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H-Sym Recent Update History

Version Changes

Version 2.01.33 [9/21/2017]

  1. Made it so you can select the "Full Calculations" calculation option when the program license is at the demo level, instead of only being able to use "Hydraulic Only."

Version 2.01.32 [11/14/2016]

  1. Fixed a bug on the "Cooling Coil/Heat Exchanger Data" section of the "Equipment Output Data" report where it was possible under some circumstances for check valve rows to be erroneously included in that section, along with some of the legitimate cooling coil/heat exchanger rows being excluded from the list.

Version 2.01.31 [11/9/2016]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Edit Pipe Data window where if you clicked the Sort button it could make it so the number of pipes shown in the title bar of the window after the word "Of" would be set to the current number of pipes, and would prevent the program from saving your pipes entered after that.

Version 2.01.30 [5/12/2016]

  1. Modified the "Help | Send Mail to Technical Support Desk" feature so the new email message includes a subject that shows the program name and current version.

Version 2.01.28 [4/18/2016] (Test Version)

  1. Removed some of the warnings regarding having a bypass for a loop control share the same node numbers as the coil.

Version 2.01.27 [4/6/2016] (Test Version)

  1. Increased the maximum allowed number of iterations on the Calculations window from 40 to 1000 in order to allow more projects to be able to calculate successfully.

Version 2.01.26 [4/4/2016] (Test Version)

  1. Corrected several incorrect keywords in the Index tab of the help file.

Version 2.01.25 [3/31/2016] (Test Version)

  1. Corrected the Pipe Diameter Help window so it is not sizeable, and removed its minimize and maximize buttons. Also made it position itself centered over the window that opens it, made it float over the main window, and made it show modally so that it must be closed to proceed.

  2. Fixed a bug where once you entered a zero size for a pipe so that it was to be auto-sized, it was not possible to set it back to not be auto-sized, and the input would remain with a red background. Now if you select a size on the Pipe Diameter Help window it will turn auto-sizing off for that pipe.

  3. Changed the progress indictor window so that it is not a child of the main window, and made it center itself properly over the main window.

Version 2.01.24 [3/25/2016] (Test Version)

  1. Made yet another change to prevent corruption.

Version 2.01.23 [3/15/2016] (Test Version)

  1. Added the ability to correct certain types of project file corruption. Also added measures to prevent such problems from happening.

Version 2.01.22 [4/30/2015]

  1. Corrected more places in the code where the project file could become corrupt under certain circumstances.

Version 2.01.21 [4/27/2015]

  1. Corrected more places in the code where the project file could become corrupt under certain circumstances.

  2. Added the menu item "Help | Set Check for Update Options" to let you determine how and when you want the program to check for updates.

  3. Made it so the Check for Update window opens by default when you first open the program.

  4. Corrected the background color on some of the windows where it was set to a non-system adjustable color.

Version 2.01.14 [4/15/2015]

  1. Fixed a bug where filenames containing a dot (in addition to the one before the extension) were not handled properly. The Project Explorer window would not include such files in the project list.

  2. Removed the apparent customizability of the main window's toolbar, since the program did not remember the customizations. This change includes removing the Toolbar menu item under the Tools menu.

  3. Fixed a bug where it was possible for scrollbars to show up in some of the child windows when they were not needed. And corrected the scrollbars to work properly when they are needed.

  4. Corrected the appearance of the preview of the main window background on the Background tab of the Options window.

  5. Fixed a problem where the following windows that contain OK and Cancel buttons and that should have been displayed as modal dialogs were instead being displayed as child windows within the main window, which made it easy for project data to become corrupted if you did not click things in exactly a certain order:

    Edit/Add Chiller
    Edit/Add Constant Speed Pump
    Edit/Add Variable Speed Pump
    Edit/Add Cooling Coil - Wild
    Edit/Add Cooling Coil - 2 Way Control
    Edit/Add Cooling Coil - 3 Way Control
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - Wild
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - 2 Way Control
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - 3 Way Control
    Edit/Add Coil - 3 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Coil - 2 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - 3 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - 2 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Coil - 3 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Coil - 2 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - 3 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Heat Exchanger - 2 Way Loop Control
    Edit/Add Direct Water Temperature Valve - 2 Way Control
    Edit/Add Direct Water Temperature Valve - 3 Way Control
    Edit/Add Reverse Water Temperature Valve - 2 Way Control
    Edit/Add Reverse Water Temperature Valve - 3 Way Control
    Edit/Add Fixed Flow Control Valve
    Edit/Add Pressure Relief Valve
    Edit/Add Elevation Change
    Edit/Add Unusual or Ambient Temperature

    Note that this change does not affect any corrupt existing projects you may have created in previous versions of H-Sym, but it should help prevent corruption in any projects you edit with this or later versions.

