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Version Changes

Version 6.02.37 [7/21/2022]

  1. In the Flow inputs on the Fire Pump Database window, made it so you can type numbers with 6 digits before the decimal place instead of just 4.

Version 6.02.35 [6/17/2021]

  1. Updated the fire pump database file that ships with the program to include the pump used in the new fire pump video called, "Fire Pump Sample."

  2. Added four new sample projects to the setup. These include fire pump and standpipe sample projects.

Version 6.02.34 [12/2/2020]

  1. Fixed a bug where in a project with several hundred pipes it was possible for a message box to pop up saying, "Results out of range" after clicking the Calculate button on the Calculation window.

Version 6.02.33 [7/31/2020]

  1. Fixed a bug where if you were calculating in supply mode and had one or more inactive pipes, it was possible for the program to wrongly report that one of your inactive pipes did not have a diameter specified.

Version 6.02.32 [2/4/2020]

  1. Fixed a bug where pressing the down arrow key on your keyboard while the cursor is in the bottom row of the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window could sometimes cause an error that would close the program.

  2. Fixed a bug where a project with between 175 and 199 pipes could get a "Results out of range" error after clicking the Calculate button.

Version 6.02.30 [10/13/2017]

  1. Fixed a bug where double clicking on a project file to open it in Fire would cause an error saying that the filename did not exist, due to the trailing double quote character after the filename not being removed.

Version 6.02.28 [3/29/2017]

  1. Fixed a bug that could cause an error 13, "Type mismatch," upon trying to generate reports for some projects.

Version 6.02.26 [9/1/2016]

  1. Fixed a bug where if you selected a pipe size while in IP units that had been entered in SI units it was possible under some circumstances for the calculations to improperly use the nominal diameter instead of the inner diameter for that pipe.

Version 6.02.25 [8/16/2016]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Background tab of the Options window, where the preview rectangle of the background color was not positioned correctly.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window where if you were working in English units and selected a material type that had been entered in metric units, and then selected a size from the dropdown help of the Diameter input, the size would cause an error saying that the selected size does not match the sizes in the database.

  3. Fixed a bug where if you were working in English units and entered "0" (zero) for the size of a pipe on theEnter/Edit Pipe Data window, and the material for the current pipe had been entered in metric units, the size inserted with Autosize could include more than 3 numbers to the right of the decimal place, which would cause difficulties in editing the number.

Version 6.02.24 [1/25/2016]

  1. Fixed a problem that also developed in version 6.02.22, where upon clicking Quick Print Reports and then clicking OK on the Print Setup dialog an About window for a component named VSView6 would open.

Version 6.02.23 [12/16/2015]

  1. Fixed a bug that developed in the previous update, which caused an error due to a missing file, named Esdscrl6.ocx.

Version 6.02.22 [12/15/2015]

  1. Fixed a problem on the Calculation window where the Project menu would display whenever you pressed any key while one of the tabs on that window had the focus.

  2. Fixed a bug that could happen when using a large screen resolution and more than one monitor, where if the Project Explorer window was maximized while you clicked New the program would encounter a fatal error 6 (overflow).

  3. Fixed another bug where an Overflow could happen under certain circumstances.

  4. Changed the maximum pipe diameter from 32 to 64 in some places.

  5. Fixed a bug where an error 6, Overflow, could occur with a large project under some circumstances.

  6. Fixed a bug on the General Project Data window where it would sometimes always show the horizontal and/or vertical scrollbar even if the window was sized as large as possible.

  7. Corrected the position of the progress indicator window, and made it so the window is centered over the main window whenever it appears, and made it no longer a child of the main window.

  8. Made it so the filename footer on the reports is abbreviated if necessary so it does not overlap the other text in the footer.

  9. Fixed a bug on some of the child windows where some units labels that should have been invisible would appear off to the side when the window was maximized.

Version 6.02.12 [8/15/2013]

  1. Removed the "Input Pipe Fitting Data" checkbox from the Report Options window, since it was only there as a provision for a possible future report.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window where a fatal error 343, "Object not an array" could occur under various circumstances while that window was open.

Version 6.02.11 [10/1/2012]

  1. Fixed a problem that developed in the previous update, where the new pipe database had some bad records in it. If you happened to install version 6.02.8 and it was either your first installation of Fire, or you chose to overwrite your existing pipe database during setup, then you should install this version and check the box to overwrite your pipe database.

  2. Removed the F1 shortcut key from the "Help | Contents" menu item, since F1 is not specifically for the contents topic of the help file, but is used to open the help file to the topic for whichever window is active.

  3. Added a "Help on Current Window (F1)" menu item to the Help menu in order to make it clear that press F1 gives you help on the current window.

  4. Corrected the help context numbers on parts of the General Project Data window so when you press F1 the help window opens to the correct topic.

  5. Fixed a bug where the help window would not open by pressing F1 unless you first opened the help window by clicking one of the items that opens it in the Help menu (such as "Contents").

Version 6.02.8 [9/5/2012]

  1. Fixed a bug where filenames containing a dot (in addition to the one before the extension) were not handled properly in several places, such as on the Project Explorer window, which would not include such files in the project list.

  2. Changed the print preview component to a newer version.

  3. Fixed a bug on the Print Preview window where the preview part of the window was sized larger than the available space, making it so the scrollbars on the right and/or bottom were not fully visible.

  4. Fixed a bug where changes you made to the main window's toolbar were not being saved.

  5. Fixed a bug on the Print Preview window where the toolbar could be docked or made to float, but your changes were never saved. Now that toolbar's docking cannot be changed. The same correction was made to the toolbars on the Project Explorer and Report Options windows.

  6. Corrected the appearance of many of the toolbar icons, and the Project Explorer tree icons, as well as the icons for many of the program's windows, including that of the main window and the desktop and Start menu shortcuts.

  7. Reformatted the Fire Readme.doc file to be easier to read, and removed some unnecessary information from it.

  8. Corrected the name of the program in several places from "FIRE" to "Fire."

  9. Made it so the position of the vertical splitter bar on the Project Explorer window is remembered the next time that window is opened.

  10. Made several corrections to the position and size of things on several windows, including Project Explorer, General Project Data, Options and others.

  11. Removed the minimize and maximize buttons from the Report Options window.

  12. Made the "AutoCAD MEP Drawing Import Options" dialog not resizable, removed its minimize button, and corrected its size to accommodate large window border widths.

  13. Fixed a bug that could cause a fatal error 364, "Object was unloaded" when you clicked the menu "Help | Tip of the Day."

  14. Removed the menu "Help | Search for Help On," which did not do what it said; it would only open the Fire Help window.

  15. Removed several items from the Tip of the Day file that did not apply, and corrected some others.

  16. Made it so the Fire Help window does not float over the main program window.

  17. Fixed a bug where if you tried to close the program while the Fire Pump Database window was open it would show you a "Pump curve not valid" message box saying that your pump curve data is not complete and asking whether you wanted to stay and enter a pump curve. If you clicked No, you would then be shown the same message box, and if you clicked No again it would happen again, etc.. If you clicked Yes the program would close.

  18. Fixed a fatal "Object variable or with block variable not set" error that could occur when the General Project Data window was open and you switched from one open window to another or clicked OK on the "Select Data Units" dialog.

  19. Fixed a bug where if you had entered a pipe library material record on the Enter/Edit Pipe Library Data window while in metric units, if you later selected that material on the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window the equivalent lengths of the fittings used might not be added to the pipe's equivalent length in the "Eq Len" column.

  20. Fixed a problem where there were several non-functioning buttons available in the Customize Toolbar window (such as "Reset Window to Full Size"). If you had placed one of those buttons in the toolbar and later clicked that button nothing would happen.

  21. Fixed a problem where several of the toolbar buttons were placed in the wrong categories on the Customize Toolbar window.

  22. Fixed a problem where two items in the Project menu were not for windows that belong to the current project, but were for database windows that have data for all projects ("Edit Pipe Database" and "Edit Fire Pump Database").

  23. Made several modifications to the help file.

  24. Fixed an inconsistency where although almost all program settings were being saved in the INI file for the current user, a few random settings were being saved in the registry instead.

  25. Fixed a bug where the lines on the left side of the report headers would not include your company name and address unless you had first run calculations.

  26. Changed the starting zoom on the Print Preview window from 75% to 100%.

  27. Fixed a bug where the vertical splitter bar on the Project Explorer window would get shifted far to the left if you ever minimized that window.

  28. Removed the option on the Options window about what to do when a project node is double clicked on the Project Explorer window, since the "Expand the project..." option was meaningless because there is nothing to expand.

  29. Fixed a problem in the option on the Options window for the number of recent files to show in the File menu, where the maximum number allowed was greater than the actual maximum number of files that would be shown. The maximum in the option was shown to be 20, but the actual maximum number of recent files shown was only 10.

  30. Added 4 records to the pipe library.

Version 6.0.256 [2/13/2012]

  1. Fixed a problem that was introduced in the previous update. One of the auxiliary files that is installed with Fire was the wrong version.

Version 6.0.255 [12/22/2011]

  1. Made it so Fire links with AutoCAD MEP 2012.

Version 6.0.254 [11/3/2011]

  1. Fixed another problem that resulted in node numbers not being saved. This problem happened when the arrow keys were used to navigate between pipes on the Edit Pipe Data window.

Version 6.0.253 [9/29/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem with the Global Editor.

Version 6.0.252 [8/30/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused the residual pressure drop due to a meter, backflow preventer, or check valve to be incorrect on the reports in some projects.

Version 6.0.249 [8/11/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem in metric projects that caused the Edit Pipe Data window to automatically scroll to the first pipe whenever Save Project was clicked.

  2. In the Fire Pump Database window made it so a warning appears when the pump's pressure increases as the flow increases.

Version 6.0.248 [7/13/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem that resulted in node numbers not being saved in some circumstances. This problem was accidentally introduced in a recent update.

Version 6.0.247 [5/19/2011]

  1. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

  2. Fixed a problem that happened when the Exterior Hose Flow box was checked and the units were metric.

Version 6.0.246 [3/29/2011]

  1. Made it so Fire can read a fractional pipe diameter when importing a drawing from AutoCAD MEP 2011. Previously pipe diameters had to be decimal numbers.

  2. Made it so the comment on the Project Data tab of the General Project Data window can be printed on the title page.

Version 6.0.245 [3/8/2011]

  1. Made it so Fire links with AutoCAD MEP 2011.

  2. Made it so automatic copying of node data when you enter a node number more than once in the Edit Pipe Data window happens only after you click away from the node number entry.

Version 6.0.244 [12/22/2010]

  1. Fixed an error on the General Project Data report that occurred with metric projects.

Version 6.0.243 [11/17/2010]

  1. Added an option to print a fitting legend on the Pipe Input and Pipe Output reports.

Version 6.0.242 [10/21/2010]

  1. Modified the file handling features (such as opening or closing or saving a project) so that they conform with new company standards.

Version 6.0.241 [9/21/2010]

  1. Made pipe sorting faster on the Edit Pipe Data window.

  2. Made scrolling and data modification faster on the Edit Node Data window.

  3. Fixed a problem with the Overall Pipe Output Data report. The water velocity and a few other pipe characteristics were not being printed on this report for some projects.

Version 6.0.239 [7/22/2010]

  1. Changed the way the program handles some calculations. If the initial damping factor is less than 99 and divergence occurs during calculations, the calculations will be restarted automatically using an initial damping factor of 99.

Version 6.0.238 [6/21/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented calculations from finishing when a large number of inactive pipes was present in a valid pipe network.

  2. Clarified the warning message that appears when divergence occurs during calculations.

  3. Changed the way the program handles some calculations. If residual pressure estimates are used and divergence occurs during calculations, the calculations will be restarted automatically without using residual pressure estimates.

Version 6.0.237 [4/26/2010]

  1. Made it so if Supply mode is selected, the automatic peaking check box is unchecked and grayed out.

  2. Fixed a problem that made the program crash when a new metric project was started and the Edit Pipe Data window was opened.

Version 6.0.236 [4/8/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem with the metric conversion of the pipe friction loss per foot.

  2. Made it so the supply pressure at the inflow node can have two decimal places.

Version 6.0.235 [3/18/2010]

  1. In the Node Input Data report added information used in combined K-factor calculations for sprinklers on branch lines.

  2. In the Overall Pipe Output Data report added the q value (added flow) of each pipe and replaced velocity pressure with total pressure.

Version 6.0.234 [2/3/2010]

  1. Made it so Fire links with AutoCAD MEP 2010.

Version 6.0.233 [1/22/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem with the Auto Save feature.

  2. Made it so a warning appears if you enter hydrant test data and the static pressure is equal to the residual pressure.

  3. Fixed a problem with tree and grid creation. If you indicate that you want to delete existing pipes before creating a tree or grid, all of the existing pipes will now be deleted.

  4. Made it so you can use the arrow keys to navigate in the Enter/Edit Node Data window.

Version 6.0.232 [7/10/2009]

  1. Fixed a metric conversion problem. When a project's units were changed from English to metric, the values on the General Project Data window were not converted.

  2. Fixed a problem that made the K-Factor Calculators unusable when the program units were metric.

Version 6.0.231 [6/18/2009]

  1. Fixed an error on the Overall Pipe Output Data report. The displayed pressure loss or gain was the same for all constant pressure loss devices and pumps.

Version 6.0.229 [6/8/2009]

  1. Made it so the user can choose whether or not the pump curve will be shown on the hydraulic graph. This choice will affect the calculated demand pressure as well.

  2. Corrected the pipe system water volume. This result was sometimes wrong for projects with autosized pipes.

  3. Corrected the calculated excess available pressure at demand flow when the pump boost is 0 at demand flow.

Version 6.0.228 [5/8/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem with the demand curve on the hydraulic graph that happened when the Calculate button was clicked in the Print Preview window.

Version 6.0.227 [5/4/2009]

  1. On the hydraulic graph, made it so the pressure required for the first sprinkler to flow accounts for the pump boost, if any.

Version 6.0.226 [4/16/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem that made the program crash when printing reports. The problem had to do with reading pump curve input data incorrectly.

  2. Fixed a problem with the demand pressure and demand flow calculations. The program botched the calculations when a fire pump was present.

Version 6.0.225 [4/8/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem with the demand curve on the hydraulic graph.

Version 6.0.224 [4/7/2009]

  1. Made it so the static pressure, test residual pressure, and test flow rate that you enter in the General Project Data window must be measured without an exterior hose flowing.

  2. Added the exterior hose flow to the demand curve on the hydraulic supply/demand graph.

  3. Added the fire pump curve and the combined fire pump/public water supply curve to the hydraulic supply/demand graph.

  4. Eliminated the Pump Curve Input Data report and moved the pump curve input data below the hydraulic supply/demand graph.

  5. When "New Projects Copy AUTOLOAD.FIW" is checked in the Options window, Fire will look for AUTOLOAD.FIW in the current project folder and the original (default) project folder.

  6. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

Version 6.0.223 [2/13/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused the pipe lengths and elevations to be incorrect when an AutoCAD MEP drawing with drawing units set to millimeters was imported into Fire.

Version 6.0.222 [12/19/2008]

  1. Fixed a data loss problem. When you click the Open Selected Project button in the Exploring window while a modified project is open, you will now be asked if you want to save the open project.

  2. Fixed a problem that caused a certain pipe section to be printed multiple times on the Pipe Input Data report.

  3. Made it so Fire will not calculate results when all K-Factors are zero and the project is in Demand mode.

  4. Made it so high water velocity warnings for non-autosized pipes can be turned off without erasing any autosizing constraints.

  5. Made it so a warning will be displayed when multiple pipes are connected to the fire pump inlet or when multiple pipes are connected to the fire pump outlet.

Version 6.0.221 [10/31/2008]

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented reports from being printed if there was a percent sign (%) in the project name.

  2. Made it so the adjusted hydrant data and excess available pressure are not printed under the hydraulic graph if there is no hydrant test data.

  3. Fixed an error that caused the program to print incorrect data on the reports under certain circumstances.

Version 6.0.219 [6/27/2008]

  1. Added a new pipe material, Aquatherm PP-R, to the Pipe Database.

Version 6.0.218 [5/28/2008]

  1. Made it so Fire can import data from an AutoCAD MEP 2009 drawing and export data back to the drawing.

Version 6.0.217 [4/24/2008]

  1. Made it so the Select AutoCAD MEP Version window does not require you to click a version name that is already highlighted.

Version 6.0.216 [3/10/2008]

  1. Made it so dynamic link library files that don't need to be registered are not registered during installation.

Version 6.0.215 [3/7/2008]

  1. Made it so each of the system files installed by Fire is compatible with the Windows systems that the program is designed to run on. If you installed Fire version 6.0.214 and you don't use Windows Vista, you should uninstall Fire before installing version 6.0.215.

Version 6.0.214 [3/3/2008]

  1. Added a report that displays pump curve data. If you entered a pump and it has a pump curve, the flow and pressure at each point on the curve will be displayed on the report.

  2. Fixed a problem that caused the program to lock up when pipe 1 was inactive or blank.

Version 6.0.213 [2/15/2008]

  1. Made it so each of the system files installed by Fire has the correct version number.

Version 6.0.212 [1/11/2008]

  1. Added "Start a new project upon opening program" to the Options window.

  2. Fixed the "Show Project Explorer at Startup" option and the "Show Tips at Startup" option.

  3. Made it so all of Fire's dynamic link library files will be registered during the installation.

Version 6.0.211 [12/4/2007]

  1. Added a note to the Hydraulic Supply/Demand Graph that displays the pressure at the bottom of the demand curve.

Version 6.0.209 [11/16/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused error 9 to appear after Quick Preview Reports was clicked.

Version 6.0.208 [11/9/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem with the AutoCAD MEP drawing import. If you have both ABS 2007 and AutoCAD MEP 2008 on your computer and you import a drawing saved in one of those programs, Fire will always open the program you selected (ABS 2007 or AutoCAD MEP 2008).

  2. Made changes that should enable Fire to run on a computer with a high resolution monitor.

Version 6.0.207 [10/29/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented an AutoCAD MEP drawing from being imported when the drawing had more than one possible inflow pipe.

Version 6.0.206 [10/29/2007]

  1. Made the description of standpipe analysis more specific on the FAQ page.

Version 6.0.205 [10/4/2007]

  1. Fixed a division by zero error that happened when the program printed reports.

Version 6.0.204 [9/28/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash when the Sprinkler K-Factor icon in the toolbar was clicked.

  2. Fixed a problem that made the K-Factor Calculators unusable when the program units were metric.

  3. Added an option to remove the filename from the footer on the reports.

Version 6.0.203 [8/6/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused Fire to open the wrong version of ABS or AutoCAD MEP during a drawing import.

Version 6.0.199 [7/24/2007]

  1. Corrected some invalid results that appeared on the reports after the last update.

Version 6.0.198 [7/20/2007]

  1. Made it so Fire will calculate results when a pump is present and the demand pressure is negative.

  2. Made it so a sprinkler or hose can be assigned to multiple area groups.

Version 6.0.197 [7/10/2007]

  1. Made it so Fire can import data from an AutoCAD MEP 2008 drawing and export data back to the drawing.

  2. Made it so the Sprinkler K-Factor Calculator will calculate the K-Factor, residual pressure, or flow rate of a sprinkler.

  3. Added a Duplicate button to the Global Editor tab of the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window that will duplicate multiple pipes or nodes.

