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S-Pipe Recent Update History

Version Changes

Version 2.02.18 [4/13/2018]

  1. Rearranged and resized some of the inputs on the Cold Pipe Data window and made the window smaller. Did the same for the Hot Pipe Data window.

  2. Fixed a bug where fittings, fixtures and equipment entered on the Cold Pipe Data window with a quantity of zero sometimes had an effect on the results.

  3. Made it so the Fixtures inputs are ignored for any row that has zero for the quantity input.

  4. Fixed a bug where if you only had hot water pipes in your project the output report would not be created.

Version 2.02.17 [9/8/2015]

  1. Fixed a bug where if you had hot water pipes downstream of a cold water pipe, and under one or more other cold water pipe branches you had a water heater specified for the equipment, it was possible for some of your hot water pipes to not show up in the Project Explorer tree.

Version 2.02.15 [8/28/2015]

  1. Fixed a bug where it was possible for projects that were created before the previous update to have duplicate and othewise invalid pipe records existing in the project file. This version purges out such records and prevents such records from being created.

Version 2.02.13 [8/25/2015]

  1. Fixed a bug where the Cold Pipe Overview window would not immediately refresh itself upon making changes on the Cold Pipe Data window. Did the same for the Hot side.

  2. Added a Refresh button to the Cold Pipe Overview window. Did the same for the Hot Pipe Overview window.

  3. Fixed a bug where the Cold Pipe Overview window would not always remember the number of visible rows you had set for it. Did the same for the Hot Pipe Overview window.

  4. Added a dropdown help button to the upper right corner of all the dropdown help windows that include a list, and in the popup menu that appears when you click that new button added menu selections that let you select the maximum number of list items to allow in any such window.

Version 2.02.10 [6/23/2015]

  1. Added a "Set Check for Update Options" item to the Help menu.

  2. Fixed a bug where if you added a booster pump in your equipment its effects would not always be included correctly in the calculations.

  3. Fixed a bug that developed in the previous update where the report checkboxes and other settings on the Select Reports dialog were not always being honored.

Version 2.02.9 [6/2/2015]

  1. Fixed a problem where the dropdown help window for the Code Source Database input on the Settings tab of the General Project Data window did not have the list of databases unless the current user was the one who installed the program the first time. For all other users the list was blank.

Version 2.02.6 [5/8/2013]

  1. Changed the caption on the "Cold Water Piping" and "Hot Water Piping" windows to "Cold Pipe Data" and "Hot Pipe Data" in order to match the user's manual, the help file and the toolbar button and menu captions.

  2. Fixed a bug on the Number input on the Cold Pipe Data and Hot Pipe Data windows, where if you clicked the dropdown help button beside the input to display the dropdown help window, and then clicked that same button again to close the dropdown help window, the names of all the nodes of that kind in the project would be changed.

Version 2.02.2 [1/9/2013]

  1. Fixed a bug where filenames containing a dot (in addition to the one before the extension) were not handled properly. The Project Explorer window would not include such files in the project list.

  2. Fixed a bug where if you had selected equipment for a pipe section that equipment would not show up on the Cold Pipe Output Data and Hot Pipe Output Data reports.

  3. Fixed an error 5, "Invalid procedure call or argument" that would happen upon opening a different project while a project was open and the General Project Data window was open.

  4. Fixed a bug on the Project Explorer window where if a hot water pipe was assigned downstream of a cold water pipe it would sometimes not show up in under that cold water pipe in the tree, but instead would show up below all the cold water pipes underneath a new "Hot Water" node.

  5. Corrected the name of the program in several places from "SPipe" to "S-Pipe."

  6. Made it so certain floating windows such as the Select Reports window open centered over the main window instead of at an arbitrary position or in the previous position.

  7. Fixed a bug where if you had the Cold Pipe Overview and Hot Pipe Overview windows open at the same time it was impossible to close the project or open a different project.

  8. Reformatted the S-Pipe Readme.doc file to make it easier to read.

  9. Replaced the Print Preview window with one that has better page number and zoom inputs, as well as "Save Report and E-Mail" and "Zoom to 100%" buttons in its toolbar.

  10. Improved some of the icon images in the Project Explorer.

  11. Removed some extraneous buttons from the Customize Toolbar dialog, and moved some buttons into the correct categories.