  6. Made it so calculations get performed automatically if possible upon generating reports, if either of the output reports have been selected. If calculations are not able to be performed successfully, a window with the caption "Calculations Needed for Reports" is displayed, in addition to the Print Preview window, for example.

  7. Fixed a bug on the Options window where the option buttons for double clicking on Project Explorer and for Calculation Method did not work independently of each other, and it was not possible to select an option for both at the same time.

  8. Corrected the tab order on several of the windows.

  9. Replaced the images in the tree on the Project Explorer with ones that are both more appropriate and the correct size so they are not distorted.

  10. Updated the help file to reflect some of the recent changes, and improved its appearance by using an improved header at the top of each topic.

  11. Increased the margins on the printout and the Print Preview window to 1/2 inch, all the way around. These margins can be overridden in the program's configuration settings (INI) file.

  12. Made various other improvements, corrections and bug fixes on the reports.

  13. Changed the splash window so the program logo image is no longer distorted. Also improved the image shown on the About H-Sym window.

  14. Fixed a bug where the Edit menu function shortcut keys did not work. Also removed the edit menu functions from the toolbar, since they did not work. Also properly enabled and disabled the items in the Edit menu to be appropriate for the current input item. Also fixed a bug where clicking any item in the toolbar, including the Edit menu items, removed the cursor from the current input.

  15. Added a window list to the bottom of the Window menu to show you which windows are currently open within the main window, and modified the rest of that menu to provide more helpful items.

  16. Made it so you can pan the Print Preview by clicking and dragging the mouse. Did the same on the preview part of the Report Options window. Changed the mousepointer on both to reflect this new functionality. Also made it so you can scroll the page and go from page to page using the mousewheel.

  17. Made it so the title page logo on the Report Options window is resized to fit within the viewing box to the right of the filename so you can see the entire picture.

  18. Updated the Sample.hsm file to include more information on the General Project Data window.

  19. Replaced the About H-Sym and the splash windows with ones that include more functionality, as in those of several other Elite programs.

  20. Modified and corrected the links to the help file.

  21. Added underlined character shortcut keys to several of the menu items that did not have them.

Version 2.01.1 [5/21/2012]

  1. Fixed a bug where a fatal error 401 could happen if you left certain popup dialogs open for a while.

  2. Changed the print preview component to a newer version.

  3. Fixed a bug where the main window would not remember its previous size and position.

  4. Fixed a bug on the Print Preview window, where the button at the bottom of the vertical scrollbar on the right side was positioned too low.

  5. Removed the Minimize button and the scrollbars from the Options dialog.

  6. Corrected several tab order problems on the Options dialog.

  7. Corrected the appearance of many of the toolbar buttons.

  8. Corrected the toolbars on the Report Options and Project Explorer windows to not be customizable.

  9. Corrected the horizontal and vertical scrolling amounts on the Print Preview window.

  10. Reformatted the H-Sym Readme.doc file to be easier to read, and removed some unnecessary information from it.

  11. Fixed a bug on the About box, where pressing Escape would open the Browse for Folder dialog for copying the license file.

  12. Corrected the name of the program in several places from "Hsym" to "H-Sym."

  13. For a first-time installation, corrected the distortion of the image shown on the splash window.

Version 2.0.76 [2/14/2012]

  1. Made it so if Save Project is clicked while the Add Chiller or Add Coil or Add Pump window is open, a warning will appear if the data in the window is incomplete.

Version 2.0.75 [5/17/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem that could potentially prevent the program from starting.

Version 2.0.74 [4/8/2011]

  1. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

Version 2.0.73 [1/14/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented the generation of the calculation log in some projects.

Version 2.0.72 [1/6/2011]

  1. Fixed a problem with the part of the program that reads the license information.

Version 2.0.71 [10/21/2010]

  1. Modified the file handling features (such as opening or closing or saving a project) so that they conform with new company standards.