  4. Made it so the Overall Pipe Output Data report will show all the data for a pipe on one page rather than two pages.

Version 6.0.196 [6/28/2007]

  1. Added buttons on the main toolbar that open each K-Factor Calculator.

  2. Made Fire compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 6.0.195 [6/26/2007]

  1. Added a Branch Line K-Factor Calculator which calculates the K-Factor for a branch line with a sprinkler at the end.

  2. Fixed a problem with the Hydraulic Graph report. The program chose the wrong graph limits for the report in some cases.

  3. Fixed another problem with the Global Editor. The program was still not changing all the values it was supposed to change.

Version 6.0.194 [4/19/2007]

  1. Proprietary changes.

Version 6.0.193 [3/27/2007]

  1. Made it so the Minimum Desired Density has no effect on the results when calculating in Supply mode.

  2. Fixed a problem with the Global Editor because it was not changing all the values that were supposed to change.

  3. Added a button to the Global Editor tab of the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window that will delete multiple pipes or nodes.

Version 6.0.192 [2/12/2007]

  1. Modified the link with Autodesk Building Systems so that it works with version 2006 and version 2007. During the import process the program asks you which version you want to link with for the drawing you are importing.

  2. Fixed an error that prevented the results from being calculated in some projects.

  3. Fixed an error that caused some results on the Overall Sprinkler Output Data report to be in English units when they were supposed to be in metric units.

  4. Fixed an error that changed the density in the Calculation window when the units were switched from metric to English and back to metric.

  5. Made it so the default projects folder at startup will be the folder containing the last project that was opened.

  6. Added a Browse for Projects Folder button to the Project Explorer.

  7. Made it so the items in the Edit menu and the Window menu are enabled and disabled at the right times.

  8. Added a list of all the open windows to the Windows menu.

  9. Made it so the Print Setup dialog will appear after Quick Print Reports is clicked.

  10. Improved the appearance of the report headers.

Version 6.0.189 [9/7/2006]

  1. Added interface with Autodesk Building Systems (ABS) 2007, which supercedes ABS 2006. Note that Fire version 6.0.188 or earlier must be used if ABS 2006 is still being run on your computer; version 6.0.189 and later will not work with ABS 2006. A link here will remain on the Elite Software website for a reasonable amount of time to download an update patch for the last version of Fire to work with ABS 2006.

  2. Fixed rare problem that caused calculations to stop for a project using a density requirement and Automatic Peaking.

Version 6.0.188 [8/30/2006]

  1. Fixed problem with reading some ABS drawings, with grids or loops that have more than one fitting (e.g. transitions, reducers etc.) at the closing loop junction. Previously a closing loop junction was only recognized with a single fitting, e.g. tee, cross or Y fitting.

  2. Made top caption of the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window update the number of active pipes as they are entered. Previously the total number of pipes would only be updated if you clicked away from this window. Now an accurate pipe count is always shown.

  3. Fixed problem introduced by item 4 in the previous update to set pipes to Autosizing. Some pipes were set to Autosize even with non-zero manually entered diameters, but now this problem no longer occurs.

  4. Fixed problem that occured with some ABS drawings that did not number certain pipe nodes correctly. Now unique node numbers are assigned as intended.

Version 6.0.187 [7/24/2006]

  1. Fixed problem using Metric units that was fairly recently introduced which caused the text cursor to move to the beginning of a number when typing elevation, non-sprinkler flow, etc. in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Now all these numbers can be typed normally.

  2. Fixed bug which did not check for all isolated pipes with a project with multiple Inactive pipes near the top of the pipe list in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window.

  3. Made the Hydraulic Graph display supply curve test data entered in the Hose Flow column if that was the only test data entered, and no data was entered in the right column (for no hose flow). Previously if only one set of test data was entered, it had to be the no hose flow test to calculate available pressure in this report. Now either test is allowable.

  4. Fixed rare problem where a project was saved with one or more 0 diameter values but Autosizing was not indicated. Now even if a project is saved like this, the program automatically sets it to Autosize these pipes.

  5. Made it so the two calculated values in the General Project Data window, System Data tab display two significant digits after calculations. Previously more digits were shown until the GPD window was refreshed, so now these numbers are shown with limited digits, more consistently with corresponding numbers in other windows.

  6. Fixed problem that in some cases would resize pipe diameters incorrectly when trying to prevent increasing sizes in downstream pipes.

  7. Made a correction to pipe water volume calculations.

  8. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.186 [3/31/2006]

  1. Fixed bug that would cause pipes to be read incorrectly if running calculations without first opening the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Now this is no longer a problem, although note that this Pipe Data window opens automatically during calculations if not already open.

  2. Fixed problem that in some projects would show an incorrect value for average and maximum flow imbalance in the Fire Sprinkler Output Summary page of the reports.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.185 [3/17/2006]

  1. Made it so the Copy feature in the Pipe Database is active for all pipes. This allows you to copy pipe data from one pipe to another existing pipe type in the database library. Previously, pipe data could only be copied to a blank pipe database entry.

  2. Fixed bug that incorrectly positioned the cursor in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, Pipe Data tab when global units are changed.

  3. Fixed bug that caused pipe and node data to be read incorrectly if the first or last pipes in the Pipe Data were set to Inactive.

  4. Fixed problem that would sometimes cause a position error in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window if a helptext window is opened, then another row of pipe data is clicked. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.184 [2/23/2006]

  1. Fixed problems with using the Tree and Grid Builder to create pipes with metric units.

  2. Added check for pipes with same beginning and end node number before calculations are run. Normally the Fire program prevents this input, but if a project is imported from a CAD drawing file or other method, this additional check is needed.

  3. Technical updates, mainly with the ABS import and other Tree and Grid Builder issues.

Version 6.0.183 [2/6/2006]

  1. Fixed bug which had incorrectly reset a few values to 0 that are saved with the reports. Now once again, if reports are printed or previewed and the project is saved, you can open the project later, go directly to print or preview, and you will see the same numbers in all of the reports.

  2. Added check that data row has not changed after K-Factor Calculator or Additional Fitting Length Calculator is opened. This prevents a K-Factor or pipe equivalent length to be copied to a different pipe than originally selected.

  3. Made it so when the Clear Pipe button is selected, all pipes currently shown in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window are immediately cleared from view.

  4. Added button to the Options window that resets all calculated Autosized diameters to fixed sizes. This is useful if calculations are running but not converging using Autosizing. Resetting diameters to fixed sizes makes calculations run and converge faster.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.182 [1/10/2006]

  1. Made further changes for the situation in last update where a fixed flow is upstream of a pump. This update corrected the calculation of pump boost for such a pump when a pump curve is used.

  2. Corrected some problems with calculating projects with more than one Inactive pipe. This especially helps with projects with more than one consecutive Inactive pipe in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.181 [1/4/2006]

  1. Made it so if a hose or fixed flow is positioned upstream of a pump, the calculated pump flowrate does not include this flow, since it is diverted away before reaching the pump. Previously the program assumed pump flow was the same as the inflow flowrate, but in this special case it is now correctly reduced.

  2. Fixed some minor problems with running projects using Automatic Peaking with a density requirement.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.180 [12/7/2005]

  1. Fixed various minor indexing and displaying problems while adding and deleting pipes in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. This mainly affected projects near the maximum allowable number of pipes, so it was especially noticable in the demo program.

  2. Fixed error that would occur if Page Up/Down or similar buttons were pressed while the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window was opening.

  3. Made it so the check for multiple occurrences of a node, which keeps the program from allowing a node to be marked as the inflow node, ignores nodes from Inactive pipe sections. Previously any multiple occurrences of a node would prevent it from being marked as an inflow node, even if the other occurrences were Inactive.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.179 [9/13/2005]

  1. Improved the code for recognizing isolated pipe sections. The program should now be better at indicating a node at or near a break in the pipes that is the cause of isolated pipe section(s). This makes it easier to find the break and reconnect pipes so that calculations can proceed.

  2. Fixed a problem that did not allow some projects to finish calculations in Supply mode. This would occur in cases where a minimum density criteria had been entered but minimum HMD pressure was set to 0.

  3. Improved the install script so that all Desktop shortcut icons to previous versions of Fire (e.g. Firew 6.0.61) are deleted when a new version of Fire is installed. This saves you from having to manually delete old shortcuts to previous versions.

Version 6.0.178 [8/26/2005]

  1. Fixed some problems with recognizing isolated pipe sections, which nodes have sprinklers, etc. when some pipes are set Inactive. Now all pipe data is read correctly when some pipes are not Active.

  2. Fixed problem that caused initial calculation code to process very slowly on some computers. If it takes more than a moment or two for the small progress bar window to open during calculations, this update will improve speed of calculations for you.

  3. Added checks to make sure that the "Total Sprk Area" feature in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, Global Editor tab is always current. Previously various combinations of changes would not update this calculated area display, including changing Max. Area Per Sprinkler or changing sprinkler K-Factors to or from 0 (turning a sprinkler off or on).

  4. Made it so an error message appears when there is a large gap (2 or more blank pipes) in pipe data. Blank data rows should be filled in or the pipes sorted to eliminate such gaps in the pipe data.

  5. Fixed problem that would occur if a node is entered as "048" instead of "48". Now these numbers are truncated so the program does not think they do not match with other node numbers without leading zeroes.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.177 [7/7/2005]

  1. Improved checks for meeting minimum density requirements, usually affecting projects with reduced sprinkler areas for non-HMD sprinklers. In such cases the minimum density can occur away from the HMD sprinkler and the program now handles this as intended.

  2. Made update to prevent "Results out of range" error in some cases with pipes near the maximum limit for the user's license.

  3. Fixed problem where results were slightly different between calculating with the Calculate button in the Preview window and the main Calculate button in the Calculation window.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.176 [6/22/2005]

  1. Fixed mistake in velocity pressure equation 8.8 as used in the Fire calculations, which should have Q^2 in the numerator instead of Q. This error in Fire for Windows was likely not caught previously because velocity pressure is not used to calculate any other pressure values, so this only affects PV values shown on the reports and in the Calculation|Solution tab.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.175 [6/14/2005]

  1. Added interface with Autodesk Building Systems (ABS) 2006, which supercedes ABS 2005. Note that Fire version 6.0.174 or earlier must be used if ABS 2005 is still being run on your computer; version 6.0.175 and later will not work with ABS 2005. A link here will remain on the Elite Software website for a reasonable amount of time to download an update patch for the last version of Fire to work with ABS 2005.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.174 [5/24/2005]

  1. Made some additional checks on data before opening imported information from an ABS drawing import.

  2. Included new update for Check for Update utility.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.173 [2/17/2005]

  1. Adjusted code to prevent Autosizing from not optimizing pipe sizes in a project that includes a meter, fire pump, or other CPLD.

  2. Fixed bug that prevented calculations from proceeding in some cases if the existing inflow node number was changed from when calculations were last run.

Version 6.0.172 [2/4/2005]

  1. Updated install to always add the pipe and pump database files during the first install of Fire on a given computer.

  2. Added a feature to improve the search for an isolated node if a break in the pipe system is found. Now if the pipes are not all connected the node indicated in the "isolated node" message should be at or close to the break in the pipes. Note that this only applies for nodes that are numbered sequentially. If random node numbering is used, the program is less likely to identify the node closest to the break.

  3. Made it so if a pump curve creates a negative pump boost, this does not affect the calculations like a pressure loss device; the actual pump boost is indicated as 0, not a negative value.

  4. Fixed cosmetic problem that showed a "pipe diameter" of -4 in the Pipe Input report for a pump utilizing a pump curve.

  5. Made an update to prevent the appearance of "Error 9" if the pipe database is empty or not present.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.171 [1/11/2005]

  1. Increased allowable size of ABS object handles from 4 to 6 characters when importing an ABS sprinkler drawing.

  2. Fixed bug that could cause a run-time error if the tree or grid builder print form was opened twice while the first-opened print form was still visible.

  3. Fixed bug that prevented calculations from running for certain projects that had isolated pipe sections. This was a rare problem but is now fixed.

  4. Fixed problem that made the program only print the system comment in the General Project Data report if the project comment was also being printed. Now these comments are printed independently of each other.

  5. Updated allowable input for pipe diameters to 32 inches in the Pipe Library Database window.

  6. Fixed a recently introduced bug which sometimes caused an endless loop when Autosizing.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.170 [10/20/2004]

  1. Added metric conversion factor for ABS 2005 drawing import of non-standard fitting length and non-sprinkler flow. Previously the numbers were read in without this conversion and thus displayed incorrectly in metric units.

  2. Made adjustments to the ABS 2005 Pipe Type Group import feature added in the 6.0.169 update. The old code used for importing both .fra files and by extension the new ABS import had not been updated to handle Pipe Type Group, but now this is taken into account correctly for all AutoCAD/Autodesk imports.

Version 6.0.169 [10/18/2004]

  1. Added inflow water flow rate for the inflow node to the In (-) column of the Overall Node Groupings Output Data report. This allows you to check the balance flows at all nodes. Total positive and negative flowrates at each node in this report, including the inflow node, should sum to 0.

  2. Fixed bug that occurred with projects that included a meter and had the Autosizing feature selected. In this case Autosizing was not repeated in each iteration as necessary to allow the program to choose from larger pipe sizes. This had resulted in the minimum size being chosen for all pipes. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Added feature to allow importing of Pipe Type Group from an ABS 2005 drawing. This data is entered similarly to other optional data like the Area Group letter or non-sprinkler flow, except that unlike those options, no selection is made in the ABS Import dialog box to activate this import. Instead, simply enter the letters "PT" followed by the group number in the ABS pipe object General field. Note that this entry can be made to the General field in addition to the pipe non-standard fitting length.

Version 6.0.168 [9/21/2004]

  1. Fixed small problem with indexing pipe objects during an Autodesk ABS drawing import, which only affects the import of the last few objects in certain drawing files.

  2. Updated install of data files for the pipe and fire pump databases. Now during installation unless the checkbox is selected to overwrite each file, an existing database file is never overwritten.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.167 [8/4/2004]

  1. Added option to Calculation window, Pipe Sizing/Constraints tab to make sure pipes are not autosized larger downstream from a previous pipe section. This is made an optional feature since it can slow down autosizing in large projects and is not always necessary to get acceptable pipe sizes.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.166 [7/23/2004]

  1. Added feature that uses the new Check for Update utility. This utility, used by all Elite Software programs, can automatically check for updates and prompt you with the option to download an update from the Elite Software website before proceeding.

  2. Made enhancement to feature for writing calculated pipe sizes to an ABS drawing. Now this feature also writes back sizes to fittings like elbows and tees, eliminating the need for couplings or reducers at pipe junctions in many cases.

  3. Made it so Autosizing does not allow pipe sizes to increase downstream. Previously pipes were sized individually but not compared in context, so this improves flow in the system in some cases. However this feature does not apply in loops since flow direction is arbitrary.

  4. Added ability for a fire pump to be used in a project that includes pipe looping or grids (without sprinklers) upstream of the pump.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.165 [6/25/2004]

  1. Made an update to ABS importing similar to item 1 in version 6.0.163, to now allow for a pipe coupling where a loop joins together.

  2. Fixed problem when running the demo version which caused a message stating that the demo limits were reached when creating a tree or grid with 10 pipes, the demo limit. Previously only up to 9 pipes were allowed, but now this limit is set to 10 as intended.

  3. Fixed minor bug that caused the cursor to display as an hourglass after the Clear Pipe button was pressed with all levels except the 1000 node version. Now the cursor reverts back to normal for all levels.

  4. Added FireDemoABS.dwg to the install files for Fire. Users who install the Fire demo version on a computer with ABS 2005 already installed can import this sample drawing with the demo version of Fire to try out the ABS interface.

Version 6.0.164 [6/23/2004]

  1. Fixed bug introduced in version 6.0.163 which caused calculations to not finish if one or more K-Factors was set to a blank value.

  2. Enhanced features for pipe data to more completely account for the ABS object handles assigned to pipes imported from ABS 2005.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.163 [6/16/2004]

  1. Made some updates to the ABS 2005 drawing import code to better handle grid systems with multiple pipe loops.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.162 [6/7/2004]

  1. Made it so the program will run properly on foreign versions of Windows that use the Double Byte Character Set, such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions. Note that a few of the unit displays like ft^2 can display differently on a DBCS system, but this should not cause significant problems. We will look into updating this type of display in future versions.

  2. Added checkbox which allows printing of warnings in reports when max. friction loss is exceeded. This is made optional from now on since it is not as important a parameter as max. velocity. A warning is always printed if max. velocity is exceeded (assuming max. velocity is given a value > 0). Also the concept of these max. values being used both for providing operational warnings and for pipe sizing is more fully explained in the tab newly named "Pipe Sizing/Constraints" in the Calculation window.

  3. Made some updates to allow for importing metric ABS 2005 drawings into Fire. This includes allowing pipe resizing for a metric ABS drawing after the drawing has been imported into Fire, Fire calcualtons run in metric units, then results including pipe sizes exported back to ABS.

  4. Added feature to convert pump boost as shown in the Calculation window, Solution tab when global units are changed, i.e. from English to metric.

  5. Fixed bug when running a metric calculation; previously while calculations ran, the data in the Calculation window was converted to English units and remained that way until the calculations finished. Then the units were converted back to metric. In fact if calculations were cancelled, units remained in English in the Calculation window for a metric project. Now this problem is avoided, and the units display in metric throughout the calculation process, to be consistent and avoid confusion.

  6. Fixed bug when Autosizing in metric units; previously the autosized pipe diameters were shown in English units until the Pipe Data was scrolled up or down to refresh the pipe data displayed. Now the pipe sizes are immediately shown in the correct units as soon as they are autosized.

  7. Fixed bug when saving changes to the pipe database in metric units. Previously the cost/length values changed after saving changes, apparently due to applying a metric conversion incorrectly. Now this no longer occurs.

  8. Added some extra checks to make sure that the necessary conditions (such as multiple Area Groups entered) are met for using Automatic Peaking in project calculations; otherwise, the calculations are run assuming that Automatic Peaking is not used.

  9. Added version number to the icon that appears on your desktop when Fire is installed. This allows you to easily see the version of Fire you are currently running.

  10. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.161 [5/21/2004]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused Error 5 to appear when printing or previewing with some, but not all licenses. The problem was related to the text being read from the license file, but now all licenses are handled correctly to avoid this error.

  2. Added "Project File Name" to the General Project Data report, showing the .fiw file name of the project in the results being printed or previewed.

  3. Fixed bug introduced in a recent version that allowed a project that had been saved with a licensed version to be opened in a Fire session set to the demo level. This leads to error messages during the session and should be avoided, so now the demo level is checked again so that this problem is avoided.