  12. Improved the appearance of the F1 help file and made some minor updates to it.

  13. Removed the Units input from the General Project Data window, since it was not functional.

  14. Changed the "Help Topics" item in the toolbar and menu to "Help on Current Window."

Version 2.0.62 [12/22/2011]

  1. Made it so S-Pipe links with AutoCAD MEP 2012.

Version 2.0.59 [7/28/2011]

  1. Corrected the fitting quantities on the Bill of Materials report.

  2. Increased the maximum value of each "Quantity" input to 999 on the Cold Water Piping and Hot Water Piping windows.

  3. Fixed a calculation problem that only happened when a project was opened while the Project Explorer window was closed.

Version 2.0.58 [5/6/2011]

  1. Fixed an installation problem that I accidentally introduced in the last update.

Version 2.0.57 [5/3/2011]

  1. Fixed a potential installation problem.

Version 2.0.56 [3/8/2011]

  1. Made it so S-Pipe links with AutoCAD MEP 2011.

Version 2.0.55 [2/1/2011]

  1. Fixed an installation problem.

Version 2.0.54 [1/18/2011]

  1. Made the program fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

  2. Converted the program's help file to HTML Help.

Version 2.0.53 [3/16/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem with the calculation of booster pump pressure.

Version 2.0.52 [2/22/2010]

  1. Fixed a problem with the Update Manager. The files needed by the Update Manager were not all installed with the previous version of S-Pipe.

Version 2.0.51 [2/3/2010]

  1. Made it so S-Pipe links with AutoCAD MEP 2010.

Version 2.0.49 [6/15/2009]

  1. Made it so double clicking this program's license file, no matter where it is located, will copy the license file to the correct folder.

Version 2.0.48 [9/26/2008]

  1. Fixed a problem with project saving. In the previous version of the program, occasionally when Save Project was clicked, the project would not be saved.

Version 2.0.47 [5/28/2008]

  1. Made it so SPipe can import data from an AutoCAD MEP 2009 drawing and export data back to the drawing.

Version 2.0.46 [4/24/2008]

  1. Made it so the Select AutoCAD MEP Version window does not require you to click a version name that is already highlighted.

Version 2.0.45 [2/5/2008]

  1. Made it so the AutoCAD export files that are automatically created by the program are saved in the current projects folder instead of the program folder.

Version 2.0.44 [1/24/2008]

  1. Restored the "Assign Calculated Data to AutoCAD MEP Drawing" feature. Right now the only information that can be exported using this feature is the size of each pipe.

Version 2.0.43 [1/18/2008]

  1. Made it so S-Pipe will import plumbing objects from an AutoCAD MEP drawing.

  2. Removed the "Assign Calculated Data to AutoCAD MEP Drawing" feature. Hopefully this feature will be restored soon.

Version 2.0.42 [11/13/2007]

  1. Fixed a problem with the AutoCAD MEP drawing import. If you have both ABS 2007 and AutoCAD MEP 2008 on your computer and you import a drawing saved in one of those programs, S-Pipe will always open the program you selected (ABS 2007 or AutoCAD MEP 2008).

  2. Made changes that should enable S-Pipe to run on a computer with a high resolution monitor.

Version 2.0.41 [11/1/2007]

  1. Corrected a problem that prevented the drop down list of pages from being displayed in the Print Preview window.

Version 2.0.39 [10/24/2007]

  1. Made SPipe compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 2.0.38 [8/9/2007]

  1. Made it so SPipe can import data from an ABS 2006, ABS 2007, or AutoCAD MEP 2008 drawing and export data back to the drawing.

Version 2.0.37 [4/24/2007]

  1. Proprietary changes.

Version 2.0.36 [9/7/2006]

  1. Added interface with Autodesk Building Systems (ABS) 2007, which supercedes ABS 2006. Note that SPipe version 2.0.35 or earlier must be used if ABS 2006 is still being run on your computer; version 2.0.36 and later will not work with ABS 2006. A link here will remain on the Elite Software website for a reasonable amount of time to download an update patch for the last version of SPipe to work with ABS 2006.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.35 [6/16/2006]

  1. Fixed some problems related to those addressed in 2.00.34. This included clarifying when a loop was found and whether it interferes with calculations and requires modification.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.34 [6/8/2006]