Version 2.0.69 [2/22/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem with the Update Manager. The files needed by the Update Manager were not all installed with the previous version of H-Sym.

Version 2.0.68 [3/27/2009]

  1. Changed the maximum number of coils, heat exchangers, radiators, and water temperature valves to 500.

Version 2.0.67 [3/11/2009]

  1. Fixed an unforeseen problem with the Auto Save feature.

Version 2.0.66 [3/6/2009]

  1. Fixed another problem that was causing H-Sym to corrupt projects again.

  2. Fixed a problem that prevented the Auto Save feature from working.

Version 2.0.65 [2/4/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem that caused Hsym to corrupt some projects.

  2. Fixed a problem that caused the wrong units to be displayed for Capacity in the Edit/Add Chiller window.

Version 2.0.64 [1/16/2009]

  1. Added a warning that is displayed before a project save if the project has been corrupted. The project save can be cancelled if this warning appears.

Version 2.0.63 [12/9/2008]

  1. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

Version 2.0.62 [12/5/2007]

  1. Made changes that should enable Hsym to run on a computer with a high resolution monitor.

Version 2.0.61 [12/3/2007]

  1. Added an Equipment Input report to display information about the equipment that was selected.

Version 2.0.59 [9/24/2007]

  1. Fixed problem that caused the program to crash when converting a large number to different units.

Version 2.0.58 [9/20/2007]

  1. Made it so Hsym will accept data in metric or English units.

  2. Made Hsym compatible with Windows Vista.

  3. Made it so Hsym will run properly on foreign versions of Windows that use the Double Byte Character Set, such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions.

  4. Improved the appearance of the header that is displayed on each report page.

Version 2.0.57 [7/13/2007]

  1. Attempted to fix a problem that caused H-Sym to corrupt some projects when saving them.

Version 2.0.56 [5/1/2007]

  1. Proprietary changes.

Version 2.0.55 [6/12/2006]

  1. Fixed problem with reading temperature settings for some heat exchangers.

  2. Various technical updates.

Version 2.0.54 [7/13/2005]

  1. Fixed bug which would reset pipe fittings to their original inputs when refreshed if the Pipe Fittings field was cleared.

  2. Added checks for input data out of range, so that for example a large positive or negative number cut and pasted into a field cannot be used inadvertently in calculations.

  3. Made small modifications to better accommodate the new pipe sizes from the 2.0.51 update.

  4. Increased allowable input of flowrate in the Additional Fitting Length Calculator to 99999.99 GPM.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.53 [4/27/2005]

  1. Fixed related problem from last update to allow more fittings to be read from an older saved project file.

  2. Updated the Wtrsym code to fix a problem where some temperature settings had been set to fixed values in attempts to make calculations simpler, since leaving them variable gives better results.

  3. Included a new version of the Update Manager utility.

Version 2.0.52 [4/25/2005]

  1. Fixed bug which caused the program to not read all fittings from an older saved project file.

  2. Added check to avoid an error 481 if an invalid picture file was selected for display in the reports.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.51 [2/24/2005]

  1. Added new Autosizing feature to Hsym. Now you can enter a pipe diameter of 0 and the program will size the pipe during the calculations. An Autosized pipe diameter in the Edit Pipe Data window is indicated by a red background. Note that this new feature may slow down calculations or make it harder to reach a solution, so use Autosizing sparingly and on as few pipes in your project as possible. Avoid Autosizing equipment sections.

  2. Added 36" and 42" inch sizes to the PIPFIT pipe database. Now you can use these larger pipe sizes in your Hsym projects.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.50 [7/27/2004]

  1. Added feature that uses the new Check for Update utility. This utility, used by all Elite Software programs, can automatically check for updates and prompt you with the option to download an update from the Elite Software website before proceeding.

  2. Fixed bug that caused Error 9 when adding a boiler or chiller in a new project.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.49 [2/16/2004]

  1. Fixed bug that caused "Error 9" when previewing some projects in Full mode instead of Hydraulic Only mode.

Version 2.0.48 [2/10/2004]

  1. Added default feature to Hydraulic Only mode, set in the Tools|Options window, to apply any coils or heat exchangers as Fixed Flow devices. This technique should better model flow and is better suited for Hydraulic Only mode than solving for valve settings which can be affected by temperatures in the system. Most projects will better match flow selections in coil and heat exchanger inputs using this method, but the regular method can still be used by unchecking this selection in Tools|Options. Results generally are closer to a full project calculation's results using the regular method, but again flow targets are not reached as well, so it is preferable to design for flows in Hydraulic Only mode by keeping this option checked.