  4. Made minor updates to the code for breaking pipes at takeoffs in an ABS drawing.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.160 [5/12/2004]

  1. Added ability to write sprinkler K-Factor back to the ABS 2005 drawing if the K-Factor was changed in Fire and calculations were run.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.159 [5/6/2004]

  1. Added interface with Autodesk Building Systems 2005. This interface is significantly improved from the ABS 2004 interface. First, all features are accessed from the File menu, rather than using manual methods and macros in ABS. The two items in the File menu are File|Read Data From ABS Autodesk Drawing (used to import the sprinkler system .dwg file) and File|Assign Calculated Data to ABS Drawing. Once you import and run calculations in Fire, select the latter option to assign the results to the drawing. The calculated results appear in the Properties list for piping and sprinkler objects in the drawing. You can also resize the pipes in the drawing based on Autosizing at this point by selecting System Resize from the Mechanical|Engineering Analysis palette in ABS. NOTE: Node numbers are placed on the drawing automatically during an Fire import, but ONLY if the drawing has been saved with the EliteFireTagsTemplate.dwt template included in this installation.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.158 [3/30/2004]

  1. Made additional improvements to the new Demand Curve feature, mainly involved with identifying the first sprinkler found downstream from the inflow node in the system.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.157 [3/26/2004]

  1. Added Demand Curve to Hydraulic Graph. The Demand Curve connects the Demand Point to a point on the y-axis at the elevation pressure of the first sprinkler in the system. That is, system pressure would have to be at a minimum level at 0 flow before the first sprinkler begins flowing. As flow increases to the Demand Point, it follows the Demand Curve to reach that point.

  2. Made some adjustments to avoid errors when printing or previewing an incomplete project, before calculations have been run.

  3. Made additional improvements associated with the Pipe Library Database changes from the last update.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.156 [2/13/2004]

  1. Added pipe material type PEX to pipe material database. Note that you have to manually select to overwrite your existing pipe material database when installing Fire. Otherwise this new data will not be installed.

  2. Added ability for Autodesk ABS interface with Fire to recognize pipe material from an ABS piping drawing. Previously unless the material name matched the Fire pipe material name exactly, a default material was assigned.

  3. Added warning to Tree and Grid Builder so that if pipes are added with the Create Tree or Create Grid button, the new pipe nodes are checked against existing nodes and a message alerts you if existing nodes match. This may mean that pipes will be duplicated when the tree or grid is built, which is not desirable. Most commonly this would occur if someone selects the Create Tree or Create Grid button twice by mistake, and this warning helps to avoid it.

  4. Fixed a few other minor bugs with the Tree and Grid Builder.

  5. Fixed problem in the Pipe Library Database window where changing data could truncate other data in that window, changing values for example from 0.75 to 0.8.

  6. Added warning if calculations are begun but there are no sprinklers (in Demand mode) and/or no non-sprinkler flows. At least one outlet flow from a sprinkler or hose is required to run calculations.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.155 [2/5/2004]

  1. Made more minor updates to code for reading in Autodesk drawings. This included restoring pipe objects to their original colors after running the Elite Fire Interface macro in Autodesk.

  2. Added a "Copy License File" button to the About Fire box. Clicking this button displays a Browse for Folder dialog that lets you select the floppy drive or any other location from which you want to copy the program's license file.

  3. Fixed problem which caused calculations to not proceed if K-Factors were selected from the designated types like "None."

  4. Fixed bug that would sometimes cause required density to not be met in the calculation results with a project using Autosizing.

  5. Numerous minor installation and technical updates.

Version 6.0.154 [1/14/2004]

  1. Added feature to print node numbers on an AutoCAD/Autodesk piping drawing corresponding to the node numbers used in Fire based on that imported drawing. This feature currently only works using the Elite Fire Interface macro while in an Autodesk session (which creates a data file for import to Fire), not the drawing file import in Fire. For tags to be added automatically, you must start a drawing using the new EliteFireTagsTemplate.dwt template included in the installation for Fire.

  2. Fixed bug which sometimes produced Error 9 while opening the Nodal Editor window.

Version 6.0.153 [12/10/2003]

  1. Fixed bug in demo mode that sometimes caused an error when entering node numbers.

  2. Made correction to the report captions in the Overall Pipe Output Data report for outlet flows, when the Primary Type of Discharge is selected as "Hose" in the General Project Data window, System Data tab. If this report spans more than one page, the first page used to have "Hose/Fix Discharge" as the caption and "Discharge" for subsequent pages. Now all pages in this report have the same caption for outlet flows.

Version 6.0.152 [11/25/2003]

  1. Fixed bug that would cause some projects to freeze or not give accurate results with Automatic Peaking selected and a density requirement in Demand mode.

  2. Made a few other updates to the code for reading in a sprinkler system drawn in an AutoCAD .dwg file.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.151 [11/12/2003]

  1. Fixed bug that caused the program to sometimes not record inputs for sprinkler Area Group in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, only in the Nodal Editor window.

  2. Fixed bug would cause an error if a sprinkler Area Group letter was deleted.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.150 [11/10/2003]

  1. Made a few updates to the new Nodal Editor window, primarily to enable it to automatically update as new pipes are added or pipes/nodes removed while the Nodal Editor window is open.

  2. Fixed bug which in some cases caused the density equivalent criteria to override the minimum HMD pressure requirement even when the former requirement resulted in a lower pressure.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.149 [11/7/2003]

  1. Added Node Editor window to the Fire program. This window shows the same data that is shown in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, arranged by node number instead of pipes. The node data can be edited like in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data. Editing the data by node may be easier than by pipes in some cases. For example it is easy to see which nodes are sprinklers based on which rows have numbers in the K-Factor column. Note that the node numbers themselves cannot be edited here; node numbers must be entered in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window first.

  2. Fixed a few minor issues with importing from AutoCAD using Autodesk ABS4. Also when importing an AutoCAD drawing, added feature to identify and apply default K-Factor to any sprinklers found.

  3. Updated program Help file to describe new Node Editor and to update various other newer features.

  4. Added feature to reset the units and data range shown for selected text in the bottom statusbar when local units are changed. Previously updating the statusbar text after a local unit change required clicking away and back to the input.

  5. Added safeguards against pasting text into a field outside the allowed range. For example, in many cases a negative number could be pasted to fields that are only meant to be positive. Now when such a paste is attempted, the input is cleared. This also true for the text results in the Calculation window, Solution tab.

  6. Made minor adjustments to allow numbers to be entered after the decimal point to the allowed number of decimals. Previously in some cases the number of decimals was not honored.

  7. Modified updating of data that has changed in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. This is related to the new automatic updating that is done in both this window and the Node Editor window when a value is changed and both windows are open.

  8. Updated code to make sure a change to a Pressure Estimate value is shown in all other locations where it is shown for the same node number.

  9. Made it so if no hydrant test data has been entered, the demand point is shown on the Hydraulic Graph report without the supply curve. Previously, sometimes the demand point had not been shown in this case.

  10. Fixed problem that showed the last density value calculated in the Totals for All Groups section of the Overall Sprinkler Output Data report, instead of the total average density value. Now the correct, average value is shown.

  11. Made it so when "Value" is selected from the help list of choices for K-Factor, the input field is blanked out so the desired value can be entered.

  12. Fixed minor problem when the default K-Factor was selected for two inputs in the same pipe data window without scrolling through pipes. Previously in some cases after setting default to the second choice, the first "Dflt" entry changed to 0, even if the default K-Factor was not 0. Afterwards the default was still applied to both inputs correctly, but the display of 0 was misleading and now no longer occurs.

  13. Fixed problem that did not apply the latest selection from the Tools|Options window for the number of recently opened files to be shown at the bottom of the File menu.

  14. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.148 [10/10/2003]

  1. Fixed bug which in rare cases multiplied the pump boost obtained from a pump curve by an inaccurate conversion factor.

Version 6.0.147 [9/22/2003]

  1. Added checks for negative values and either changed them to the minimum allowed value (usually 0) or indicated that calculations cannot proceed until the negative values are changed. For the most part, these values can only be made negative with a "cut and paste text" procedure which most users won't encounter. But since a user reported this problem in a real project, the problem has now been fixed.

  2. Made minor updates to the AutoCAD import procedure that affected both the Fire program and the EliteFireInterface.dvb file included in the Fire installation, which can be run as a macro while running AutoCAD.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.146 [9/3/2003]

  1. Compiled Fire with Autodesk Building Systems 4 (ABS 4), so that pipe drawings made with ABS 4, the latest Autodesk product, can be read in by the Fire program. See version 6.0.127 and 6.0.138 comments for more information on ABS.

  2. Added Ending Page No. to the Report Options window that can be used in conjunction with the Starting Page No. to print a range of pages in the reports. If the Ending Page No. is left blank or 0 it will be ignored.

  3. Made it so items in the following windows (if open) have their values changed to the current units with a global unit change: the Pipe Library Database window, Fire Pump window, Additional Fitting Length Calculator window, and K-Factor Calculator window. Previously this had not been done, so for example fitting equivalent length could be shown in feet even after units were changed to metric globally.

  4. Fixed bug which caused the program to lock up if you selected an item from a help list in the Calculation window using metric units.

  5. Fixed bug which used the wrong unit conversion to display some of the item lists in the Global Editor current values in the Pipe Data window.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.145 [8/12/2003]

  1. Added check when displaying or creating a tree or grid that material numbers have been selected for the pipes. A tree or grid cannot be viewed or created without these pipe material numbers.

  2. Fixed recently added problem that would open the preview window (if not already open) when the Report Options window was opened.

  3. Made minor improvements to the Network Layout window for displaying a tree or grid.

Version 6.0.144 [8/7/2003]

  1. Fixed bug that did not allow entering more than one digit for K-Factor when running with foreign regional settings (where a comma is used for the decimal point) with English units.

  2. Fixed problem when running foreign regional settings. If units were changed manually in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, Pipe Data tab, the values would change while ignoring the number after the decimal point (comma). This issue, now resolved, was already fixed for all other Fire program inputs, but due to the array of inputs that are changed in this tab, special measures had to be taken to make this change accurate.

Version 6.0.143 [8/5/2003]

  1. Fixed bug where if you were in English units but you set pipe length to units different from the default "ft" and changed a pipe length value, the other values changed significantly from their original settings. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed problem with unit conversion of some items in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. For these items, if units were set manually different from default and a value was entered, it was not stored correctly. If you closed the form and reopened it, or scrolled away and back, the number was different from what was entered. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Determined that some recalculation code that had been applied using metric units was not necessary. This should speed up entering data in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window while in metric units.

Version 6.0.142 [7/22/2003]

  1. Fixed problem with unit conversions for users with foreign Regional Settings where the comma and period characters are reversed.

  2. Updated code to clear any non-sprinkler flow which had been added to a node, after which it was made a sprinkler node. Previously some older projects could continue to apply that non-sprinkler flow even though it showed 0 gpm in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, but now this is resolved.

  3. Adjusted header text to ensure that company data, project title, page number, etc. is shown spaced correctly at the top of each page. Previously this text sometimes wrapped to the next line.

  4. Fixed minor issue in which when a change was made to data in the pipe library database, and this window was closed and then reopened, a message asking if changes should be saved appeared. This should only appear if this window was not closed, but the material was changed. Now this no longer occurs.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.141 [7/3/2003]

  1. Fixed Undo feature in the Edit menu. It had not been working properly. Note that an Undo can only be performed on text typed or deleted from the current field. If it is a number, only the text changed before or after a decimal point is undone, and if a number with a decimal is deleted all at once, this cannot be undone. Also some numbers like K-Factor have operations performed on them as you type, so in most cases changes to such numbers cannot be undone either.

  2. Fixed problem with certain projects which caused higher sprinkler flow densities to appear in the results than the minimum specified. The program should meet the minimum density value (to two decimal places) and not exceed it. This problem had only occurred with projects where the lowest density sprinkler was different from the HMD sprinkler, a fairly rare case.

Version 6.0.140 [6/24/2003]

  1. Added help text for some items that had been missing, such as C-Value in the Equivalent Fitting Length Calculator and the Network Data section of the Tree and Grid Builder.

  2. Reset the install files for Graphic Server.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.139 [6/17/2003]

  1. Resolved problems that had occurred with some projects using a pump curve in Supply mode.

  2. Removed velocity from the displayed values for pumps or CPLDs in the results grid table in the Calculation window, Solution tab. This is related to item #2 in the last program update.

  3. Updated installation of Graphic Server files. On some computers previewing or printing does not work without installing these updated files.

Version 6.0.138 [6/10/2003]

  1. Compiled Fire with Autodesk Building Systems 3 (ABS 3), so that pipe drawings made with ABS 3 can be read in by the Fire program. CAD drawings made in previous versions (like Building Mechanical 2) can still be read by Fire, but it is better to save them in ABS 3 first. Otherwise an extra message may appear during the import to Fire that mentions converting the file format, but which is not relevant to the import itself.

  2. Removed velocity from the Overall Pipe Output Data report for CPLDs like meters and pumps. For such devices, no actual pipe section is modeled, just the equipment itself. Since the calculation of velocity depends on pipe inner diameter (see Equation 8.7 in the Fire manual), this is not an applicable calculation for these devices.

  3. Increased maximum allowable head loss to 500 psi for the Additional Fitting Length Calculator and the K-Factor Calculator.

Version 6.0.137 [5/22/2003]

  1. Fixed problem that would cause Error 9 when printing or previewing reports if the Default Pipe Material was set to 0. Normally this default is a material number from 1 to 50, but if it is left at 0, now no error occurs.

  2. Fixed problems that occurred when entering a K-Factor in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. If a K-Factor is typed in and the node contains Non-Sprinkler Flow, that flow is set to 0 automatically. However previously this also caused the cursor to jump before the number being typed, which interfered with entering the K-Factor. Now that this problem is fixed, this number can be entered normally and there are no problems with the cursor jumping while it is being typed. Also previously, the flow that had been set to 0 in this case returned to its original value if you scrolled away and back to this pipe or closed and reopened the window. Now this is fixed so that the Non-Sprinkler Flow stays 0 when a K-Factor is entered for that pipe.

Version 6.0.136 [5/19/2003]

  1. Added feature to allow a pump curve to be used when running in Supply mode, when the entered inflow pressure is less than the total pressure loss in the system. Previously this condition would immediately cause the calculations to diverge, since the pump curve calculation is not applied until the end of the calculations, and without a pump this is not sufficient supply pressure. Now an initial pressure estimate for the pump boost pressure is applied so the calculations can proceed and then the exact pump pressure calculation is made as the calculations finish.

  2. Fixed small problem that only displayed the Help window for the last opened window when F1 was pressed, even if a different window was currently being viewed. Now the Help window that appears when pressing F1 always corresponds to the window that is shown on top of the other visible windows.

  3. Fixed small display problem where if the cursor was moved up or down from the pipe diameter or length fields for a pipe section containing a pump defined by a pump curve, the word "Curve" in this pipe section would change to a 0. The pump curve was still present, but the cursor had to return to one of this pipe's node names and then moved up or down to make the word "Curve" appear again. Now this problem is avoided so the word "Curve" always appears while a pump curve is defined in a pump section.

Version 6.0.135 [5/2/2003]

  1. Made some improvements to the code for importing an AutoCAD drawing, so larger projects with different pipe sizes are read faster and more easily.

  2. Added check for duplicated pipes that includes numbers with leading zeroes. That is, if a pipe 1-2 exists, another pipe entered as 01-02 would be recognized as a duplicate pipe.

  3. Fixed small displaying problem where if the pipe containing the inflow node was deleted and a different node was marked as the inflow node, and then the Calculation window was selected, the old inflow node was indicated in Supply mode. Now the Supply mode inflow node is updated in the Calculation window when changed.

  4. Made some improvements in the display of exterior hose flow on the Hydraulic Graph for metric projects.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.134 [4/24/2003]

  1. Fixed bug that did not assign fitting lengths correctly for some pipes in a project containing blank data rows. Although this problem is fixed, it is always recommended to avoid blank rows in your data; in some cases the calculations will not proceed until they are eliminated by filling in data rows or pressing the Sort Pipes button.

  2. Made adjustment to estimating initial pressures for projects that are not converging quickly. Now the estimates are applied more slowly to get better results.

  3. Fixed bug which caused calculations to stop if previously calculations were run, pipe data nodes were blanked out, and calculations were run again.

Version 6.0.133 [4/21/2003]

  1. Fixed problem with reading a long list of fittings entered for a pipe. Although this case of over 10 different fittings entered in a single pipe section was rare, such fittings are now read accurately.

  2. Changed entry boxes for hydrant test data, to make it more clear that two sets of data should be entered. Now two columns of text boxes are shown where these inputs are to be made. The external hose flow is entered above the column which contains test data collected while the external hose is flowing. The column to the right is for a test with no external hose flowing, and corresponds to the default test data in previously saved projects.

  3. Made further updates to the AutoCAD drawing import feature. Along with further checks to ensure that a file contains valid pipe objects and enough of them to constitute a pipe system, a progress bar was also added to indicate how quickly the import is proceeding. Also fixed problem that had occurred when importing two drawing files during the same Fire session.

  4. Updated the Sample project to include a 1.5" diameter for the default branch pipe size in the Tree Builder. Previously this size had been 1.3" which is not in the standard pipe database. Therefore anyone wanting to try out the Tree Builder with the Sample project would not be able to finish calculations until they changed the diameter or the pipe database. Now this nuisance no longer occurs with the Sample project.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.132 [3/21/2003]

  1. Added K-Factor Calculator to allow an estimate of K-Factor based on pressure and flow through a sprinkler or hose nozzle. This calculator is accessed through the pop-up help window for the inputs for K-Factor in the General Project Data and Enter/Edit Pipe Data windows.

  2. Fixed bug introduced in version 6.0.131. This occurred on pressing Page Up (or clicking up in this window's vertical scroll bar to do this action) if the cursor was selected or moved to pipe number 7 to 11 and the pipe data rows had moved down so that the beginning pipe row was set at pipe 2 to pipe 6. Or for a more simple example, this error would occur if this window opened, the down arrow was pressed 11 times and then Page Up was pressed. Now this error no longer occurs.

  3. Fixed problem that did not allow Automatic Peaking to be applied for a project that also uses Autosizing. Now this is allowed.

  4. Added calculation of the volume of water in the pipe system. This is shown in the Fire Sprinkler Output Summary report, Overall Network Summary section as Pipe System Water Volume.

  5. Fixed problem with calculation of equivalent length using the additional fitting length calculator with metric units.

  6. Fixed bug that caused inaccuracy when converting units for non-standard fitting length if this length was greater than 10 ft (3 m). Now this problem no longer occurs.

Version 6.0.131 [2/21/2003]

  1. Made improvements to the AutoCAD 2002 interface with the Fire program.

  2. Added "Primary Type of Discharge" input in the General Project Data window, System Data tab. This allows the terminology in the program to refer to sprinklers as "hoses" since certain fire suppression systems primarily use hose outlets instead of sprinklers.

  3. Reduced the speed at which corrections are made in a series of iterations toward convergence when density is a criteria for a project. This avoids a problem that used to occur where sometimes such density criteria could cause a project to run longer than it needed to or even diverge before convergence.

  4. Fixed problem where if the Calculation window was open and the units were globally changed from metric to English or vice versa, the units in the Calculation window did not respond. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  5. Fixed problem where if a project was saved with a pump curve, then the project was reopened later, the data could not be updated and the curve could not be viewed since the curve equation could not be recalculated. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  6. Made it so if you press F1 in any window, the Fire program Help file opens with a description of the window you were in when you pressed F1.

  7. Fixed problem with metric units where the suggested list of values in the pop-up help for certain items in the General Project Data window like Default K-Factor were not converted to metric values. In addition, some of these help pop-ups caused the program to lock up in metric units, but now this problem does not occur.

  8. Added non-sprinkler flow to sprinkler flow in the Overall Pipe Output Data report. This better represents all the discharge flows in a project in that part of the reports.

  9. Made it so if the cursor moves to the pipe diameter input and the diameter has a red background to indicate Autosizing, the number is fully selected, as is the case with all other numbers in the Pipe Data window. Previously this red number was not selected, and you had to highlight it manually if you wanted to type over or delete it.

