the dropdown help for the Value input. Also made it so if you select from the dropdown help like that, when you click the dropdown help button again it will properly reslect the right item in the dropdown help window's list.

  2. Added a Floor Number input near the top of the Room Data window. This optional input lets you document which floor the room is on if that is important to you. The floor number of each room will be written to the TXT file you can export for the HVAC Solution software, as specified on the Miscellaneous tab of the Properties of Print Preview window.

11/10/2017 8.02.37

  1. Corrected a problem where if you were using multiple monitors it was possible for some dropdown help windows to display on the wrong monitor.

  2. On the EnergyPro Export dialog added inputs for exporting to EnergyPro version 7.

5/3/2017 8.02.34

  1. Fixed a bug where if put a new project in Drawing Board mode and you selected to save the drawing data in a separate DBP file it would be saved in the current user's temporary file location for Chvac instead of in the same folder as the CH8 project file.

9/19/2016 8.02.32

  1. Added a People Density Help dialog that opens from the dropdown help for the Square Feet per Person inputs on the General Project Data and Room Data windows. This dialog includes an input for number of people per 1000 square feet, which has a dropdown help window with a list of people per 1000 square feet values taken from ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2016.

  2. Made it so the "Select gbXML File to Import" dialog defaults to the folder where the example gbXML file is installed during setup.

  3. Changed one of the secondary headers on the Psychrometric Analysis Report to "Air-Side Check Figure Psychrometric Equations:" to better describe the purpose of that section.

  4. Fixed a bug where the "Save and Compact Project" item in the File menu was availble even when there was no project open.

2/19/2016 8.02.29

  1. Fixed a problem where if you did a project in metric units and did not do anything with the Pool Latent Load inputs for the rooms, and then converted the project to English units by clicking "File | Convert Project Units," errors would be added for each room saying that the latent pool load water temperature and air velocity are too high.

  2. On the Air Handler Data window made it so if you select your ventilation method CFM per Person AND CFM per square foot, when you click an item in the dropdown help for the CFM/Pr Value input it will assign the appropriate number to the CFM/sq.ft Value input as well. Did the same thing on the Room Data window.

11/19/2015 8.02.28

  1. Updated the link to EnergyPro 6 to work with the latest version of that software. Also updated the lists of assemblies to choose from in the dropdown help windows of the EnergyPro Material dialogs.

10/29/2015 8.02.27 (Test Version)

  1. Made changes to the EnergyPro 6 export feature to prevent a problem where walls could have a blank JA4Index assigned once opened in EnergyPro.

10/6/2015 8.02.26

  1. Added an option to the Miscellaneous tab of the Properties of Print Preview dialog called, "Include company street address in page header". Checking the box will make the 3rd line in the left side of the page header of the reports shows the company street address followed by the city, state and ZIP.

7/31/2015 8.02.25

  1. Added a Roof/Ceiling Slope Calculator to the Room and Roof objects in Drawing Board. This dialog opens when you click the button in the dropdown help for the Roof Slope property of those objects. It makes it easy to calculate the roof or ceiling slope in a room, from which the program calculates the area of the roof or ceiling.

  2. Fixed a bug where a new project in Drawing Board mode would not calculate until you had saved, closed and then reopened the project.

6/16/2015 8.02.24

  1. Fixed a bug on the Room Data window where if your Region settings in Windows used a character other than a period for the decimal point of numbers, when you selected the "CFM/sq.ft" or "CFM/Pr, CFM/sq.ft" option for the Method input for winter or summer ventilation or infiltration the corresponding Value input(s) would remain grayed out and disabled.

5/26/2015 8.02.22

  1. Fixed a bug in the import of gbXML files, where the gbXMLSpaceId property instead of the Space Name property was being assigned to the room names.

  2. Updated the export to EnergyPro to work with the latest versions of that program (both version 5 and version 6).

5/8/2015 8.02.20

  1. Fixed a bug that was introduced in the previous update, where values you entered on the Room Data window would sometimes revert back to what they were when that window was first opened if you saved the project while that window was open.

