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PsyChart Version 2 Recent Update History

Version Changes

Version 2.01.68 [10/26/2022]

  1. Fixed a bug that developed in a recent update, where some of the dropdown help windows for existing points on the Define Point or Process dialog didn't show the list of existing points.

  2. Changed the caption for the "Add Point or Process" menu item and toolbar to "Define State Point or Process" in order to match the caption of that window.

  3. Added a "Reset All Toolbars" item to the right click popup menu for the menu and toolbars. This item is a duplicate of the "Tools | Toolbars | Reset All Toolbars" item.

  4. Made it so if you click the Reset button on the Customize window for the toolbars, PsyChart will ask you whether you want to reset all the toolbars. This change was needed because the toolbar component lacks the ability to let you reset only one toolbar.

  5. Included another sample project in the setup named, "Sample Heat and Humidify.psc," that shows how to add heat and humidify processes. This project is the same as the project shown in the new PsyChart video we have online.

Version 2.01.67 [10/20/2022]

  1. Increased the maximum humidity ratio, W, for the chart from 0.10 to 0.35.

  2. Made it so if you set the Humidity Units for the chart to "Gr or kg," then the W coordinate labels are shown without a thousands separator comma, in order to avoid a display problem.

Version 2.01.66 [9/28/2022]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Chvac Projects tab of the Import Air Handler Data window, where the ventilation amount shown and imported was zero unless the Chvac project was very old.

  2. Fixed a bug that made it so after you print previewed the chart, the chart would not immediately track your mouse movements over the chart accurately.

  3. Replaced all occurrences of a certain third party listbox control with another control, since on some computers the MhList32.ocx file was not able to be registered for use, and would cause the program to lock up.

Version 2.01.65 [3/29/2022]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Air Handler Model window when using a metric units chart and you had the "Metric flow units" option on the PsyChart Options dialog set to anything other than "m3/min," if the second "Coil DB or Flow" input was set to Flow, then the first input was always showing a m3/min value, and would only interpret the value you entered as m3/min.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Air Handler Model dialog where if you changed the Units input to be different from the units of the current chart, when you clicked Create Model the supply flow and outside air flow inputs would at first be interpreted as being defined in the chart's units rather than the units setting of this dialog's Units input. This would cause incorrect values to be used for the airflow in creating the points and processes, and would cause the airflow values on this dialog to change from the values you had entered.

Version 2.01.64 [6/23/2017]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Import Air Handler Data window, where it was possible under some circumstances for the list on the Rhvac Projects tab to not show any project files in the tree even if the folder shown at the top of that tree actually had projects in it.

Version 2.01.63 [1/6/2017]

  1. Added the ability to import supply side and return side duct temperature rise values from an Rhvac 9 project file. This feature only works if the Rhvac project has been opened, calculated and saved in Rhvac version 9.01.186 or higher.

  2. Made it so each of the windows that open over the main window (PsyChart Options, Air Handler Model, etc.) remembers its previous position with respect to the main window.

Version 2.01.61 [10/8/2014]

  1. Added an "Open Project from Recent Folder" item in the File menu, which lets you display the Open Project dialog already set to one of your recent project folders.

  2. Changed the folder location where certain temporary files are written while the program is running, in the case of the installation being the old, pre-2010 type.

  3. Fixed a bug on the Air Handler Model window, where if you entered a large enough value in the "Coil DB or flow" input (such as 10000000) after you clicked Create Model the value will get set back to just the first character of the numeral you entered (10000000 changes to 1).

Version 2.01.60 [2/28/2013]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Import Air Handler Data window, where the default folder location for Chvac projects could be incorrect.

  2. Changed the number of decimal places from 2 to 3 for specific volume for a note attached to a point on the chart.

  3. Updated the Import Air Handler Data window to import from Chvac version 8 projects. Also changed the word "Zone" to "Room" where appropriate, in order to account for that same change in a recent update of Chvac 8.

Version 2.01.58 [2/15/2011]

  1. Added a dialog that appears during startup if the screen's current DPI setting is non-standard. The dialog informs you that some elements of the program may not display properly, and it tells you how you may change your DPI setting.

  2. Made it so the Import Air Handler Data dialog also works with Rhvac version 9 project files.

Version 2.01.57 [4/8/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem in the setup where if the program had last been installed from CD but was being updated from the web, it was possible for the Readme file to not get updated.

  2. Made it so when you save a project with the Save Project As dialog it automatically deletes the appropriate ".open" file, if it happens to exist, and replaces it with a new one.

