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H-Tools Version 3 Recent Update History

Version Changes

Version 3.02.43 [6/26/2013]

  1. Made a small change to the calculation of the Actual Vertical Drop in the Discharge column on the Refrigeration Line Sizing window, where the fitting size for the horizontal line was assumed to be the same size as the riser line instead of being one size larger, as is assumed in the Suction column.

  2. Made changes to the setup to remove a conflict with the upcoming version 4.

Version 3.02.42 [6/28/2012]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis window, where certain values for the Flow Rate input would cause an error that said, "There is no solution for input data."

  2. Fixed a bug on the Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis window, where clicking OK on the Pipe Diameter popup window would not always return the selected pipe diameter.

  3. Reformatted the H-Tools Readme.doc file to be easier to read, and removed some unnecessary information from it.

  4. Cleaned up the appearance of various images throughout the program, including toolbar buttons and the program icon.

  5. Removed the "Customize" right-click popup menu for the main window toolbar and Project Explorer toolbar, since the program did not save user changes.

  6. Corrected the name of the program from "HTOOLS" to "H-Tools" in several places.

  7. Fixed a bug on the About box, where pressing Escape would open the Browse for Folder dialog for copying the license file.

  8. Fixed a bug on the Print Preview window where there was a small, gray square in the area of the preview (for changing units) that should not have been visible.

  9. Added the ability to set options on checking for an update. Also added a Check for Update dialog that can optionally open upon program startup.

Version 3.2.28 [10/5/2011]

  1. Corrected the Ambient Temperature range in the Wire Sizing window.

Version 3.2.27 [5/31/2011]

  1. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

  2. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

Version 3.2.26 [8/25/2009]

  1. Made it so metric enthalpy is calculated using a 0 degree C reference point in the Psychrometrics windows.

Version 3.2.25 [6/23/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem with the Psychrometrics State Point window. An unwarranted error message was appearing during calculations.

Version 3.2.24 [6/15/2009]

  1. Made it so double clicking this program's license file, no matter where it is located, will copy the license file to the correct folder.

Version 3.2.23 [12/12/2008]

  1. Restored some missing files that are required by H-Tools.

Version 3.2.22 [12/1/2008]

  1. Made it so H-Tools will run on a monitor set to a high resolution.

  2. Made H-Tools compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 3.2.21 [5/2/2007]

  1. Proprietary changes.

Version 3.2.19 [2/6/2006]

  1. Added Double Byte Character Set interface, to allow program to run on foreign language systems. This is needed for compatibility with Chinese, Korean, Japanese and similar versions of Windows with complex character sets.

  2. Fixed problem in gas pipe sizing utilities that caused pipe length to change in some cases when the Calculate button was selected. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.18 [12/28/2005]

  1. Fixed bug that would cause an "Error 5" message in Refrigeration Line Sizing when a sizing override is entered that is a nonstandard size or outside the common sizing range (e.g. 3/8"). Now such sizes can be entered without an error.

  2. Modified code for checking folder names during the Copy License File procedure. Now license activation should work better, especially when reading from a CD.

  3. Technical updates, mainly in pipe sizing utilities.

Version 3.2.17 [1/24/2005]

  1. Fixed bug that could cause an "Error 6" message when opening the program on a computer using certain foreign Regional Settings.

  2. Fixed problem that would paste preset values for items like ethylene glycol-water mixture viscosity in English units even if the individual units were set differently. Now the correct values are pasted when selected.

  3. Updated values for ethylene glycol-water mixture density and viscosity with values from the 2001 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. It appears that the values used previously were interpolated from a graph, but now tables in the 2001 Fundamentals show the exact values at different ethylene glycol concentrations.

Version 3.2.16 [8/12/2004]

  1. Added feature that uses the new Check for Update utility. This utility, used by all Elite Software programs, can automatically check for updates and prompt you with the option to download an update from the Elite Software website before proceeding.

  2. Added Copy License File button to the About H-Tools window. This allows selection of the drive (floppy disk drive, CD-ROM, etc.) where your H-Tools license file is saved, for easy license activation.

  3. Updated program Help file, and made it so pressing F1 in a program window displays the help topic for that particular window.

  4. Fixed bug in the Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis window that caused fitting equivalent length to be read from the data table incorrectly in some cases.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.15 [5/14/2004]

  1. A few more corrections made to the list value unit conversions cited in the last update.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.14 [5/7/2004]

  1. Made the min and max diameter value lists convert from English to metric units or vice versa in the General Pipe Sizing utility. This conversion was already done in the similar Lo and Hi P Gas Pipe Sizing windows, but this feature was not added to the General Pipe Sizing window until now.

  2. Corrected a conversion factor to m/sec for velocity conversions, such as is done in the Duct Sizing utility.

Version 3.2.13 [1/16/2004]

  1. Added a 40% Ethylene Glycol selection for the fluid type in General Pipe Sizing. Also fixed some problems here and in the Hot/Chilled Water utility for determining density and viscosity for the selected fluid when units are different from default settings.

  2. Fixed problem with solving for pipe size in Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis that results in a "no solution" message. This often happened with low flowrates. The iteration increment for finding a solution has been decreased, increasing the chances of reaching a solution. Now pipe sizes are found successfully in most cases.

Version 3.2.12 [1/12/2004]

  1. Fixed bug in Duct Sizing that allowed entry of a rectangular schedule when running round duct calculations, or vice versa. Now a warning message appears instructing you to enter or select the correct schedule type.