  2. Improved error checking for corrupt projects with duplicated equipment reference numbers. Previously duplications were only detected for the same equipment code e.g. C3, but duplications can also exist among different coils e.g. C3 and CC types, and this is now detected.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.47 [1/23/2004]

  1. Made it so all reports are included when printing or previewing. Previously the output reports were not included if any change was made to the input data, but now in this case output reports are shown with a caption indicating "inputs may have changed". A warning message also appears as a reminder that calculations should be run again to ensure accurate output data.

  2. Modified report top banners to show more information from user's company information, and to improve arrangement of this banner.

  3. Added Copy License File button to the About Hsym window. This allows selection of the drive (floppy disk drive, CD-ROM, etc.) where your Hsym license file is saved, for easy license activation.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.46 [1/20/2004]

  1. Made a few more updates to the code for importing from a Wtrsym input file.

  2. Added report column headers for continued pages of the Equipment Output Data report if more than one page is required. Previously no column descriptions were given for this report except for the first page.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.45 [1/12/2004]

  1. Added Hydrualic Only version of Hsym. This version only calculates flows and pressures in the system, not temperatures or loads. This version alone is easier to use and is lower priced than Full Hsym, but a full analysis including the effects of temperatures on the system is generally more accurate. If the full version is purchased, you have the option to do a full or hydraulic-only calculation. This selection is in the Tools|Options window. Note: past users of Hsym should contact the Elite Software offices at 1-800-648-9523 to get a license upgrade for the Full version.

  2. Fixed minor bug that displayed Error 5 if a second session of Hsym was attempted. Now the message "Hsym is already running" appears instead.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.44 [1/7/2004]

  1. Added help buttons in the Edit Pipe Data window to the right of the textboxes in the CD column for equipment codes. Clicking one of the new buttons allows you to select from the list of equipment types, even if the current pipe already contains equipment. Previously to change equipment type using the equipment list, you had to either type the code in the CD column manually, or change the current section to a regular pipe section (clearing out existing equipment), then select new equipment from the list.

  2. Added feature related to the new equipment list selection method. Using this new method, or the previous method of typing the code in the CD column manually, when you select similar equipment to the existing type, the new equipment will retain much of the equipment data from the previous selection so it doesn't have to be reentered.

  3. Fixed bug that showed large boiler or chiller loads (over 99999 Btuh) incorrectly on the Equipment Output Data report. The first digit had been cut off, but now it is shown correctly.

  4. Made some minor updates to the code for importing from a Wtrsym input file.

Version 2.0.43 [12/10/2003]

  1. Fixed problem that sometimes produced error 9 when previewing or printing reports.

  2. Fixed discrepancy that showed the wrong units for pressure at the first node in the General Project Data report. They were shown as psi when they were supposed to be feet of water (ft wg).

Version 2.0.42 [4/30/2003]

  1. Fixed problem introduced with version 2.0.41 item 1 such that the 9 fitting types were enabled in the Pipe Data window but not saved. In fact no fittings appeared in the Pipe Data window when you opened a project after it had been saved with this version. However any such file saved with version 2.0.41 can be opened with the latest version of Hsym and all its fittings should appear again.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.41 [4/25/2003]

  1. Problem has been fixed where only 6 fitting types were being saved for a pipe, even though the pipe fitting text input accepts up to 9 fitting types. Now up to 9 fitting types are saved for each pipe in a project.

  2. Added check to see if any equipment reference numbers are duplicates in your project file. Such duplication, though rare, could occur with older project files, and this alerts you that the project needs to be repaired. Currently the best method of repair is to send the file to us at Elite Software.

  3. Fixed problem with an Active program, where if you opened a project with less than 20 pipes (the demo limit), then opened another project in the same Hsym session with more than the demo limit of pipes, the program assumed it was set to the Demo level and would not perform calculations on the project. Although the problem could be avoided by closing and reopening Hsym, it was still a valid problem. It has now been fixed and no longer occurs.

  4. Made it so fitting type letters appear in upper case if they were typed in lower case, and the cursor was moved away from the entry using Page Up/Down or the scrollbar. Previously in this scenario they would remain in lower case until the cursor returned to that fitting entry, or the Edit Pipe Data window was closed and reopened.

