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Refrig Recent Update History

Version Changes

7/23/2021 Version 3.02.28

  1. Fixed a bug where you could not enter a value with any decimal places into the Hold Unit input on the Product tab of the Refrig Load Data window.

  2. Fixed a bug that could happen with a very large screen resolution, where you could get an error 6, overflow, under certain circumstances when the main window was sized to be very large.

3/13/2019 Version 3.02.27

  1. Fixed a bug where the program would crash on startup on some systems due to the Project Explorer window being shown on startup by default.

4/4/2016 Version 3.02.21

  1. Modified the Equipment Selection window to make it easier to use and understand, including replacing the rows of grayed out textboxes with scrollable grids, eliminating the Select Model / Unselect Model buttons, and rearranging the controls.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Condensing Unit Database window where the Delete button did not work.

  3. Fixed a bug on the Condensing Unit Database window where clicking the Add New button would cause a fatal error 91.

  4. Removed the Equipment Data checkbox under Input Reports on the Reports window, since it did nothing.

  5. Modified the database grids on some windows to better accommodate navigating from one grid cell to the next with the Tab key.

  6. Fixed bugs on some of the database windows that made it so you could not add a new record if you had previously deleted a record that was not the last one in the list.

  7. Added checkboxes on the Refrig Options window to let you set whether the confirmation dialog opens whenever you delete various database items. This change lets you revert back to confirming deletes if you had ever checked the "Don't ask me this again" box for one of the types of items.

  8. Modified the search functions on some of the database windows to eliminate some quirks.

  9. Corrected the tab order on some of the database windows and the Equipment Selection window.

  10. Fixed multiple bugs on the Material Database window.

  11. Updated the help file.

  12. On the Sales Proposal window changed the caption on the "Restore Sales Proposal" button to "Update Sales Proposal" to better indicate its function.

1/21/2014 Version 3.02.12

  1. Fixed some other bugs on the Internal tab of the Refrig Load Data window, where some of the results in the gray boxes would change values or at least formatting upon saving the project.

  2. Fixed a bug in the Refrig Box Summary Loads report where one or more of the Product loads could show up with a value based on the wrong units.

  3. Corrected some inconsistent formatting of results, where some values would sometimes show up with no decimal places, and other times with one decimal place.

1/17/2014 Version 3.02.11

  1. Fixed a bug on the Refrig Load Data window, where some of the results would show wrong values immediately after saving the project.

8/9/2013 Version 3.02.10

  1. Fixed a bug on the Refrig Load Data window, where if you saved the project while that window was open and then clicked on various things on that window it could cause a fatal error.

6/21/2013 Version 3.02.9

  1. Fixed a bug where parts of the program did not correctly handle filenames that contained a dot in addition to the dot before the extension.

  2. Took measures to prevent a bug that could happen with some projects on some computers where a fatal error 91 could happen upon changing the Load Summary input at the bottom of the Refrig Load Data window to Tons.

  3. Made it so the mousepointer turns to an hourglass momentarily after you click some of the dropdown help buttons on the Refrig Load Data window.

  4. Changed some of the small icon images in the Project Explorer window in order to improve their appearance.

  5. Fixed a bug where the Sales Proposal report would be blank when you first opened the Print Preview window, and the text would only show up if you refreshed the reports by clicking the Refresh Reports button.

8/13/2012 Version 3.02.4

  1. Fixed a bug that developed in the previous update, where loads were incorrect.

8/1/2012 Version 3.02.3

  1. Reformatted the Refrig Readme.doc file to be easier to read.

  2. Fixed a bug on the About box, where pressing Escape would open the Browse for Folder dialog for copying the license file.

  3. Changed the print preview component to a newer version.

  4. Fixed a bug where the "Start a new project on program startup" checkbox on the Refrig Options dialog was checked upon first opening that dialog, even though the actual behavior of that option was turned off by default.

  5. Fixed a bug where if you clicked New Project under certain circumstances it could put the program in a state of not being able to open any project without closing and reopening the program.

  6. Fixed several bugs related to opening projects, where it was sometimes not even possible to open a different project without closing and reopening the program.

  7. Fixed a bug on the Refrig Options dialog, where selecting a custom color for the background would cause a fatal error 438 that would end the program.

  8. Fixed a bug on the Refrig Options dialog, where the options for changing the appearance of the main window background did not work.