  1. Fixed bug that would not allow project changes to be saved, if a pipe segment window was open and the fixture code source database had been changed since the project was opened. This change interfered with the saving process, but now the program recognizes this change and allows results to be saved.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.33 [1/10/2006]

  1. Added Double Byte Character Set interface, to allow program to run on foreign language systems. This is needed for compatibility with Chinese, Korean, Japanese and similar versions of Windows with complex character sets.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.32 [6/14/2005]

  1. Added interface with Autodesk Building Systems (ABS) 2006, which supercedes ABS 2005. Note that SPipe version 2.0.31 or earlier must be used if ABS 2005 is still being run on your computer; version 2.0.32 and later will not work with ABS 2005. A link here will remain on the Elite Software website for a reasonable amount of time to download an update patch for the last version of SPipe to work with ABS 2005.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.31 [5/6/2005]

  1. Fixed problem which would prevent some projects with just cold pipes to finish calculations.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.30 [4/8/2005]

  1. Fixed bug which caused results to be different and/or inaccurate when one or more pipes is made not Active. Now the calculation results are the same whether a pipe is not Active or not present at all.

  2. Updated report headings for better alignment or to improve item descriptions.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.29 [1/26/2005]

  1. Added feature to account for a booster pump or other pressure boosting device in the calculation of available pressure at the point of greatest pressure drop in the system. Thus if you get a warning that your main water pressure is not sufficient to meet the pressure requirements in your system, you can add a booster pump near the inflow to supply the remaining pressure.

    Note that this new feature will only work if the pump is placed in a pipe segment near the inflow, before any branches from the main line are encountered. And the pump would have to be placed in the cold pipe section, not among hot pipes. Also note that this will not affect the pressure drops shown in the pipe output data reports, just the final available pressure.

Version 2.0.28 [1/5/2005]

  1. Fixed problem with reading ABS object handles when importing an ABS drawing which interfered with writing calculated results back to the drawing.

  2. Increased allowable ABS object handle size from 4 to 6 characters.

Version 2.0.27 [10/20/2004]

  1. Added feature that uses the new Check for Update utility. This utility, used by all Elite Software programs, can automatically check for updates and prompt you with the option to download an update from the Elite Software website before proceeding.

  2. Added feature to ABS interface for writing calculated SPipe fitting data (including sizes) back to the ABS drawing from which pipe data had been imported. Previously only pipe and fixture data, not fitting data, had been exported back to the drawing.

  3. Fixed bug which in rare cases caused an endless loop during calculations. This would occur when the range of valid pipe sizes was limited to a small number and max. velocity was also set to a small value. A loop is established in the program to increase pipe sizes until flow is reduced below the max. velocity value. Now in this case the loop is limited to the largest pipe size in the specified range and allows velocity to exceed the max. velocity entered, according to the criteria hierarchy explained more thoroughly in the SPipe manual on p. 8.2.

  4. Fixed small problem with indexing pipe objects during an Autodesk ABS drawing import, which only affects the import of the last few objects in certain drawing files.

  5. Made an update to the ABS import code that avoids minimizing the ABS window during a drawing import. This sometimes caused the Command Line in the AutoCAD window itself to disappear, so the code was changed so this no longer happens.

  6. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.26 [6/29/2004]

  1. Fixed issue with reading in pipe General Comments from projects saved with version 2.0.24 and earlier. This was due to the addition of ABS handle data to project files in later versions.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.25 [5/12/2004]

  1. Added ability to read fixture units from a .dwg file to the current SPipe project and newly added ABS fixture unit database. Also added ability to write fixture units and other fixture selections back to the ABS drawing if they were changed during the SPipe session.

  2. Added ABS fixture unit database to use when importing an ABS drawing. Since there can be custom fixtures in ABS, they are added to this database as needed, while not affecting the other standard databases like UPC and IPC.

  3. Increased the number of decimals allowed for fixture units from 1 to 2.

  4. Fixed bug which caused the fixture database selection saved with a project to be ignored unless the GPD window was opened. This could cause a mismatch in database information.

  5. Fixed bug which caused pipes from a larger project previously open in the same SPipe session to be added to pipes in the current project.