Version 2.0.40 [4/2/2003]

  1. Fixed bug which caused problems with projects containing 3-way bypass lines (any equipment type ending with "3" e.g. type C3) where some of the pipes containing this equipment were made inactive. In this case, pipes had data reassigned and the number of active pipes were not counted correctly. Now these problems have been fixed, and a project can now be run with type x3 equipment with inactive pipes.

Version 2.0.39 [3/27/2003]

  1. Added check for the existence of the control section entered for a variable speed pump. Previously if it did not exist, an error occurred.

  2. Fixed problem that did not correctly indicate the existence of a control section in the type of check described above if the node names were less than 4 characters. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Fixed related problems that could occur if the node names of pipes were entered with less than 4 characters.

Version 2.0.38 [3/6/2003]

  1. Fixed problem which would cause the program to stall if you selected a file to display in the prinout with the Manual Output File entry (in the Report Options window, Other Options tab), and this file does not have the typical Output file format. Now in this case the program alerts you that the file is not the correct format and clears the Manual Output File entry.

  2. Made another minor correction related to the equipment "linking" described in update 2.0.37. Such linking could still occur if equipment was deleted, Page Up or Page Down was pressed, then similar equipment was added back in the same location by selecting from the equipment list (as opposed to typing in the equipment code manually). Now this procedure does not cause linking with other similar equipment.

Version 2.0.37 [3/5/2003]

  1. Fixed problem which would happen in a project containing more than one type of coil, heat exchanger, radiator, or temperature valve, and this data was then modified or deleted. This would cause problems where some of this data was then "linked" so if you made a change to one coil, for example, it would also change another one. Now this problem no longer occurs. Note that if you have a project that was damaged in this way, this update will not fix this project. The project data will have to be repaired or reentered. Let us know if you need more information on how to do this.

  2. Made a minor correction to the code for writing the pipe age in an export to an Hsym for DOS file.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.36 [2/26/2003]

  1. Disabled the check for equipment in the first or last row of entered pipe data. This restriction which had been implemented when Hsym was first updated to Windows is no longer necessary.

  2. Fixed bug, probably introduced in version 2.0.32, which did not allow the selection of the Insert Section button. The check that the max. number of pipes had been exceeded was not done correctly and caused this problem, but now this operates as intended.

  3. Fixed problem that sometimes caused an error when adding equipment with a control section but no bypass section.

  4. Made it so if you press F1 in any window, the Hsym program Help window opens to show a description of the Hsym window currently shown.

  5. Fixed problem that would give an error if calculations were run but the Pipe Data window was not open. Now this does not cause an error.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.35 [1/7/2003]

  1. Fixed problem that would indicate that UA value check is not possible when a boiler is input after some coil or exchanger sections in the pipe data. The UA value check was made before boiler data was read, so the boiler temperatures were 0. This did not affect system calculations since they are made after all pipe data is read, but this message was still printed erroneously in this case. Now this check is made after the boiler data is read, and this UA value check message will no longer appear unless there is a real input data problem.

Version 2.0.34 [11/4/2002]

  1. Added calculated volume of water in piping system to Design Data report section. This value is based on the active pipe lengths and their inside diameters.

  2. Made minor additions to reports, mostly involving indication of units.

Version 2.0.33 [10/29/2002]

  1. Added progress bar that appears during calculations. This is especially helpful for projects with over 1000 pipes, which can take several minutes to run.

  2. More updates for importing a Wtrsym Input file.

  3. Made improvements on speed of calculations and form navigation when max pipes are set to 1000 compared to 3000.

Version 2.0.32 [10/28/2002]

  1. Made new 32-bit Visual Basic Windows version of Wtrsym, the calculation engine used to produce results for Hsym. Previously Wtrsym was DOS-Fortran based. Now no DOS window opens during calculations. In addition, the new Windows version of Wtrsym allows more flexibility, including allowance for more pipe sections. Now up to 3000 pipe sections are allowed to be entered for a project. Because most users won't use so many pipes, an option was added to the Pipe Data window to select either 1000 (the previous number) or 3000 as the maximum number of pipes available in the Pipe Data window.

  2. Fixed bug which did not allow the calculation engine to finish using certain equipment, such as a Heat Exchanger with 2-way loop control (equipment type EL) and 3-way control (type E3).