  9. Removed the menu "Help | Search for Help On," which did not work.

  10. Fixed several bugs where the program did not correctly flag the project as needing to be saved or not needing to be saved. Some of the bugs were where it would set the project as needing to be saved even though you made no changes. Other bugs were where you would make changes to the project but the program did not mark the project as needing to be saved.

  11. Corrected the appearance of the monitor image on the Background tab of the Refrig Options dialog.

  12. Fixed several fatal bugs that could occur having to do with the program's toolbar.

  13. Fixed bugs that would happen after you clicked "Save Project As," where changes you made were not necessarily saved in the new project file.

  14. Added the ability to set "check for update" options upon program startup with a new item in the Help menu, as well as a Check for Update dialog that opens by default when you first open the program..

  15. Removed several unnecessary message boxes that could appear upon doing various things in the program, such as closing the Project Explorer window under certain circumstances.

7/11/2011 Version 3.0.85

  1. Updated the Product Database with product data from the latest ASHRAE Refrigeration Handbook.

  2. Made it so a product can have a fractional time period in the Refrig Load Data window.

5/6/2011 Version 3.0.84

  1. Fixed an installation problem that I accidentally introduced in the last update.

5/3/2011 Version 3.0.83

  1. Made it so the required tonnage is rounded to two decimal places on the reports.

  2. Fixed a potential installation problem.

3/2/2011 Version 3.0.82

  1. Changed the minimum partition TD and floor TD to -75 degrees.

  2. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

7/1/2010 Version 3.0.81

  1. Fixed a problem that was introduced in the last update. Restored several system files that are installed with Refrig to their correct versions.

5/28/2010 Version 3.0.79

  1. Reorganized the menus to make them more user friendly.

  2. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

  3. Restored a file to the installation script that the program needs to produce charts and graphs.

  4. Made corrections to the weather database, including removing duplicate records and correcting some of the spelling.

9/17/2009 Version 3.0.78

  1. Added some cities in South Africa to the Weather Database.

8/14/2009 Version 3.0.77

  1. Fixed an error that caused some product descriptions in the Refrig Load Data window to be erased after a project save.

  2. Fixed an error that prevented the Refrig Load Data window from opening in some projects when the units were metric.

6/15/2009 Version 3.0.76

  1. Made it so double clicking this program's license file, no matter where it is located, will copy the license file to the correct folder.

1/5/2009 Version 3.0.75

  1. Added a new product, ice, to the Product/Container Database.

  2. Added a steel keg to the list of containers in the Product/Container Database and specified the weight of beer in a keg.

  3. Made it so the Infiltration Hours Per Day value can have up to 2 decimal places. This change only applies to projects started in this version of Refrig or later.

7/28/2008 Version 3.0.74

  1. Made it so the loads displayed on the Refrig Load Data window will be recalculated accurately when the Reference City is changed.

  2. Made it so the Infiltration Hours/Day entry on the Refrig Load Data window will only accept whole numbers. In the previous version, values entered here were being rounded automatically, which is unacceptable.

  3. Made it possible to add a new state or country to the Weather Database. It was still impossible to do this in the previous version.

7/7/2008 Version 3.0.73

  1. Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash when the Insert New Floor button was clicked in the Material Database.

11/19/2007 Version 3.0.72

  1. Fixed a problem that made it impossible to add a new state or country to the Weather Database.

11/15/2007 Version 3.0.71

  1. Made it so you can turn off the automatic update of partition and glass temperature difference values.

  2. Made changes that should enable Refrig to run on a computer with a high resolution monitor.

10/31/2007 Version 3.0.69

  1. Made Refrig compatible with Windows Vista.

4/27/2007 Version 3.0.68

  1. Proprietary changes.

4/26/2005 Version 3.0.67

  1. Added to the available currency symbols that are selected in the General Project Data window.

  2. Made it so changes to the currency symbol selected in the General Project Data window are immediately reflected when reports are refreshed or printed.

  3. Technical updates.

10/26/2004 Version 3.0.66

  1. Made a couple of other metric-related updates, this time to the Equipment Selection window data including balance point temperature.

  2. Technical updates.

10/25/2004 Version 3.0.65

  1. Fixed some bugs with metric calculations: Fixed metric Internal loads where a Watt-to-Btuh conversion factor used for English units had also been applied incorrectly in metric units for Equipment, Defrost, Lighting and Other loads. Fixed metric Infiltration Door loads by converting result from kW to Watts. Fixed metric Product and Container loads by converting from kJ/h to Watts.