  10. Made it so if you press Page Up or Page Down while in the Pipe Data window, the view moves up or down by the number of pipes visible in this window (6 by default). Previously this depended on the current cursor position; if it was in the third row, for example, and Page Down was pressed, the view moved down 9 pipes. This change is more consistent, since the change in view does not depend on the cursor position in the window.

  11. Fixed a few minor issues with the tree and grid builder. For example, the grid builder did not apply the default K-Factor if this was selected. Also with metric units, this selection for default K-Factor was erased after a tree or grid build, but now this no longer occurs.

  12. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.130 [1/20/2003]

  1. Added ability to read pipe sizes and elbow angles from an AutoCAD .dwg file using the new "Read Data From AutoCAD Drawing" feature. In addition, if the pipe material name in AutoCAD matches a name in the Fire pipe database, this material is used for that pipe object in Fire. These improvements are also incorporated in an update of the EliteFireInterface.dvb file included in the Fire installation (see update 6.0.127, item #2 below). As mentioned in earlier updates, these new features are included for use with AutoCAD 2002 or later with the Building Mechanical 2 (or later) add-on.

Version 6.0.129 [1/7/2003]

  1. Improved the identification of an isolated node number when there's a break in the pipe system. Now it is more likely that the node number cited will be close to the break. It will always be a node isolated from the inflow.

Version 6.0.128 [12/6/2002]

  1. Fixed report page headings, which only printed half of the text intended, on the right side. Now text is printed across the headers.

  2. Made it so the warnings for exceeding max. friction loss and max. velocity criteria are only printed for pipe sections, not for sections containing equipment like pumps or CPLDs. Also disabled these warnings when the max. criteria is set to 0.

Version 6.0.127 [11/14/2002]

  1. Added "Read Data From AutoCAD Drawing" menu item to File menu. This allows you to read information from a sprinkler drawing .dwg file saved in AutoCAD directly into Fire. This feature only works with AutoCAD 2002 (or later) with the Building Mechanical 2 (or later) add-on installed on the same computer running Fire.

  2. Added EliteFireInterface.dvb file to the program installation. This file can be copied to your AutoCAD directory where macros are stored, and this macro can be run with a drawing created using AutoCAD 2002 (or later) with the Building Mechanical 2 (or later) add-on. This macro creates an .fra file based on the sprinkler piping drawing, and the .fra file is read in the same way as with the original AutoCAD link in the Fire program.

  3. Added warnings to the Overall Pipe Output Data report if max velocity or friction loss limits are exceeded for a project.

  4. Fixed problem where if Pipe Data form opens automatically during import of an AutoCAD .fra file, the imported pipes are not shown.

  5. Fixed problem during import of an AutoCAD .fra file, where pipe fittings are read in from the Autoload.fiw file. This feature is now fixed so that an AutoCAD file is read into an otherwise blank project (aside from minimum settings such as default pipe material).

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.126 [10/10/2002]

  1. Fixed problem that caused numbers to change when the fire pump window was closed and opened with units set to metric.

  2. Previously if units were set to metric and a fire pump was used, the Overall Pipe Output Data report would show English settings for the pump pressure boost (in psi), flowrate, etc. Now these values are shown and labeled in metric.

  3. Fixed bug with units set to metric when calculations were run, which would write English values to the Calculated Demand Pressure and Calculated Demand Flow Rate labels in the General Project Data window, System tab. This would also affect the Hydraulic Graph, showing these unconverted values as the Demand Point on the graph and listed below it if such a project was saved, closed and reopened and the reports viewed without rerunning calculations. Now the correct numbers are shown.

Version 6.0.125 [10/4/2002]

  1. Fixed small problem that could sometimes cause Error 5 while adding information for a new pipe diameter in the Pipe Material Library Database.

  2. Improved code which was added to ensure that the beginning/end node order shown in the Overall Pipe Output Data pages in the reports matches the order as entered in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window.

Version 6.0.124 [9/27/2002]

  1. Supplemented item 1 from the 6.0.116 update. This allows for alternate density criteria to be checked, but if results are not forthcoming after several iterations, the largest criteria is assumed. Otherwise certain projects would always run with low calculated HMD pressures and not converge since higher pressures were actually required.

Version 6.0.123 [9/20/2002]

  1. Supplemented item 1 in the last update for large projects.

  2. Added checks for a second set of hydrant test data, to make sure the second set is not reflected in the reports if there are 0 inputs for it.

Version 6.0.122 [9/18/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which sometimes caused calculation problems with a project with Inactive pipes.

  2. Fixed bug that did not allow the logo to appear on the reports title page unless the Report Options form had been opened in that session.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.121 [9/13/2002]

  1. Fixed miscellaneous problems with new second hydrant test data feature.

  2. Fixed bug that sometimes caused units to switch if a project with different units was open before the current project.

Version 6.0.120 [9/12/2002]

  1. Added second hydrant test data to General Project Data report. Also fixed problems with entering the second hydrant test data with units set to metric.

  2. Fixed small problem that caused inconsistent display of average and maximum nodal flow imbalance in the Fire Sprinkler Output Summary, depending on whether or not the Output Node Group report was selected to be printed or previewed. Now these results are consistent regardless of the reports selected for output.

  3. Fixed bug which in rare cases caused calculations to stop in Demand mode with only a density requirement.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.119 [9/6/2002]

  1. Added feature to allow input of a second set of hydrant test/supply curve data. This second curve will be printed on the Hydraulic Graph if entered.

  2. Fixed problem that prevented projects from finishing while running at the Demo level.

  3. Added node number to message, if it appears, that an existing inflow node can only have one pipe connected to it.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.118 [8/27/2002]

  1. Added a unit selection for Temperature Rating in the General Project Data window, System Data tab. Also made it an integer value, as originally intended.

  2. Changed Supply mode label to "Residual Pressure At Inflow Node Number" instead of "Residual Pressure At Inflow Node." This helps to avoid confusion; the number after this label refers to the inflow node number, not the inflow node pressure (which is an input farther to the right).

  3. Added warning message that appears in the Pipe Database when you move to another pipe diameter or material after changes have been made to the data in this database and not saved. The warning indicates that these changes will be discarded and not saved unless you cancel this selection.

  4. Fixed problem which ignored changes in inputs if you printed or previewed after making the changes, then recalculated. Now in this case the latest inputs are used in the calculations.

  5. Added feature which informs you that if you have made any changes to inputs after running calculations, the reports may not reflect those changes in the inputs and their effect, if any, on the calculated results. Messages to this effect appear on screen when you try to preview or print and are printed in the reports.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.117 [8/21/2002]

  1. Added a check in Demand mode to make sure the density requirement, if included, is being met. The program might not meet it on the first try if the sprinkler area or K-Factor of the originally chosen HMD node is different from that of the final HMD node.

  2. Fixed problem that altered the display of pipe data in the output and printouts, introduced in version 6.0.115.

  3. Fixed bug which could cause an error if a field was made blank (i.e. the text was deleted) and then the project saved. This problem, most common in the Calculation window, now no longer occurs.

  4. Fixed small problem where if the minimum required density was changed in either the General Project Data window or the Calculation window by highlighting part (or all) of the text and clicking the Delete button, the change would not take effect.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.116 [8/20/2002]

  1. Fixed small problems introduced with item 2 in the last update. This related to the minimum density and pressure checks, such that one could override the other when it wasn't supposed to.

  2. Made sure the activations of "All Pipes" and "All Nodes" in item 8 in the last update also caused the checkboxes to the right in the Global Editor to be activated.

  3. Reactivated the opening of the General Project Data form for all projects. This is related to item 2 in the version 6.0.108 update.

  4. Fixed problem which caused some pipe types, mostly above type 20 numerically, from being usable in calculations. The check for valid pipe data was not being done correctly, but now it works.

Version 6.0.115 [8/19/2002]

  1. Fixed problem that did not read in data from pipe database to show the list of available diameters in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window for certain pipe materials.

  2. Added check to make sure that minimum residual pressure criteria was met when a density was also supplied that equated to a lower pressure criteria. In such a case results sometimes converged so that the HMD pressure was less than the pressure criteria.

  3. Updated calculation of equivalent required pressure at the HMD node based on required minimum flow density. Previously this calculation used the HMD sprinkler area. However, this would not account for a higher required pressure at a different node, which could occur if its sprinkler area was smaller. Now this problem no longer occurs. This is related to item 2 in this update.

  4. Updated check for negative pressures upstream of a pump. Now an error only occurs if negative pressure occurs at the inflow node. This allows for more pumps to be used, but in some cases negative pressure will be calculated and shown in pipes upstream of the pump.

  5. Fixed a small problem where pipe equivalent length was not being read in correctly for pipes below one or more Inactive pipes in the list of pipe data.

  6. Increased capacity of solution matrix to allow for larger projects.

  7. Fixed bug which did not update the inflow node number in the printouts if the inflow node number was changed and calculations were immediately run.

  8. Activated the "All Pipes" and "All Nodes" options in the Global Editor when the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window is opened. Previously no option was selected.

  9. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.114 [8/7/2002]

  1. Fixed problem introduced in version 6.0.112 with addition of Alternative CPLD names to the project file. The program had tried to read this new data from project files saved before version 6.0.112, sometimes resulting in an error. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.113 [8/6/2002]

  1. Updated help file. Now information on fire pumps, metric units, and other new additions are included in the help file.

  2. Fixed bug which would cause pipe data to be saved to the wrong row if the pipe material help window was opened in two rows successively. This would also cause the second pipe to become labeled Inactive. Though rare, now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Fixed small bug which did not show the corresponding pipe material with the inflow pipe in the Overall Pipe Output Data page of the printouts.

Version 6.0.112 [8/5/2002]

  1. Added CPLD menu item to Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. CPLD stands for Constant Pressure Loss Device. This item opens a window where you can change the names indicated for item "A" in the pipe material list, which is the Alternative CPLD. The default name is an Alarm Check Valve. Whatever names and abbreviations are specified here are shown in the reports and program output for this project.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.111 [7/31/2002]

  1. Fixed problem related to item 13 added in version 6.0.101 so that Active pipe data is read correctly when there are Inactive pipes included in the pipe data.

Version 6.0.110 [7/29/2002]

  1. Added an option to the Additional Fitting Length Calculator to input roughness in inches or with a pipe C-Value. Also fixed initial value of viscosity in this window, which was previously not consistent with its units.

  2. Previously a blank line in the pipe data would stop the check for an inflow node. Now this is fixed so that the "no inflow node" message only comes up if there really is no inflow node marked.

  3. Improved text validation when entering numbers like pipe diameter in the Pipe Library Database. Special attention was paid to the case of using the Del or Backspace key to delete a section of text. In fact this case needed to be accounted for with all numeric program inputs.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.109 [7/23/2002]

  1. Fixed problem with units shown on Additional Fitting Length Calculator. This interfered with the calculated length.

  2. Other problems were found in the Fire Pump and Pipe Database windows when making entries using different individual unit selections. These problems have now been fixed.

Version 6.0.108 [7/19/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which caused Error 13 if the Global Editor was used on a Nodal basis but the current or new value was left blank. This problem also was seen with blank entries for global diameter and length.

  2. Added feature to remember which main program windows were open in the previous Fire session and open those windows again in the next Fire session when a project is opened.

  3. Added another feature similar to improvements to Pipe Database in update 6.0.100.

  4. Fixed problem where selection of "Dflt" or other such item for the K-Factor in the Global Editor would cause an error.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.107 [7/15/2002]

  1. Added error message indicating that a node cannot be labeled as node 0. Also fixed related problems with pipe sorting with a node 0 in the data.

  2. Previously if the first row of pipe data was blank, an error indicated that there were not enough pipes to run calculations. Now a more precise error message indicates that blank rows are not allowed.

  3. Made it so the Status window closes when the calculations lead to Divergence.

  4. Previously if no pipe material was chosen, no number could be entered for pipe diameter. Now an error message indicates that a pipe material must be chosen before pipe diameter and length can be entered.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.106 [7/9/2002]

  1. Fixed problem that sometimes mismatched pipe information displayed in the Pipe Input Data report.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.105 [7/8/2002]

  1. A problem was fixed with changing K-Factor with the Global Editor.

  2. The "Stringer" device has been replaced by an "Alarm Check Valve" or ACV device. This was requested since stringer devices are not as commonly used anymore. Any projects previously saved with a Stringer will now display that device as an ACV with the same pressure loss.

  3. A bug was fixed that did not save a standard fitting in a pipe if the window was scrolled using Page Up or Page Down, a different fitting was entered in the same row on the window, and the window was scrolled back immediately afterward. Other related problems with adding fittings were also fixed.

  4. Added check for an incomplete entry (e.g. just a number) for a standard fitting on pressing Page Up or Page Down. Previously this check only occurred if the window was not scrolled.

  5. Fixed bug which caused non-standard fitting length to be adjusted when a standard fitting was added. Now this problem no longer occurs.

Version 6.0.104 [6/18/2002]

  1. Allowed the x-axis of the Hydraulic Graph to be altered to show a small range for low-flow projects, such as residential.

  2. Added some features to help display with large screen resolutions.

  3. Fixed bug which would cause Error 13 if a diameter was entered with a decimal point first. Now this is allowed.

  4. A problem was found after reports were generated: the units were changed back to their settings the last time the project was saved. Now this problem no longer occurs.

Version 6.0.103 [5/29/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which caused Error 13 if an existing diameter or pipe length was selected to be changed in the Global Editor. Now this error no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed a couple of minor issues with the Inactive pipe updates made recently.

  3. Fixed a minor bug which did not update the calculated Pressure Estimate in the pipe data window for the inflow node after calculations are run. Now this pressure is updated along with the other nodes.

Version 6.0.102 [5/24/2002]

  1. Fixed bug related to item 13 in the 6.0.101 update. Pipe equivalent length was not included in that update, but now this length is calculated correctly.

  2. Updated code to expand the range of the Hydraulic Graph for a metric calculation. Previously this expansion was only done for English units. Also made a few other adjustments to the expansion such as allowing larger pressure values.

  3. Fixed bug which would cause a non-standard fitting length to sometimes be displayed incorrectly in English units.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.101 [5/22/2002]

  1. Fixed problems that occurred if units were set for individual inputs and entries were made in those inputs. In some cases the units switched back to their original settings. This problem was more common when general Units were set to metric, but now this problem no longer occurs. Note however that when a project is saved, the units automatically revert back to all-English defaults or all-metric defaults, so if you see this happen it is intentional. This also occurs with Calculation window units when a calculation is run, or sometimes if entries are made in a different window or tab.

  2. Added Sprinkler Area to the Global Editor, as well as a "Total Sprk Area" label to this window. This duplicates the primary functions of the Sprinkler Area Assignments screen in Fire for DOS.

  3. Made Dry system results more clear. For a Dry system, you should multiply your total sprinkler area by 1.3 and adjust your sprinkler areas so they add up to the adjusted total. But the program should not adjust individual sprinkler areas, since they can be different from each other and should be adjusted manually. So the Dry results show Adjusted values for total area and density, which you can compare against the total of your actual sprinkler areas and densities.

  4. Sometimes imbalance values in the Displaying window were shown in scientific notation, but to make comparisons easier this is now avoided.

  5. Made it so if part of a pipe diameter value is highlighted and a key is pressed, the highlighted text disappears and is replaced by the number that was selected, if the resulting number is within acceptable range.

  6. Previously you could not type a number for default material type in the General Project Data window, but could only select from a drop-down list. Now you can type a number here, in the same manner you can for pipe materials in the Pipe Data window.

  7. Fixed bug which did not erase a pipe diameter value if you backspaced over it. Now this deletion is accepted by the program.

  8. Fixed problem with entry of a new material in the pipe library database. Previously in some cases only part of the material name would be saved, but this problem no longer occurs.

  9. Fixed problem in Global Editor. Previously if different units were used for the current, new, and actual values, the conversion was not consistent with the units shown. Now this operation performs correctly regardless of the units chosen.

  10. Fixed problem which did not allow an error message to appear if Supply mode is used but Supply pressure is zero or blank. Now in this case a message appears stating that a positive Supply pressure must be entered.

  11. Fixed problem which did not save numbers in the tree and grid builder correctly if they were not set to English standard units. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  12. Fixed various minor issues in the fire pump and pipe library windows, mostly regarding use of individually set units for different inputs.

  13. Fixed bug which sometimes caused problems in the calculations if a pipe was made Inactive in the project. Now the calculations proceed as if the Inactive pipe was not there or deleted.

  14. Added feature to specify the diameter value converted to the units selected when an error appears stating that a diameter you entered in your project was not found in the pipe database. Previously this number was converted to inches for this message, so this change makes it more clear when using metric units, for example, what number needs to be changed.

  15. Fixed bug which would change the units incorrectly for metric Maximum Nodal Pressure Imbalance if a number was entered on the Calculation window and the project was immediately saved. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  16. Corrected a check for maximum input values which would clear a text box if the value was too large. This was not checking converted units so certain normal entries, say in mm instead of ft, would be erased after entry. Now such entries are allowed.

  17. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.100 [4/26/2002]

  1. Improved Autoload.fiw file utilization so that when selected to be used, both its General Project Data and Calculation Data inputs are read into a new project.

  2. Fixed bug which would occur if you highlighted a pipe diameter value and pressed the Backspace key to delete the value. This would cause a non-text character to appear, and if this was deleted, error 5 would result. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Added a check for a pipe section which has only one pipe node entered. Previously the program would not alert you to this problem, and the calculations would just stop. Now the program tells you which pipe needs to have node inputs completed for it.

  4. Fixed bug introduced in 6.0.96 where if a large project is opened followed by a small project in the same Fire session, the second project would not finish calculations. Now this problem is fixed.

  5. Improved code for reading new pipe names in pipe library database.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.99 [4/18/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which would cause an error if a project was entered and saved without calculations run, the project was closed and reopened, and then printed or previewed. Now a project like this can be previewed or printed. Note that the output reports will be mostly blank in this case, since calculations have not been run for the project.

  2. Adjusted conversion of non-standard fitting length in metric units. Previously inaccuracy could cause a length of 1 m to display as 1.01 m in the calculation results, for example. Now accuracy is improved.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.98 [4/12/2002]

  1. Added updates similar to item 7 in last update, relating to standard fittings and pipe type inputs.

  2. Fixed problem with metric unit saving in special case where units are changed while the pipe data window is open.

  3. Fixed bug that was not saving equivalent length updates due to fittings or carrying them over to the calculations in metric units.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.97 [4/12/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which caused the 1.3 NFPA multiplier to sprinkler areas for Dry type systems to not be applied. Now this functions correctly.

  2. Disallowed manual input in the input box for a Wet or Dry system. Now this item must be chosen from the drop-down help box for this field.

  3. Fixed bug which did not accept a selection of minimum desired density from the drop-down list for this item. Now such a change takes effect, and the change is made in both the General Project Data and Calculation windows.

  4. Fixed similar problem to #3 for the Default K-Factor and Maximum Area Per Sprinkler inputs in the General Project Data window, and the pipe sizing constraints in the Calculation window.

  5. Normally a change in the minimum desired density in the General Project Data window, followed by a close or click away from that window, would update the minimum desired density value in the Calculation window, and vice versa. In some cases this process did not work, especially when choosing from the drop-down help menu. This problem has now been fixed.