Version 2.0.24 [5/6/2004]

  1. Added interface with Autodesk Building Systems 2005. This interface is significantly improved from the ABS 2004 interface. First, all features are accessed from the File menu, rather than using manual methods and macros in ABS. The two interface selections in the File menu are File|Read Data From ABS Autodesk Drawing (used to import the plumbing .dwg file) and File|Assign Calculated Data to ABS Drawing. Once you import and run calculations in SPipe, select the latter option to assign the results to the drawing. The calculated results appear in the Properties list for most plumbing objects in the drawing. You can also resize the pipes in the drawing based on calculated SPipe results at this point by selecting System Resize from the Mechanical|Engineering Analysis palette in ABS. NOTE: Node numbers are placed on the drawing automatically during an SPipe import, but ONLY if the drawing has been saved with the EliteABSPipingTags Template.dwt template file included in the SPipe installation.

  2. Added checks to detect minimum flow for fixtures and account for them in the calculations if the fixture units for a given fixture were set to 0. Previously only partial checks had been made. Also added check to ensure that this minimum flow is only applied if the quantity of fixtures is not 0.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.23 [3/31/2004]

  1. Fixed bug that caused the option in the General Project Data window, Settings tab to "Ignore fixture minimum flow GPM criteria" to not be read from a saved file; it would only affect results if selected during the current session. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  2. Made adjustment to calculation of pipe size in the Supply/Branch Sizer to account for maximum pressure drop.

Version 2.0.22 [3/30/2004]

  1. Fixed bug that caused the GPM adjustment factor to not be applied correctly in the main calculations.

Version 2.0.21 [2/20/2004]

  1. Fixed bug that caused fixture units to not be added correctly in pipe sections connected in series leading to another branch upstream.

  2. Added a "Copy License File" button to the About SPipe window. Clicking this button displays a Browse for Folder dialog that lets you select the floppy drive or any other location from which you want to copy the program's license file.

Version 2.0.20 [11/18/2003]

  1. Made it so the Continuous Flow GPM requirements for equipment in a given pipe segment are cumulative, instead of just choosing the largest flow requirement.

  2. Fixed some problems in checking for errors in a system with only cold pipes or only hot pipes.

  3. Made it so the final summary information, which is normally printed at the bottom of the Hot Pipe Output Data report, is instead printed at the bottom of the Cold Pipe Output Data report if the project only contains cold pipes.

  4. Fixed minor bug that would cause fittings, equipment, and other items to be shown inaccurately in the tree diagram if one of the items had a comma in the text description. Now this is allowed, but the comma is changed to a semicolon in the tree diagram display. This is done because the program uses commas to detect the end of the lists of fittings, fixtures, etc.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.19 [11/14/2003]

  1. Added feature to account for Continuous Flow GPM for a piece of equipment used in a plumbing system. The GPM for a pipe segment containing equipment will be increased to the equipment's Continuous Flow GPM if not already flowing that amount. The pipe will then be sized to meet this flowrate.

  2. Increased maximum allowable value for the Water Pressure at Main to 999.9 psi.

  3. Made a few updates to the code for importing AutoCAD drawing files.

Version 2.0.18 [10/10/2003]

  1. Added feature allowing import of an AutoCAD .dwg file using the Autodesk Building Systems 4 (ABS4) add-on program. This allows you to make an AutoCAD drawing with ABS piping objects and the piping system from the drawing can then be read directly into SPipe. Also included a macro which can be run in AutoCAD so that an .spa datafile can be created from the drawing and later imported into SPipe.

Version 2.0.17 [6/3/2003]

  1. Other updates to ensure that any project with pipes entered out of flow sequence order runs calculations the same as if they were in order.

  2. Fixed a problem introduced in the last update that caused problems preventing calculations from finishing with some projects.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.16 [5/23/2003]

  1. Made important fix for projects with pipes entered out of order with respect to their flow configuration. The program was designed assuming that pipes would be entered in order from the supply node downstream, and in fact this is how a project must be entered initially. A new pipe must start with an existing node, and all existing nodes begin at the supply node. However, for a given project, the pipes could be entered, then a given pipe could be moved using add/delete, cut and paste or a similar method. The pipes would then be out of order. The calculations were altered to account for this kind of sequence of pipes so that the results are the same as if the pipes were entered in flow sequence. The calculations now work even for a project where the supply node is not in pipe #1.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.15 [4/14/2003]

  1. Fixed problem where pipes were not sized if no pipes in a hot or cold section contained any fittings. Although such a project would not normally be seen, now sizing is performed on it.