5/1/2015 8.02.19

  1. On the Room Data window, changed the zero-goes-to gray box beside the People Number input so it does not round off the value shown for the number of people, since the calculations do not round off that value either.

  2. Added an Area/Person Option input to the Design tab of the General Project Data window, which lets you select whether to round up any number with a fractional part after the decimal point to the next whole number of people.

  3. Added an Area per Person input to the Room Data window, which lets you specify an area per person value to override that entered on the General Project Data window for any room.

  4. For Drawing Board projects where you have chosen to save the drawing in the Chvac project file, improved the way the drawing data is saved to the file.

2/27/2014 8.02.15

  1. Added Electric Resistance to the dropdown help selections in the heating Model Type input on the Equipment tab of the Air Handler Data window.

  2. Added the ability to choose to export to EnergyPro 6 instead of EnergyPro 5.

12/5/2013 8.02.12

  1. Fixed a bug where the temperatures listed above the room temperature on the Psychrometric Analysis report would not add up exactly to the room temperature under rare circumstances because the reserve or reheat temperature rise would incorrectly be shown as zero. The problem would happen when all three of the following occurred: (1) the system type was VAV; (2) ventilation or exhaust was larger than the minimum supply airflow needed to cool the system at its peak time; (3) but the amount of ventilation or exhaust was smaller than the sum of the peak zone supply airflow values.

8/7/2013 8.02.11

  1. Fixed a bug in the Export to EnergyPro feature, where the lighting and equipment gains were no longer being exported.

  2. Corrected the name of "Group" to "Zone" in the Export to EnergyPro feature in order to be consistent with that same change in Chvac a few updates ago.

5/7/2013 8.02.10

  1. Added an "Open Project from Recent Folder" item in the File menu, which lets you display the Open Project dialog already set to one of your recent project folders.

  2. Added a "Browse Recent Folder" button to the multi-project Project Explorer window, which lets you instantly change the list of project files to that of any of your recent project folders.

  3. Changed the folder location where certain temporary files are written while the program is running, in the case of the installation being the old, pre-2010 type.

  4. Fixed a bug on the reports that could happen when you check the "Load Summaries - Air Handler (Z)" report checkbox, where the "Summary Loads for Rooms (Z)" report would get truncated, and the Air Handler Total Load Summary (Z)" report would not get printed.

1/25/2013 8.02.9 (Test Version)

  1. Added a "Num Pad" toolbar that lets you enter numeric values into inputs by clicking with the mouse.

1/18/2013 8.02.7

  1. Changed the term "Zone" to "Room" throughout the program. Also changed "Group" to "Zone."

12/5/2012 8.01.17

  1. Corrected the caption and tooltip for the Help on Current Window toolbar button (question mark inside green circle).

  2. Added a new Set Air Handler Number for gbXML Zones window, which lets you set the Chvac air handler number for several gbXML zones at once. Click the "Set AH No." button on the Set gbXML Import Options screen of the New Project from gbXML File dialog to open the new window (step 4 of 6).

8/15/2012 8.01.16

  1. Fixed a bug on the Typical Equipment Cooling Loads window when selecting gas or electric hooded cooking appliances, where the radiation factor shown was being used instead of being ignored and instead using 100%. Since hooded appliances have only radiant sensible gains and no convective, then the practical value to copy back to the Equipment Cooling Loads window's Percent Radiant column is 100%. Also fixed a bug on the Typical Equipment Cooling Loads window for the same gas or electric hooded cooking appliances, where the Sensible Nominal column was not being converted to watts if you selected "watts" in the Quantity Type - Sensible input at the top of the window.

  2. Fixed a bug that could occur with some regional and language option settings, where some of the numbers on some of the reports could not show up at all sometimes.

  3. Adjusted the formatting on part of the Psychrometric Report to prevent a rare problem where some numbers were not showing up on some computers.

