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GasVent Recent Update History

Version Changes

Version 2.09.34 [12/21/11]

  1. Fixed a problem that made the program crash when the appliance outlet diameter was 24 inches.

Version 2.09.33 [5/17/11]

  1. Fixed a problem that could potentially prevent the program from starting.

Version 2.09.32 [4/1/11]

  1. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

Version 2.09.31 [11/5/10]

  1. Fixed a problem with calculating the manifold diameter in projects with a masonry common vent.

  2. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

Version 2.09.29 [3/3/09]

  1. Fixed a bug in the calculations.

Version 2.09.28 [9/23/08]

  1. Fixed a problem with the Single Appliance calculations. The calculated vent capacity was too low in some cases.

Version 2.09.27 [6/26/08]

  1. Fixed a "subscript out of range" error that happened during calculations for a single appliance system.

Version 2.09.26 [12/31/07]

  1. Corrected the version number displayed in the About window.

Version 2.09.25 [12/20/07]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused GasVent to display 5.5 inch diameter vents as 6 inch vents because all diameters were rounded to whole numbers.

  2. Made it so the minimum connector size and the minimum vent size are identical in a single appliance system when the vent is type B or includes a chimney liner.

Version 2.09.24 [9/19/07]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused GasVent to show the wrong result when only a connector smaller than the outlet diameter will work.

  2. Made GasVent compatible with Windows Vista.

  3. Made it so GasVent will run properly on foreign versions of Windows that use the Double Byte Character Set, such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese versions.

Version 2.09.23 [4/17/07]

  1. Proprietary changes.

Version 2.09.22 [4/3/07]

  1. Restored some OCX and DLL files I forgot to include in the installation script during the last update.

Version 2.09.21 [3/14/07]

  1. Made it so GasVent will recommend the use of 5.5 inch diameter vents and connectors when they are allowed in a venting system.

  2. Added a Project Explorer window.

  3. Added a Close Project option.

  4. Made it so the default projects folder at startup will be the folder containing the last project that was opened.

  5. Made it so the items in the Edit menu and the Window menu are enabled and disabled at the right times.

  6. Added a list of all the open windows to the Windows menu.

  7. Made it so the Print Setup dialog will appear after the Print button is clicked.

Version 2.09.19 [9/15/06]

  1. Fixed an error that prevented a valid internal masonry chimney size from being displayed when the IFGC tables listed no capacity for a 12 square inch chimney or a 19 square inch chimney having the specified height.

  2. Made it so when you first open the program it asks you whether or not you want to check for an update. Also added a new "Set Check for Update Options" menu under the Help menu. You can now select whether you want the program to ask you, to automatically check, or to not check. If you set it to automatically check, you can also set it to notify you of any updates to the HVAC equipment databases you may have installed, which are used in Elite programs such as Energy Audit and Rhvac. Also made it so the Update Available and similar dialogs from the Update Manager program float over all other windows. This change prevents the possibility of the Update Available window being put behind the main program window where you might not notice it.

Version 2.09.18 [3/13/06]

  1. Fixed an error that prevented chimney sizes from being displayed on the reports.

  2. Fixed an error that caused a result of -4 to be displayed on the Appliance Data window when data was missing.

Version 2.09.17 [3/13/06]

  1. Fixed an error that caused the maximum chimney size to be too large in a Single Appliance system.

Version 2.09.16 [2/27/06]

  1. Made it so winter design temperatures may be entered with a precision of one or more decimal points.

  2. Increased the size range of masonry vents that are tested for validity in a Single Story / Multiple Appliance system.

Version 2.09.15 [11/09/05]

  1. Made it so the vent sizes will be shown on the reports when different connector types are used in the same venting system.

Version 2.09.14 [11/07/05]

  1. Corrected a warning message that concerns commingling of different connector types.

  2. Fixed code that caused the wrong caption to appear in an error message.

Version 2.09.13 [5/20/05]

  1. Corrected an error in the calculations. In some cases when the program checked to see if a connector size smaller than the outlet diameter could be used, it did not check the capacity of the smaller connector.

Version 2.09.12 [4/14/05]

  1. Updated the reports and documentation to acknowledge that GasVent complies with both the National Fuel Gas Code and the International Fuel Gas Code.

Version 2.09.11 [4/11/05]

  1. Modified Appliance Data so it will allow less than two elbows in a connector that has a lateral section.

  2. Modified Appliance Data so it will allow one elbow in a chimney liner that does not have an offset.

  3. On Appliance Data changed the lowest valid rise to 0.5 feet.

Version 2.09.9 [1/17/05]

  1. Corrected an error in the single appliance calculations that caused the program to give the wrong maximum size for a flexible chimney liner.

  2. Corrected an error in the single appliance calculations that violated IFGC section 504.1.2(5) when a flexible chimney liner was selected.

  3. Corrected an error in the multiple appliance calculations that caused the program to give the wrong minimum connector size in a few projects.

