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New Features in Rhvac Version 9  

Rhvac version 9 can be installed on the same computer as version 8, and will not interfere with version 8 at all. There is no problem in having both version 8 and version 9 on your computer at the same time. If you already have a license for version 8, see the upgrade pricing schedule. You may also want to check out the recent history page for version 9.

Download the demo for version 9 here.

Version 9 includes the following powerful new features that were not in version 8.

  • Tabular Manual D Ductsize window: This new window lets you design a duct system using a new, easy-to-use interface that lets you lay your ducts out in a tree outline format. This window is by far our easiest to use duct design interface yet.

  • Export to EnergyPro: Export a project file to this powerful energy analysis software, which you can purchase from Elite Software. Read more about EnergyPro here.

  • ACCA Design Review Form data saved in project and printed on form: Saves you from having to fill out the form by hand if your local authorities are requiring you to provide this form.

  • Saves multiple items of sensible and latent equipment loads for each room : Lets you precisely account for internal equipment loads such as kitchen appliances, electronics, etc.. Lets you choose from a list of equipment items from Manual J's Table 6B or enter your own. The Detailed Room Loads report now includes a new section that shows the gains from each piece of equipment you entered.

  • Hourly Room Net Gain report: Helps you in deciding how to assign rooms to zones, since it shows times when rooms peak.

  • Clg & Htg % of total for zones on Load Preview: Helps you determine requirements for zoning equipment in multizone systems.

  • Each material (floors, etc.) per room count at least doubled (40 each now): More of each kind of material per room makes doing a whole house load easier, for houses with a lot of different windows or multiple wall sections.

  • Copy GPD items individually rather than all or nothing when starting a new project or importing: Makes it so you can more precisely pull data from your other existing projects when starting a new project.

  • Material descriptions saved in project file: The description of each material used in a project is saved within the project file itself, so when you open a project that has custom materials that was entered on another computer that does not have your list of custom materials the custom materials' descriptions still show up in the reports.

  • Sloped Ceiling Area Calculator: Determines the area of a room's sloped ceiling by letting you enter just a few dimensions.



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