  2. Updated Container Load calculations to account for container weight/unit. Previously the dropdown list weight per unit had been used, but now the input value is used as intended.

  3. Technical updates.

10/21/2004 Version 3.0.64

  1. Added feature that uses the new Check for Update utility. This utility, used by all Elite Software programs, can automatically check for updates and prompt you with the option to download an update from the Elite Software website before proceeding.

  2. Made it so the program will run properly on foreign versions of Windows that use the Double Byte Character Set, such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions. Note that a few of the unit displays like ft^2 can display differently on a DBCS system, but this should not cause significant problems. We will look into updating this type of display in future versions.

  3. Fixed problem with refilling dropdown list data in the Refrig Load Data window after switching units (i.e. English to Metric). If viewed in different units previously, the list data for certain inputs would remain unchanged even if it was specific to a certain metric unit (i.e. inches). Now these lists are refilled correctly when units are changed.

  4. Fixed bug which caused error 3420 when trying to open the Equipment Selection database window when the Refrig Load Data window was not open. The latter window opens automatically in this case but should not cause an error. Now this error no longer occurs.

  5. Technical updates.

6/21/2004 Version 3.0.63

  1. Added a selection for Currency Symbol to the General Project Data window, Project tab. This allows various currencies to be represented such as the British pound (£), yen (¥), Euro (€), etc. instead of the default dollar sign ($) when costs are shown in the program windows and reports.

  2. Technical updates.

5/25/2004 Version 3.0.62

  1. Fixed bug that would not update the lighting load immediately in the Refrig Load Data window if it was specified on an area basis (e.g. W/sq. ft) and floor width or length was changed. Now this change is shown immediately.

  2. Technical updates.

5/14/2004 Version 3.0.61

  1. Fixed problem that would cause an error when printing or previewing when the Refrig Load Data window was not open.

  2. Technical updates.

3/22/2004 Version 3.0.60

  1. Fixed problem with displaying the selected logo file on the title page of the reports. Also enabled certain picture file types like .wmf files to be used as the logo file.

  2. Added feature to allow product or container description text to be cleared by selecting the text and pressing the Delete or Backspace key. Previously this text could not be cleared once an item was chosen from the list. Note that to completely clear a row of data, currently the other data must be cleared manually as well or set to 0.

  3. Fixed small bug that sometimes did not update the displayed values for evaporator coil Rated Flow and Coil Air Throw in the Refrig System Quotation Report.

2/13/2004 Version 3.0.59

  1. Fixed more bugs related to units issues. First, related to the fixes for 3.0.58, another metric conversion of temperatures was not being applied but has now been fixed. Also, when opening a project and then changing units, the data for product and container types had not been updated for the new units, but this has also been fixed.

  2. Widened some of the text boxes in the Load Summary at the bottom of the Refrig Load Data window. This allows larger numbers up to 8 digits to be shown here, which can sometimes occur with large projects.

  3. Fixed bug in the Refrig Box Detailed Loads report, Infiltration Detailed Loads section that displayed infiltration load as 0 in some cases for some methods like ACH. Now all infiltration methods display infiltration load correctly in this report.

  4. Improved a few more column alignments and pie chart displays in the printout reports.

2/11/2004 Version 3.0.58

  1. Fixed bug with metric units that would cause calculated product and container loads to appear differently after a project was saved and reopened later. The metric conversion for specific heat, weight, and other such values had been applied incorrectly when opening saved projects, but this is now fixed. The calculated loads are now shown correctly even for projects saved before this fix.

  2. Added a "Copy License File" button to the About Refrig window. Clicking this button displays a Browse for Folder dialog that lets you select the floppy drive or any other location from which you want to copy the program's license file.

  3. Made a few minor improvements and fixes to the Sales Proposal.

  4. Improved a few column alignments in the printout reports.

  5. Technical updates.

1/14/2004 Version 3.0.57

  1. Fixed problems that caused the group help buttons to the left of U-Factor values in the Refrig Load Data window, Transmission tab to not display a dropdown list as intended.

  2. Technical updates.

11/24/2003 Version 3.0.56

  1. Fixed bug that showed the incorrect "Final Temp" for sub-freezing loads in the Refrig Product/Container Detailed Loads report.

  2. Increased allowable temperature difference across floors, walls and windows in the Refrig Load Data window, Transmission tab.

  3. Added a color selection installation file, which should help to prevent error 339 from appearing when printing/previewing on some computers.