  4. Eliminated an Invalid Picture error that appeared on some computers at startup.

  5. Added the capability to uninstall GasVent.

Version 2.09.8 [12/01/04]

  1. Added a Copy License File button to the About GasVent window.

  2. Made technical changes to the Update Manager.

Version 2.09.7 [11/19/04]

  1. Modified the combustion air calculations. Added the requirement that the area of a single opening to the outdoors must be at least 9 square inches.

Version 2.09.6 [11/15/04]

  1. Added a map to the help file showing the 99% winter design temperatures for the continental U.S.

Version 2.09.5 [11/09/04]

  1. Updated the Appliance Data window so it will accept appliances with multiple input ratings, appliances with vent dampers, corrugated vent connectors, 45 degree connector elbows, common vent elbows in a single story / multiple appliance vent system, and a 45 degree common vent offset in a multiple story / multiple appliance vent system.

  2. Updated the Define Manifold(s) window so it will accept manifold elbows.

  3. Updated the vent calculations according to the rule that the 20 percent capacity reduction for a metal chimney liner includes an allowance for one 90 degree elbow.

  4. Updated the Vent Installation window so it will calculate ventilation and combustion air requirements when one permanent opening communicates with the outdoors.

  5. Updated the Vent Installation window so it will determine whether or not a combination of indoor air and outdoor air provides sufficient ventilation and combustion air.

  6. Updated the Single Story / Single Appliance report, the Single Story / Multiple Appliance report, and the Multiple Story / Multiple Appliance report so any errors in the appliance or vent data will be printed on the report.

  7. Added an "Elite Software Update Manager" feature to automatically check to see if an update is available when the program is first opened.

Version 2.09.4 [8/04/04]

  1. Fixed an error that caused the program to identify some vent connectors as too long when they were actually valid. This error only affected vent connectors that were connected to an exterior chimney.

Version 2.09.3 [7/07/04]

  1. Made it so a masonry chimney can have an offset in a single story/multiple appliance project.

  2. Removed the option to perform calculations using the GAMA tables, because we consider the GAMA tables to be obsolete. All calculations are now performed using the IFGC tables.

  3. Fixed a problem involving the calculation of the minimum external masonry chimney size.

Version 2.09.2 [6/14/04]

  1. Added a new vent type, exterior masonry chimney, to the Appliance Data window.

  2. Added a 99% winter design temperature input and appliance function inputs to the Appliance Data window.

  3. Fixed an error that prevented some valid chimney sizes from being displayed on the Appliance Data window.

Version 2.09.1 [5/06/04]

  1. Fixed problem in the Multiple Appliance / Single Story calculation which caused the lateral length for appliance #1 to be ignored if it was fan-assisted and the common vent offset was zero.

  2. Made it so the Tool Tip window is not shown in the taskbar.

Version 2.09 [9/27/02]

  1. Fixed problem which prevented the displaying of tool tips.

Version 2.08 [9/24/02]

  1. Fixed problem with opening a warning message window.

Version 2.07 [6/18/02]

  1. Updated the references to International Fuel Code 2000.

  2. Updated to a Visual Basic 5 installation, which increased the size of the installation files.

Version 2.06 [1/12/98]

  1. Added error checking to fix a minor bug in Multiple Appliance / Single Story calculations where entering an outlet diameter > 10 would give an error using masonry vents (NFGC Table 8).

Version 2.05

  1. Changed the way the Single Story / Single Appliance calculations are performed. The change only affects the selection of a flex liner vent. Also, fixed the GASVENT background logo's border.

Version 2.04

  1. Updated Threed.vbx and cmdialog.vbx to the same version as RHVAC's version of these files to help prevent any version conflicts.

Version 2.03

  1. Interpolated and added data between 2' and 4' rises to create 3' rise data for the 12", 14", 16", & 18" vent connector diameters on GAMA Table 3 / NFGC Table 6. These entries are not physically listed in the table, but their creation can be justfied in that GAMA and NFGC both allow interpolation within the tables.

  2. Fixed a message box where the problem description and the "More Info" description were reversed.

Version 2.02

  1. Added Recent File support to the file menu

  2. Added Help|Overview

Version 2.01

  1. Fixed a minior bug in the way that the adjusted input rating of an appliance was stored. The value was getting rounded off. For example, if the altitude made the adjusted input to be 33.5 MBH, then this was rounded up to 34 and an altitude slightly higher would be allowed. Now, the program is strict in the sense that if the value was 33.999 and the cut-off was 34, it would not allow this.

  2. Fixed a bug with the altitude box that would not allow users running 800X600 or 640X480 resolutions to see when they had entered this field.

  3. Adjusted aspect ratio and changed GV logo so that other specialty logos may be put in place of this logo. The logo simply has to have a 0.75 Width to Height ratio, i.e. Width/Height = 0.75.