  6. Enabled selection of diameters from the drop-down list for pipe sizing constraints in the Calculation window based on the material of the first pipe in the pipe data if the sizing constraint corresponds to a pipe type not used in the current project.

  7. Added code to account for changes in pipe diameter, pipe length, node number, pipe material, or meter/CPLD/pump pressure when units are set to metric. Previously this could cause conversion problems, but now this is fixed.

  8. Clarified desciptions in the Sprinkler Summary section of the Fire Sprinkler Output Summary page of the printouts.

  9. Made it so the pipe diameter and length values are blanked out when a meter, pump, or other CPLD device is selected for a pipe. These entries now remain blank even when scrolling through the pipe data.

  10. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.96 [4/10/2002]

  1. Followed up on the 6.0.95 update, by allowing file information from projects that were saved with the reported problem -- some fitting/non-standard fitting length information not included in the pipe equivalent length -- to be passed on to the calculations. Before this update, you had to open the Pipe Data window and scroll through it to make the changes take effect. Now this is not necessary.

  2. Improved display of results in the printouts and the Solution tab of the Calculation window, so that the data at the inflow node is shown close to the same position in the list of pipes as it was entered. Previously many of the printouts showed the inflow pipe or inflow node data at the very end of the list of information.

  3. Added feature that places the nodes shown in the Solution tab of the Calculation window and some prinouts in the beginning and ending node positions as they were entered in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Previously they would sometimes be reversed.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.95 [4/9/2002]

  1. Added feature to show Title, Designed By, Date, and Fire Version No of a file selected in the Exploring window. This feature had not been made active until now. This information can be helpful when choosing a project to open.

  2. Improved message that indicates that the project contains an isolated pipe section. Now the indicated isolated pipe node number is always in a section isolated from the inflow node. Previously a node was selected at or near the break, but because it was often connected to the inflow node, it gave little indication of where the break in the system was.

  3. Fixed bug that would not add nonstandard fitting length to the saved value for pipe equivalent length as you scrolled up and down in the pipe data. So equivalent length would be correct when first entered, but if you scrolled up and down and then saved your file, the value would not be correct. Also made the program recalculate the pipe equivalent length in all cases as you scroll up and down through the pipe data. Previously this was not always done, so incorrect equivalent lengths saved in previous versions would not be updated by the latest correction. So now equivalent length is correct in all projects, even those saved in previous versions and opened now.

Version 6.0.94 [4/5/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which would cause calculations to stop without finishing if no sprinklers were included. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed bug which would cause Error 13 Type Mismatch if the first character entered for a number was a decimal point in the GPD or Calculation windows. Now this is allowed and the error no longer occurs.

  3. Fixed bug which caused non-sprinkler flow to be saved incorrectly if the units were set to metric. Now this error no longer occurs.

Version 6.0.93 [3/28/2002]

  1. Fixed bug with automatic peaking which could cause the calculations to finish without the sprinklers not in the HMD group being turned off. Now calculations are always run with those sprinklers not flowing, as intended with automatic peaking.

  2. Previously the sprinkler area input on the Grid Builder was not saved with a project file. Now this item is saved.

  3. Fixed some problems that would alter some numbers incorrectly when changing units, introduced in version 6.0.92.

  4. Improved the handling of numbers when performing a unit conversion in the General Project Data and Calculation windows.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.92 [3/26/2002]

  1. Fixed problem that would sometimes cause numbers to change by 0.01 or so when switching units from metric to English and back to metric, or vice versa. This was due to resaving of a value based on what was showing in the corresponding text box. But if the converted value is saved, it can translate to a slightly different value in the original units. Now this value is saved in the original units when it was entered, and the 0.01 changing problem no longer occurs. This mainly used to affect the GPD and Calculation windows.

  2. Added recalculation of fitting length when calculating equivalent pipe length in final calculations. Previously this could be off by 0.01 or so due to a rounding error. This could actually lead to a fitting length of 0.01 showing in the results with no fittings present. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.91 [3/20/2002]

  1. Made the toolbar buttons and menu selections for the pipe and pump databases always active, even if no project is open.

  2. Previously a non-standard fitting length was only saved as a whole number. Now it can be saved to 1 significant digit.

  3. Some inaccuracy used to be introduced to other data in a pipe section when entering a non-standard fitting length and units were converted or already set to metric. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  4. Various slight inaccuracies in the pipe data when converting units have been corrected.

  5. Previously if a value changed in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window and the units were set to metric, meter lengths of 0 would appear for each pipe even if no meter or other CPLD device was selected. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  6. Sometimes when scrolling through the pipe data, the number of significant digits of some numbers would change on the screen, from 2 to 1 significant digit for example. This usually occurred with units set to metric. Now this no longer occurs.

  7. Sometimes when a value was entered in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window with metric units selected, the value would change slightly when the user scrolled up or down. This was due to an imprecise unit conversion, and has now been corrected.

  8. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.90 [3/15/2002]

  1. Some more improvements made to supplement changes in 6.0.89. Mainly this improves results for projects that oscillate between nodes during calculations.

  2. Previously if a project somehow had a pipe material type number outside the normal range, an error would stop the project from being read. Now such a project is allowed to be opened.

Version 6.0.89 [3/8/2002]

  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Major improvement made to matrix solution method. Now project calculations should converge much faster than before.

Version 6.0.88 [2/28/2002]

  1. Updates to convergence checks for meeting pressure and density requirements in Demand mode.

Version 6.0.87 [2/26/2002]

  1. Made a small correction to the check for compliance with 0.01 flow imbalance criteria.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.86 [2/22/2002]

  1. Corrected some problems that would cause a long program run or large pressure results in some cases.

  2. Set % completion shown on Calculating... window to 0% if values are not within range. This item had just shown the largest previous value, which made it appear to be "stuck" at a certain non-zero percentage, which was misleading. Now this better indicates calculation progress.

Version 6.0.85 [2/21/2002]

  1. Technical updates to further improve the speed of convergence during calculations.

Version 6.0.84 [2/18/2002]

  1. Fixed bug introduced in 6.0.83 that overrode a minimum pressure requirement with a minimum density requirement in Demand mode.

Version 6.0.83 [2/15/2002]

  1. Fixed bug that did not allow calculations to finish when the Calculate button was pressed in the Preview window.

  2. Previously if the user scrolled up or down in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window using the arrow keys past a pump designated as using a curve, the word "Curve" was replaced with a 0. This was just a display problem, and did not remove the pump and curve from this pipe section. But it was obviously a misleading result, and the problem has now been fixed.

  3. More technical updates involved in iterations and damping factors applied during calculations. See update 6.0.82.

Version 6.0.82 [2/14/2002]

  1. Added feature to allow the branch spacing to be zero in the Tree Builder if that branch only contains one sprinkler.

  2. Added some updated features to make more frequent initial settings for residual pressures in the system if Use Residual Pressure Estimates is not checked. These are related to updates made for version 6.0.42. In addition, other values such as damping factor and maximum iterations are adjusted according to how close the project is to convergence. Now more projects should converge without user adjustments.

Version 6.0.81 [1/30/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which did not convert values to the correct units when creating a tree or grid with units set to metric. Now this function operates correctly.

  2. Fixed problem which caused a metric unit heading on the Overall Pipe Output Data pages of the printout to change from F.L./m to F.L./ft on the second and subsequent pages of this section. Now the correct heading is displayed on all these pages.

Version 6.0.80 [12/28/2001]

  1. Fixed problem which would cause the minimum density in the system to be slightly higher than requested if individual sprinklers had different sprinkler areas. Now this value is very close to the requested value, although it may be a bit higher.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.79 [10/18/2001]

  1. Fixed problem with manual unit changes. Previously, if a unit was changed in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window and then the data was scrolled up or down, the data would be converted back to the original values before the unit change. Now these changes take effect and remain as long as those new units are selected on this window.

  2. Removed the automatic close of a tree or grid print diagram if it exceeds the boundaries of the window. The picture might still be useful even though not all of the tree or grid is shown.

  3. Added feature which improves usability on foreign versions of Windows, particularly Asian versions.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.78 [9/20/2001]

  1. Added Clear Pipe button to Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. This allows the user to clear all existing pipes from the current project.

  2. Changed some of the metric default units displayed in the outputs (preview or printouts). The units, such as Lpm for flow and Lpm/m^2 for flow density, are based on the NFPA 13 standard and are consistent with the units in MFIRE, the metric DOS version of the Fire program.

  3. Fixed problem that would cause numbers to be superimposed on each other in the y-axis of the Hydraulic Graph when the units were set to metric. This problem would only show up on the printouts, not the preview window. In fixing this problem, the y-axis numbers were made to be large whole number increments (e.g. 10, 20, etc.) instead of the non-integer numbers previously shown in metric graphs.

  4. Fixed bug which would show Excess Available Inflow Residual Pressure = 0 in the text below the Hydraulic Graph after the first calculation run of a program session using metric units. In addition, this value was somewhat inaccurate using metric units, but these calculation problems have been fixed.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.77 [9/19/2001]

  1. Fixed bug that would cause a program crash if a fire pump was added to the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window while the units selected for this window were metric.

Version 6.0.76 [9/18/2001]

  1. Added grid network layout diagram. This is similar to the tree network layout diagram added in update 6.0.71. It is a separate form where the numbers are better readable than the Display Network window, especially in a tree or grid with many nodes. The diagram can also be printed to the default printer from this form. A new feature was also added to close the Display Network window when this diagram is closed. The grid network layout diagram is limited to 15 branches and 40 sprinklers per branch.

  2. Previously if the tree or grid builder was used to overwrite existing pipes, the program would not allow this process to begin if the indicated start node number was already in the pipe data. Now this is allowed.

  3. Previously if diameters were 0 in the tree or grid builder and the pipes were created from there, the diameters in the pipe data would be 0 but the diameter text boxes would not be red, to indicate Autosizing as they should. Now this is done correctly.

  4. Made some updates to available input units and unit displays in the printouts when metric units are used.

  5. Added note to inform the user if they are trying to import a DOS Fire project file version 4 or earlier. You can only import DOS version 5 files. Contact us if you would like to import DOS version 4 or earlier files.

  6. Fixed some problems that would occur if the user started to open a DOS Fire project file or Autocad data file, then cancelled before finishing. Previously in this case some of the data might get imported into the current project, but now this does not occur.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.75 [9/12/2001]

  1. Fixed bug which would cause an error if the user typed "D" to apply the Default K-Factor for a pipe with metric settings. Now this error no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed various bugs that would occur if the user deleted text in pipe data entries such as diameter, length, K-Factor, elevation, and sprinkler area. Similar problems would occur if the user cut and pasted text into these inputs. Now making entries or deletion in these inputs is allowed.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.74 [8/7/2001]

  1. Fixed bug introduced in 6.0.73 update #2 that changed the Press Est values inadvertently when navigating or scrolling through the pipe data. Now this problem no longer occurs.

Version 6.0.73 [7/24/2001]

  1. Fixed problem on the Overall Node Groupings Output Data page of the printout. Previously the effect of a pump boost was not reflected in the values in the Beg. Node Resdiual Pressure column. Now the pump boost is shown correctly.

  2. Improved inputting data in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window with metric units. Previously, the program would do unit conversions to check data as the user entered data. This would sometimes change numbers as they were entered. Now some extra checks are in place to prevent this from happening in most cases.

Version 6.0.72 [7/16/2001]

  1. Fixed bug which would create an error if the user imported a DOS project and then immediately printed or previewed the project. This problem is now fixed, and the error no longer occurs. Although the practice of viewing printout results before running calculations is not usually recommended, it can be useful for showing the list of input nodes and pipe data.

  2. Made some minor adjustments to the tree network layout diagram. The labels are now cleared before the diagram is generated so extraneous label information is not shown during drawing. Also, the original tree diagram window is now closed when the tree network layout diagram window is closed.

Version 6.0.71 [6/27/2001]

  1. Now a pump curve is allowed to be run in Supply mode. In this case, the calculations are run iteratively. First pressures and flows are determined, and the flow at the pump is used with the pump curve to obtain a corresponding pressure boost. Then calculations are run again with this equivalent pressure boost. The system flows and pressures will adjust after the second run with the pressure boost included (this can be confirmed with a Supply run with and without a constant pump boost). Calculations are then run again to see if the adjustment is small enough. This process will repeat until the adjustment is fairly small. This should indicate fairly well how the pump will behave according to the pump curve in Supply mode.

  2. Added tree network layout diagram. This is a separate form that has been added as an option to view after the user chooses the Display Network button of the Tree Builder. This new diagram should be more legible than the diagram used until now, especially when the tree diagram contains many nodes. This new diagram can be printed directly to the default printer. Note that this tree print feature is separate from all other print options in the Fire program. It is meant to be a quick reference tool, not a primary output of the program. Note that this diagram is limited to 20 sprinklers per branch and 15 branches total.

  3. Fixed bug which would sometimes occur with Automatic Peaking, causing the HMD pressure to be slightly less than that specified by the user in Demand mode. Now when Automatic Peaking is used, the HMD pressure is given a final check so that this problem is overcome.

  4. Changed minimum C value in the Pipe Library to 0.01.

  5. Fixed a problem when running in Supply mode with and without a pump in succession. The old pump boost value would sometimes be subtracted from the inflow pressure in the subsequent run. Now this problem is avoided.

  6. Fixed bug which was not allowing the start page number to be used. Now the indicated start page number is correctly applied to the preview window and printouts.

  7. Clarified display of results during calculations if Converge to 0.01 flow imbalance checkbox is selected. The % finished value used to only refer to the pressure imbalance criteria. When this criteria was met, the % value would actually start counting back down, since this number is displayed as an absolute value but calculations were continuing to meet the more stringent flow imbalance criteria. Now, the imbalance criteria type is displayed as pressure or flow. When criteria switches to flow, the number continues counting up approaching 100%, although the number value may jump down from where it was approaching the pressure imbalance criteria. Both pressure and flow criterias are displayed during calculations to better illustrate calculation progress.

  8. Fixed problem which did not prompt the user to save changes if they only changed the checkbox selection to Use 0.01 flow imbalance criteria.

Version 6.0.70 [4/20/2001]

  1. Made update to allow printing or previewing to show input pipe and node data even if calculations have not yet been run for a project.

  2. Fixed bug that caused an error when printing or previewing, if a blank data row was contained in the pipe data and this data was not sorted. Now this problem is avoided, but blank data rows should be removed if possible.

Version 6.0.69 [3/28/2001]

  1. Fixed bug that caused an error when printing or previewing, if the project contained Autosized pipes and a constant pressure loss device (CPLD) like a meter. Now this error is avoided.

  2. Added a checkbox to the Imbalances section of the Calculation window. This checkbox instructs the program to continue if calculated flow imbalance is greater than 0.01 gpm. This will converge a project to sufficient accuracy in most cases. Previously the user needed to check their printout imbalances after every run to make sure flow imbalance was small enough, but using this checkbox will make the program perform this check automatically and continue calculations until this condition is met. Note that some jobs may take a long time to run using this check, so it should not always be used, especially for large systems.

Version 6.0.68 [3/13/2001]

  1. Added a message that pops up if the user tries to look at a list of pipe diameters but they have not yet chosen a pipe material. Without a pipe material, a list of diameters cannot be looked up and it will come up blank. This message clarifies this situation.

  2. A related problem to item 1 was also fixed. Previously in the tree or grid builder, the list of available branch diameters incorrectly referenced the material of the cross or perimeter pipes. Now the branch pipe material is referenced in this case.

  3. Fixed bug which would sometimes cause calculations to stop if one or more blank rows were present in the pipe data. Now the user is alerted that blank rows are not allowed, and is allowed to make necessary edits and try running calculations again.

  4. When an isolated node is detected in the system, now a node at the location of a "break" in the system is displayed in a message to the user. Previously, a node at one end of the isolated section was displayed, but not necessarily a node located at the "break."

  5. Fixed bug which would always insert the English version of the Default K-Factor if a "D" was pressed in a K-Factor field in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, even if the project units were set to metric. Now if project units are set to metric, the metric Default K-Factor is inserted.

  6. Fixed inadvertent setting of project units to English units if the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window was open and the user elected to save the project using File|Save. Now in this case, the units remain metric on the screen.

Version 6.0.67 [1/23/2001]

  1. Fixed bug related to an item addressed in updates for version 6.0.66. When metric units were used, fitting equivalent lengths chosen from the pipe database were not converted to metric units before being added to the pipe equivalent length. Now this conversion is made.

  2. Finished adding data checking and validation to all program windows, which was begun in version 6.0.66. These changes especially improve operation of the program when metric units are used.

  3. Previously if a pipe diameter was autosized (indicated by a red background), if a diameter was then manually chosen for this pipe from the diameter help pop-up window, the autosizing was not taken off and when the user scrolled away and returned to this pipe, the diameter was reset to 0. Now when the help pop-up window is used to select a diameter, autosizing is deactivated and the diameter is retained in memory. If the file is saved, this diameter is saved as well.

  4. Fixed bug which made all diameters autosized when a *.fra data file was imported from Autocad. Now if a diameter from this file is nonzero, it will not be set to be autosized.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.66 [1/18/2001]

  1. Fixed bug which did not add fitting lengths to a pipe's equivalent length with metric units selected. Now the equivalent length is correctly updated. Note that a valid pipe diameter matching a diameter in the pipe database must be selected for an equivalent length calculation to proceed.

  2. Improved data checking and validation in several program windows, especially in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Inputs will be especially improved when metric units are used.

Version 6.0.65 [1/9/2001]

  1. Improved display of percent completion (or approach to imbalance criteria) during calculations. This will indicate how fast the calculations are proceeding toward convergence. If the percent complete value is oscillating or moving too slow, the calculations may not be converging, and adjustments should be made. Some adjustments can now be made via the Display button.

  2. Made significant updates to the Displaying window, accessible via the Display button in the Calculation window. Previously, the Displaying window would show calculations as they proceeded through each iteration, but the numbers updated much too slowly, making this feature almost useless. Now the updating is much faster, allowing close to real time monitoring of calculation progress. Calculations still run faster if the Displaying window is closed, though. But also useful is the addition of inputs for Initial Damping Factor, Minimum Damping Factor, and Maximum Iterations to the Displaying window. These are the currently used values in the calculations. You can type in new values here at any time, and the calculations will immediately start using the new values. This feature can sometimes be useful if the calculations are not converging; sometimes a smaller or larger minimum damping factor may improve progress.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.64 [12/27/2000]

  1. Fixed problem with printout captions. The units used to show as English (US) units, even if the project was run in metric units, on all pages with "Cont'd" in the title. Now this problem with the captions is fixed.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.63 [12/14/2000]

  1. Fixed other problems which could occur during calculations with a project containing Inactive pipes. This follows up on updates done for version 6.0.62.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.62 [12/12/2000]

  1. Added feature to generate a DXF graph file of the hydraulic curve. A DXF file can be viewed and used within Autocad. The Save DXF Graph feature has been added to the Reports menu.

  2. Fixed problem which erroneously detected duplicate pipe data in a project which contained Inactive pipes. Now this problem is avoided.

Version 6.0.61 [12/6/2000]

  1. When opening fire pump data from the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, grayed out the buttons to Save, Copy, or Delete a pump, unless a pump is subsequently chosen from the Fire Pump Database. If no pump is chosen from the database, then these buttons are not applicable.

  2. Updated Sample.fiw file so that its calculated results can be seen if the user opens the file and immediately previews results via Quick Print Reports or Quick Preview Reports.