10/22/2003 Version 3.0.55

  1. Fixed small bug with some screen resolutions that could display a "Close" button on the Equipment Selection window that was actually positioned on top of some controls in this window, interfering with normal operations.

09/26/2003 Version 3.0.54

  1. Made an update to the code for importing a DOS Refrig project file. Previously the DOS product and container names often would not be recognized in the new Windows program, so most imported product loads would be shown as 0 until a Windows product name was selected. Now in most cases the DOS product names are recognized in the Windows dropdown list and converted, so that these loads are calculated and shown immediately after importing from DOS in the Refrig Load Data window, Product tab.

  2. Updated product/container list and the Sample project to reflect new product and container name recognition. Installing the updated list is optional in the patch update.

  3. Technical updates.

09/10/2003 Version 3.0.53

  1. Added enhanced Help file. This is the window that opens when you select Help|Contents or press F1 in a Refrig program window. Before now, the Help file only contained some basic information. Now the information is comprehensive and descriptions are made for every window.

  2. Made a few updates to the new Sales Proposal window.

  3. Fixed a few bugs that caused errors in the Equipment Selection window.

  4. Technical updates.

08/29/2003 Version 3.0.52

  1. Added Sales Proposal window. This feature presents a one-page summary of project information and calculated results in text format. The text can be edited manually if desired, and it can be printed separately or included in the full printout reports.

  2. Technical updates, including adjustments to allow older Refrig for Windows files to be opened.

08/25/2003 Version 3.0.51

  1. Restored ability to select metric or English units. This feature changes the default units of many program inputs. For example when changing from English to metric units, wall length is assumed to be in meters instead of feet. This also affects the values in the reports.

  2. Many technical updates associated with adding metric units, and some regarding Tons units.

08/12/2003 Version 3.0.50

  1. Restored the selection of output loads in Tons or Btuh (kW in metric units) in the Tools|Options window. This selection only affects the loads values displayed in the reports and in the Refrig Load Data window.

  2. Implemented equipment rate multiplier which is entered in the Tools|Options window. This multiplier discounts the list price of equipment and includes the discount when the price is shown in the Refrig System Quotation Report. This number had previously not affected the prices in this report. Note that if nothing is entered for this multiplier, the mutliplier is ignored when calculating the results.

  3. Technical updates.

07/31/2003 Version 3.0.49

  1. Added enhanced inputs to the Material Database window, completing the addition of these inputs to the Refrig program.

  2. Added text validation and display at the bottom of the screen showing the units and range of values that can be entered into the selected input.

  3. In Equipment Database table for condensers, now the Nominal Capacity is shown at the nominal TD instead of the middle of the dataset. Now if the TD selected below the tables and the box temperature are nominal, the selected unit's Nominal Capacity will match the "Capacity at TD" field shown below the table.

  4. Technical updates.

07/24/2003 Version 3.0.48

  1. Made some corrections to the data displayed in the Refrig System Quotation Report, Equipment Summary section. The selected price had been the first visible row's data in the Equipment Selection window, not necessarily the selected row's data. Also some corrections were made to the fins per inch and coil rows displayed. Finally, the Sample project was updated in connection with these modifications.

  2. Fixed problem where when a coil or unit was selected in the Equipment Selection window that was not in the top row, the selected item was moved to the top row. However it is better to leave the data the same except for the selection being indicated, and now this is done.

  3. Made another update to the report generation install files.

07/12/2003 Version 3.0.47

  1. Updated pie charts in reports and viewable from the Refrig Load Data window. Some of the labels were incorrect, jumbled or not intended for the graph.

07/11/2003 Version 3.0.46

  1. Fixed problem with reading in condensing unit data from an equipment file due to column headings being different from the default text. Now in this case the program reads the data anyway without reading the column heading itself. In addition, the Witt.mdb data file, which alerted us to the problem, had its column headings updated.

  2. Updated some installation files such as for the report generation and previewing. This prevents error 339 which some users saw when generating reports.

  3. Technical updates.

07/09/2003 Version 3.0.45

  1. Made more updates to the Equipment Selection window to fix problems that could occur when changing unit or coil manufacturers. Improvements were also made to the procedures when pressing Page Up/Down to scroll through the unit and coil data.