  3. Replaced the Print dialog that opens when you click Print All or Print Current Page on the Print Preview window. The new Print dialog includes a separate Print Setup button that lets you change the current printer or its settings before printing to the printer. With the old Print dialog it was possible to generate the print preview using one printer, then change to a different printer on the Print dialog before printing, potentially causing problems with the printout. The new Print dialog lets you apply any changes to the current print preview before actually printing it, ensuring that the printout matches what you see in the Print Preview window.

  4. Modified the setup to help ensure registration of certain DLL and OCX files.

Version 2.01.55 [12/8/2009]

  1. Technical changes.

Version 2.01.53 [12/4/2009] (Test Version)

  1. Made a slight adjustment to the conversion of enthalpy from metric to English units. This change was needed because of the adjustment made in doing the conversion going the other way in a recent version.

Version 2.01.52 [11/24/2009] (Test Version)

  1. Fixed a bug where if you opened multiple PsyChart windows using the menu, "Window | New Window" the original window would not switch to any of the other open windows using the numbered items at the bottom of the Window menu.

Version 2.01.51 [11/19/2009] (Test Version)

  1. Made a slight adjustment to the conversion of enthalpy from English to metric units.

  2. Made changes regarding compatibility with Vista and later versions of Windows.

  3. Made several improvements regarding opening and saving project files. The temporary file (extension TMP) is now stored in the user's local application data folder instead of in the same folder as the project file, which improves the performance of the program when opening a project file from a folder on a server or other computer. It also makes it so project files can be opened from read-only media, such as a CD or a folder for which the user has read-only access. Another new feature is that when a project file is open by one user, any other instance of the program opened by another user can know that the file is currently in use by another user.

  4. Fixed a bug that could happen on Windows Vista or Windows 7, where double clicking a project file when the program was not open yet would open the program but not open the project file that was double clicked.

Version 2.01.46 [5/28/2009]

  1. Made it so cooling processes are allowed to be created under a broader range of circumstances.

  2. Fixed a bug in the creation of the General process when using metric units, where water temperature and enthalpy were not being converted as needed in the calculations.

  3. Fixed a problem where the liters per second values in the example processes that get created when you click any of the Example buttons on the Define State Point or Process dialog were not the correct equivalents of the English units examples.

  4. Made a slight correction (0.025%) to the conversion factor used to convert between Btuh and kW.

  5. Changed the way the chart and the reports are printed in order to eliminate problems where some customers were not able to print to network printers. Made it so the printing is done through a new popup Print Preview window.

  6. Made it so you can choose different printer and options for the chart and the reports by adding four new menu items under the "File | Print Setup" menu: "Print Setup for Chart," "Page Setup for Chart," "Print Setup for Reports," and "Page Setup for Reports." The printers you select are now independent of which printer is the Windows default.

Version 2.01.41 [1/13/2009]

  1. Fixed a problem in the setup where it did not delete the file that saves the toolbar, which made it so you had to reset the toolbar in order to see any new tools or menu items that we had added recently.

  2. Changed the default for the "Cooling process option" input on the PsyChart Options dialog to Allow. This change makes it so cooling processes can be more often be created on the Chvac and Rhvac psychrometric chart reports.

  3. Added a new "HRV temp drop" input to the Air Handler Model window. This input lets you specify the temperature drop due to a heat recovery ventilator being used to reduce the temperature of the ventilation air.

  4. Added the ability to import the temperature drop due to a heat recovery ventilator from Chvac and Rhvac projects. In order for this data to be present in the Chvac project file, it needs to have been edited in Chvac version 7.01.95 or later. For Rhvac, the version must be 8.01.336 or later.

  5. Made it so after you run the setup if you double click on an Elite Software license file it will be copied automatically to the appropriate program folder.

Version 2.01.38 [5/2/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem that developed in version 2.01.37, where the toolbar would flash while you resized the main window.

  2. Fixed a couple of other problems with the toolbar that developed in version 2.01.37. One was where the Insert Dynamic Note Item toolbar would not get positioned next to the note being edited. The other was where in a project with multiple charts, the Chart Number combobox in the toolbar did not function properly in certain ways.

Version 2.01.37 [4/29/2007]

  1. Modified the calculations in order to reduce some instances in which a cooling process would not get created because the results were out of range.