  3. Fixed problem which caused the program to sometimes not erase the correct equipment type if a piece of equipment was deleted.

  4. Added error message if a fixed flow control valve (equipment type FV) was entered with a loss of 0, which is not allowed.

  5. Improved code for importing a Wtrsym Input file.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.31 [8/9/2002]

  1. Fixed problem introduced in version 2.0.30 that limited the rows available in the pipe data window to the amount in the saved project file.

  2. Fixed bug that did not display all digits of calculated inlet pressure and pressure loss in the Pipe Output page of the printouts. This was similar to the item 1 update in version 2.0.30.

Version 2.0.30 [4/25/2002]

  1. Fixed problem which would truncate any flow GPM over 10000 to only 4 digits left of the decimal point. So for example, 10298 GPM would be printed in the Pipe Output reports as 298 GPM. Now this problem has been fixed.

  2. Fixed bug which would cause Error 9 if two print previews were made in the same Hsym session. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Fixed bug that would occur such that you would be prompted to save a modified project if you selected File|Exit, but if you cancelled that action and selected File|Exit again, the program would exit without asking to save changes. Now this prompt is made indefinitely, so that you must elect to close without saving changes, close after saving changes, or cancel the action.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.29 [2/4/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which would cause an error if an output file was selected to be displayed while a new project has its calculations run. Note that in this case the data from the output file would be shown instead of the new project's results.

  2. Added descriptive text to output file selection box.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.28 [11/2/2001]

  1. In the Report Options, added a manual entry of an output filename. This allows any output file produced by Hsym or the older Wtrsym program to be used to produce a report that can be viewed or printed in the Hsym program.

  2. Added feature in the File menu to import a Wtrsym input file. This data can then be saved within the Hsym program as an *.hsm file, and calculations and printouts can be made from this file in Hsym.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.27 [8/23/2001]

  1. Found another saving problem. If a pipe was added or changed, then the pipe data scrolled up at least one page (13 pipes), then a save attempted, an error resulted. This problem is now fixed.

Version 2.0.26 [6/7/2001]

  1. Fixed a couple of minor bugs involved with selecting alternate forms and with a project with large calculated flowrates.

Version 2.0.25 [5/18/2001]

  1. Fixed problem with the Save As function if the Edit Pipe Data window was open.

Version 2.0.24 [3/26/2001]

  1. Fixed problem with saving files if the Edit Pipe Data window was not open, introduced in version 2.0.23.

Version 2.0.23 [3/16/2001]

  1. Fixed bug which would occur if the user deleted a piece of equipment in the Edit Pipe Data window, then immediately went to save their project. Previously, this would cause the project to be saved without clearing the control sections associated with that equipment. Now the control sections are cleared in this case.

Version 2.0.22 [3/9/2001]

  1. Increased allowable input of flow for a constant pump (CP) to 9999.9 GPM.

  2. Increased allowable input of head for a variable speed pump (VP) to 999.9 feet of water.

Version 2.0.21 [3/1/2001]

  1. Fixed bug that affected projects which were unsorted and had the MUWP node (source node) in the middle of the pipe data. This would cause some output data to be shifted one row down (relative to the node numbers) in the Output Data reports. Now this problem no longer occurs.

Version 2.0.20 [2/15/2001]

  1. Fixed problem with saving fitting information to a DOS project file. Now the information is saved correctly whether or not there are fittings present.

  2. Fixed a problem which occasionally occurred when excess data was encountered on opening a file. This continues checks which were first introduced in version 2.0.11. The latest update improves files where some pipes containing equipment were deleted the last time the file was open. The next time such a file is opened, the resulting excess data is now cleared out and the rest rearranged correctly.

  3. Made it so if the user runs Hsym with the Enter/Edit Pipe Data window maximized (filling the whole screen), this window will stay maximized even as equipment forms are opened and closed. Previously, this operation would automatically tile the windows, even though some users like to always keep the current window maximized.

Version 2.0.19 [2/6/2001]

  1. Fixed bug which would leave some control section information in the pipe data if equipment with control/bypass sections was added, then a modification was attempted which was not allowed and the action was canceled, thus erasing the equipment. Now when equipment is erased in this fashion, the control and/or bypass section information is also erased from the pipe data.

  2. Fixed problem during a system test which could indicate that a certain pipe section was not connected to the rest of the system, when in fact that section was not active. This would happen if the inactive section was placed in the pipe data before the disconnected section which was active and containing one of its nodes. Now for this check, the program makes sure the indicated section is active.