  2. Updated the Sample.ref project file to include the latest settings that are intended to be used, especially with regard to the Equipment Selection window data. A small problem was also fixed where this project file made reference to manufacturer data files in specific computer directories. If these directories were not included on a user's computer, this sometimes caused an error. This file path reference is now removed from this file, so that this problem will not occur.

  3. Fixed a problem with the Undo feature. It now works, but note that it only performs an undo once, for a change made to the currently selected text or number. Undo does not work with other functions like clicking a command button.

07/07/2003 Version 3.0.44

  1. Updated the Weather Database window to include enhanced inputs.

  2. Updated the Refrig program to allow it to run on computers with Regional Settings such as European configurations where the decimal point in a number is represented by a comma.

  3. Technical updates.

06/19/2003 Version 3.0.43

  1. Added Select buttons for the evaporator coil and condenser unit in the Equipment Selection window. Previously, the "selected" unit was simply the last data row that was highlighted by the cursor. While this window can still be used this way, it is much more stable for your project to press the Select Model button to lock in a certain unit. Once you do this, that unit remains selected even if you move the cursor around the window or scroll up and down through the model data. Note that you can only see the differences in actual load, TD and total CFM from unit to unit while scrolling through the data if the units are not selected. So usually you will leave the units unselected first, search for the right model and then select them to lock in your model choices.

  2. Made other changes to the Equipment Selection window, such as graying out the model data (which cannot be modified in this window).

  3. Technical updates.

06/04/2003 Version 3.0.42

  1. Fixed bug that did not include glass transmission load from a saved project in the total load shown in the Refrig Load Data window or the printout reports. Previously, the glass load had to be recalculated to subsequently include the glass load in the window totals and the reports. Now this is not necessary; the glass load is always included in the results shown in the Refrig Load Data window and the reports.

  2. Fixed small problem in the Refrig Load Data window that caused the wall T.D. and color help buttons to appear white without an arrow icon in cases where these inputs were active. Now the arrow buttons are visible and selectable unless the inputs are inactive.

  3. Updated the combo box selections for Load Summary units and graph settings in the Refrig Load Data window. Now you can only select options from the list of choices available. Also if you type the first letter of an option, it appears automatically in this selection.

  4. Limited the Req'd Capacity value that appears in the Equipment Selection window to 1 decimal place. Also modified the calculation of this value to reflect the latest load (in Btuh) from the Refrig Load Data window, if it is also open.

  5. Updated the Sample.ref file to reflect the latest Req'd Capacity value that is shown for this file if the Equipment Selection window is opened before the Refrig Load Data window.

  6. Fixed bug that did not show the correct data rows in the Equipment Selection window if you dragged the scrollbar to the top or bottom of the evap coil or condensing unit data. Now when this is done, the data is shown at the beginning or ending of the database.

05/12/2003 Version 3.0.41

  1. Updated the Tools|Options window to make all selectable fields (and buttons where applicable) Enhanced Inputs. This even includes the selection for window background color.

  2. Fixed small problems with the Equipment Selection window to avoid problems when opening. This included a problem that had caused error 91 when opening this window with a new project.

05/06/2003 Version 3.0.40

  1. Finished major updates to the Refrig Load Data window by making all inputs in the Transmission tab Enhanced Inputs.

  2. Fixed small problem which caused a large number of digits to display in the Refrig Load Data window Load Summary if units were not set to Btu/24 hr and the current project was saved.

  3. Fixed bug which showed Refrig Load Data Internal Loads for Lighting and Equipment to be 0 if the Watts/Sq. Ft were 0 and the Load Summary units changed or indoor temperature changed, causing the values to recalculate. Now the correct lighting and equipment loads are shown when a recalculation takes place.

  4. Technical updates.

04/30/2003 Version 3.0.39

  1. Made updates to the Refrig Load Data window, Internal tab, adding Enhanced Inputs for these internal load values.

  2. Technical updates.

04/25/2003 Version 3.0.38

  1. Made updates to the Refrig Load Data window, Infiltration tab, adding Enhanced Inputs.

  2. Updated the Refrig Load Data window Products tab so that an update to the product data updates product load as well as container load for the corresponding data row.

  3. Added MBH and Btu/hr as units selectable in the Refrig Load Data window Load Summary.

  4. Fixed problem which did not include some components of the product load, such as respiration load, in the totals shown in the Refrig Box Summary Loads report. This had caused the totals for some projects to not add up to 100% in the report summaries.

  5. Added Refrig project file types *.ref to the available file types that can be used with the Database|Repair and Compact Database feature.