7/23/2012 8.01.14

  1. Added a line to the Psychrometric Report whenever the air handler has an HRV specified that shows what the user-entered heat recovery SER values are.

  2. Fixed a bug in the Export Results to gbXML File feature, where Results nodes for "Space Heating Total Load" and "Space Cooling Total Load" did not include the effect of any safety factors you might have entered.

  3. Added the ability to import Favorites, Recent and Custom materials from Chvac version 7. Click the menu "File | Iimport | Chvac 7 Favorites, Recent or Custom Materials" to use this new feature.

6/6/2012 8.01.13

  1. Fixed a bug where an error 10 would be reported in some projects upon trying to perform calculations for a second time after having generated reports once, if the Zone Detailed Loads report had been one of the selected reports. Other errors would also be reported upon doing various things in the program after the error 10 occurred.

5/7/2012 8.01.6

  1. Fixed a bug on Load Preview window, where the rows showing the groups did not always have the correct duct sizes shown for the group.

  2. Changed the duct size shown for the Group rows to be the size of a single trunk duct that feeds the entire group instead of the size of multiple runouts feeding the spaces.

  3. Added a line to the "Air Handler Summary Loads for Groups (G)" report right below the "Runout duct size" line that says, "Trunk duct feeding group," and gives the size of a single trunk duct that feeds the entire group.

5/4/2012 8.01.5 (Test Version)

  1. Fixed a bug on the Typical Equipment Cooling Loads window, where the data shown in the right side grid were displaying incorrectly for each of the electric motor options.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Typical Equipment Cooling Loads window, where the "Radiation Factor (%)" column for electric and gas hooded cooking appliances was always showing 100, but it should have been showing various percentages.

  3. Fixed a small problem on the Project Explorer window, where the vertical splitter bar in the middle would not remember its position if it had previously been positioned very far to the right.

  4. Fixed a bug on the Load Preview window and report, where each group always said "Group 0."

  5. Fixed a problem with some of the inputs on some multi-row inputs, such as the roofs, walls and glass on the Zone Data window, where if you opened a project that had been previously edited on a system using a different decimal place than that of your current system, then some values could be changed from what they had been before.

  6. Fixed a problem on the Zone Data window where if you had a wall entered as a door and its reference wall (as indicated by the text in the Direction input being "D" followed by the wall's number) happened to be a partition wall, the program might incorrectly mark the door as being invalid.

  7. Fixed a problem in a few places in some of the reports when using a language other than English, where instead of the text saying "Yes" or "No" it would use the words of the current language.

  8. Fixed a bug that could happen on the built-in duct sizing for zone runouts and air handler main trunks, where if you had the "Use Schedule" input set to "Yes" it would not always use diameters or widths from the schedule.

3/13/2012 8.01.1

  1. Fixed a problem where the duct schedule included with the program did not have any records in it. If you have already installed Chvac version 8 be sure to check the box to overwrite the existing duct schedule database during the setup.

  2. Changed the way the CFM Per Runout inputs on the Air Handler Data and Zone Data windows are handled in the calculations, so that the value entered serves as a maximum CFM per runout rather than a target average CFM per runout.

  3. Fixed a bug in the setup where Start menu shortcuts for some included programs were not being created.

2/27/2012 8.01.0 (Official Release)

  1. Fixed a bug in the Convert Project Units feature where temperatures entered as zero would always get converted as if the zero meant zero degrees F, or zero degress C for metric projects. Now on inputs where a zero is obviously intended to mean "blank" the converted project's values will also be zero.

  2. Made it so the Indoor Conditions tab on the Air Handler Data and Zone Data windows rounds off the numbers in the gray boxes to 2 decimal places. This change makes it easier to read those values in projects that were created with the Convert Project Units feature.

2/22/2012 8.00.64 (Beta 7)

  1. Added the ability to enter miscellaneous supply and return latent equipment loads on the Air Handler Data window. Loads can be positive or negative, and can occur on either the supply or return side of the coil.

