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Rhvac Version 10 Recent Update History

Version Changes

10/12/2023 10.01.18

  1. Fixed a bug in Drawing Board that would happen if you first printed reports, and then selected a Room object on the drawing, and opened the Radiant Floor Properties dialog by clicking the button beside the "Radiant Floor Heat Output" property, and then clicked OK on that dialog, and then refreshed the reports without making any other drawing changes, any changes you made on the dialog would not immediately show up on the Radiant Floor report.

  2. On the System 1 Room Load Summary report, made changes for when the room quantity is greater than 1. The room name now includes the quantity in parenthesis if greater than 1. And the area, sensible loss, etc., that are shown in the columns on the right are now multiplied by the room quantity. Made the same kinds of changes to the Load Preview window and report, so that the appropriate column values are now multiplied by the room quantity.

  3. Fixed a bug on the Tabular Manual D Ductsize window, where if you entered a duct system in the Other Ducts section and under the Supply arrow, the device pressure losses from system 1 would incorrectly be added to the system's cumulative losses.

7/12/2023 10.01.17

  1. On the ACCA Form 310 Data window, fixed a bug where item 4.17 did not get filled in automatically.

  2. Fixed a bug where if you added a custom glass on the Glass Material dialog, and then closed that window and typed in the construction code of the new custom glass into the glass material input on Room Data, the new material code would not be found, and the U-value and SHGC would not automatically get filled in. Did the same thing for other types of materials.

  3. Fixed a bug on the Energy Star form report, where the 17 and 47 degree air source heat pump capacities shown in item 4.12 were shown in units of Btuh instead of kBtuh.

  4. Fixed a bug when importing some version 8 project files that have a drawing, where after converting to version 10 it was possible for some windows and doors to show up with a reduced width.

6/1/2023 10.01.16

  1. On the Set Multiple Duct Properties dialog for ducts on the Drawing Board window, added the Register Sizing property to the list of properties, as long as there is at least one main trunk on the drawing.

  2. Also on the Set Multiple Duct Properties dialog, added a "Update Duct Default Scenario or DDS File..." button that lets you update any of the default scenarios in the current drawing, and lets you update any of your DDS files.

  3. Also on the Set Multiple Duct Properties dialog, added "Supply Main Trunks" and "Return Main Trunks" to the popup menu that displays when you click the Mark All button.

  4. Added six Duct Default Scenario files to the list of DDS files installed during the setup. These files contain duct design guidance from NCI, National Comfort Institute.

5/5/2023 10.01.9

  1. Added the list of device pressure losses to the Tabular Manual D Ductsize Data report, right after the line that lists their sum.

  2. Added the status of the design friction rate (OK or High) to the Tabular Manual D Ductsize Data report's line that shows the design friction rate.

  3. In the Model View program that is included with Rhvac, for new models that you add to a database, made it so you do not have to tab through each input on the popup Air Conditioners window in order to prevent there from being null values for some fields, which could prevent the Find HVAC Equipment window in Rhvac, Chvac, and Energy Audit from being able to list that model. Made the same change to the other popup windows for editing newly added models of the other types.

5/2/2023 10.01.8

  1. Fixed a bug in the setup for a first time installation of Rhvac 10, where the filename in the "Copy this file" input on the New Projects tab of the Rhvac Options window was set to "Autoload Rhvac 10.rh9" instead of the correct filename, "Autoload Rhvac 10.r10".

  2. Fixed a bug that developed in the previous update on the Find HVAC Equipment window, where the Indoor Model input was sometimes grayed out when it should be enabled.

  3. Fixed a bug in selecting cooling equipment with the Find HVAC Equipment window, where if the selected model in the database had adjusted sensible and adjusted latent capacity values filled in, the "Adjusted Total Capacity (Optional)" row in the grid would not be assigned.

3/31/2023 10.01.7

  1. Fixed a bug if you had the Match Zone Color property set to True for a supply duct on the Drawing Board window, it would not make the duct match the color of the zone.

  2. Added fields for SEER2, EER2, HSPF2, Sensible Capacity, Latent Capacity, Adjusted Sensible Capacity, and Adjusted Latent Capacity to the manufacturer's equipment databases. These fields are added upon selecting a database file on the Find HVAC Equipment window, or upon opening a database in the Model View program. Added columns for these fields to the Find HVAC Equipment window. These new values, if present in a database, get copied to the inputs on the Equipment tab of the System Data window when you select a model. Added inputs for all of these new fields to the popup windows in the Model View program.

  3. Added back the ability to select equipment while on the System Data window (as in Rhvac 9), so that it opens the Find HVAC Equipment window and applies your multipliers to fill in the min and max capacity inputs. In the System Data window's toolbar, click the More item to display a menu with "Select Cooling Equipment" and "Select Heating Equipment" items.