  3. Added feature to show percent completion of calculations in meeting imbalance criteria. On large or complex jobs which take a long time to converge, having a percentage monitor can be helpful.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.60 [11/21/2000]

  1. Fixed bug in the Global Editor related to changing K-Factors. If one of the existing K-Factors was previously entered or chosen as Dflt, Inactive, Value, or None, and the user tried to select the Current K-Factor in the Global Editor, the program didn't recognize the non-numeric entry and returned an error. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed bug which sometimes did not accept changes to values in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. This only affected values which are characteristics of nodes, such as node elevation. If such a value was changed, then in another row (or pipe) containing this node, a value in the opposite node was changed, the original node's value was written back to its original value, ignoring the change made by the user. Now a check is made in these situations and this problem is avoided.

Version 6.0.59 [11/16/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which caused an error if a user opened Fire, immediately started a new project, went to the Tree or Grid Builder, and selected the help pop-up arrow for a pipe diameter. Now this error no longer occurs, although now in this situation, no valid diameters will appear since no pipe material has been selected yet.

  2. Changed allowable inputs so that decimal values can be added to pipe lengths in the Tree and Grid Builder. Previously these values were limited to whole numbers, but there is no such limitation on pipe length in the Pipe Data tab, so this limitation is not needed in the Tree or Grid Builder either.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.58 [11/14/2000]

  1. Changed or added installation system files to allow Fire to run on a new Windows 95 (or other OS) computer with no other software installed. Previously, the user sometimes had to install other files such as Microsoft's MDAC data access collection, but now this is not necessary. This update also fixed a problem on some computers where the startup screen would freeze and Fire would not open.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.57 [11/6/2000]

  1. Fixed problem which sometimes indicated the wrong pipe section if a section was detected with no pipe length entered. Now the warning message that appears shows the right pipe section that needs length entered.

Version 6.0.56 [11/3/2000]

  1. Added check to prevent typing of a letter for a pipe material when the cursor is placed before or after a material number. Before now, this scenario would cause the material entry to blank out and go to zero, which is not a valid entry and could cause errors.

  2. Fixed global editing of relative elevation. Previously a global elevation change was always an absolute change even if the Relative option was checked.

  3. Added more automatic increments to the hydraulic graph. Now the only reason that you will not see your data on the graph with reasonable clarity (i.e. without the point or curve pushed up against an axis) is if there is a data input problem such as incomplete test data or test data flowrate off by a factor of 10 or more from the calculated flowrate.

  4. Updated display of pressure units on y-axis of pump curve.

  5. Made a few minor layout changes.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.55 [10/27/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which caused a run-time error if the user opens the preview window, clicks back to one of the other input windows like Enter/Edit Pipe Data, then returns to the preview window and closes it. Now this error no longer occurs.

  2. Cleaned up extraneous labels involved with the new metric conversion utility. On some computers they would show up off to the side or even in front of other text when some program windows were maximized. Now they are hidden from view.

  3. Now the zoom level or page number can be typed directly into the preview window if the user wants to see a certain zoom level or page. Before, the zoom and page number could only be selected from a drop-down list.

  4. Now the user can press Pg Up/Dn to scroll one page at a time through the reports in the preview window.

  5. Fixed accidental omission of instructions on how to enter data for a fire pump in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen. They have been missing from this data entry screen for quite a while, but they are back now.

  6. Added feature to pop up a message when the Global Editor is used, indicating how many changes were made successfully. Also added ability to change all entries globally by leaving the Current data value empty.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.54 [9/29/2000]

  1. Fixed problem which could cause loss of pipe data if a pipe was made Inactive in the middle of the pipe data.

  2. Made it so if a pipe is inactive but its diameter is 0, the program does not go into the Autosizing calculation mode. Now it only runs Autosizing if one or more active pipes has an input diameter of 0.

  3. Updated a calculation variable so iterations could run longer in certain situations to avoid the program from stopping in the middle of calculations.

  4. Fixed problem with copying a pipe in the Pipe Database.

  5. Added check to make sure that if a new pipe diameter is added to a pipe type in the Pipe Database, that diameter has a numeric value.

Version 6.0.53 [9/22/2000]

  1. Fixed recently added bug in Enter/Edit Pipe Data window which caused pipe data to be saved to a different row when a change was made to Non-Sprinkler Flow and the cursor moved up or down from that entry. Now the data is saved to the correct row in this case.

  2. Fixed bug which sometimes showed the inflow node as "0" in the calculation results and printouts when running in Demand mode. Now this error no longer occurs.

  3. Reset HMD node to "0" at the beginning of a calculation. Without this reset, sometimes problems were caused, especially when switching off a sprinkler (setting K = 0) that had been the HMD node and then running calculations again. This also improves performance in Demand mode of a standpipe calculation (having no sprinkler) when comparing with a run with a sprinkler.

Version 6.0.52 [9/21/2000]

  1. Added Metric conversion feature to the Fire program. Now calculations can be entered and run using metric (SI) units. Also by clicking on the unit shown for a given entry, individual inputs can be adjusted to the desired unit. So for instance pressure can be entered in psi or bars or Pa, regardless of whether the main calculations are in US or SI units. However, the printouts will show units in either all US or all SI units.

  2. Fixed format of output when saving to a Fire for DOS file. Especially when entering a Windows project from scratch, then saving to DOS without running calculations or saving to Windows first, some data had not been written to the DOS file. Also added feature to clear DOS cover page information when saving to a DOS file.

  3. Corrected several variables when saving to a Fire for DOS file. These fixes included saving the real node number instead of a generic inflow node designation, writing non-sprinkler flow (and clearing non-sprinkler flow at sprinkler nodes), and saving the correct number of nodes if a project was opened and the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window was opened but calculations were not run yet.

  4. Updated some of the installation code and added a couple of .ocx files to the FirePatch installation, which should allow the patch to work on more computers.

  5. Fixed bug which caused a run time error if the user selected File|Open, cancelled the action, then tried to open a project again. Now this error no longer occurs.

  6. Added feature to Hydraulic Graph to set the x-axis maximum at 2000 if the test flow point is between 1000 and 2000. This should make the graph better readable in these cases. Previously, the graph extended to 10000 if the test flow point was greater than 1000.

  7. Added assignment of newly calculated inflow pressure and flow values to the calculated values shown on the System Data tab of the General Project Data window. Previously these "calculated" values were not always updated to show the latest values, and this sometimes affected values in the printouts as well. Now the calculated inflow pressure and flow values are always in agreement among the various windows and reports.

  8. Cleared any value entered for Non-Sprinkler Flow at a node when a K-Factor is entered for that node. Previously, if a K-Factor was entered, any Non-Sprinkler Flow value already shown for that node remained. Although the calculations ignored the Non-Sprinkler Flow in this case, it is less confusing to simply clear the Non-Sprinkler Flow when a K-Factor is added.

  9. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.51 [8/9/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which did not use required flow density in the calculations if the default sprinkler K-types were used in the project. Now required density values are used to obtain results if they are the dominant restriction over HMD pressure.

  2. Fixed bug, introduced in one of the recent Autosizing updates, that treated a system with some Autosized pipes as a completely Autosized system. This could lead to some systems not converging when they might have otherwise finished calculations. Now partially Autosized systems can again be simulated.

  3. Fixed bug which caused rows in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data form to be set incorrectly after a certain sequence of events. In such a case, the user would run calculations, then click immediately to a node number in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window and press PgUp or PgDn before calculations finish. Now this sequence of events no longer causes this error.

  4. Added code to automatically update equivalent length of a pipe with fittings if the pipe material is changed. Previously, such a change would not update equivalent length unless the user updated the fittings manually after making the material change.

Version 6.0.50 [8/2/2000]

  1. Applied color settings to most individual windows when opened. Previously the colors saved under Tools|Options were only applied to the currently open windows. Now saved colors will reappear as long as that color remains selected.

  2. Fixed bug which caused the Max Flow Velocity and Max Velocity Pressure (In Pipe # - #) to show zeros for an Autosizing calculation. Now these values and node numbers are shown correctly.

  3. Technical updates for Autosizing.

Version 6.0.49 [7/12/2000]

  1. Fixed display of pipe C-values when Autosizing is used. In the calculation window and the printout results, the C-values were shown as 0 in this case, even though the correct C-values were used in the program calculations. So although this was only a cosmetic problem, the correct C-values are now shown when Autosizing is used.

  2. Fixed bug which would arise if the user ran a project using Autosizing, then opened a project without Autosizing and ran calculations. At that point, the program would still think Autosizing was being used and set all pipe diameters to 0. Now this erroneous result is avoided.

  3. Increased min. HMD pressure to 999.99 psi. It had been 100.00 psi.

Version 6.0.48 [6/30/2000]

  1. Corrected the setting to zero of pipe flow rate values in a file that had been saved but not recalculated. This caused some numbers in the printouts to not be the same if a saved file was opened but calculations were not run yet.

  2. Fixed display of pipe material description for each pipe in Overall Pipe Output Data. With these two updates, the contents of printouts of a project will be identical whether the project is printed immediately after calculations are run or it is saved and then opened later and printed without rerunning calculations. One exception is if incomplete information is entered, in which case some features such as the hydraulic graph may not be exactly the same.

  3. Fixed bug which did not register a project file as open if the file was open, caused when the user went to File|Open and cancelled that command. This would cause the program to not ask if the user wants to save any changes when they proceeded to close this file, and it would also not get rid of the .TMP file, thus prompting the user the next time they opened this file that a temporary file was present (which usually only occurs if the program has crashed). Now this problem no longer occurs, and a temporary file will only be saved if the program has crashed or the computer shuts down during editing.

  4. Added feature to detect and give a File Not Found error if a file is selected from a File menu shortcut but no longer exists.

  5. Eliminated a Stop statement encountered on the File Close event.

  6. Increased allowable nodal pressure imbalance by one decimal point. This allows some large jobs to converge more closely.

  7. Increased min. HMD pressure to 100.00 psi. It had been 99.99 psi.

  8. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.47 [6/5/2000]

  1. Fixed bug where if a user tries adding a pump when no inflow node is specified, the program keeps jumping back and forth between the pump and pipe data windows, and the program must be shut down. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed bug which had allowed typing of a negative sign (-) in Pipe Material fields in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window's Pipe Data, Global Editor, Tree Builder and Grid Builder tabs. This could leave a negative number for pipe material, which would cause a run time error during calculation. Now a negative sign is no longer allowed in this field.

  3. Disallowed typing of a negative number for non sprinkler flow in Enter/Edit Pipe Data window.

  4. Now if user types a negative number lower than allowed for a certain field, the program replaces the number with the minimum allowed value and notifies the user that their entry was too low. This feature has been added to node elevation, grid elevation, tree elevation, pump pressure, pump flow, area of sprinkler operation, maximum area per sprinkler, maximum nodal pressure imbalance, average nodal pressure imbalance, initial oscillation damping factor, minimum oscillation damping factor, and pipe material C Value.

  5. Fixed bug which would cause an overflow error if the user typed a negative number in certain fields lower than -1E38. Now the error no longer occurs.

  6. Various other minor corrections were made to the numbers or characters allowed to be typed in various fields, as well as the display of data ranges for some fields in the tree and grid builder.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.46 [5/19/2000]

  1. Added a panel in the bottom Status Bar to display the Units of a given field in addition to the allowable Range of inputs.

  2. Found another bug, related to one fixed in 6.0.43, which caused calculations to sometimes stop if there is a blank row in the pipe data. Now calculations are allowed to finish. Again, to guarantee accurate results, the user should always ensure that there are no blank rows in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen by pressing the Sort Pipe button.

  3. Increased maximum allowable pipe length from 2999.9 ft to 9999.9 ft.

  4. Fixed a bug which caused an error if the the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window is left open while another one is selected, then the user clicks back on the pipe data window in the space to the right of this window's pipe toolbar buttons (containing Add/Delete Pipe and so forth). Now this error no longer occurs.

  5. Fixed a bug in the code which used the same variable to keep track of the current row in the tree/grid builder dimension column as is used to keep track of the current row in the main pipe data tab. Now different variables are used to avoid this conflict, which could have caused errors.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.45 [5/5/2000]

  1. Fixed various less obvious bugs in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Problems would occur where rows would become misaligned or the incorrect row number would be indicated in the blue title bar of this window. Most often these bugs would show up if the user opened a help drop-down box, then clicked away directly into another text field or another help drop down arrow. Clicking from one row to another in these cases gave problems most often. Problems were also evident when clicking on the Active button in another row, then attempting to arrow up or down, since rows would sometimes get misaligned. Now that these problems have been fixed, we know of no other problems with this form, so the user can click on any buttons or fields in any order.

Version 6.0.44 [4/26/2000]

  1. Added pump database selection in the Project menu and in the toolbar. Now users can select the pump database listing without having to go to the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, and add or edit fire pumps as needed.

  2. Added additional fitting length calculator. The user has to enter equivalent length of any non-standard fittings in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, but manufacturer data may only provide pressure drop information, not equivalent length. This calculator allows the equivalent length of a fitting to be calculated based on pressure drop, flow, and fluid characteristics.

  3. Fixed code to allow page titles to show on every page of the printouts. This fix had been made in version 6.0.39, but it was recently discovered that code alterations had to be made in three different places to include this update on the print preview window, report options window, and the printouts themselves.

  4. Made update to the program to allow user input data to show in preview or printouts even if a calculation has not been made. Previously, any new information did not show up in printouts unless a calculation had been run, updating the results. This feature will be helpful for users who need to print out and check their latest input data, for instance if the program indicates that there is an isolated section of the network.

  5. Fixed bug which caused the second of two consecutive program runs for a system using Autosizing to be unsuccessful, citing a Zero Diagonal Element. The autosizing was skipped previously if autosized diameters were found in the pipe data, but now the diameters are zeroed out before every subsequent calculation using Autosizing. This allows calculations to finish and allows updated autosizing if an update is made to system inputs.

  6. Fixed bug in an Autosized system which did not indicate the pipe sections experiencing maximum velocity and flow in the printouts. Now the correct pipe sections are identified.

  7. Updated Fire patch file to hopefully allow it to work with more users. Problems with using the file due to files not found or other incompatibility have forced many users to download the full demo to update their program. Using the update patch is preferable due to its smaller size, allowing a shorter download time.

  8. Fixed various minor bugs in Pipe Library data form. The most serious problem that was fixed would delete the next larger pipe diameter if the user added a new pipe diameter in the middle of existing pipe data. Now this problem no longer occurs. Also added warning when maximum number of diameters for a given pipe type have been entered.

  9. Fixed bug in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window which did not save a new fitting entry if the cursor is not moved from that field and the window is closed or a save is made. Now the window is updated and/or the information is saved.

  10. Made selection of K-Factors in Global Editor more precise. Before, it would differentiate between 0.00 and 0.000 and it would change these values, plus any text-based entries such as "None" at the same time.

  11. Removed limit of 4 digits (including decimal point) that can be entered for the value of non-standard fitting length. Now a value up to a maximum of 999.9 (which is 5 digits total) is allowed.

  12. Fixed bug which caused Error 91 and a program shutdown if the user had opened print preview as Enter/Edit Pipe Data was the last selected window, the user maximized print preview, and then closed print preview. Now this sequence of events does not produce an error.

  13. Fixed bug which did not always register a user change to the value of K Factor, elevation, sprinkler area, area group, or non-sprinkler flow for a node in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. If the user immediately closed the window or saved and then returned to the window later and scrolled to the value, sometimes it reverted back to its original value from before the change. Now the value is updated in the program/project memory and will always be current.

  14. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.43 [3/23/2000]

  1. Modified program to allow use with any system Regional Settings other than English (American). Many European and similar settings use a comma in place of a period in numbers, and such settings can now be used with Fire for Windows.

  2. Fixed some code which was not allowing projects to finish using the Automatic Peaking feature.

  3. Fixed bug which sometimes stopped calculations if there was a blank row in the pipe data. Now calculations are allowed to finish. However, to guarantee accurate results, the user should always ensure that there are no blank rows in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen. The easiest way to do this is to press the Sort Pipe button in this screen, which will sort the pipes and delete any blank rows.

  4. Fixed tree and grid builder selection of pipe diameters using the drop down help. Previously if the user had typed in a 2 or 5 inch value, the drop down help did not default to the 2.000 or 5.000 value.

  5. Increased allowable number of area groups to 26 (groups are input by letter designation).

  6. Added better text validation in Global Editor, Tree Builder and Grid Builder folders.

  7. Increased range of input values for fitting data (including equivalent lengths) in pipe database library. Also increased range of input values for meter loss/pump boost in Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen.

  8. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.42 [3/3/2000]

  1. Added feature to make better initial guesses on residual pressures in the system if Use Residual Pressure Estimates is _not_ checked. This decreases the likelihood of a project getting stuck oscillating between nodes. In addition, if oscillation is detected, the residual pressures are boosted again. Once these initial guesses become large enough, the system will stop oscillating. This should eliminate the oscillation problem (when Use Residual Pressure Estimates is unchecked), and in many jobs it eliminates the need to use the Use Residual Pressure Estimates button unless fine tuning of imbalances in an additional run is desired. The method of running in Supply mode and then running in Demand mode using those pressure estimates is still valid, but in many cases is no longer necessary. Convergence is now possible with a single run in many jobs.

  2. Fixed bug which could cause the inflow node to be identified temporarily as the HMD if the density requirement was the dominant calculation target and the HMD node was entered toward the end of the pipe data. This could have caused calculations to take longer or even diverge.

  3. Fixed bug which did not take into account the total number of pipes when inactive pipes were included in a project. So some searches for the inflow node, HMD node, and so on would not always produce the expected results, since the program thought there were fewer total pipes than the real amount. A separate variable was defined to count all pipes including inactive ones, and it was applied for these various searches. Now a project with many inactive pipes will finish calculating correctly.

  4. Moved indication of (psi) units to the right in Calculation window to avoid confusion of node number and inflow node pressure selection in Supply mode.

  5. Fixed bug which did not clear current project information when a DOS project file was opened. This had caused the old data to be mixed with the new data. Now even if a project is open, the user can select to open a DOS project and that information will be imported correctly as a new project file.

  6. Fixed bug which sometimes occurred if a user did not complete a calculation run but tried to go to print or print preview the incomplete results. Sometimes the graph information would go negative, but this is now avoided.

  7. Increased the number of decimal places of density values in the printout sheets to 3.

  8. Increased the number of decimal places of the maximum nodal pressure imbalance as shown in the Displaying window to 6.

  9. Increased the number of decimal places of the pressure and flow imbalances in the Fire Sprinkler Output Summary to 4.

  10. Returned the status bar into view when the user closes the Displaying window. Previously the status bar had remained hidden when the Displaying window was closed, not allowing the user to view subsequent calculation progress.

  11. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.41 [2/22/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which caused Error 91 or similar to occur when user goes directly to Global Editor, Tree Builder, or Grid Builder and tries to access a help drop down box. Such errors did not occur if help drop down boxes had already been used in the Pipe Data tab of this window, making this error hard to find, but now it is fixed.

  2. Updated code in General Project Data screen to allow user to immediately press the arrow keys to navigate around the text fields once a tab has been selected. This takes away some ability to use the left and right arrow keys to change tabs, but it was considered more important to allow immediate access to arrow navigation within each tab.