Version 2.0.18 [12/18/2000]

  1. Added feature to save the current project as an Hsym for DOS (*.hsy) project file, in the File menu. This will enable comparisons with the DOS program if there are any questions about the output or the data interface.

  2. Added a system file to the installation which is needed to make the tabs function on the Tools|Options window. This update mainly affects users installing to a clean computer without many other programs.

  3. Added a warning to the user if their project file contains blank rows. A project cannot be saved with blank rows. Previously in this situation a file save would remove some pipe rows off the end of the data, but now this problem is avoided. Instead, the user is given two options: either remove the blank rows themselves (for example, add node numbers to the blank data rows so they're no longer blank) and then save, or else authorize the save to continue, which in this case will include a pipe sort that will automatically remove the blank rows prior to saving.

Version 2.0.17 [12/1/2000]

  1. Fixed problem which did not allow more than one piece of equipment with a 3-way control valve to be entered. The program did not read some of the correct data rows when compiling the Pipe Output Data reports. Now this has been fixed.

  2. Fixed problem with the Equipment Output Data report if a project contained more than one piece of equipment with a 3-way control valve. Again, data rows were not read correctly, but now adjustments have been made to correct the problem.

Version 2.0.16 [11/29/2000]

  1. Made alterations to allow equipment with 3-way control valves (such as equipment type E3) to be used in a system. An extra bypass pipe must be incorporated with these equipment types with the same begin and end nodes as the equipment has. You won't enter the bypass pipe as a pipe, per se. The bypass pipe is not visible in the pipe data window, but it has the same properties like length and diameter as the pipe data row where the equipment is placed. The Pipe Output Data page of the printouts will show the bypass pipe as a separate pipe.

Version 2.0.15 [11/16/2000]

  1. Changed or added installation system files to allow Hsym to run on a new Windows 95 (or other OS) computer with no other software installed. Previously, the user sometimes had to install other files such as Microsoft's MDAC data access collection, but now this is not necessary. This update also fixed a problem on some computers where the startup screen would freeze and Hsym would not open.

  2. Altered generation of Input file (which feeds into the main calculations) to allow all temperature inputs for heat exchangers to be up to 999 F. Previously, some temperatures were limited to 2 digits. This extends a fix that was begun in the update to version 2.0.12. Now heat exchangers with control valves are included in the fix.

Version 2.0.14 [11/10/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which did not allow heat exchanger summary information to be included in the printouts if the system did not contain a heating or cooling coil. Now a system can be printed with heat exchangers but without coils.

  2. Fixed a few text labels for the heating equipment information in the printouts.

  3. Added error message when system is tested or calculated if a system contains missing or invalid equipment data. Previously no descriptive error message was given in this case. This situation is usually not seen, but at least now an error message appears in the event that it occurs.

  4. Fixed bug when user selects a help pop-up box for pipe diameter in the Edit Pipe Data window. If the diameter matches a diameter in the PIPFIT pipe database, that diameter is selected in a list of available diameters in the help box. However, previously a recently changed diameter would not be matched in the help box. Now a match is made even immediately after a pipe diameter has been changed.

Version 2.0.13 [11/9/2000]

  1. Finished adding excess equipment checks when opening project files. These checks affect equipment including boilers, chillers, pumps, heating and cooling coils, radiators, temperature valves, unusual and other equipment.

  2. Fixed problem which sometimes inadvertently changed equipment assignments while navigating in the pipe data window. Now this problem is avoided.

Version 2.0.12 [11/8/2000]

  1. Added some more checks for excess equipment data in project files. Most of the new checks involved heat exchangers.

  2. Altered generation of Input file (which feeds into the main calculations) to allow all temperature inputs for heat exchangers to be up to 999 F. Previously, some temperatures were limited to 2 digits.

Version 2.0.11 [11/3/2000]

  1. Added feature to keep an error from occurring if an existing pipe section or its control section is changed to contain invalid pipe node numbers. Now a warning is shown that some nodes are invalid, but no error comes up after this.

  2. Added check in calculations for blank equipment data, and avoids error in such a case. Of course, calculations will probably not finish for such a project, but an error is now avoided.

  3. On opening a file, added check for equipment which is not referenced in the pipe data, and deletes that equipment. Sometimes excess data is built up in project files, and needs to be cleared out of the file in this manner.