  2. Fixed related problems seen with such a project as in case (1) where pipe size is set to 0 during part of the calculations.

  3. Fixed problem that would cause the list of pipe sections in some projects to be incomplete as shown in the dropdown list for the Number field in the Pipe Data window. Specifically, some pipe sections could be shown without the upstream node, i.e. -20. Now this problem no longer occurs unless the upstream node of a pipe section is really left blank. Note that with projects like this (which are rare) you should view the list of pipe names (which show the node numbers for each pipe) by selecing the dropdown list for this Number field in the Hot/Cold Pipe Data window. In such cases this action will reestablish the upstream connections.

  4. Fixed some minor problems with displaying hot pipe sections in the Project Explorer.

  5. Added feature that reduces the spacing of the tree diagram in the printout reports from left to right for large projects, to prevent the tree diagram from extending off the right side of the page.

Version 2.0.14 [1/8/2003]

  1. In the Select Reports window, General tab, changed input option from HTML Filename to HTML Folder. Now this item only allows you to select existing directories in which an HTML file can be created. Previously, if the specified file name's path did not exist, the file was not created. The file that is created will always be the name of the current project with the extension .htm.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.13 [1/3/2003]

  1. Added feature enabling scrolling up and down in the Cold and Hot Pipe Overview windows using the Page Up and Page Down keys.

  2. Enabled the use of the F1 key for opening the SPipe help file topic relating to the current window. Previously when F1 was pressed, a list of general help topics appeared, but now a link is made to the help topic most closely related to the current window.

  3. Moved the selection of the option to ignore the minimum flow GPM for fixtures, which had been added to the Tools|Options window in version 2.00.12. Now this option is located in the General Project Data window, Settings tab. This allows this option to be set on a project by project basis, which allows more flexible application of this criteria.

Version 2.0.12 [10/9/2002]

  1. Added feature enabling scrolling up and down in the Equipment and Fixture databases using the Page Up and Page Down keys.

  2. Fixed small bug in the Supply Branch Sizing Calculator which did not allow sizing in the left result column when the entry parameters in the right result column were blank or 0. This check is now done correctly, such that blank entry parameters in the left column do not allow a sizing calculation in the left column, and blank entry parameters in the right column do not allow a sizing calculation in the right column.

  3. Added item in the Tools|Options menu to ignore the minimum flow GPM for fixtures in the fixture database when running calculations to size pipes. The pipes will be sized according to minimum flow GPM criteria by default unless this option is checked. The fixture minimum flow GPM criteria was added to the sizing calculations in version 2.00.10 but users may want to run calculations without this check.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.11 [9/27/2002]

  1. Added feature to automatically update the contents of the Hot or Cold Pipe Overview window as changes are being made to the inputs of the corresponding Pipe Data window.

  2. Fixed problem with Project Explorer display of separate hot pipe sections whose connections to multiple hot water equipment sources were sometimes shown out of order. A related problem with such hot pipe section displays as cold pipe sections were added and deleted was also fixed.

  3. Fixed problem which assumed when generating the Project Explorer window that the first cold pipe section in the Cold Pipe Data was the cold supply pipe, and displayed it on the Project Explorer window with the cold supply node as its beginning node. Since this is not always the case, now it only displays the cold supply node as the beginning node of the true cold supply pipe.

  4. Fixed problem with the pipe connection tree diagram in the reports that would show the caption from the pipe data output starting at the top of the second tree diagram page if the tree diagram spanned two or more pages.

  5. Made minor modifications to the code to import/export from DOS SPipe version 1 projects.

  6. Removed automatic capitalization of pipe comments, since this was not done in DOS SPipe.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.10 [9/3/2002]

  1. Added option to include the pipe connection tree diagram in the printout reports. This diagram closely replicates the pipe layout shown in the Exploring Project window.

  2. Added check to see if the Minimum Flow GPM for a fixture is being met in a given pipe section. If not, the GPM in that section is increased to meet this minimum value. GPM values upstream are increased to account for the larger GPM, though fixture units remain the same.

  3. Fixed problem that used to occur when a semicolon (;) is used in text in the printout reports. The printout would shift down after the semicolon and start a new line, but now this no longer occurs.

  4. Fixed problem that caused printout reports for the Supply/Branch Sizer to not show the latest inputs and calculated values unless the Supply/Branch Sizer window was closed and reopened.