  3. Fixed bug which caused calculations to stop if a pipe material was deleted, leaving a material value of "0" behind. Now calculations are allowed to finish, though much of the results are blanked out. Also updated code so that if a pipe material is deleted, the default pipe material is assigned instead of "0" which is not a desirable input anyway.

  4. Reset a variable at the beginning of each program run which checks for meeting the sprinkler density criteria set by the user in the Calculation window. Previously the density requirement was sometimes overlooked, such as when calculations were run in succession. Now the density requirement should be met under all conditions. Note that this results in calculations which seem to go on for a long time oscillating between HMD nodes. This often indicates the condition where the density requirement is not being met. In this case, the user should run a job in Supply mode after increasing the inflow pressure, which should estimate a higher HMD pressure. Then when the user reruns in Demand mode (having checked Use Residual Pressure Estimates), the calculation is more likely to finish. You will know that calculations are closer to finishing when the HMD node stops oscillating and it calculates for a while.

  5. Added feature to check for oscillations which are not leading to convergence of results. In this case the calculations are allowed to proceed to the next check. However if minimum density or HMD pressure requirements are not met, the calculations must return to another iteration. One technique I have found to help in this situation is to click the Cancel button and then immediately click Calculate again, which sometimes leads to better convergence the second time.

  6. Fixed bug which did not read the chosen Material type for a Branch Line Pipe in the Tree or Grid Builder. This would cause an error when the user selected a help drop down box for branch line pipe diameter.

Version 6.0.40 [2/17/2000]

  1. Fixed another bug related to a bug fixed in version 6.0.39. Flow imbalance was sometimes not summed correctly at the HMD node in the middle of a pipe if flow was coming into that node from both directions. Now this has been fixed.

  2. Removed display of sprinkler flow more than once per node in Overall Node Groupings Output Data page of printouts. Previously, sprinkler flow was shown for each pipe connection to the node. But this was misleading if the user wanted to check the calculation of flow imbalance at that node by summing the pipe flows and sprinkler flow to obtain net flow out of each node. This update should make a quick visual check of results easier on this page. Also removed display more than once of other nodal information in columns to the right, including Non Sprinkler Flow and Residual Pressure.

Version 6.0.39 [2/15/2000]

  1. By popular demand, now the table captions are included across the top of every page of the printout reports.

  2. Added another decimal point to Max./Ave. Nodal Pressure Imbalance to allow more exact solutions to be calculated.

  3. Added check to set pipe elevation pressure in the Solution tab of the Calculation window and the printouts to 0 if elevation is constant along a pipe. Previously the calculation simply skipped this value instead of assigning it to 0. So if a previous calculation gave this elevation pressure a value, the value would remain on subsequent calculations which should have set elevation pressure to 0.

  4. Fixed bug which set pipe friction pressure loss in the Solution tab of the Calculation window and the printouts by multiplying Friction Loss Per Foot by pipe Nominal Length instead of Equivalent Length. Now it shows correctly that PF + PE + PV pressure loss equals the residual pressure drop across each pipe section.

  5. Added check to recalculate all flow imbalances for pipes. Sometimes for systems where the HMD sprinkler node was in the middle of a pipe, not the end of a pipe, the flow imbalance was not summed correctly. Now this summation is rechecked and should be correct for all nodes.

  6. Fixed bug which checks for a sprinkler (by checking for a non-zero K-Factor or use of the Default K-Factor) and erases Non-Sprinkler Flow if it finds a sprinkler at that node. However for a new project, the Default K-Factor is zero, and this check would thus erase Non-Sprinkler Flow for all nodes with a K-Factor of zero. Now Non-Sprinkler Flow is not erased if the Default K-Factor is zero.

  7. Updated install script to accommodate installation on Windows 2000.

Version 6.0.38 [2/2/2000]

  1. Made Nodal Pressure Imbalance more sensitive to user inputs. In some previous program updates, checks had been made to ensure that calculations finished and imbalances were reasonably small, such as when HMD flows did not agree between pipe and sprinkler flow (this was a flow imbalance problem). However it was found that these checks were overriding user inputs for Nodal Pressure Imbalance. In most cases this was not a problem, however for complex grid systems the calculations were slowed considerably, and the user had no flexibility to make the imbalance checks less strict. In such a case, the user had no choice but to wait for perhaps an hour or more to see if calculations would finish. Now the Nodal Pressure Imbalance is the determining factor for calculations to converge. So if the user sets a less stringent imbalance such as 0.5, the calculations will finish in a minute or less even for complex jobs. It it then at the discretion of the user to check the pressure AND flow imbalances to determine whether a more stringent calculation should be made. The imbalance information is summarized on the last page of the report before the Hydraulic Graph. NOTE: THE USER SHOULD BE CAREFUL TO CHECK THEIR PRESSURE AND ESPECIALLY FLOW IMBALANCES FROM NOW ON. JUST BECAUSE CALCULATIONS FINISH DOES NOT MEAN THEIR SYSTEM WILL BEHAVE AS SPECIFIED. THE IMBALANCES MUST BE REASONABLY LOW AS WELL. A REASONABLE FLOW IMBALANCE IS 0.01 GPM OR LOWER.

  2. Disallowed typing of "0" for a pipe material type in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen unless indicating the second digit of a number like "10". Also disallowed typing of any letter or number after a letter designation such as "M" or "P" or other such device.

  3. Fixed various minor bugs in Fire Pump data screen. Included is an additional check to distinguish between blank pump data points and a point deliberately entered as (0,0). You may want to delete the last (0,0) row of the "Taco" sample pump data, since it was not deliberately entered, and save it to take advantage of this new feature.

  4. Fixed bug which caused an 'Error 6 - Overflow' if the user opened a project file and immediately went to Print or Print Preview. Now this error is avoided. Keep in mind that sometimes calculations must be run again to get a full printout of information.

Version 6.0.37 [1/26/2000]

  1. Fixed inconsistent calculation and display of imbalance flows upstream of a fire pump. Now flows are balanced throughout a project.

  2. Fixed a bug introduced in version 6.0.36 which caused an error or a different window to open after certain help drop down boxes or menus were selected. Now all these help boxes and menus function correctly again.

  3. Made sure that certain system files are installed with Fire. Previously some newer files were installed which could cause conflicts with other programs. But with a complete set of install files based on Vb5, the program should work as a standalone program without interfering with others.

Version 6.0.36 [1/21/2000]

  1. Added Pump Database to the program. This allows the user to save pump data in a pump database. A saved pump can be selected later for use in different projects. The ability is given to enter new pumps, alter and save pump data, copy a pump, and delete a pump. An option is also given to clear the pump data fields and enter data manually for use as a pump curve for your project. All other features in the Pump Data window operate the same as in previous versions of the program, including the selection of pressure units, calculation button, and display of the pump curve graphically. Whatever data is in the Pump Data window when the project is saved, whether manually entered or a pump from the database, will be shown when the project is reopened.

  2. Fixed Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen code to allow users to specify Dflt, Inact, None, or Value for the K-Factor of a node. Now this specification at each node is saved with the project file. The most obvious benefit is that now users can select "Dflt" either by choosing it in the help drop down help box or by placing their cursor in the K-Factor box and pressing "D". The K-Factor for each node selected as default will now be set by the Default K-Factor in the System Data tab of the General Project Data window. A single change there will affect all the default K-factors in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen, as could be done in Fire for DOS.

  3. Added feature to allow users to type in the pipe material type or number directly in Enter/Edit Pipe Data. The user can type in a number from 1 to 50, or M, S, B, or P for constant pressure loss devices or a pump. Note that if "P" is typed, a window immediately opens giving the option to use a pump curve.

  4. Updated help text with more descriptive comments about fire pumps and using a pump curve. Also, the pump curve data window now opens automatically when a pump is selected to give the user the option to use a pump curve.

  5. Before now, when a constant loss pressure device or pump was placed between two nodes with different elevations, an error was returned which used to state "Meter nodes (# - #) have different elevation" even when it was not a meter. Now the correct device is indicated. In addition if one of those nodes is the inflow node, its correct node number is now displayed instead of "10000" which had previously been displayed.

  6. Fixed bug which ignored the existence of a .tmp file and directly opened a project file if it was selected through the Project Explorer. Now if a .tmp file exists for the selected file, the user is prompted if they want to open the .tmp file, discard it and open the saved file, or cancel.

  7. Fixed a few minor problems with the tree builder function.

  8. Fixed a cosmetic bug which caused the Maximum Imbalance in the Displaying window to show just the latest pipe imbalance, not always the greatest imbalance in the system at the time. This did not affect the check for maximum imbalance in the main calculations though, since all imbalances are checked with each iteration anyway.

  9. Fixed bug which left pipe flow and velocity values at 0 for a pump placed in the inflow pipe of a system. Now these flow and velocity values are calculated, giving similar values to a normal inflow pipe section. Also pump boost is now calculated correctly based on this flow value if a pump curve is used.

  10. Fixed display of error message if pipe length is set to zero and the pipe contains the inflow node. Previously, the pipe was indicated with "10000" listed as the inflow node instead of the actual node number. Now the actual node number is shown in the error message stating that pipe length cannot be zero.

  11. Made an adjustment to place the blinking cursor into a field after the help drop down box is selected for it. Not only is this convenient and gives a more intuitive feel for the user, but it also avoids a bug. Previously, if the blinking cursor had been on a node number, and a help drop down box was selected for another column and row and cancelled, and then the arrow keys pressed to try to navigate up or down, the program lost its place and gave an error when it came across what it thought was duplicated node number data. Now this situation is avoided altogether.

  12. Fixed bug which caused data to be assigned to a row incorrectly if the user pressed Pg Up while at the bottom of their data and they were in the Loss text box (the number below Material, which is only editable if the chosen material is a pump or CPLD). This bug would also result in the duplicated node number error which would appear with the help box selection problem also fixed in this update.

  13. Technical updates.

Version 6.0.35 [12/23/1999]

  1. Fixed bug which did not allow some calculations to finish after they went through the newly added, more rigorous convergence check for flow agreement between a sprinkler at the end of a pipe and the pipe flow itself. This bug began to affect preexisting code after this new convergence check was added in version 6.0.33. However, after the existing code was adjusted, this bug no longer occurs.

  2. At user request, increased the allowable constant pump boost further to 999.9 psi. Note that this also affects maximum meter losses.

  3. At user request, increased the allowable sprinkler area input in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window further to 3276.5 psi.

  4. At user request, increased the allowable pipe diameter input in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window to 32.0 inches.

  5. Fixed bug which caused an error message if a user tried to start the Fire program when another instance of Fire was already running. Now a warning message comes up stating that Fire is already running. Currently only one instance of Fire can be running at a time.

  6. Fixed display of error message if a pipe data file or specified pipe diameter cannot be found. Previously, if one end of the indicated pipe (usually the first pipe in the pipe data screen) was the inflow node, the pipe was indicated with "10000" listed as the inflow node instead of the actual node number. Now the actual node number is shown instead.

Version 6.0.34 [12/20/1999]

  1. Added capability to save entered pump curve information in a project file. Thus, when the user enters data, leaves the pump curve data window and returns, the data will remain. And when they save their project file, close it, and return later, the pump curve data will be available for a direct calculation run or to view again in the pump curve data window.

  2. Fixed bug which affected the display of a project containing a pump. If the user ran such a project in Demand mode, the pump loss was inadvertently subtracted from the displayed Residual Pressure At Inflow Node for Supply Mode. Of course when a project is run in Demand mode the Supply mode pressure is grayed out, but in this case the number changed anyway. This wouldn't affect ongoing calculations but would be confusing especially if the user wanted to switch to Supply mode for a comparison run and found this number changed. Now this number remains the same when a Demand calculation is run.

  3. Updated text in Help|About Fire to show the number of pipes (50, 200, or 1000) available in the user's program version.

  4. If the program calculations stop due to an error like discontinuity or a similar calculation problem, the step is skipped to check if a pump is too large which could drive upstream pressures negative. This check is irrelevant if the calculations do not finish, and can be misleading, so it was removed in this case.

  5. Fixed a problem where some projects would not converge, and prompted the user to check for data discontinuities. One matrix calculation parameter had been set to single precision, which contributed to large values divided by another large value very close to it becoming 1.0 instead of 0.9999999 etc. This parameter is now set to double precision, and this division no longer produces 1.0 and allows the calculations to finish. There is no one situation where this problem would have been expected to occur, but generally more projects will be able to converge now than before.

  6. Fixed a bug introduced in the last program update which caused calculations to not finish unless the user had the 1000 node version of the program. Now all versions including the demo run correctly.

  7. Fixed display of residual pressures in printout or preview sheets. In version 6.0.33 some residual pressures upstream of the pump were shown in these sheets without first subtracting off the pump boost. This reflects the method used to simulate a pump in the current program. Note that in the printout sheets titled Node Input Data, the column Pressure Estimate (psi) shows the actual pressure estimates used in the program calculations, including the high pressure values upstream of a pump. The other residual pressures shown in the other printout sheets are now shown correctly, with lower pressures upstream of the pump.

Version 6.0.33 [12/15/1999]

  1. Added new feature to allow user to input points for a pump curve and use this curve in the calculations to represent a fire pump. Currently there is no ability to save pump curves, but this will likely be implemented in a future version of Fire. Note that because there is no save capability, the user must reenter the pump curve points if they close and reopen their file. Note that a pump curve can only be utilized in Demand Mode, because the pump pressure is determined by the pump incoming flowrate and applied at the end of the calculations. In Supply mode, pump pressure must be applied at the beginning of calculations to determine inflow node residual pressure, before flows are known.

  2. Increased the allowable constant pump boost from 99.9 to 199.9 psi. Note that this also affects maximum meter losses.

  3. Increased the allowable number of decimal places to 4 for Minimum Desired Density of sprinkler flow. It had been 3 decimal places.

  4. Updated installation files to install the pipe database file pipe.dat if the user leaves the box unchecked to install over a previously saved version, but no version exists on their computer.

  5. Made a new installation file for the Fire update patch, since in the latest version, it became too big to fit on one floppy diskette. The installation file is a self-extracting executable like the full program demo. However the user can elect to just extract the individual install files to a temporary directory, copy them to floppies, and paste them onto another computer where they can be run. Note that the capability was also added to directly run the program installation after file extraction for both the update patch and the full program demo.

  6. Updated installation files to only install the fire.ini file if one does not currently exist or is older.

  7. Fixed bug which would cause the program to crash if the user specified test static and residual pressure but left test flow rate at 0. This caused an error in generating the hydraulic graph. Now the graph is drawn, but the graph is left incomplete to reflect the incomplete data.

  8. Fixed bug which did not recalculate pipe flow for the pipe at the HMD node during a Demand mode calculation. The result could sometimes be significantly inaccurate. Now this flow should be calculated correctly in all cases.

  9. Updated printouts to show inside diameter of pipes to 3 decimal places in all locations where this diameter is shown. Previously this value had been shown to 2 decimal places in the Overall Pipe Output Data printout pages.

  10. Added a check to compare HMD Sprinkler Flow with HMD pipe flow, if the HMD sprinkler node is at the end of a single pipe. Of course, in a single pipe, the pipe flow and sprinkler flow should be the same. If they are calculated to be > 0.05% different, then the calculations are forced to continue. Previously, some projects would converge while this difference was significant. Thus it wasn't a true convergence. Now the calculations run until all conditions are met, including that these flows match up.

  11. Modified fix made in version 6.0.32 to show actual node numbers in maximum flow velocity pipe in the Solution tab of the Calculation window. Now the correct node numbers are shown, whether the pipe is at the inflow or in the middle of the system. Note that flow velocity through meters or pumps are not accounted for in the determination of maximum flow velocity in the system.

  12. Fixed display of system inflow residual pressure and Demand Flow at System Inflow Node in the Solution tab of the Calculation window. This was a similar fix to the above fix made for display of maximum flow velocity. Before this fix, the display of these two parameters was sometimes incorrect when the inflow node was located in the middle of the system (according to node number).

  13. Adjusted new fire pump method of decreasing pressures upstream of the pump. In the Supply Mode, the user specifies a fixed inflow pressure, so since it is upstream of any pumps, pump pressure boost(s) are added to the inflow pressure before calculations start to offset the later decrease. Now both Supply and Demand mode operate correctly with the new fire pump feature.

  14. Fixed bug which caused program to crash if user specified in the Fire program installation that the Fire projects directory was not a subdirectory of the Fire program directory. Now these two directories can be specified independent of each other. They can even be located on different drives on your computer.

  15. Fixed check for all sprinklers upstream of a pump, even if those sprinklers are on a branch which joins an upstream pipe. This fix also made sure that all affected pipes show a pressure boost due to the pump.

Version 6.0.32 [11/19/1999]

  1. Added the capability to include a fire pump in the system. Currently a fire pump may only be added at or near the inflow node, upstream of any sprinkler heads. A fire pump can be selected as a pipe material type, in the same fashion that a meter can be selected. Like a meter, a constant pressure value is entered for a pump. This is the pressure boost to the system given by the fire pump. This constant pressure rise is independent of flow. We hope to implement the use of pump curves in a future update, which would give a pressure rise as a function of water flow at the pump inflow node.

  2. A file update has been added to enhance the Autocad interface, which now allows direct start of Fire for Windows from within Autocad with the Softdesk module.

  3. Updated pipe data for Sch. 10 Wet Steel. This data had been virtually identical to Sch. 40 Wet Steel in previous versions. Note that if you have manually changed your own pipe database, installing version 6.0.32 or higher and choosing to install the latest pipe database will overwrite your pipe database file. If you want to use our updated pipe data and your manually changed data too, you must save your Pipe.dat file separately for use when needed or reenter your manual changes into the new pipe database after installation of this program version.

  4. Fixed display in the Solution tab of the Calculation form to show actual node number in maximum flow velocity pipe section if that node is the inflow node. This problem would appear only in certain cases. A similar fix was made for versions 6.0.14 and 6.0.27 for the printout and display of this pipe description.

  5. Added feature in the Calculation window to display end node number of a pipe as its actual node number even if that is the inflow node. This seemed to only affect a project where a meter or pump is placed at the inflow node, where the end node number had been displayed as "10000."

  6. Mark Inflow Node and Unmark Inflow Node buttons can now be pressed and produce expected results. Previously, the user had to press Sort Pipes to refresh the display, and sometimes the marking/unmarking was not successful. This inconsistency has been fixed and now these buttons' functions work correctly.

  7. Fixed bug which indicated that "the program you are trying to open is the current file" when actually the project being opened has too many pipes/sprinklers for the amount allowed by the user's licensed copy of Fire.

  8. Fixed bug that would cause calculations to stop if water flow is calculated to be negative in the beginning or ending pipe of the system. Now calculations are allowed to finish, even though the results will not be realistic with a negative flow on one end of the system.

  9. Fixed bug where if new pipes were added in Enter/Edit Pipe Data window, the window was closed immediately, and the project saved, the new pipes would not be saved. Now all new pipes are saved in this case.

  10. Fixed bug which introduced a temporary file after the user closed a file and tried to reopen it. This would cause the user to be prompted that a temporary file exists for this file; a temporary file normally should only be found when the user tries to open a file if the file was closed abruptly in the middle of being edited, such as a program crash. Now this misleading result is avoided and a temporary file is not created after a proper file close.

  11. Fixed bug which kept the project name in memory after it had been closed. When the user tried open a file using File|Open Project, it would access the old filename and open that file without giving the user a choice of files to open. Now this choice is always given when the user selects File|Open Project. A similar bug was also fixed which would reopen the same file if it was currenly open when the user selected File|Open Project.