  2. Took measures to enable the program to work properly on Windows Vista without having to run it as administrator.

  3. Changed the help file from WinHelp to HTML Help.

  4. Updated the setup to not prompt for the location of the program folder if the Elite folder has already been established by a previous installation of this program or another Elite Software program. Also updated the setup to never prompt for the location of the Elite\Common folder.

  5. Made it so the update-only setup, named psych201.exe, is no longer compiled and made available on our web site. To update a previous installation, download and run the setup for the demo version, which is named psysetup.exe.

  6. Updated the toolbars to a newer style with a different appearance.

  7. Modified the setup to not display the blue gradient background and graphics, and to instead only display the wizard dialog and the little window that shows the installation progress.

  8. Added a new version of the Update Manager program.

  9. Added new menu items under the File menu and the Help menu to let you e-mail your current project or one or more other project files.

Version 2.01.35 [4/19/2005]

  1. Fixed a bug that made it so you could not enter zero or a negative number for the DB input for a Heat process.

Version 2.01.34 [9/23/2004]

  1. Added an "Elite Software Update Manager" feature to automatically check to see if an update is available when the program is first opened. Also added a menu item under the Help menu called, "Check for Updates," which lets you open this new program, named EliteUpd.exe. This program lets you check the current status of your Elite Software programs to see whether or not any of them need to be updated.

  2. Fixed a bug in the creation of the General type process, where the calculations were incorrectly checking the water state option instead of checking to see whether the water enthalpy or water temperature option was selected.

  3. Added a grabber to the bottom right corner of the main window when appropriate, to make resizing easier.

Version 2.01.32 [3/8/2003]

  1. Made it so the program will run properly on foreign versions of Windows that use the Double Byte Character Set, such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

  2. Made it so the names of the Desktop and Start menu shortcuts that the installation program creates include the version number of the program.

  3. In order to make it easier to understand how to customize the toolbar, added a toolbar called "Extended Toolbar" and renamed the "Standard" toolbar to "Standard Toolbar." Also changed the "Customize" dialog's caption to "Customize Toolbar" and modified some of its labels.

Version 2.01.30 [12/28/2002]

  1. Fixed a problem where the program would sound a beep when you pressed Enter on some of the inputs.

  2. Corrected some of the colors on some of the windows so that when using an appearance scheme (on Windows' Display Properties dialog) where 3D objects are some other color than light gray, those objects display the appropriate color rather than remaining light gray. Also changed the colors of the background and text on the dropdown help windows to match the currently selected system colors for tooltips. This change was needed in order to ensure that the colors are appropriate for different Windows appearance settings.

  3. Fixed a bug where if the mouse button configuration was set to left-handed, you still had to click with the left mouse button to select an item from the list on the dropdown help windows.

  4. Fixed a bug where the installation program would still show the "Select Common Directory" page even when the directory exists.

  5. Corrected a problem where if you had a large number of projects and you expanded a project node on the Import Air Handler Data window, you might have to scroll to see the system nodes under the node you expanded.

  6. Added a feature that prevents the program from opening a project from a floppy disk. If you try to open a project from a floppy disk, a message box will appear telling you that the program will instead copy the selected file from the floppy disk to the Projects folder on your hard disk and open it from there. Or if you try to save a project to the floppy disk, the program will display a message box telling you that it will only copy the file to the floppy but that the current project will remain at its present location.

  7. Updated the Import Air Handler Data dialog to be able to import data from Rhvac version 8 project files.

  8. On 1/10/2003, included the file ESDStrg6.dll in the update setup. This file is included to prevent an "Invalid wef file" error that could happen with the update setup from 12/28/2002.

Version 2.01.28 [6/21/2001]

  1. Changed the shortcut key on the "Zoom In/Out" tool from "M" to "Z."

  2. Fixed a bug where even if the chart's humidity units setting was set to Grains, on the Coordinates tab of the Chart Properties dialog, the Increment input for humidity ratio (W) would only display and accept numbers in terms of the fractional setting. Also, that Increment input will now immediately change to display the appropriate value if you happen to change the selection for Humidity Units on the Main tab of that dialog.

  3. Increased the number of allowed decimal places from 5 to 7 for values entered in the Increment inputs on the Coordinates tab of the Chart Properties dialog. The same goes for the Value input for the coordinate labels (entered on that same tab when you press the Labels button).

