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HVAC Solution - HVAC System Design

Interactive HVAC Systems Building

Imagine connecting a boiler to a coil in a few easy steps; you have just sized all your pipes and pumps and performed literally hundreds of calculations in seconds. Connect to that system an air handler and a VAV box and you have an extremely versatile and powerful design tool. HVAC Solution software takes you from the end of your building loads to the end of your HVAC design project by selecting and scheduling your equipment.



HVAC Solution is a schematic diagramming and database tool for laying out the equipment involved in an hvac system. It is the only program of its kind in the world. A complex hvac system often involves one or more chillers, boilers, cooling towers, numerous air handlers, fans, coils, pumps and more. All of these air flow and hydronic items have to be carefully selected and coordinated with one another. HVAC Solution lets you drag detailed icons of these components and place them on the page and then connect them with schematic pipe lines. Each of the components contains performance and sizing data that is maintained with the component.

More than just drawing pretty pictures, HVAC Solution is also an intelligent database. All pertinent data can be entered and maintained through pop-up forms for every component in the system. Once connected together, each component automatically communicates information back and forth to the other components. This allows the software to guide the designer on making sure the components are matched up and coordinated correctly. As the system diagram and database is being built, all the data is being updated and saved for quick retrieval or sharing with other applications.

The end result is that you have full color presentation quality hydronic and airflow schematics as well as equipment schedules for construction documents and drawings.

Chvac and HVAC Solution Link

The Chvac load calc program calculates a great deal of the data needed to define a system in the HVAC Solution schematic diagramming program. Traditionally, this data has simply been transferred using a manual entry process. Now, there is an automated process whereby HVAC Solution can import all the relevant Chvac data system by system into the HVAC Solution software such that HVAC schematic diagrams are automatically generated. See a video demo of this process here and view more details on Chvac here.

Program Input

HVAC Solution has beautiful detailed icons for all these types of components: air handlers, supply fans, return fans, return-relief fans, relief fans, outside air fans, exhaust fans, pumps, hydronic boilers, air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, expansion tanks, air separators, cooling towers, heat exchangers, cooling tower sumps, dampers, heating coils, cooling coils, roof hoods, louvers, terminal boxes, panel radiation, finned radiation, unit heaters, and fan coils. Using HVAC Solution involves the following steps:

  1. Drag and drop components onto the page.
  2. Enter specific component information at each component.
  3. Connect components in schematic form to define component relationships.
  4. Review the automatically generated schedules for each type of equipment.
  5. Save the project for later retrieval.

Program Output

Besides the air flow and hydronic schematics that can be previewed or printed, HVAC Solutions also produces numerous equipment schedules. Just some of the schedules available include: boilers, chillers, air handlers, air separators, coils, cooling towers and dampers. These schedules are provided as both DXF files and spreadsheet files. This makes it easy to just print the schedules, import them directly into drawings and other documents, or manipulate the data further in a spreadsheet.



Dialog Boxes

Properties specific to each component are entered at each component in properties dialog boxes. You double-click each component to edit its properties. Below are a few sample property dialogs.

Boiler Properties

Duct Properties



Coil Properties

Fan Properties



Terminal Box Group Properties

Space Properties



Pump Properties




Sample Schematics

HVAC Solution draws three types of schematics: Air Handler, Air Flow, and Hydronic.

Air Handler Schematics (More like this)

Build a custom air handler by dragging parts from the component toolbar and inserting them in the air handler cabinet. Move components around within the air handler as required. All air handler components are sized and scheduled. Below are some air handler examples. Component properties may be edited at the air handler level as well as the hydronic and airflow schematic levels.



Air Flow Schematics (More like this)

In order for a boiler or chiller system to have a load, an airflow schematic has to be defined. Airflow components are connected together as in the example below to define heating and cooling loads required by a space. Use your favorite loads program to determine airflow amounts, input a few basic values into HVAC Solution, arrange and connect together the components. Color coding of components helps insure that connections are correct.



Hydronic Schematics (More like this)

Once the airflow schematic and air handler schematic have been built, a hydronic schematic may be created. In the hydronic schematic, boilers, pumps and coils are connected. Once the connections are complete, the boilers or chillers show the connected load. Change component input at any time and all calculations are automatically updated. Move and stretch components around to achieve a desired schematic display.

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