  12. Fixed bug which sent program into endless loop during calculations if Use Automatic Peaking Calculation was checked but no area groups were defined in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Now the calculations are allowed to finish, but of course peaking calculations will not be done because no groups have been defined among which peaking can be determined for the system.

  13. Reinitialized pipe data on closing of one project and opening of another. In certain cases this situation would cause old data to be mixed with new data, but this situation is now avoided.

  14. Removed extraneous labels which cluttered view of Calculation window when this window is maximized.

  15. Added code to immediately update inflow node number if changed for printing in calculation window and reports.

  16. Updated installation file to place default Projects subdirectory in Elite directory.

  17. Technical changes.

Version 6.0.31 [10/1/1999]

  1. Fixed bug in some forms where if user types [Ctrl]+[V] to paste text, the text in the clipboard is pasted twice.

  2. Redirected code if automatic peaking is checked and first calculated HMD P is less than required HMD P. Before now, this caused an error.

  3. Fixed code so that if any pipes are made Inactive, the check for isolated pipes is not affected. Sometimes before now it had erroneously indicated missing pipe sections when some pipes were simply made Inactive.

  4. Technical changes.

Version 6.0.30 [8/16/1999]

  1. Fixed code used to import Autocad datafile information into Fire. Now the code accounts for two slightly different formats and can import both.

  2. Fixed bug to allow Autocad file to be imported with more than 6 pipes without an error occurring in the calculation of pipe equivalent length.

  3. Widened the Area Group fields in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window. Before now, a wide letter such as W would appear truncated in this field, and would only appear when the left edge of this field was selected with the mouse. Now all letters appear in full view in the Area Group fields.

  4. Fixed bug that stopped calculations if Max. Area Per Sprinkler is left at 0. Now the program will finish calculations in this case, even though the results will not be valid since NFPA requires that a value be input for Max. Area Per Sprinkler.

  5. Fixed bug that caused an error and stopped calculations if Test Flow Rate is left at 0. Now the program will finish calculations in this case. Without flow test data, the hydraulic graph curve cannot be generated, so if this graph is needed then flow data must be entered.

  6. Fixed bug which occurred if a user was in the top row of the pipe data, in the lower node number, and not in the first pipe in the system. If the user clicks the Delete Pipe button and then tries to move up, an error would occur. Now this no longer causes an error.

  7. Fixed bug which did not indicate Status: Open if the user selected and highlighted a currently open project in the Project Explorer window. Now the status is shown correctly. Remember to click on the Refresh Project List button, in the upper left corner of the Project Exlorer window in the Project Explorer toolbar, to update the status of your Fire projects.

Version 6.0.29 [7/26/1999]

  1. Fixed bug in Select Reports, Other Options. When user selects or changes file name for logo on printout, the logo shown in the Preview window now changes to show the selected logo.

  2. Fixed a small problem with importing Autocad file data correctly, and added feature to calculate pipe equivalent lengths for a newly imported Autocad file.

  3. Added feature to allow users to access the menu items using shortcut keys such as Alt+F to pull down the File menu. Previously, this was only possible if no windows were open besides the main program window.

  4. Fixed bug where if a project is open and user selects Print Setup and then clicks Cancel, an error message prints to screen. Now the program recognizes that Cancel has been clicked normally and no error results.

Version 6.0.28 [7/14/1999]

  1. Enabled Add New Diameter button when adding a new pipe material. Also fixed bug in displaying an incomplete pipe material type.

  2. Added error checks for Autosized pipes using incomplete pipe material data.

  3. Fixed bug that gave an error when user presses Up arrow while in the Diameter combo box of the Pipe Material Database screen and adding a pipe diameter. Also cleaned up other remaining minor errors in the Pipe Material Database screen.

  4. Fixed bug where if system is selected as Dry, it is incorrectly labeled "Wet" in the Fire Sprinkler Output Summary.

  5. Corrected code to allow calculations to be stopped by pressing Cancel when Automatic Peaking is checked.

  6. Fixed bug where calculations would not finish if a meter is added with pressure loss = 0. Now such an entry will be accepted.

Version 6.0.27 [6/29/1999]

  1. Added feature to export data to a Fire for DOS file.

  2. Added feature to reset settings of damping factors when calculations iterate using a new HMD node. This should allow calculations to proceed more similarly to the DOS version.

  3. Fixed all help drop down boxes in Enter/Edit Pipe Data Grid Builder and Tree Builder screens. Some of them had been inactive.

  4. Fixed bug where node numbers did not display in the Grid Builder's Display Network screen unless a network had already been displayed in the Tree Builder.

  5. Fixed bug where if user added a new pipe in the Pipe Database, but did not enter at least one diameter with fitting data, it would produce an error. Now the user is prompted to enter this required information.

  6. Fixed display in the Solution tab of the Calculation form to show actual node number in maximum flow velocity pipe section if that node is the inflow node. A similar fix was made for version 6.0.14 for the printout of this pipe description.

  7. Fixed bug which did not pick up manually entered sprinkler areas in the lower node of a pipe. Now users can manually enter some or all sprinkler coverage areas node by node in the Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen.

  8. Corrected code to allow selected Default Pipe Material to be copied to all pipe data rows with no current data.

  9. Updated check for isolated pipe sections to account for Inactive pipes.

Version 6.0.26 [6/8/1999]

  1. Fixed bug which caused a crash when displaying pipe descriptions when a meter is used. This is related to an earlier fix in version 6.0.24.

  2. Added feature in the Preview window to display end node number of the pipe with Maximum Velocity Pressure as its actual node number even if that was the inflow node. I previously had made this fix only for the pipe with Maximum Flow Velocity.

  3. Moved comments one column to right and added Default Pipe Material full description to General Project Data Report.

Version 6.0.25 [6/4/1999]

  1. Added second oscillation check for density dominant condition to ensure that calculations don't go on indefinitely or return results which do not meet user-set criteria.

  2. Allowed entry of 4-digit node numbers in Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen.

  3. Added check to make sure that if minimum desired HMD pressure > density required HMD pressure that calculations do not set density as the dominant factor.

  4. Added second run-through of calculations to confirm a "No Solution Found" condition for a project.

Version 6.0.24 [5/27/1999]

  1. Corrected error in calculation of Available Inflow Residual Pressure.

  2. Fixed bug where calculations would hang in certain cases before the program chose an initial guess at the HMD node and started running iterations. Now the program is made to proceed after a minimum number of initial iterations.

  3. Added fine tuning of correction made when minimum HMD pressure is set to zero. This feature was first added to version 6.0.22 of the program.

  4. Fixed bug which prevented completion of calculations in the Supply mode. Also added checks for negative pressure values in Supply mode calculations to avoid crashes.

  5. Added check for division by zero errors for part of Hydraulic Graph calculations.

  6. Fixed bug which caused printouts of pipe descriptions in the Fire Sprinkler Output Data report to not match with the pipe shown.

  7. Added feature to allow user to update their copy of Fire by inserting their license diskette in the A: drive, going to the Help menu in the program, choosing About Fire, and pressing [Shift]+[Ctrl]+L. This will bring up a dialog instruction box allowing you to copy the license file from the diskette and update your copy of Fire. This is a simple way to update the program from the Demo to the Active version.

Version 6.0.23 [5/21/1999]

  1. Fixed a bug which stopped calculations if Autosizing was used in the demo version of the program. This is related to the bug which affected the demo version and was fixed in version 6.0.21 of the program.

  2. Fixed bug which caused the program to freeze if more than 100 projects were in the projects directory.

  3. Fixed bug in the calculations which sometimes caused Excess Available Inflow Residual Pressure to be calculated incorrectly. This was related to the calculations of the Hydraulic Graph slope which were corrected in version 6.0.21 of the program.

Version 6.0.22 [5/20/1999]

  1. Fixed bug which would not allow opening of existing or new project after the user attempted to open a project with more pipes than allowed by their program version.

  2. Added fix for zero values of minimum HMD pressure, which cause calculation inconsistencies with nonzero pressure entries where minimum density required is the dominant calculation factor. Now all cases with density dominant except where the calculated required pressure is less than 1 psi (an unrealistic situation anyway) are corrected in this fashion.

  3. Added feature to detect an isolated pipe section and alert the user and stop calculations if one is found.

Version 6.0.21 [5/11/1999]

  1. Fixed code to return user from Help form giving options for minimum required density to location where user asked for help, either in the General Project Data screen or the Calculation screen.

  2. Fixed calculations of Hydraulic Graph slope beyond residual pressure point to the x-axis. This should always be a straight line.

  3. Fixed bug which caused a crash if there was one more node than pipes allowed by a given program version. This previously especially affected files run in the demo version (10 pipes maximum).

Version 6.0.20 [5/6/1999]

  1. Fixed code only allowing Non-Sprinkler Flow to be entered if the K-Factor is zero. Previously it had checked for K-Factor = the default value instead of all non-zero values.

  2. Added check for inflow node, not allowing typing of Non-Sprinkler flow on a node which is already marked as the inflow node.

  3. Fixed bug where a K-Factor specified via the help box caused an error which interrupted calculations.

Version 6.0.19 [4/28/1999]

  1. Altered code to avoid crash if user typed more than 10 digits in the Fittings text boxes of the Pipe Data screen. Also updated code to allow up to 99 fittings of a given type in a single pipe section.

  2. Added updates list to Readme.txt file and to website.

Version 6.0.18 [4/27/1999]

  1. Fixed bug in check for extra tab characters in node numbers to prepare for Print Preview. This caused a crash if the pipe contained a meter or other device.

  2. Added a check to make the hourglass disappear if someone tries to open a DOS project file but then clicks Cancel.

  3. Added checks to display error message instead of crashing if it is detected that the project directory is full (usually this happens if the user is trying to save to a diskette).

  4. Fixed bug with a program variable that appeared if a project was opened and closed and then a DOS project file is opened.

  5. Added the title caption "File Save As..." in the dialog box that appears when File|Save As is selected.

Version 6.0.17 [4/21/1999]

  1. The extra check added in 6.0.16 was causing some converged projects to continue checking, making the calculations run indefinitely. This check was modified to function correctly. Only projects where min. required density was the dominant factor were affected.

  2. Fixed bug in which Available Inflow Residual Pressure was not calculated correctly for the Hydraulic Graph. This affected a few other calculated values as well, and now they appear to be correct.

  3. A subroutine to update pipe node data was found to be needed before calculated results were displayed, to show the most recent calculations.

  4. Fixed bug where some PVC pipe material caused the other data for that pipe to not show up in Print Preview or the printouts.

  5. Altered code to route around calculations to begin the next iteration if the results have converged. This could have caused erroneous results to be displayed, especially in cases where min. required density is the dominant factor.

Version 6.0.16 [4/15/1999]

  1. Added code to show error box if user tried to open a DOS project with more pipes than allowed by their program version.

  2. Added an extra check for convergence if Automatic Peaking is activated, since it appeared that sometimes criteria were not met in this case.

Version 6.0.15 [4/13/1999]

  1. Enabled negative elevation values to be entered manually by users in the Pipe Data screen.

  2. Added code to reset a check variable if the user clicks Calculate, Cancel, then Calculate again. This could cause a false convergence of results before criteria are met.

Version 6.0.14 [4/8/1999]

  1. Removed correction updates to pressure estimates which had been entered to try to avoid oscillation problems. It was determined that such updates were unnecessary and could make results inaccurate.

  2. Fixed bug where data shown for a meter or similar device was inaccurate in Print Preview screen and printouts. Also made sure that the word "Meter" etc. shows in these screens at all times by checking for a meter or other device in each pipe.

  3. Added more data initializations involved with the Calculations Results tab.

  4. Altered the loading of the Print form to only occur when the user is about to print; this may increase program speed.

  5. Fixed a small bug where a local variable designating the end node for the pipe section with Maximum Flow Velocity was not assigned unless it was the inflow node.

  6. Included a limit on the for..next loop in the tree builder to Max Num of Pipes - 1 to avoid a program crash if the tree produces more pipes than allowed by the program version.

  7. Increased the initial dimension settings for an array variable, which could cause a crash for a 10 pipe project in the demo version.

Version 6.0.13 [3/29/1999]

  1. Added more variable initializations when the user presses the Delete button in the Pipe Data form.

  2. Fixed bug to check for non-numeric node numbers to avoid a crash if a previous project with alphanumeric node numbers is loaded.

Version 6.0.12 [3/23/1999]

  1. Added a final check in calculations to make sure that the min. residual pressure specified by the user is met; if this is the dominant criteria to be met, it wasn't always being satisfied, so re-routing the program through the calculations again as necessary seemed to fix this problem.

  2. Disabled another unnecessary calculation on closing of the Pipe Data screen, which sometimes caused the program to prompt the user for changes when the program closes even if no changes were made.

  3. Altered code to make the Save and Save As code uniform when checking for remaining open screens.

  4. Altered the gvFArrayNodeNum variable assignment to more closely agree with the DOS code calculations.

  5. Adjusted code for calculating equivalent residual pressure where min. required density is the dominant factor in the calculations; fixed an incorrectly assigned variable in this code. Previously, projects could not be run where min. required density was the dominant calculation factor.

  6. Adjusted checks for meeting min. required density, allowing higher than minimum values to be allowed without searching for a new HMD.

  7. Added more variable initializations to zero on opening of a new or existing project. Previously, old data could be superimposed on current project data, causing errors.

Version 6.0.11 [3/11/1999]

  1. Moved latest Fire.ini file to the installation files.

  2. Removed code which saved onscreen pipe data; this was not necessary, as pipe data is resaved every time a user moves from pipe to pipe or offscreen. This could even cause data to be saved inaccurately in some cases, but this problem was fixed by its removal.

  3. Added warning boxes indicating if a user tries to open a file with too many pipes for his/her program version. Previously, sometimes just a general error came up in this situation.

Version 6.0.10 [3/9/1999]

  1. Added code to make the non-group sprinkler flow, etc. data appear on one line each in the Print Preview screen.

  2. Added code to avoid a crash if Print Preview was attempted before Calculations were run on a project.

  3. Enabled the user to drag the window widths in the Explorer window, to see a long filename, for example.

  4. Added the newer help file to the distribution files for Fire (including the full program and the update patch).

  5. Updated the number of characters to check for changes in a project file to a higher number when asking to save changes to a file. Previously, if the user had made changes to later screens, they might have gone undetected and the user would not have been asked to save changes. I also added code to exit from this check if the end of the data file is reached.

  6. Fixed a bug where the quantity of fittings specified by the user was not affecting the equivalent length displayed to the right of it.

  7. Fixed a bug where the default K-Factor was not be applied via the Global Editor.

  8. Added more global variables from the Calculation screen to the routines setting them to 0 on a new file load, further ensuring that all startup data is reset.

Version 6.0.9 [3/2/1999]

  1. Fixed bug where a fitting was not placed in the Pipe Data form if chosen from the drop-down help box. Also fixed bug where if the user clicks away from the help box or clicks cancel, the fitting already in the box, if any, is erased.

  2. Fixed bug where the warning indicating that a particular pipe diameter is not found for a given pipe material refers to the incorrect pipe number.

  3. Fixed bug where if Static Pressure is less than Residual Pressure, the program crashes when trying to make calculations to bring up the Print Preview screen.

  4. Added check for node numbers to exist if an inflow node is detected, to avoid a possible program crash.

  5. Took out erroneous Stop statement from code to begin a New file.

  6. Reset a couple of global variables which were not being reset, causing the program to prompt the user to save changes to a project even if changes were not made.

Version 6.0.8 [3/1/1999]

  1. Reestablished the text validator in the node numbers text boxes of the Pipe Data screen, so that only numbers can be typed there.

  2. Allowed the use of Backflow Preventers and Stringers in the Pipe Data screen, and included them in the output and printouts.

  3. Added feature to reset the pipe data to the top rows when the user clicks away from the Pipe Data form and clicks back.

Version 6.0.7 [2/17/1999]

  1. Re-enabled the opening of a progress window when the Displaying button is pressed in the Calculation screen. Also allowed old data to be erased completely from the Displaying window when a new HMD is found.

  2. Updated registry settings in installation script.

  3. Fixed bug where if user enters data in the Pipe Data screen and immediately hits Save, the pipe data is not saved.

  4. Fixed bug where the user just types a number in a fittings text box of the Pipe Data screen, and a warning is given that the user must type a fitting type in this box, but then won't let the user alter the text or move away, thus putting the program in an endless loop.

Version 6.0.6 [2/11/1999]

  1. Changed the initial setting of variable lvPipeIndex from 0 to 1.

Version 6.0.5 [2/8/1999]

  1. Finished addition of Display Network feature for adding a tree or grid.

  2. Changed units on Grid Builder dimension B to ft.

  3. Fixed bug in which if the user turns off the inflow node and then tries to arrow down, the inflow node arrow reappears and some data also reappears.

Version 6.0.4 [1/29/1999]

  1. Added option to copy selected pipe data to the new pipe when Add Pipe button is pressed on the Pipe Data screen.

  2. Added code to enact the Autosize feature (turning the diameter to 0 and the number color to red) to each affected pipe when diameters are changed to 0 using the Global Editor.

  3. Finished addition of OK/Cancel option for opening message box indicating that a temporary file has been found and asks to open it. Also included error routing so that if a user tries to open a project with more pipes than allowed by his/her program version, the program will reject it but won't crash.

Version 6.0.3 [1/22/1999]

  1. Disabled the input of text in the Status text boxes in the Global Editor, and limited inputs to choices from drop-down help boxes.

  2. Stopped the cursor from being placed to the left of each typed digit in the K-Factor text boxes in the Pipe Data screen. This was inconvenient for typing a multidigit number here.

  3. Fixed small bugs in the Add/Edit Pipe Material Database features.

  4. Changed maximum water velocity units in the Print Preview screen (and printout) to ft/s.

  5. Added a feature to read in Autocad-generated *.fra data files.

Version 6.0.2 [1/15/1999]

  1. Updated parts of code which set default K-Factor to a constant 5.65 instead of allowing the user to set this default value.

  2. Fixed bug where if user limits on-screen pipes to less than 6 in Pipe Data screen, part of the tree builder and other information tabs are cut off on the bottom.

  3. Fixed bug in which the Pipe Add feature in the Pipe Material Database was not functioning correctly.

  4. Added Copy Pipe feature to Pipe Material Database.

  5. Enabled use of PgUp/PgDn keys to navigate in Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen.

  6. Added Absolute and Relative buttons to the Elevation input in the Global Editor.

Version 6.0.1 [1/11/1999]

  1. Updated the Sample and Autolad project files.

  2. Added warning message if demo limits exceeded.

  3. Blocked input to NSprkFlow if the K-Factor is not 0.

  4. Allow status to be set to Active or Inactive in the Global Editor.

  5. Added pipe material drop down list in Global Editor.

  6. Fixed bug in Print Preview screen where page 1 was sometimes blank.

  7. Fixed bug where program would crash if user scrolled down to bottom of Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen.

  8. Allowed typing of 2 digits in Material entry in Enter/Edit Pipe Data screen.

  9. Turned off help box for Diameter when pipe material is changed to a meter or other device.

  10. Fixed bug in which you start a new file, type in GPD data, then hit Save, and the GPD data is cleared.

  11. Fixed bug in which when you start a new file and then open an existing file, it does not save the changes to the new file or prompt you to save it.


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