  4. Added 8 new graphics to show offsets in the common vent for the Single Story / Multiple Appliance window. If the user first clicks the offset check box, Masonary common vent type is disabled because GAMA/NFGC doesn't allow offsets in a masonary common vent. If the user clicks on the offset check box after choosing Masonary common vent type, then the common vent selection is changed to Flexible Liner and the Masonary option button becomes disabled.

  5. Updated SM and MM code to take into account NFGC 1996 Note 11.3.19 which allows some fan-assisted connectors to be smaller than the outlet diameter.

  6. Had to have an addition to the smappliance variable type that will cause initial problems with pre 2.01 projects. Cycle through all appliances up and down twice and re-reference corresponding appliances to the manifolds. Then, recalculate the project and save the project.

Version 2.00 [Beta]

  1. Size and position of several windows is now saved in the GASVENT INI file.

  2. Added three tabs to the GPD Window to now store Project Data, Client Data, and Company Data with the ability to place comments with any or all of the three types of data and have them optionally print on the reports.

  3. Added cursor key ability to several Windows.

  4. Combined Single Appliance and Muli-Appliance windows into one Appliance data window.

  5. Updated several of the graphics to include pertinent dimensions.

  6. Updated some graphics that were incomplete in their showing of systems. The Multi-Appliance / Single Story Masonry Chimney liner for example.

  7. Added necessary check boxes for the different reports and added check to see that data had been calculated before printing. Gave user ability to preview other reports selected even if one report had no data and was not going to be printed.

  8. Added ability to print/not print logo on title page.

  9. Replaced report generating engines.

  10. Added Logo to title page, GASVENT icon to top of each page for both color and B/W, and abiltity to do page breaks when more than one page is needed on reports and continue printing the rest of the data.

  11. Added new project file processes. When a user opens a file, the project file is copied to a *.bak file and a *.tmp file. The temp file is updated periodically by certain normal actions. When the user chooses to save the project, the *.tmp file is copied to the *.gsv file. If GASVENT or Windows crashes, the temp file is updated frequently enough that the user should be close the original point in their data entry. The temp file is automatically looked for upon File|Open of the original project.

  12. Program now has two data files and checking in the code to size strictly by NFGC or GAMA.

  13. Changed icons, titles, menus, hot keys, command button names, and toolbar button graphics to be more in line with RHVACW.

  14. Projects are now kept and looked for by GASVENT in a PROJECTS sub-directory under the main GASVENT directory.

  15. Hand verified all 1992 NFGC and 1991 GAMA data.

  16. Added feature to return the applicable range of several parts of the sizing tables so that the user may more easily see what is wrong.

  17. Added code to allow only one instance of GASVENT to run at a time. If user tries to run it a second time, the running instance is activated instead.

  18. Adjusted labels on About box and added the read-only text field with our Web address on it. User can copy Web address to clipboard.

  19. Fixed code to check that each manifold was referenced at least by two appliances if it was referenced by any appliance.

  20. Added the Cut, Copy, and Paste toolbar buttons along with the code to provide their functionality.

  21. Added the Delete, Select All, and Undo toolbar buttons along with the code to provide their functionality

  22. Added ToolTips to the toolbar buttons

  23. Added the Edit menu with the Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All entries along with their short-cut keystrokes.

  24. Added Tools menu with the Options menu and the Windows Calculator

  25. Added an Options menu that allows the user to:

    • Specify whether or not to use the background logo

    • Enable and disable ToolTips

    • Open last used project upon startup of the program

    • Select NFGC or GAMA as the default mode for new projects

  26. Added the Elite logo in the upper right hand corner of the MDI window along with associated "About GASVENT" code.

  27. Added code to have the MDIchild windows to save their position.

  28. Added code and option button for GASVENT to use AUTOLOAD.GSV. Also changed the options to New Projects Copy AUTOLOAD.GSV, New Project is Blank with GAMA as Default, and New Project is Blank with NFGC as Default.

  29. Fixed a bug in the way that GASVENT counts the multiples of maximum manifold lengths.

  30. Fixed a semi-bug in that, previously, only the minimum allowable connector diameter was checked for applying GAMA Note 4 / NFGC Note 3. Now, all applicable diameters from checked from the min to the max.

  31. Reworked the message boxes to give shorter messages where appropriate. Some of these boxes have a "More Info" button to allow a little more info to be given if the user so desires. Both the intro and the More Info windows are composed of Read-Only text boxes where their text can be cut and pasted into whatever.

Version 1.95c [PreBeta]

  1. 3/13/96 Corrected problem that caused duplicated text in the titles which are in the shaded boxes on the reports when using certain printer drivers.

  2. 4/15/96 The number of elbows shown now reflects the TOTAL number of elbows in the venting arrangement. Since the sizing tables automatically assume two elbows when you have any lateral length, this field will change from 0 to 2 when you enter a lateral length.

  3. 4/15/96 Fixed a problem with printing when the project included some extremely large appliances.

Version 1.51 [3/12/96]

  1. Fixed conflict with other programs which use the same Windows support files by installing only more recent versions of such files and by installing them to the correct location.

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