  5. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.9 [4/5/2002]

  1. Updated code in Project Explorer to accurately show tree diagram even when pipes are not entered in order of their display on the diagram. This finishes the updates begun in version 2.0.7 regarding issues with pipe identifying numbers.

  2. Cleared out data from previous project calculations if another project is opened and calculations performed. If the previous project contained more pipes than the current one, the calculations on the current project would incorporate some data beyond the last pipe which remained from the previous project. Now this problem has been fixed.

Version 2.0.8 [4/1/2002]

  1. Added error message if more than one hot pipe connects to the hot source node. The hot source node should only supply a single hot pipe.

  2. Made additional updates to Project Explorer related to those made in update 2.0.7.

Version 2.0.7 [3/29/2002]

  1. Fixed bug which made the hot water piping attach to the first node in the cold water system that contained a piece of equipment, instead of to the cold pipe ending with the same node as the first node in the hot water piping and containing a piece of hot water heating equipment. Now such an error no longer occurs.

  2. Fixed bug which could allow program pipe identifying numbers to be mixed up. This could cause problems in the Project Explorer diagram and in the calculations. Now this error no longer occurs.

  3. Added text trimming to the Equipment line on the Pipe Input Data sheets of the printouts.

  4. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.6 [2/14/2002]

  1. Added checks in the Supply/Branch Sizer for incomplete data inputs. These checks either alert you to enter more data or just affect the results; in most cases the results will have 0 values if the input data is incomplete.

Version 2.0.5 [1/31/2002]

  1. Added message to Supply/Branch Sizer that alerts you if the pressure loss through the pipe is greater than the supply pressure.

  2. Added check to prevent the chosen diameter in the Supply/Branch Sizer from exceeding the largest diameter available in the material database.

  3. Added feature to extrapolate data outside the range of the demand GPM curve used for calculations with the Supply/Branch Sizer. This allows, for example, extrapolation below 10 FU for a pipe section using the Hunter's Curve.

  4. Fixed bug which would ignore a File|Save or File|Save As command if the Supply/Branch Sizer window was open. Now this problem no longer occurs.

  5. Added warning if two downstream nodes in the same pipe section (hot or cold) have the same name. This would create a loop, but SPipe is not designed to allow loops. The message states that loops will not be recognized, and it is best to give unique names to each node in the hot or cold piping section.

  6. Added error message if a downstream node name matches an upstream node name in the same hot or cold pipe section. This would create a loop, but SPipe is not designed to allow loops. In addition, this particular kind of loop would cause an error in the routines used to recognize how water flows through the piping. This node name conflict must be resolved before calculations can proceed. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to give each node a unique name in this section.

  7. In the printout for the Building Supply/Branch Sizer, added the name of the Demand GPM Curve used.

  8. Fixed bug which caused a Division by Zero error in the Building Supply/Branch Sizer if a small velocity constraint was used with the Solve for Size command.

  9. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.4 [1/25/2002]

  1. Added plumbing code database name to General Project Data Report.

  2. Added limiting criteria to the Supply/Branch Sizer: maximum pressure drop and maximum velocity.

  3. Adjusted Building Supply/Branch Sizer line size calculations so that if a given value for fixture units produces less pressure drop than would result in the minimum pressure at the high outlet, the Pressure Drop Per 100 ft is based on this smaller calculated pressure drop, not the pressure drop to the minimum pressure at high outlet.

  4. Fixed bug which caused the printout calculation results from the Supply/Branch Sizer to be all blank or 0 if a project is not open. Now the printout shows results as displayed on the Supply/Branch Sizer window, though of course this information is not saved in a project.

  5. Added feature to refresh calculations before a printout is made of Supply/Branch Sizer information.

  6. Fixed error that could occur if some information is left blank on the Supply/Branch Sizer and calculations are made. Now this error no longer occurs.

  7. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.3 [1/22/2002]

  1. Updated UPC Sizer to UPC 1997 data.

  2. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.2 [1/15/2002]

  1. Put in sequential numbers for choices for Supply Line Size and Branch Line Size in the Branch Sizer.

  2. Made it so if an input change is made to the Branch Sizer but a project is not open, the program does not ask to save changes when another project or new project is opened.

  3. Technical updates.

Version 2.0.1 [1/14/2002]

  1. Official release.


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