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DVD Video Training Kit - HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing

Also available as a stand-alone DVD.

These video training kits are designed for service managers who want to facilitate in-house training sessions on HVACR equipment servicing, and for HVACR instructors in secondary or post-secondary schools. Components of the training kit include a DVD/video and a self-print resource material CD. The CD contains an Instructor’s Guide that provides a step-by-step plan for facilitating a training session, along with masters for developing graphic transparencies in order to create an interactive, multi-media training experience for technicians and students, and also an interactive Student Workbook. You can print as many workbooks as you need for your present and future training sessions.

After using the DVD as the core of the training session, the Instructor’s Guide and Student Workbook are employed to go more in depth and provide an opportunity for a more hands-on training experience.

Using HVACR Instructor Guides & Student Workbooks...

Instructor’s Guides and Student Workbooks are an effective way to present information on troubleshooting electrical problems in HVACR equipment. The self-print Instructor’s Guide contains transparency masters and additional notes. With the instructor information in a transparency format, it can be easily used simultaneously in conjunction with DVD projection equipment. The self-print Student Workbook (you can print as many as you need from the CD) is incomplete until the instructor provides the necessary information to complete the manual in a training session. Using an overhead projector and transparencies allows the instructor to add color while tracing circuits and explaining troubleshooting procedures during the presentation that is a supplement to the DVD/Video training programs "HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Deciding Where To Begin" and "HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing."

In this DVD training program, Jim uses wiring diagrams, along with different types of meters to show specific tests related to troubleshooting the components of an HVACR electrical system. Information on compressor testing, fan motors, capacitors, contactors, relays, and transformers in included.



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