  2. Increased the allowable Hi/Lo Gas Pipe Sizing appliance size entered in the Input field to 50 MMBtuh.

Version 3.2.11 [10/31/2003]

  1. Fixed bug in the Psychrometrics calculations which did not convert the units for Moisture Content correctly. This would cause valid inputs for Moisture Content to be rejected for exceeding limits. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.10 [6/17/2003]

  1. Fixed problem with calculation of Total App. Gas Consumption in Hi/Lo Gas Pipe Sizing windows based on appliances. The formula should be the value in the appliance Input column divided by gas heating value. However previously this item had been multiplied by the value in the Qty column. But the Input value is already multiplied by Qty so doing this would multiply by the Qty twice. The calculation is now corrected.

Version 3.2.9 [6/11/2003]

  1. Added 4 .bmp picture files to the H-Tools installation that are needed for the fitting subform that can be displayed while using the Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis tool. Without these files installed, opening the fitting subform displays an error.

  2. Fixed some of the formulas for calculating HP for the Wire Sizing tool. This formula, not shown in the H-Tools manual, takes the basic form of HP = Current x Voltage x Constants / 746. Some of the formulas applied in the calculations had included the number 764 by mistake instead of 746, but this has now been fixed.

Version 3.2.8 [6/5/2003]

  1. Fixed problem with the setting to show Tip of the Day. Previously selecting to not show the Tip window by unchecking the selection in this window changed a separate setting from the selection in the Tools|Options window. Changing the selection in the Tip window instead of the Tools|Options window had caused an error. Now these selections operate the same, and no more errors occur when the Tip window is not shown.

Version 3.2.7 [4/9/2003]

  1. Made a couple of modifications to stop an error from appearing on program startup under certain program settings.

Version 3.2.6 [4/3/2003]

  1. Fixed bug in the calculation of riser sizes in Refrigeration Line Sizing.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.5 [11/6/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which had limited the size of numbers entered for capacity in the Coil Interpolation window.

  2. Add 208 V to the voltage choices available in the Wire Sizing window.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.4 [8/30/2002]

  1. Fixed problem with reading rectangular duct schedules in the Duct Sizing utility.

  2. Also in Duct Sizing, added checks for double commas and/or x's in a duct schedule to alert the user that calculations cannot proceed with such problems in the duct schedule.

Version 3.2.3 [8/14/2002]

  1. Added checks for blank inputs for the Suction, Discharge, or Liquid line data in Refrigerant Line Sizing. Now errors which had sometimes appeared if blank data was entered no longer occur.

  2. Added Msvcrt40.dll to the program installation.

Version 3.2.2 [8/9/2002]

  1. Added units in both English and metric to demo limit messages in the program.

  2. Fixed bug which did not open the U-Factor Calculation window correctly if the "Open the most recently opened project" option is set.

  3. Added feature which kept track of changes on a window which had been subsequently closed. Previously in this case, the program did not prompt to save changes when the project was closed, but now the change is recognized and this prompt is made. Also made it so if you open and/or close a window without making any changes or scrolling through inputs, the program will not prompt to save changes when the project is closed.

  4. Fixed bug which prevented a print preview with certain older project files.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 3.2.1 [8/2/2002]

Released new version updated to Visual Basic 5 (VB5) which increased the installation size but improves program performance and allows for future program updates. Main program updates:

  1. Unit selection added, which can allow most fields to have units chosen among many selections in either metric or English units.

  2. U-Factor Caclulator now allows saving of multiple components.

  3. Bug fixed in psychrometrics tools which sometimes had allowed more than 2 psychrometric properties to be checked at a time.

Version 3.01.3 [11/30/1998]

  1. Fixed an accuracy problem for calculated wet bulb temperature in State Point Psychrometrics. The reason for this problem is that the VB Log function is a natural logarithm and the function used in Psychart is required to be a base-10 logarithm. The Window H-Tools code happened to convert the natural logarithm to a base-10 logarithm.

Version 3.01.2 [10/15/1998]

  1. Fixed the bugs in high pressure gas pipe sizing by removing Downstream pressure data field and adding a Pressure Loss data field, then took user specified upstream pressure as actual upstream pressure and calculated the downstream pressure.

Version 3.01.1 [4/2/1998]

  1. Increased the maximum fitting number in Fitting screen for Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis.

  2. Add "Water with 40% Ethylence Glycol at 60F" for the fluid flowing through the pipe.

  3. Corrected Internal Air Space total widths which are shown in project report for UFactor Calculation.

Version 3.01 [12/18/1997]

  1. Added following pipe types in Hot/Chilled Water Pipe Analysis function:

    1. Unlined Cast Iron

    2. Type L Copper

    3. Type K Copper

    4. Schedule 10 Steel

    5. Schedule 40 Steel

    6. Schedule 40 Black Steel

  2. Allowed user to add new materials into the library in the U-Factor calculation section.

  3. Changed some settings for the input data fields of Internal air space in U-Factor calculation function to make sure the input data always are shown in the data field when the program is running on Window 3.11 computer.

  4. Fixed a report printing problem.

Version 3.00c [11/21/1997]

  1. Fixed the bugs in pressure drop calculation and reduced the riser size for some input conditions in Refrigeration Line Sizing.

Version 3.00b [11/05/1997]

  1. Fixed a bug in Refrigeration Line Sizing. Program got rid of the situation that calculation had been stuck for some input conditions, for example, very large Riser Length.

  2. Corrected the calculated value of Total Drop(psi) in Suction line.

Version 3.00a [7/2/1997]

  1. Decreased the size of project files from 176KB to 95KB

  2. Shown Data Error form if any required input data in hot/chilled water pipe analysis has not been entered before doing calculation

  3. Put the Data Error form to proper position whenever it's shown

  4. Got rid of unnecessary data error message boxes showing in some windows after clicking the calculate buttons

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