  6. Fixed problem with displaying the Condensing Unit Database Capacity Graph.

  7. Technical updates.

04/22/2003 Version 3.0.37

  1. Finished updates to the Refrig Load Data window, Product tab. Now this tab contains Enhanced Inputs which allow better control of movement and resizing this form. Resizing had been a problem with this form previously. Also fixed an issue in this window where not all the new controls in the Product tab were updating the calculated loads as inputs were made.

  2. Technical updates.

04/16/2003 Version 3.0.36

  1. Fixed some small problems due to the update to VB6 made in version 3.0.35.

  2. Made it so the cursor does not remain in an hourglass shape after the Tip of the Day window opens.

04/11/2003 Version 3.0.35

  1. Updated installation to VB6 from VB5. This allows better functionality with Elite Software's latest user controls, and increases stability of the program, while avoiding extraneous messages such as one that often appeared on program close that Refrig had generated an error, when in fact no substantial error had occurred.

  2. Made the Equipment Selection window a child form. In the previous release, it was made an independent form to enable update #5.

  3. Continued updating the Refrig Load Data window. More user controls were added and enabled in the Design Data and Product tabs. This includes enabling selection of product types from a drop down list, or just typing the first letter of the product in the Product Description field.

  4. Fixed a few small bugs related to display of summary loads at the bottom of the Refrig Load Data window when units are set to Tons.

04/08/2003 Version 3.0.34

  1. Finished updating the Equipment Selection window. Now all inputs in this window are Enhanced Inputs which allow better control and manipulation. Among other benefits, this now allows the number of rows that can be set in Tools|Options|Visible Rows to increase to up to 15 for the coils and condenser units. The form resizes automatically as the number of rows are changed.

  2. Fixed a bug which caused Error 13 when opening the Refrig Load Data window when working with a new project.

  3. Fixed bug which caused an error when scrolling to the end of some condenser data, due to missing data near the end of the file. Now the missing data is shown as blank text and does not cause an error.

  4. Changed to show a red warning message when the coil and condenser unit data selected are not matched. Previously a message box with an Ok button appeared each time, which was cumbersome when scrolling through the data.

  5. Fixed problem where after selecting help text for an item in the Equipment Selection window, scrolling with the arrows or Pg Up/Dn no longer worked. Now this problem no longer occurs.

03/26/2003 Version 3.0.33

  1. Updated the Equipment Selection form. This was done because of problems with the data grid controls that had been used to display the equipment databases. Now this data is displayed in individual fields, with help text explaining each item.

  2. Added check to recalculate box load data before generating reports if this box load data had not been reviewed in the current project session.

  3. Fixed a bug which displayed a negative container load if the product/container unit temperature is less than the box temperature. This load is instead set to 0, indicating that this item does not create a refrigeration load.

03/18/2003 Version 3.0.32

  1. Made it so a change in the Box Indoor Dry Bulb Temperature in the Refrig Load Data window, Design Data tab causes the loads throughout this window to be recalculated, with the change in results shown in the Load Summary at the bottom of this window. Also because this recalculation takes a few seconds, changed the cursor to an hourglass until these calculations are finished.

  2. Fixed problem where sometimes when a help pop-up window with a dropdown list was selected, then another one was selected, the same list appeared, not corresponding with the latest selection.

  3. Fixed problems with some inputs where choosing an item from the dropdown list did not place the selection in the text box. Also resized some help text windows to better accommodate the dropdown lists.

  4. Activated help dropdown list for the Compressor Runtime and Safety Factor inputs in the Refrig Load Data window, Design Data tab. Previously no lists of choices were available for this input.

  5. Made it so if the Product or Container Description (Refrig Load Data window, Product tab) was entered or changed, the product or container load is recalculated. Previously this calculation would only occur later, such as when the window was closed and reopened. Similar load calculation issues were fixed for entering other data such as glass description and dimensions.

  6. Fixed problems with the Equipment and Lighting frames in the Refrig Load Data window, Internal tab. Previously the Loads field would not always update with a change in the inputs above it. In some cases entering a certain value would result in a division by 0 error. Changing this data also updates the Load Summary at the bottom of the Refrig Load Data window.

  7. Fixed problems with the calculation of Product and Container loads in the Refrig Load Data window, Product tab. For example, if the data is recalculated such as with a change in box temperature, the displayed rows of data would update but not the ones not visible. Also made it so the Grand Total load shown in this window includes respiration, freezing, and subfreezing loads along with the product and container loads.