  2. Changed the labeling on some of the points on the Psychrometric Chart report. The point that had been labeled EC (entering coil) was actually the point where the ventilation air was being mixed with the return air, so that point is now labeled MIX. The EC label is now added as a second label to whichever point is the final one before the cooling process that goes to the leaving coil point.

  3. Changed the way a miscellaneous return sensible gain is represented on the Psychrometric Chart report. Formerly, the process line was added after the zone condition point, meaning the load was applied to the return airstream before being mixed with outside air. Now the process line is added after the mixed air point, which is what the calculations themselves (which are independent of the chart) have been doing all along.

2/7/2012 8.00.62 (Beta 6)

  1. Added a Sloped Ceiling Area Calculator dialog, which opens by clicking the item in the dropdown help for the roof's Width and Length inputs. This dialog lets you enter dimensions for a room's sloped ceiling, and calculates the resulting area of the ceiling. The area is copied to the roof's Width input, and the number 1 is copied to the Length input.

2/1/2012 8.00.60 (Beta 5)

  1. Fixed a bug in the export to EnergyPro feature, where multiple occurrences of air handlers, zones, windows and skylights were not being handled. Now the EnergyPro tree has multiple, identical instances of each of these items as needed.

  2. Added a Latent Pool input to the Zone Data window, along with a Pool Latent Load dialog, which lets you enter attributes of an indoor swimming pool or other indoor pool in order for the program to calculate a latent load due to the water evaporating into the space.

  3. Fixed a bug where entering -1 for the sensible equipment or lightiing load on the zone data window would not cause that load to be forced to zero for that zone, but the program would instead treat that -1 as a watts value.

  4. Fixed a bug where when you opened a Chvac version 6 project the master data and the zone and plenum roofs, walls and glass would not come in from the old project into the new.

1/5/2012 8.00.54 (Beta 4)

  1. Added a section to the bottom of the Psychrometric Report that shows the calculated cooling and heating zone to plenum temperature differences.

  2. Added a "Save and Compact Project" item in the File menu. Clicking this menu item saves the project and then compacts the project file database (which can also be done by clicking the menu "Tools | Repair Files | Repair and Compact Database").

  3. Updated the arrow and enter key navigation on the Master Data window to account for all the EnergyPro Code inputs. Did the same on some popup dialogs that are displayed from that window.

  4. Made it so the calculations are performed prior to exporting an EnergyPro project, which fixes a problem where if you had not yet performed calculations on a project no systems and zones would be exported.

12/29/2011 8.00.51 (Beta 3)

  1. Added plenum-Zone temperature difference automatic adjustment. When you enter a return air plenum you can now specify that you want the program to automatically adjust your entered temperature difference between the zones and the plenum until it converges on a solution. You can select the maximum number of iterations to perform for each plenum, as well as whether or not to round to the nearest whole number temperature. You can enter project defaults for these settings on the Design tab of the General Project Data window, and you can override them for each plenum on the Plenum Data window.

  2. Updated the help file.

  3. Made a small adjustment to the calculation of roof, wall and glass loads for plenums to account for the indoor temperature inside the plenum being lower or higher than that of the zones.

12/6/2011 8.00.44 (Beta 2)

  1. Changed the caption of the Edit menu item, "Clear Row" to "Clear Row/Item," and made it so if the current text box is not in a row it will simply clear the box.

  2. Made it so the first time you open the Load Preview window it has a size that is big enough so you don't need to scroll horizontally.

  3. Fixed a bug where if the project had errors and you clicked "Project | Load Preview," then clicked Abort on the Error Notification dialog, the Load Preview window would still open and would be blank.

  4. Fixed a bug on the Zone Data window, where if you had used the "Convert Project Units" function in the File menu to create your current project, it was possible for some inputs to show more decimal places than are normally allowed for those inputs.

  5. Fixed a problem in the "Rebuild Project File" and "Repair and Compact Database" functions, where the extension shown for Chvac projects was "chv" instead of the new "ch8" extension used in version 8.

11/29/2011 8.00.41 (Beta 1)

  1. Test version.


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