  4. Added the Multiplers button and popup window back to the Find HVAC Equipment window (as in Rhvac 9).

  5. Made it so instead of just one warning there are two possible warnings about having no duct surface area for a project with ducts on the drawing (or Tabular Manual D Ductsize window), and the "Update SA from [T]MDD" input on the Duct Load Factors dialog is set to "MDD" or "TMDD." The first warning tells you that you need to set the "Duct Load Factor Scenario" property for one or more ducts in the system to be a valid scenario number, for the case when there are ducts in the system. The other warning tells you that you have no ducts in the system, for the case when there are no ducts in the system.

  6. Made it so if you try to open a database on the Find HVAC Equipment window that is currently in use by another program (such as Model View), a message box is displayed that says that the file is in use.

  7. Fixed a bug where the Copy Glass, Paste Glass, Copy Door, and Paste Door functions in the right click popup menu for glass and door objects on the drawing did not work.

3/24/2023 10.01.4

  1. Fixed a bug where if you did not have Rhvac 9 installed, the dropdown help for the Item Name column on the Equipment Cooling Loads window would not include the list of items, even though the EquipmentLoads.txt file was existing in the correct folder.

3/14/2023 10.01.3

  1. Fixed a bug where if you had Rhvac 9 installed and then installed Rhvac 10.01.2, the objects from the Rhvac 9 Drawing Objects catalog in the Drawing Board window of Rhvac 9 would not work until you reinstalled Rhvac 9.

3/9/2023 10.01.2

  1. Fixed a bug where if you let the program check for an update upon startup, it would check for an update of Rhvac version 9, not 10.

  2. Fixed a bug in Drawing Board, where the "Add Default Floor to New Rooms" and "Add Default Roof to New Rooms" toggle buttons were being ignored for new Room objects.

  3. Fixed a problem where the grab handle in the bottom right corner of some of the resizable windows was missing. These grab handles with the diagonal lines are simply used to make it slightly easier to grab the corner of the window for resizing.

3/7/2023 10.01.1

  1. Fixed a bug that developed in version 10.00.36, where the Manual S Performance Data window would not open.

3/3/2023 10.01.0 (Official Release)

  1. Technical changes.

3/2/2023 10.00.37 (Test Version)

  1. Fixed some bugs when importing Drawing Board projects from previous versions of Rhvac.

2/28/2023 10.00.36 (Test Version)

  1. Fixed a bug where the EquipmentLoads.txt file for generating the dropdown help of the Item Name column on the Equipment Cooling Loads window was not being installed.

  2. Fixed a bug in Drawing Board, where if you had both Rhvac 9 and 10 installed, the right click popup menu for the Room object would not include all objects. This bug would happen in whichever version was not the most recent version you installed.

2/22/2023 10.00.35 (Test Version)

  1. Fixed several problems in the ACCA Form 310 Data window and the corresponding report. Also made fundamental changes regarding how that window's inputs are saved.

2/20/2023 10.00.32 (Test Version)

  1. Fixed a bug where the new "Show Flow" property for trunk objects on the Drawing Board window was missing.

  2. Made several more changes to the F1 help to update it to the current version.

2/15/2023 10.00.31 (Test Version)

  1. Technical changes.

2/10/2023 10.00.29 (Test Version)

  1. Added a "Show Flow" property to each kind of trunk object.

2/9/2023 10.00.28 (Test Version)

  1. On the Create REScheck File dialog, made it so the REScheck Folder box defaults to being the same folder as the current project, unless an installation of REScheck is detected.

  2. Removed the extraneous menu item entries in the "Tools | AHRI Links" menu.

  3. Modified the dropdown help for some inputs on the Duct Load Factors dialog so that all the items in the list are visible.

  4. Added inputs to let you export to EnergyPro version 9 to the EnergyPro Export dialog.

  5. On the frame wall tab of the Wall Material dialog, added a metal wall category. Also added four metal wall materials into that category.

1/31/2023 10.00.25 (Test Version)

  1. Technical changes.

1/31/2023 10.00.24 (Test Version)

  1. Updated more of the help file.

  2. Technical changes.

1/30/2023 10.00.22 (Test Version)

  1. Corrected some links to the F1 help in the Proposal Maker window.

1/27/2023 10.00.21 (Test Version)

  1. Corrected some problems in the Open Previous Version function, so that it is able to import a project from every version of the program since Rhvac 6.08.

1/18/2023 10.00.17 (Test Version)

  1. Made it so you can have an overhang offset that is negative, to account for overhangs that slope downward.

1/17/2023 10.00.15 (Test Version)

  1. Technical changes.

  2. Made more changes to the ACCA Form 310 Data window.

1/16/2023 10.00.6 (Test Version)

  1. Technical changes.

1/12/2023 10.00.4 (Test Version)

  1. Added inputs for SEER2, EER2 and HSPF2 in the cooling and heating equipment inputs. Modified the reports to accommodate them when filled in.

  2. Changed the splash window picture.

1/10/2023 10.00.2 (Test Version)

  1. Technical changes.


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