  8. Limited the number of items that appear in a dropdown list if the list is large.

  9. The "Starting page no" in File|Select Reports|Miscellaneous tab was not operating properly, but now this has been fixed.

  10. Add unit selection for the Load Summary at the bottom of the Refrig Load Data window. The default units are BTU/24 hr, but these values can also be set to Tons with this selection. Note that this is meant to be a tool to check tonnage values. A project cannot be saved with this selection set to Tons. The units are always set to BTU/hr when the Refrig Load Data window is opened or reopened.

  11. Fixed minor issue where the use of the Tab key did not move the cursor in each text box from left to right in the Refrig Load Data window, Tranmission tab. Now the cursor moves from left to right through all selectable inputs in this window.

  12. Made it so a text box that is disabled (such as wall color for a partition) cannot have a value selected for it from a help dropdown list. Even though such an entry would not affect results, this was misleading so now such a selection is no longer allowed.

  13. Fixed display of condensing unit in the Equipment Database. Previously the name would not change upon selection of a new condensing unit in the data table above.

  14. Disabled selection of units in Tools|Options that are to be displayed in the reports. This unit selection needs further review and work before it will be enabled again, in the near future.

  15. Technical updates.

11/2002 Version 3.0.31

    Not released.

04/19/2002 Version 3.0.30

  1. Refrig no longer closes then Evaporator Coil Database window when closing the project file with File|Close Project.

  2. When clicking on the Search button in the Evaporator Coil Database, program no longer crashes with error #3070 (not recognizing field name or expression).

  3. When clicking on the Reset button in the Evaporator Coil Database, program no longer crashes with error #3061 (too few parameters).

  4. All occurences of old project files that used glass direction are automatically updated to show glass quantity, defaulting to quantity of one.

  5. On the Transmission tab of the Refrig Load Data window, the TD field in the Glass frame are is modifiable.

  6. When changing projects and doing only print previews, Refrig now refreshes all data values

  7. When changing the Reference City to a different city the infiltration load now changes.

  8. The Load Summary frame of the Refrig Load Data window is now correctly labeled as Btu/24 Hr, not BTUH. Thanks for the heads up, Brian.

  9. Changed the button in the Find City screen from "Go To" to "Select City"

11/13/2001 Version 3.0.29

  1. Corrected problem with error 3021 when opening databases.

  2. The Refrig Box Detailed Loads report no longer displays infiltration data relevant only to the Door Area Method, regardless of which design method is selected on the Infiltration tab. For example the Height and Width of Doorway were always displayed in the report, even though these values are not relevant to the Air Changes Method or the Direct CFM Method.

  3. When you change manuf dbase in the enter/edit condensing unit database screen, it reflects the new data without having to exit and reenter the screen.

  4. Prevented crash that occurred when the following actions were taken (submitted by Brian): 1) Start the program. 2) Select File|New Project. 3) Select File|Print Preview. 4) Select Tools|Current Preview Window|Refresh Reports.

  5. Added two refrigerants, R404a and R507, as per C. Franco

  6. Added CopyWefFile code to REFRIG, to assist users who need to copy the license file manually.

  7. When selecting equipment models for a project and the database selected has no equipment of that type (either cond units or evap coils), REFRIG no longer generates a 3021 error nor blanks out that database grid.

09/07/2001 Version 3.0.28

  1. Older license files will not work with newer programs, so beta testers will need to get new copy of license file.

  2. On the Infiltration tab of the Refrig Load Data window, if you click on the down arrow beside CFM (under Air Changes/Hr) you will see a dialog box that says "A help file is missing." Now fixed.

  3. Users can no longer select data from calculated fields - cursor access removed.

  4. Defrost (Internal) Loads calculate the % Load Factor as a proper percent value. For example: 1000 Watts, 25%, 3 hrs yields 1000 watts * 25% * 3.413 btus / watt * 3 hours = 2559 btu

  5. Corrected error that used to force color for walls to be Shaded. Also affected color when scrolling walls up and down.

  6. Removed the "0" TD from roof in the detailed box loads report. It doesn't apply and can confuse the report. As per Masseau

  7. Corrected the calc for defrost loads, as per Gleason.

  8. Updated install script for cases where error 339 occurs in "Select Reports": "VSview 3.0 ocx not currently registered, files is missing or invalid" occurs. As per Jack Gleason. Added newer version of vsview 3.0 ocx to install script.