Version 2.01.27 [6/4/2001]

  1. Fixed two bugs in the code for the mixing process that could make it so the process would not get created under certain conditions. One was if the chart was set to Altitude instead of Standard flow, and you selected to mix points to a given W or %Pt2 Flow. The other was if you tried to mix two points that had the exact same DB temperature using the %Pt2 Flow option. A message box would appear saying "Invalid Data" and the process would not get created.

  2. Reorganized the code so that the program does not have as many external components as before. The code that was in separate dll modules is now incorporated into the main exe of the program in order to make maintenance of the code easier as well as avoid installation problems. This fixes one problem with the update setup, psych601.exe, where it was possible for the Print Reports dialog to not be avialable after only applying the the update setup.

Version 2.01.26 [5/14/2001]

  1. Modified the importing procedures to be able to correctly import data from metric RHVAC project files.

Version 2.01.25 [1/16/2001]

  1. Made it so the data in the inputs on the Air Handler Model window is saved in the project file for the current chart instead of just with the program.

Version 2.01.24 [11/15/2000]

  1. Fixed a problem where it was possible when editing the name of a Note for the text in the textbox to wrap so that only part of the name could be seen in the textbox.

  2. Fixed a bug with the new Cooling Process Option that was added in version 2.01.22, where when the option was set to "Warn" a warning would be given even when the process line could extend to intersect the saturation curve.

Version 2.01.23 [11/2/2000]

  1. Updated the code that reads the RHVAC project file so that it will read either version 6.07 or 6.08 of RHVAC.

Version 2.01.22 [10/24/2000]

  1. Made it so pressing the Esc key or double clicking the chart will change to Select mode from any other mode such as Pan or Zoom In/Out.

  2. Added an option to allow for cooling processes that do not intersect the saturation curve to be created. The options are (1) Don't allow such a process, (2) Allow it, but display a warning, and (3) Allow it and don't warn.

Version 2.01.19 [9/4/2000]

  1. Corrected a slight error in the conversion of IP flow units to SI. This error was making it so when you were using a metric chart and entered a flow for a process, the process flow displayed on any of the reports would be slightly lower than the flow you had entered. The error was less than 1/2 of one percent.

Version 2.01.18 [6/6/2000]

  1. Made it so the specific volume labels display two numbers after the decimal place instead of just one when the chart is set to metric.

  2. Made it so the State Point report and the Process I/O report show three decimal places for specific volume. This change was made to the on screen reports, printed reports, and reports printed to file.

  3. Corrected a problem with displaying the color selector on the Print Reports dialog, where if you clicked on the program icon in the header the color selector wouldn't stay visible.

Version 2.01.17 [12/17/99]

  1. Fixed a bug where it was possible for a "Stop statement encountered" error to occur while selecting colors for the chart or the reports.

  2. Fixed a bug where it was possible for the coordinate labels for a coordinate type to not show up even if both the coordinate label and the coordinate line were set to Visible.

  3. Increased the maximum allowable humidity ratio from 0.05 to 0.1.

Version 2.01.16 [11/16/99]

  1. Added an "Open as read only" checkbox to the Open Project dialog, which makes it so a project can be opened as a read-only file and then set back to normal once the project is closed. Also added "[Read Only]" to the caption of the main window whenever a project file is opened that has its read-only attribute set.

  2. Fixed a slight problem on the new Example dropdown help buttons on the Add Point or Process dialog where the buttons wouldn't press down properly unless you clicked at least about halfway over from the left-hand edge of the button.

  3. Modified the setup program to make it work on Windows 2000.

Version 2.01.15 [8/26/99]

  1. Changed the example in the dropdown help window for the zone process.

Version 2.01.14 [8/26/99]

  1. Made another correction to the tab order on the Define Point or Process dialog.

Version 2.01.13 [8/26/99]

  1. Corrected the tab order and the arrow and Enter key navigation on the Define Point or Process dialog.

Version 2.01.12 [8/26/99]

  1. Corrected a problem with the ColorPicker that could happen on the Select Reports window when clicking on the example report headers.

  2. Added the program's version number to the subject line of the e-mail message upon selecting "Help|Send Mail To Technical Support Desk".

  3. Corrected the text in the dropdown help windows for the DB inputs on the zone process and the cooling coil process.

  4. Modified the text in the dropdown help windows for Pt1 and Pt2 for the zone process and the cooling coil process.

Version 2.01.11 [8/26/99]

  1. Fixed a bug on the Define Point or Process dialog where the metric flow option was not correctly setting the text in the dropdown help windows for some of the inputs.