  4. Fixed display of the number of pumps in Calculation window, which had been inaccurate until now.

  5. Increased maximum number of Other Equipment that can be input. Now any number of such items as elevation changes can be input.

Version 2.0.10 [10/26/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which caused two decimal points to be written in the Input file if the number entered for Additional Fitting Length was written with a decimal. Now this problem is avoided.

  2. Updated code for all Boiler/Chiller equipment displays and printout data to show the capacity in MBtu/h for a boiler and Tons for a chiller.

  3. Fixed a few problems with the Search function on the Edit Pipe Data screen. Now node searching can be done from any position in the pipe data.

  4. Fixed bug which allowed diameters from the copper database to be entered, but then checked the SCH-40 database for valid diameters instead when evaluating the project, and vice versa. Now correct material diameters are checked and can be entered from either database.

Version 2.0.9 [10/19/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which did not allow a data row to be saved if its pipe diameter was left blank. Now this condition is allowed, although calculations cannot be run until all pipes are assigned a pipe diameter.

Version 2.0.8 [10/18/2000]

  1. Fixed problem with data row updating related to the fixes made in version 2.0.6.

Version 2.0.7 [10/17/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which inadvertently limited the entry of constant speed pump head values to less than 100 ft H2O. Now values up to 999 ft H2O are allowed.

Version 2.0.6 [10/3/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which did not update the number of rows as a user entered a new project with over 15 rows.

  2. Fixed bug which did not update a changed number on the current row if the user saves the project without clicking or moving away from that row.

Version 2.0.5 [8/15/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which did not allow printing of a project with no coils entered. Although unusual, this condition is allowed, so now printing is possible in this case.

  2. Fixed bug which did not allow a project to be run if it contained inactive pipe sections.

  3. Fixed bug which would cause the Wtrsym input file to be generated incorrectly if the project included an inactive section containing equipment.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.4 [8/4/2000]

  1. Fixed installation code to register the Elite and Common directories correctly. Also added ComCtl32.ocx to list of installation files. This avoids problems with computers which have not had any Elite Software programs installed on them before.

  2. Fixed problem with startup screen freezing and not allowing the program to continue on some computers. Also fixed related problem where startup screen would not close after user is asked to locate Elite.hlp in the Common directory if it was not registered properly.

Version 2.0.3 [8/1/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which sometimes did not keep the control section registered for a newly entered piece of equipment. Now the control section should remain.

  2. Fixed bug when equipment is added and a new control section row is referenced, then the equipment row does not get a control section assigned to it. Now control sections are properly assigned.

  3. Fixed bug which occurred when user tried to add equipment to a blank row without node numbers. The program warned the user they cannot add equipment to a blank row, but then the equipment input form appeared anyway. Now this form does not appear.

  4. Updated code settings for Wtrsym calculation engine input for heat exchangers used in hot water systems. Previously some temperature and flow values were not passed correctly to the calculations, but now this is fixed.

  5. Updated Fortran code of Wtrsym calculation engine to prevent a division by zero error which occurred for certain hot water systems.

  6. Added code to clear old Wtrsym input files on start of next calculations. In some cases, an earlier crash could leave those input files from a previous run, which could interfere with a subsequent run of calculations. Now the files are regenerated fresh at the start of every program run.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.2 [7/26/2000]

  1. Fixed bug which would clear section controlling current selection if user clicks to another row to add more equipment. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed bug which caused problems if two or more pieces of equipment of the same type are in a project, then one is deleted. Sometimes the control section of the other piece of equipment was cleared in addition to the intended deletion. Now this problem no longer occurs.

Version 2.0.1 [7/24/2000]

  1. Fixed input file data formatting for equipment types EB (Heat Exchanger 3-way Loop Control) and EL (Heat Exchanger 2-way Loop Control). Sometimes this did not allow calculations to finish, but now this equipment can be run normally.

  2. Added code to check that the temperature differentials across the hot and cold side of all heat exchangers and coils are not the same. This could lead to a division by zero error.

  3. Added code to bring an open equipment form back into view if it has gone to the background and the user selects to see the equipment again.

  4. Added code to clear the controlled bypass/complement section if the equipment requiring this section is deleted.

Version 2.0.0 [7/20/2000]

  1. Various code fixes to get Hsym for Windows ready for official release.


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