  9. Output reports now list walls as "N Wall 12 x 8" instead of "#3 Wall - North", more like the RHVAC/CHVAC style

02/27/2001 Version 3.0.27

  1. Typos in the drop down helps for the Defrost and Light fields (Transmission screen) are corrected.

  2. Selecting a city from a country with no states/provinces will no longer generate an error 91. Also, corrected passing state that is blank when selecting weather data in loads screen.

  3. We don't use "box name" anymore, we now call it "Refrigerated Area Description", and moved it to the Loads Screen. Also dropped the comment field for the box name.

  4. Checked the help files that we found with the wrong pointers, and they are fine on my machine and the test machines. Remove the bad copies from beta tester's machine.

  5. Corrected the misspelled "heigth" in the help files.

  6. Turned off "forced" upper/lower case inputs in GPD screen, as requested by Gleason

  7. Tip of Day no longer lists item on Beta Testing (no longer applicable)

  8. Expanded button for viewing graphs (on box screen) from "View" to "View Graph"

  9. Changed title on products from Bulk Unit to Product Unit

  10. Added drop down lists to package units, such as (box, case, crate, indiv wrap, container, N/A)

  11. Install script now forces replacement of pulldown help files.

  12. Temp Pulldown time period now has pulldown help that lists 1-24 hours

  13. Changed the method used to calculate the average wall height. It was only using the last modified wall, when it really should have recalculated based on an average. This also corrects the error that occurs when you set a wall to zero height. Finally, it forces the recalculation of the Infiltration / Air Changes per Hour calc.

  14. Product hold units is now left justified.

  15. When the Transmission, Internal, Infiltration, or Product tab is clicked, the default cursor location is now set to a single default cursor location.

  16. In the Transmission tab on the Wall frame, the tab order was be corrected.

  17. The Tile Horizontally and Tile Vertically buttons in the toolbar now work.

  18. Corrected lockup bug for print preview.

  19. Updated product/container load screen to allow for longer descriptions

  20. Wall and glass scroll bars now shift the TD and color restrictions.

11/14/2000 Version 3.0.26

  1. First beta release to our website.

  2. Final pre-production copy to be sent to beta testers.

  3. Completed the Import from DOS projects, including checking the sample project.

  4. When not printing the GPD report, the title page now prints general project data

  5. Negative numbers are now allowed in TD for wall and glass.

  6. On certain reports, if the totals are zero, we now print a message "no xxx loads" instead of a bunch of zeros.

  7. Added code to reports section so it can handle a "blank" project without crashes.

  8. Added a quantity field for Glass doors. Affects calculations, database.

  9. Product and container descriptions on loads screen are now locked. User cannot edit these fields.

Versions 3.0.25 and older

  1. Released only to beta testers.

  2. Updated Project explorer to include the missing information. Would like to later add a second hierarchy to better organize the data presented.

  3. Air changes per hour screen has been simplified.

  4. After viewing reports in print preview, but before closing PP screen, if you selected the "Reselect Reports/Properties" button, and then hit the "Preview" button again, it would append the combo box reports list, as opposed to replacing the old reports. Now corrected.

  5. Now allows "S" for wall color, both from input help and manually typed in. Also disabled "G" for this field as it no longer applies.

  6. In the material database screen, REFRIG no longer leaves the current material record number as blank when paging back beyond record #1. For example if you page back from "Roof 1 of 3", you don't get "Roof of 3". Instead you get "Roof 3 of 3".

  7. When General Project Data input report is disabled, it automatically disables the equipment report.

  8. Added AUTOLOAD.REF capability to REFRIG.

  9. Fixed cases where user starts a number with just "." (omitting leading zero)

  10. Many of the fields now allow decimals, including dimensions and hours / day to two decimal places.

  11. Removed 3265 error for tip help in the Project Explorer.

  12. Made sure all calcs are automatically done and calc windows are filled, especially when reloading an existing project.

  13. Removed "." problem from hold units.

  14. Weather data countries, states, and cities can now be selected from the database screen.

  15. Load summary now includes runtime and safety loads in total.

  16. Adjusted top to column headers for Load Summary at bottom of loads screen. Also widened "Light" so it fits without truncation.

  17. Cleaned up the layout of the Options screen.

  18. Calculated Fields that used to permit you to enter numbers are now locked out.

  19. Changing Outdoor DB, Surround DB, or Indoor DB affects TD where appropriate.

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