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Prices for Upgrading Fire 6 to Fire 7

Fire version 6 has received hundreds of free updates since 1999. Twenty-four years later in 2023, a "paid for" update, Fire version 7 is now being offered. All Fire 6 users will receive a discount off the full purchase price when you upgrade to Fire version 7. The comprehensive table below is designed to be as fair as possible on update pricing to all Fire 6 users. The update price to Fire 7 factors in how long you have used Fire 6, how many nodes your version's level was, and how long you wait before updating to Fire 7.

To purchase your upgrade to Fire 7, please order in our online store by clicking the appropriate "Start Order" button in the grid below.

Date you Upgrade to Fire 7

Date you Ordered Fire 6

Upgrade Price*

50 Nodes

200 Nodes

1000 Nodes

(Retail $699) (Retail $999) (Retail $1450)

after June 30, 2023

any time

When you click "Start Order " you will then get to select an option for when you purchased Fire version 7.
*Standard shipping and handling charges will apply to all upgrades.




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