  2. Added an Example button to each of the processes. Each of the dropdown help windows for the Example buttons has an example set of inputs that can be automatically created by clicking the item at the bottom of the dropdown help window.

Version 2.01.10 [8/23/99]

  1. Fixed a bug where the project was not being recognized as having been changed (and thus prompting to save upon closing the project) after having selected the new "Paste Chart Properties" or "Paste All" buttons.

  2. Slightly changed the appearance of the "Import Air Handler Data" window.

  3. Made the border around the edge of the chart thinner.

  4. Added the ability to copy the program license file from the floppy disk by pressing Ctrl+Shift+L while the About box is open.

  5. Corrected the tab order on the Define Point or Process dialog's State Point tab.

  6. On the Define Point or Process dialog, added text to the enthalpy input for the Zone process to make it clear that the default value usually does not need to be changed. Also moved the input to a less prominent location on the window and changed its caption to indicate that it is a default value.

  7. Modified the dropdown help for the enthalpy for the Humidify processes to explain that the value usually does not need to be changed from the default.

Version 2.01.9 [7/8/99]

  1. Technical changes.

Version 2.01.8 [7/8/99]

  1. Added units to the coordinate labels that didn't have them.

  2. Corrected the headings in the printed Process Energy Report when the chart is set to metric units for the sensible and latent load columns. The heading had incorrectly said "kW/hr", but is now changed to "kW".

  3. Added the ability to copy and paste chart properties as well as points, processes and notes from one chart to another. All data for a chart is overwritten any time any chart data is pasted. Three menu items have been added under the Chart menu for this feature: "Copy Chart Data", "Paste Chart Properties" and "Paste All".

  4. Made it so when there is a default project entered on the Options window and a new chart is created in a project, the new chart will be a copy of Chart 1 from the default project.

  5. Added a Metric Flow Units option to the Options window, which allows selecting either meters cubed per minute (as before), meters cubed per second or liters per second as the units used for flow throughout the program when the chart's Units option is set to metric.

Version 2.01.7 [4/9/99]

  1. Added a Zoom In/Out button to the View toolbar and the View menu. This feature makes it so the chart zooms in and out as you click and drag the mouse up or down.

  2. Increased the speed and smoothness when panning the chart with the Pan feature.

  3. Added a Select item to the View toolbar and the View menu. The Select button turns off any of the zooming tools, turns the mousepointer into an arrow and makes it so the chart's Note's and State Points can be selected.

  4. Made it so when the chart is not in one of the zooming modes (Zoom In/Out, Zoom Window or Pan) the State Points and the Notes cannot be selected. This change was needed because of the way that the menus would unexpectedly pop up when drawing a zoom window or when panning the chart.

  5. Changed the text in the dropdown help window for the enthalpy input on the humidify process. The input had said that the value was for the enthalpy of the point created in the process, but it is actually for the enthalpy of the water added during the process.

Version 2.01.6 [3/15/99]

  1. Added a checkbox to the Air Handler Model window to allow for 100% outside air. Also made it so if the amount of air entered into the Outside Air input is greater than or equal to the supply air required for the zone, the model created will be switched to 100% outside air. Modified the text in the dropdown help windows accordingly.

Version 2.01.5 [3/1/99]

  1. Fixed the problem where some of the icons available in the toolbar's Customize window had black backgrounds. Select the menu "Tools|Toolbars|Reset All" in order to use the new icons.

  2. Corrected the help text on the Zone process' enthalpy input to indicate that the purpose of the input is to enter the enthalpy of the water vapor entering the zone.

Version 2.01.4 [2/9/99]

  1. Corrected the caption of a window used in the upgrade process.

Version 2.01.3 [2/5/99]

  1. Made another correction to the reading of the customer information file.

Version 2.01.2 [2/3/99]

  1. Technical changes.

Version 2.01.1 [2/3/99]

  1. Changed the name of the customer information file, which corrected a situation where the program was always being installed as a demo version.

Version 2.01.0 [1/26/99] Initial Release

  1. Included the help file.

  2. Fixed a bug where if an item was entered by selecting it from a dropdown list on the Chart Properties window by using the up and down arrow keys, the Apply button would not become enabled.

Older Beta Versions

  1. Start of Beta 5 - Versions 2.00.101 [01/20/1999]

  2. Start of Beta 4 - Versions 2.00.94 [01/13/1999]

  3. Start of Beta 3 - Versions 2.00.89 [12/30/1999]

  4. Start of Beta 1 - Versions 2.00.23 [09/30/1999]

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